After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 001 Vicious Cannon Fodder

On July 7, 2018, at 10:28 am, Shanghai Yusheng Hotel.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu stepped onto the edge of the roof. It was a hot summer, but the wind from up here was strong and howled noisily. If one lowered his head slightly, one could see a long line composed of red supercars in the middle of the city of reinforced concrete, like a red dragon weaving along the winding streets to arrive at the hotel.

Tao Mu stared fixatedly at the convoy, eyes seeming to penetrate the cold red metal walls to see Shen Yu and the Shen family sitting in the wedding car.

The cell phone in his pocket kept ringing noisily. Tao Mu answered the call without any expression on his face. Da Mao’s crying voice came from the phone as he pleaded: “Brother Mu, I beg you, can we think about it again, don’t be so impulsive——”

“I’m not being impulsive.” Tao Mu lowered his head. At this vantage point, all living beings appeared like ants under his feet, all the while the wind whistled violently in his ears. Vaguely, he could see the wedding reception and the crowds arranged down below.

“I’ve thought it over carefully.” Tao Mu said with certainty. He curved his mouth with some amusement: “Say, what expressions will the Shen family have when they see my dead body?”

He was really curious. In order to protect an outsider like Shen Yu, the Shen family did not hesitate to place the blame on their blood related son and treat him with indifference. Would they even regret driving him out of the Shen family once they see his bloody remains.

“Brother Mu——”

Da Mao’s pleading sounded in his ears, but Tao Mu ignored it: “……Speaking of which, I would like to thank you for letting me know. If it weren’t for you, I would truly be fooled by that son of a bitch Zhuo Yan. I am really puzzled. What is so good about a sissy like Shen Yu? Each and every one of them act like they’ve been bewitched whenever they see him. Say, Zhuo Yan had been with me for three or four years, right? In order to please me, he had given Shen Yu a lot of trouble back then. So why did he suddenly act like he’s so in love with that little sissy now, and even dare to play at being an undercover agent in my presence?”

“Brother Mu——”

“But it’s okay. It at least lets me know that there is nothing to miss in this neurotic world.” Tao Mu chuckled lightly. He really couldn’t understand why everyone he cared about eventually fell in love with Shen Yu, the cuckoo in the nest.

“Why is there nothing to miss? Brother Mu, you are rich and capable and you look so handsome. There are so many good people waiting for you in this world. Why hang yourself on such a rotten tree?” (TN: basically means the same as the idiom don’t insist on only taking one road to Rome). Da Mao pleaded bitterly. He really didn’t understand why Tao Mu had come to this point: “Where are you, stop making trouble, okay?”

Stop making trouble?!

Tao Mu sneered: “Wang Ye, are you annoyed of me too? You also think I shouldn’t fight with Shen Yu?” But why shouldn’t he, after all, he was the real son of the Shen family. Everything Shen Yu had should belong to him. He just wanted to regain his own things, so that Shen Yu, heaven’s favorite son (TN: slang for an unusually lucky person, or a specially privileged person), could also taste the humiliation and suffering he had suffered. How was it he had become someone guilty of great evil?

Wang Ye was taken aback. For so many years, Tao Mu had never called him by his full name during a private chat between them.

A deep anxiety arose in Wang Ye’s heart: “I’m not! Don’t change the subject, Tao Mu, you know I don’t hate you. I won’t hate you in my entire life. We are good brothers, including Xiao Pang and Feng Yuan. All of us have always been on your side.”

That’s right. Tao Mu was willing to believe what Wang Ye said. But it’s a pity that people who like him do not end up with a good ending. Maybe the Shen family was right. That he, Tao Mu, was a disaster star (TN: a comet or supernova viewed as evil portent). The closer you were to him, the more unlucky you were.

“……Zhuo Yan wanted to frame me for shorting, but I beat him at his own game. Now it is him who lost more than a billion. By the way, before I left, I kicked him in the balls. It is likely that he will spend the rest of his life in jail as a eunuch. You remember to make the necessary bribes and have Zhuo Yan stay in the same jail cell as Xiao Yuan. Take it as me helping Xiao Pang get revenge……” (TN: A short sale is the sale of an asset or stock the seller does not own. It is generally a transaction in which an investor sells borrowed securities in anticipation of a price decline; the seller is then required to return an equal number of shares at some point in the future.)

Tao Mu chuckled and looked up at the scorching sun. The sun today was also very bright, similar to that sunny day when he first learned that he was the real birth son of the Shen family: “I have 40 million left in my account. Help me donate ten million to the orphanage’s account. Also help me give another ten million, and my few properties in Shanghai, to Feng Yuan when he comes out of the prison. Tell him, it’s my fault, as the big brother I have done many things to disappoint him. You keep the 20 million left. The money is not much, so just take it as a little show of brotherhood. After all, your company has just started. I can’t help you much. Also, I have swept the graves of Xiao Pang and the orphanage dean. You remember to give them a few sticks of incense every Qingming……” (TN: Tomb Sweeping Day is the Chinese day for celebrating the dead)

“Tao Mu!” Wang Ye on the other side of the phone was almost going crazy: “Where are you? Don’t you fucking talk nonsense to me. I don’t want to listen. I want to know where you are now?”

“Da Mao,” Tao Mu interrupted Wang Ye: “Since you still treat me as a brother, just listen to my last words. No one cares when I am alive, so I don’t want to be unhappy even after death. Remember, in my life, since I was not acknowledged by the Shen family when I was alive, there is no need to enter the Shen family grave either when I die. Let me rest in a new grave next to Xiao Pang and the dean. I already bought the cemetery spot myself.”

“Tao Mu!” Hearing Tao Mu’s last words, Wang Ye was furious and frustrated: “Don’t keep bashing your head against a brick wall, okay. Who says no one cares about you? Who says no one acknowledges you? Actually you don’t even know, the Shen family and Shen Yu care about you very much. Haven’t you always been curious about how I found out Zhuo Yan betrayed you? Then I’ll tell you, Shen Yu personally told me.”

Tao Mu was startled when he heard this.

Da Mao’s voice came from the other end of the phone: “……Shen Yu said that Zhuo Yan pestered him like crazy and said something crazy like he will get you punished. Shen Yu was worried about you meeting something bad, so he quietly notified me to alert you. He was afraid you would be angry, so he sternly told us not to tell you. And when we were sueing Zhuo Yan, the Shen family and Shen Yu’s friends dug a hole for Zhuo Yan, making it difficult for him everywhere, so that he didn’t have the energy to pay attention to our actions……”

In other words, that Tao Mu was able to successfully counterattack Zhuo Yan, the person who slept on the pillow next to him, was all with the help of Shen Yu and his admirers, and the Shen family who had kicked him out.

“Hahahahaha……” Tao Mu covered his face and laughed out loud. This Shen Yu, as expected, was still such a Virgin Mary who went around conferring his grace everywhere. But why did that mean Tao Mu should have to bear Shen Yu’s favor?

“Do you think I should be grateful for his favor?” Tao Mu yelled hysterically on the rooftop: “But don’t forget, if it weren’t for him, Shen Yu, who is a cuckoo that occupied the nest, I, Tao Mu wouldn’t be like this. It was him who occupied my life, he owes me. And the Shen family, why still get in my business if they look down on me? It’s because Shen Yu begged them to take action……did they really forget who is their real son?”

A gust of wind blew across the rooftops, and Tao Mu’s heart suddenly tightened, and the pain became suffocating: “You are right, I’m just being stubborn, I just can’t figure it out. Why do you all like Shen Yu, why should I suffer in Shen Yu’s place? Why is it that whatever Shen Yu does is right while everything I do is wrong? How am I inferior to him?”

Tao Mu was almost roaring and venting by the time he finished speaking.

“Tao Mu——”

“Don’t, I don’t want to hear it anymore.” Tao Mu forcefully threw the phone out. Looking down the long drop with red eyes, he then took a step forward——

In truth, his whole life had been spent in a muddled way. The young master who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth was mistaken for someone else because of the negligence of the hospital. He was then abandoned in a rented apartment by his adoptive mother who couldn’t bear hardship. Growing up in an orphanage, he finally found his true blood family. But the Shen family resented him in every possible way. And even with his love life, that son of a bitch Zhuo Yan could betray him so easily. Everyone complained that his character was too stubborn and that he didn’t know how to be likeable, saying that he couldn’t see through to the truth, couldn’t afford to lose, couldn’t bear to give up, and couldn’t let go.

But everyone forgot. What he couldn’t see through was fate; what he couldn’t afford to lose was luck; what he couldn’t bear to give up was blood relationship, and what he couldn’t let go was everything that should have belonged to him.

A wedding procession composed of red supercars slowly stopped at the entrance of the hotel. Surrounded by relatives, friends, media reporters and a large number of fans on both sides, China’s A-list superstar who had just won the best actor’s crown, Shen Yu, the adopted son of the Shen Financial Group, and his same-sex partner——the international three-time best actor award winner Yan Sheng stepped out the wedding car with big smiles. They stood together in front of the long red carpet.

The media reporters and fans who had been waiting outside the hotel swarmed forward regardless of the bodyguards’ obstruction, and the flashing lights appeared like a shining silver-white ocean. At the wedding reception comparable to a red carpet show, screams from the fans could almost penetrate the sky to reach the heavens.

“Shen Yu, we love you!”

“You must be happy!”

“Shen Yu, you deserve the best of everything!”

“Yan Sheng, you must take good care of our prince!”


With the sincere blessings of all relatives, friends and fans, the exquisite, elegant and noble new best actor was like a little prince from a fairy tale, smiling brilliantly as he tucked his arm into his partner’s. At the same time, the handsome and mature Yan Sheng lowered his head and looked at the love of his life tenderly.

The way the two smiled at each other was photographed with great ceremony by the media reporters. Not surprisingly, this scene would continue to display on the headlines of the domestic entertainment section in the next few days. However, just as the two newlyweds slowly walked onto the red carpet surrounded by friends and family and all the fans, a loud sound broke the happy and sweet atmosphere in front of them——

A figure in a white suit fell from the sky and hit the red carpet close to the forefront of the steps——the distance was so perfect it seemed to have been carefully calculated. Soon, blood that was even brighter than the red carpet pooled and spread, and the shocking red soon stained through the originally white suit. Wherever one could see, there was evidence of a person who had previously been full of life ending his life in the most cruel way.


All the guests and fans attending the wedding were all shocked into screams. The dedicated media reporters reacted immediately and swarmed forward to take pictures.

Only the Shen family surrounding Shen Yu realized something, and their expressions changed. Mother Shen, who had always lived a pampered life and always comported herself elegantly, pushed a group of reporters away and staggered into the crowd.

After a while, a shrill cry echoed out from the frequent shutter sounds and flashing lights: “Xiao Mu——”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )


[That Tao Mu is really disgusting. Even when dying, he would not let off on our little prince. He jumped off the hotel on the wedding day, and scared our prince into a coma. Why did the author write such a plot, it is like finding shit in the sugar!]

Who, who was talking?

[It’s a vicious cannon fodder after all! Their main role is to promote the development of the plot. If it weren’t for such a character, this book would be a brainless fluff story, without even a plot conflict at all. But now that he’s dead all troubles are solved, but this book is almost over. Really feeling a bit reluctant.]

Vicious cannon fodder……promoting the development of the plot……was this talking about me?

[Actually, thinking about it carefully, Tao Mu’s personality is also pretty good. Even if he hates the prince, he still used direct confrontations. Moreover, it is just right every time, which not only makes the plot better, but also further the feelings between the gong and shou. He was practically a godly helper. To be honest, I am a little bit reluctant to see this cannon fodder go offline]

What……is this……


On July 7, 2008, H Studio City.

There was no wind in such a hot weather. But as it happened costume dramas have become popular in the past two years. Heavy costumes were worn on the body, and the fake hair and accessories covered the head air tight. The result was that sweat dripped down the face, and dried on the clothes by the hot sun, leaving light white sweat stains behind. And the smell was, whew.

“Hey, have you heard? That extra acting as Shen Yu’s body double beat up director Liu yesterday.”

In a public restroom in H Studio City, a male extra taking a pee glanced at the empty stalls and couldn’t restrain gossiping.

“Ah? It can’t be.” Another extra pretended to be surprised and said with exaggeration: “Director Liu is the casting director of this drama. I heard that he is a relative of director Chen. He is just a body double yet he dares to offend the deputy director. Does he even want to stay on in the crew?”

As he spoke, he shook his head with a pretense of regret: “Ai! Newcomers, so young and energetic, it’s just, they’re too impulsive.”

“Aren’t you underestimating people?” The previous gossiping extra A snorted: “I tell you, this newcomer is not ordinary. I heard that after he beat him up so badly, he also took a naked photo of director Liu. And threatened director Liu if he dared to make any more trouble, he would post the photo on the Internet. It scared director Liu so much that he knelt on the ground and kowtowed to him. You didn’t see it but this morning, director Liu specially arranged for him a resting lounge. Even though it’s a common room, it’s much better than us extras suffering the heat out there. The newcomers now have quite the skills!”

“It can’t be?” Extra B was skeptical: “Isn’t that kid just graduated from high school? He is only eighteen years old and is the same age as the lead actor in this drama. Can he have so many scheming tricks?”

“Bet you don’t know this, do you?” The extra who first shared the gossip with his colleagues sneered, and subconsciously he lowered the volume, and said mysteriously: “I heard that the kid is an orphan. He has been working outside since he was a child, working in all kinds of places. I heard that he had also been to high-end clubs and nightclubs. Think about it, with that face, and having come from that kind of place……”

The extra B nodded tacitly. Thinking of Tao Mu’s practically aggressively handsome facial features, whether it was out of jealousy or something else, he also gossiped with some unpleasantness: “According to you, since this kid had worked in nightclubs and high end clubs he may not be so innocent. In that case, why didn’t he agree to director Liu’s proposition?”

The extra A tsked, and with being a head taller than extra B, it allowed him to look down on extra B: “Now that is stupid, yeah? I’m just saying, just relying on that kid’s face, what kind of bankroller can’t he find? Why would he stoop so low as to settle for trash like Liu Fatty? Besides, the way I see it, that kid should be straight, and may not be willing to walk this narrow path. If he was willing to sell himself, then he should be looking for a rich woman. If he managed to coax them well in bed, chances are they could even catapult him to the leading role——”


There was a loud noise that suddenly came from behind them, and the door of the innermost stall of the bathroom was kicked open, hitting the tiled wall and bouncing back. The two extras who were gossiping jumped and peed directly on their costumes.

“Who?! You fucking trying to scare me to death——” Before he could finish speaking, the both of them saw the figure walking out from the toilet stall, and their eyes widened in embarrassment, blurting out: “Why are you here?”

“Hurrying back for the Seventh Day!” (TN: In Chinese funerary traditions, ceremonies, rituals, and mourning last up to 100 days. On the 7th day after the funeral, the family believes the soul of the deceased will visit). Tao Mu chuckled lightly, his voice lazy and a little cynical. Dark eyes swept over the two of them carelessly, and a playful smile appeared on his handsome face: “……Otherwise why else do you all behave like you’ve seen a ghost.”

The eighteen-year-old boy was originally supposed to be refreshing and full of sunshine like a bottle of soda cooling under the sun. However, a hostility that did not suit his age lingered around Tao Mu. So much so that he just stood there with a smile, and the two self-proclaimed jaded and experienced extras became too timid to say anything——as if the one standing in front of them was not a person, but a wild leopard that could leap up and attack people at any time.

Beautiful, powerful, and full of aggression.

“You, don’t do anything reckless!” Thinking of Tao Mu’s method of dealing with Liu Fatty, the two extras suddenly felt nervous. Plucking up their courage they said, “Let me tell you, the crew hates troublemakers the most……”

Before they could finish speaking, Tao Mu passed them and walked straight to the sink, where he began to wash his hands. Then, without looking at them, he turned around and went out.

The two extras looked at each other, and felt immense relief, as if feeling like coming back to life.

The previous extra who kept up the gossip, spat on the ground and cursed: “What’s there to be so cocky about, pretending to be all that when he’s just an extra no different from us.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“That’s right, what kind of manners! Both are 18 years old but this little bastard is far lacking when compared with the young master of the Shen family.”

The other extra also echoed with anger: “Deserves him right to be Shen Yu’s body double for the rest of his life!”

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    then giving Tao Mu the chance to make all the changes he wants from the very beginning it’as very ingeniously done. It leaves open many ways for the relationshipes of many of the characters to change, making it very hard to speculate who will end up being the ML, what secrets, from wich characters will Tao Mu find out this time, it’s very exciting. Like i said, i didn’t stumble until now to a novel this complex, the author is something else for having the courage to imagine an universe so big, and with so many complex ties between the characters, but at the same time having a style of writing that makes me entertained, and it’s easy to read and connect the dots, the novel has long chapters but it’s not getting boring at all. Now, i’m really looking forward to read new chapters of this novel.

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