The Cruel Tyrant CH 022 Scholars

Every day the routine never deviated from the three locations: the Crown Prince’s Palace, Taihe Hall, and the Imperial Study Room. Fortunately, Su Mu himself was a bit of a homebody, otherwise it would be too much to bear. He nodded and accepted Liu Xi’s suggestion. It was not a bad idea to go and have a glimpse of these scholars, so he changed his clothes and brought Han Yang and Liu Xi out of the palace.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Fu’an Pavilion was in the most prosperous part of the imperial city, so it was still brightly lit even at night. Many scholars gathered here to exchange news after ending the first day of the exam today.

Su Mu was dressed in an ordinary blue robe and pretended to be an ordinary customer. Liu Xi and Han Yang were also dressed simply like him. However, even if the three of them were dressed in ordinary clothes, the refined manners and grace in their gestures were not comparable to ordinary people. A sharp eyed waiter who saw the three of them when they walked in from the door immediately greeted them with a smile on his face, saying enthusiastically: “These three distinguished guests, please come in, what orders do you have?”

Su Mu glanced at the clean and tidy lobby, nodded with satisfaction, and said: “I heard that there are many scholars gathered here tonight, and I want to take this chance to broaden my horizons. I will trouble you to lead the way.”

Although this person looked to have an extraordinary status, he didn’t show any arrogance in his words. Even being polite to an unimportant person like himself. The waiter’s good feelings soared in an instant, but he answered awkwardly: “This distinguished guest, the scholars inside are all people from influential backgrounds. It’s really not easy to bring people in here. Don’t know if you know someone in there? This humble one will go inside and notify them, otherwise this humble one would not dare to take the initiative.”

Su Mu said: “Then tell Lin Siyuan that Yun Feiyu is here.”

The smiling waiter was shocked, and secretly thought that no wonder this person was so outstanding in appearance and manners. It turned out to be the number one beautiful man in the imperial city with the moniker “Jade-like Gongzi”, Yun Feiyu.

The waiter rushed in immediately and didn’t dare to stay longer. Yun Gongzi was now the Crown Prince’s person, so how dare he stay by his side for longer than a second!

After a while, the waiter came out of the courtyard with a beaming Lin Siyuan. When he saw that it was Su Mu the smile on his face dimmed somewhat. He waved away the waiter beside him and walked straight to Su Mu and said: “Caomin pays his respects to His Royal Highness.”

Su Mu stretched out his hand and said, “No need to be so courteous, lead the way.”

Thinking of the sissy he saw a few days ago, and then comparing it with the handsome man in front of him now, one really could not connect the two together.

Lin Siyuan took Su Mu through the brightly lit corridors, secretly guessing at the purpose of Su Mu’s trip.

Fu’an Pavilion was called “Pavilion”, but it actually covered a large area and contained various elegant courtyards. Just as Lin Siyuan brought Su Mu and Liu Xi into the door, a sharp-eyed young man saw them.

The young man smiled and asked from not far away: “Brother Lin, what kind of distinguished guest still needs you to welcome in person?”

Lin Siyuan stood there and didn’t know how to answer. It was not like he could answer that the notorious Crown Prince who striked terror in your hearts had arrived. Nor could he say that it was Yun Feiyu since many people present had seen Yun Feiyu.

When Su Mu saw that Lin Siyuan didn’t know what to do, he stepped forward and said: “I am Su Mu from the south, a distant relative of Lin Gongzi. I heard that you all have gathered here and wanted to come and broaden my horizons as well.”

“It turned out to be a relative of brother Lin, brother Su please come in.”

Su Mu signaled Lin Siyuan to continue socializing, and took Han Yang and Liu Xi to find a seat casually.

The looks of Su Mu and Liu Xi were very eye-catching so most of the eyes in the room were on the two of them. Not far from Su Mu, a young man looked at his handsome and unparalleled face and could not help but caution him: “Since Su Gongzi is not a resident of the imperial city it is better to leave as soon as possible.”

Su Mu looked at him with puzzlement and asked, “Why is this?”

Liu Xi looked at the young man nervously, and prayed secretly that he would not say anything of “great disrespect”, otherwise the Crown Prince would definitely kill him.

The young man said: “Gongzi’s grace is unparalleled and beautiful, inspiring one’s admiration but I am afraid it will bring you disaster.”

Lin Siyuan, who was drinking tea to mask his expression, choked upon hearing this, and his heartbeat suddenly quickened for fear that the Crown Prince would be unable to hold back and go on a killing spree.

Liu Xi became even more nervous, and he shuffled a distance away from Su Mu subtly, ready to avoid the Crown Prince’s attack at any time.

Seeing everyone’s eyes practically saying “Hurry and leave! Don’t you know that there is a Crown Prince who specializes in snatching beautiful men in the imperial city?” Su Mu secretly clenched his fists, and the smile in his eyes became a little cold.

Su Mu pretended to be indifferent and said: “I heard that the imperial city is very peaceful recently, and nothing special has happened.” Naturally, he was pointing out that the imperial city no longer showcased Qing State’s peculiar scenery of the Crown Prince snatching men off the streets. The people present also knew it well, but didn’t dare to say it out in the open.

“Dynasties are easy to change, but it’s hard to change one’s nature. Brother Su should still be careful……”

Seeing Su Mu’s face gradually become colder not far away, Lin Siyuan felt a thin layer of sweat on the palms of his hands. He would agree to participate in the examination not because he was brave, but because the scholars who had just participated in the test would mostly be delegated to provincial governments. Even if they stayed in the imperial city, the official position they would be placed in would not be too high. It would not be that easy to see the Crown Prince, so in the end he agreed to convince the scholars to take the imperial examination. Lin Siyuan looked at the young man nervously, for fear that he would be crushed by the Crown Prince in the blink of an eye.

Su Mu secretly clenched his fists to endure his anger, nodded and said, “Thank you for your kindness, I will pay attention to it next time.”

It would not be polite for the others to say anything more, so they all began to chat amongst themselves. But Su Mu and Liu Xi’s outstanding looks still attracted the attention of many people. Several people even came to Su Mu to strike up a conversation, after all, beauty attracts everyone. Among them was the young man who kindly cautioned Su Mu just now.

Contrary to what one might expect, Su Mu did not sense any ill intentions in the eyes of these people.

After talking for a while with the young man who kindly cautioned him just now, he learned that the young man’s name was Chu Feng. He was also a well-known talent in the imperial city. Everyone knew that he had a hobby, that was, he liked to interact with beautiful people and made no distinction between men and women. But it was a rare innocent appreciation, because Chu Feng was very good at painting, especially portraits, so he liked to approach beautiful people.

After rejecting Chu Feng, who wanted to paint his portrait, Su Mu said to the people in front of him: “Everyone present possess extraordinary literary talents, and this examination will definitely showcase everyone’s abilities.”

“How could one dare? We don’t deserve such praise as we are just of humble talent and shallow learning. How can we dare to hold such excessive expectations.”

Su Mu saw that no matter their speech and manners, these people were quite exemplary, and nodded secretly in satisfaction. These people were not bad at all and was worth further training and support.

Suddenly, a discordant figure appeared at the door, drunk and embracing women in both arms, attracting everyone’s attention. The person was born with decent looks, but maybe because he had indulged in wine and women for a long time, his face appeared haggard and sallow. At this moment, he was almost unable to walk and was supported by the two women in his arms.

When the two women saw that they had gone in the wrong door, they quickly tried to drag the drunk to another place, “Gongzi, you have gone to the wrong room, this is not……”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The two women wanted to say something, but found that the person leaning on them suddenly staggered forward. And the direction was exactly where two handsome men of otherworldly beauty were sitting. “Beauty, you have quite handsome looks, how about being with this lord?”

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  1. O hohoho I can’t waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit what’s next ha ha ha:) But seriously one would think Su Mu got used to gossip about the CP 🙂 Thank you!

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  3. Thanks for the chapter! This chapter was funnier than all the the ones before, i hope they are more chapters like this to come. I enjoyed the panicked reaction of Liu xi and Lin Siyuan. Liu Xi was specially funny, he was even preparing for an outbourst by distancing himself from Su Mu, it comes across as cute by staying out of the way. I swear this is one of the most cruel cliffhangers, i’m super curious who is that drunk guy. I don’t know why i think he is one of Su Mu concubines that was not introduced yet or one of the concubines we know and is taking the chance to go all out, because he has more freedom now, because it will br more fun this way, but it seems he is to drunk to recognize SubMu either way. Anyway, it’s cruel to finish the chapter like this when is clear that the most funny part of this meeting with scholars had yet to happen 😱😭 Until next chapter.

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      1. You’re reply was so funny, OMG, seriously hahaha. Is good to know that the MLs are not even thinking of aproaching women, but what you say surprise me, i guess Su Mu lack of love from his previous live is overly compensated in his life, he should at least take sure he take good care of them in exchange, hahaha. I was indeed thinking of Ye Qingfeng, but not only him, and when i wrote you i was just thinking that it would make the situation more hilarious and give me some more good laughs if the drunk guy was someone Su Mu knows, but thank you for the little spoiler. After your lessons i will never doubt Su Mu MLs 🤣😂🙈

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    1. Hmm now that is a difficult question. If you are asking if Su Mu will be happy then yes he will. If you are asking whether he will have a favorite among his MLs then i would say that he loves them all equally (at least he treats them all equally). If you are asking whether the MLs will care and protect him then of course! This TL only reads webnovels with loving ML(s)🤗

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  5. Thank you for the answer dear, so no specific romance between MC, all are equal (not 1vs1 romance). still I prefer Gu Younzhou coz so far he is still not yet a member of his harem, meaning emotionally not entangled with past hatred, revenge, schemes or insults by the past Su Mochi..well just my preference..hehehe

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