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Qian Erniu got up from the bed, he opened the window to look at the sun, and heard his mother’s voice coming from outside: “Erniu! Have you gotten up, eat something!”

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Qian Erniu yelled, “Coming.”

The morning meal was simple, but there were big portions, two mixed grain buns, plus two side dishes. It was made by his mother, not mentioning whether it tasted good or not, but the stomach was guaranteed to be full.

Qian Erniu was a growing boy who ate a lot. His mother persuaded: “Eat slowly, it’s still early, you won’t be late.”

Qian Erniu still had something in his mouth, saying: “Mother, I’m going to school first.”

His mother said: “Go, respect your teacher, don’t quarrel with classmates!”

Qian Erniu: “I know!”

He was carrying a cloth bag and there were books in it. Since the South Bodhisattva came, young boys like himself have been forced to go to school and learn to read and write. They were not required to pay any fees, and the books were also given for free. When the teachers first came they were not happy about this. But soon they were much more willing, and even more severe.

In their school, the one with the best score each month could bring home a slab of meat, as well as fine grains.

The teacher said, this was the South Bodhisattva cherishing scholars.

The teacher said: “When I was in school, where did I have such good opportunities like you have. Just with finding a teacher willing to accept me I would have to gift things to the teacher’s house first. No time for my own chores, I must help my teacher with house chores. And whenever it was the holidays I must show respect with gifts as well. You all, you all don’t know how blessed you are, so you must know to be grateful and satisfied.”

“Look at the outside, don’t even mention studying now. People who are the same age as you must worry about filling their stomachs. Every one of you, pay attention. If you don’t study well, I will break your legs!”

Naturally, the students dare not say anything.

They were originally from ordinary commoner families, and some were even children of farmers.

There was no chance to go to school before.

It cost money!

And if they went to school there would be one less breadwinner at home.

It was different now. Originally, only his father made money, but now his mother could also make money. His mother sewed and made clothes at home, and she might even earn more money than his father in a month.

There were more shrews in the city nowadays.

Now that they could earn money themselves, they also have more speaking power, daring to stand up against their husbands.

In fact, there was a wife who originally had a bad temper, and in a squabble with her husband she actually knocked him out.

After being brought to the hospital and looked over, goodness, there was almost no good skin on his body.

This incident caused such a stir that it even reached Lin Yuan.

“She is that strong?” Lin Yuan coughed slightly.

There was a difference in physical strength between women and men. How strong was this woman’s physique to be able to beat a big man up like that.

While peeling melon seeds, Jiang Gui said: “I went to see. She is indeed tall and beefy. She was originally the daughter of a butcher.”

Lin Yuan: “How was it handled later?”

Jiang Gui: “How else can it be handled? She was locked up for a few days with someone lecturing her every day that matters between husband and wife should not be handled with violence. Her husband also said that although she was a little rough, she was filial to her parents-in-law, took good care of the children, and that he can’t do without her.”

Lin Yuan sighed.

Outsiders do not know or understand the matters between husband and wife.

Lin Yuan: “It’s rare to have a rest day. Let’s go out and walk around?”

Jiang Gui didn’t refuse: “It’s good to take a stroll. You have been busy these days, and I am worried that you will fall ill one day.”

Lin Yuan sighed and also felt that it was not easy being him.

Since moving into the government office, he was busy all day long as all policies must be changed and implemented.

He had to choose the people for certain posts, but most of the people under his hand didn’t know how to read or write a single word. So people like Zhu Yuanzhang were forced to hold several civilian posts on top of his military post.

So Lin Yuan had to summon all the old officials in Taizhou.

He said: “I don’t hold you accountable for all the things you did in the past. The things you have taken from the common people and whether you have done any conscience-defying actions, you are all aware of it yourselves. From now on, if you let me know that you have taken something you shouldn’t or do something you shouldn’t then one or two heads can be chopped off with just a word.”

All the small officials declared loyalty, promising that they would be loyal in the future, and they would never make it difficult for Lin Yuan.

He didn’t know when it started. Except for brother Dao and his other sworn brothers, no one called him Boss anymore. They all called him “My Lord”.

This was also related to the absence of specific official positions.

Now their official positions here were all decided by Lin Yuan, and everyone had never heard of them before, so they don’t know who were the superiors and who were the lower officials. They only knew which matter they could be in charge of and which matter they couldn’t.

For example, “Director of the Women’s League” Li Da. He only knew that he was in charge of women’s affairs, but he didn’t know his ranking as an official or how much power he had in his hands.

In addition, having heard from the storytellers about the tale of the Three Kingdoms and becoming influenced by it, this group of illiterate people began to call Lin Yuan My Lord.

Lin Yuan heard it being used several times, and in the end he didn’t bother to correct it.

He was establishing the order in Taizhou now, and it was easier to establish a new order when there was chaos.

That was why he didn’t continue to use the original official posts.

The last thing Taizhou needed now was bureaucracy.

Although bureaucracy was difficult to prevent, it could not be allowed to emerge now.

Lin Yuan rode a horse and walked with Jiang Gui on the road. Not many people knew him. People in Xinghua could recognize him though. But people in Taizhou didn’t recognize him. Many people looked up at him when they saw him riding a horse.

The people were very adaptable. Although there were new rules now, they have found that these new rules do not restrict them at all. The small vendors feel more secure when they set up their stalls because there were patrols every day. The patrolling guards didn’t force them to hand over “protection fees”, and mainly caught thieves and dealt with troublemakers.

There were all sorts of people in Taizhou, and many street hoodlums rely on collecting forced fees from small vendors to survive.

However, correspondingly, these little hoodlums must help the small vendors to take care of any trouble.

So the small vendors and shopkeepers end up very unlucky. They must not only pay taxes to the court, they must also pay fees to the thugs.

However, paying taxes to the court was as useless as hitting a dog with a meat bun, you wouldn’t even hear a sound. Even if you throw a copper coin on the ground, it would show more reaction than the imperial court.

Now that Taizhou had changed hands, they found that the taxes had become less——only two-thirds of the previous amount, but their benefits increased instead of decreasing.

For example, these patrolling soldiers would pass by every day. If there was a disturbance, the soldiers would take control of the troublemaker. They would take them back to the government office first, and then call the shopkeeper for a confrontation. Who was in the wrong and who was in the right would be decided according to the facts.

And these soldiers would not collect forced fees.

Some shopkeepers also asked strangely: “Why don’t you relent at all, you don’t even want this bit of fee?”

The soldier said, “I’m afraid that my colleagues will report me! Besides, my military salary is not small, and don’t lack this bit of money. If you have money, it is better to go out and give alms to the poor. If you do a lot of charity the higher ups will send you pennants.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Regarding the pennant, this was a new thing.

The first one to get a pennant was the owner of a restaurant. Nobody knew whether the owner was truly kind or just putting on a pretense. Anyway, he gave out porridge and sometimes dry cakes to poor people for a month. The patrollers reported it to the higher ups and he was rewarded with five taels of silver and a pennant.

The money was not much, it was just a matter of respect and acknowledgement.

But the pennant was different. The boss hung the pennant at the door of his restaurant so that everyone who came and went could see it.

The four words on the banner were “Shining Ideal Of Business”.

The boss was so happy when he saw the pennant, his grin stuck to his face for several days, and even laughed in his dreams.

Since the pennant was hung out, his business had improved a lot, so the giving of porridge hadn’t stopped either.

Wherever he went now, everyone else would say he was a model person.

With him as a role model, people would naturally follow suit.

Many merchants have begun to give out porridge.

The poor felt that this period of time was the same as celebrating the New Year’s.

They could now find work, and they didn’t have to be hungry if they haven’t found work yet either.

But they couldn’t do nothing. Their village head had to report every month, which ones have found jobs and which ones haven’t.

If the target was not fulfilled, their village will not be allowed to receive alms from rich households.

Women were also within the target, but out of ten women, three who could find work would count as having completed the task.

But for men, as long as they were not lacking arms and legs, they must all have work.

Lin Yuan didn’t want to nurture their laziness and let them think that with rich households to feed them then they don’t have to do anything.

If someone really had this kind of thinking, it would be troublesome.

The days passed, and it became better and better. They were no longer under the rule of the original court but there seemed to be no turmoil at all. Within a month, the people truly supported Lin Yuan.

After all, the benefits were visible.

Now they could find work as long as they were willing.

They could eat their fill and not worry about going hungry. If there is conflict regarding their wages, they can go to the “Labor Services Department.”

In the past, the court always stood by whoever had the money. But the new “Labor Services Department” was different. As long as they didn’t make serious mistakes, it would always be on their side.

Lin Yuan strolled around the street twice and found that the small vendors were now setting up their stalls until midnight. Because there was no curfew, there were a lot of people at night. In order to maintain order, the night was when the most patrols were out.

These patrols were all selected from among the salt people, and most of them were recommended by Zhang Jiusi.

Zhang Jiusi, as long as he didn’t stand in a high position, was actually a very good person. He had brotherly loyalty and was generous to the needy.

Jiang Gui said on the side: “The days are better now. Many new traders have come to sell food.”

Lin Yuan was a little surprised: “This is strange, there is so much food outside?”

Jiang Gui: “Who knows, they always have a way. There are even some coming to sell iron.”

Lin Yuan was even more surprised now: “Where does the iron come from?”

Jiang Gui whispered: “This is not clear, but I have seen it, and the quality is good.”

Iron quality could be distinguished. Some have more impurities and some have less impurities.

The price was naturally different.

“It should be very expensive.” Lin Yuan sighed. Fortunately, he had some money now, otherwise it would really be a headache.

Jiang Gui smiled and shook his head: “It’s cheap actually. I think that trader not only didn’t make a profit, but also lost a lot.”

When Lin Yuan thought about it he soon understood, and smiled: “Naturally he will be given some convenience.”

This was not just selling things, this was casting his lot with them.

These businessmen were craftier than monkey spirits.

But thanks to their craftiness, Lin Yuan was now under less pressure.

Lin Yuan said: “When the time comes, gather them together and prepare a banquet.”

Jiang Gui understood: “This is natural.”

He received their things, so naturally he would also give them some benefits in return.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Only in this way could the mutual business relationship last for a long time.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! The part with that young boy, his convesation with his mother, eating in hurry , then go to school was so unexpected. The author is brilliant, the way he describes the things that happens are so heartwarming, sincere and i felt like it comes from the heart, really it’s the best. And Lin Yuan is amazing, i know the fact that he can do all those things is based on the experience, hard work, confidence and knowledge he gained from his previous life, but really is so selfless and it gives the feeling he is leaving by the principle that he will have a good life well as long as he makes sure that he will ensure a orderly and fair way of living, or as long as he can esure everyone will have a life similar to the one from his previous life. Like as long as the majority of the people under him are happy, nothing can go wrong. What it is trying to do is not that easy, i don’t know where he got that confidence, and bold personality, but he rocks, i really admire him. I missed reading about Chen Baisong lately, it seems he is a charming character too, i miss him sometimes. I have this tought after reading today chapter, that for Chen Baisong having Lin Yuan in the future trust him and not having anyone other than him, staying together against all the odds, even if probably
    has to be some other people trying to meddle with the realationship unknowly, for me it’s more romantic than anything else. Leaving in this period, being an emperor is hard, the fact that Lin Yuan will find a way to not let anyone disturb they relationship, and not betraying their love is the biggest proof of his love, Chen Baisong is a lucky guy. I hope other people will take those in consideration when they analyze their relationship in thr future, because i read some reviews in NU that says that the romance is too pitiful or that Lin Tuan didn’t show his love for our MC that openly, or was scarce and it makes me angry, for this novel just staying by each other side is already more than enough, “they are more important things in life than love” i like these words 😉

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    1. Omg this comment resonates with my heart! I also read the NU reviews and while it is true there isn’t much romance and MC may seem like he put the people and his empire in front of ML but the fact that he had no one else except for ML and that he did not succumb to outside pressures to marry an empress and start a harem is the best way he could show his love for ML. And it’s very true that love is not everything in life. Just becaise their love is not like a dramatic soap opera doesn’t mean the love isn’t there. The MC and ML are mature men and mature men do not engage in angsty puppy love😌

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  2. Yes, and like you said, one more reason why the author decided probably to write their story like that, is that not only both are very mature and know their responsabilities and commit to them, the mood of ths novel is most of the time serious, the things that are described are the everyday harsh day of the common peoples, and the changes Lin Yuan wil implement to make their life better. It will be disonant to the reders for our couple to be lovey dovey but at the same time around them are we being shown the ealistic life of other people. It will give the feeling they are not being serious enough. And Chsn Baisong seems to be much more serious, careful and thinks things much more deep than Lin Yuan, i’m sure he will know in the future that by keeping him by his side and not marrying anyone else is Lin Yuan way of being considerate of his feelings, and caring about their relationship.

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    1. I think Chen Baisong it’s the way he is, because he experienced the harsh, miserable life of being a truly powerless person, who had no one to relay one at some point and learning the harsh way to not trust everyone in order to survive. Those experiences put the amprente on him much more deeply than what Lin Yuan will probably experience in this period in the future and because of this he is much more decisive, trust his instinct more. I think those traiths of him and his dependable personality are the most important things that Lin Yuan comes to depend on our ML, and made him keep him at his side.

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  3. very satisfying to read. i just wish that MC appointed a woman to lead that department regarding women’s issues. women’s labor create so much value that it’s illogical to restrict their presence in public posts. nevertheless, the changes are very good. :-))


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