Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 030 Mating Season, Chaotic Night Part 2

“Lady Flower, be good and take me to your master.” Li Yi pinched Lady Flower by the neck and threatened with a cold face.

Lady Flower turned its head, conveying the appearance of the mighty and unyielding.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Li Yi chuckled coldly a few times and motioned to Zhang Junshi next to him: “Brother Zhang.”

Zhang Junshi immediately pulled out a hen tied into a zongzi form from behind, and it was Langya. (TN: zongzi=glutinous rice and choice of filling wrapped in leaves and boiled)

Lady Flower glared with its beady chicken eyes, feathers exploding on end, and a trembling cluck sounded from its throat.

Li Yi drew a soft whip from nowhere and said sinisterly, “If you refuse to lead the way, I will torture your wife.”

Lady Flower looked at Li Yi and then looked at Langya, its eyes full of grief and anger.

In the end, when Li Yi raised his whip, its head dropped and Lady Flower compromised in pain. Langya was moved with tears in its eyes and looked at Lady Flower affectionately. Lady Flower also looked back with deep emotion. This public display of cloying affection made Zhang and Li get the chills.

As soon as Lady Flower was released, it flew out like a cannonball, secretly planning to use speed to shake the others off.

Unfortunately, while Zhang Junshi may be a bit slower, but Li Yi could not be shaken off.

The one chicken and two people rushed into the night in tandem, and the goal was the guy who was currently happily free and unfettered in the brothel……

In Xinghe Pavilion, Nie Bufan was playing finger guessing games with three beauties. If the man loses then he will drink a cup of wine, and if the woman loses she will undress one garment. This was the first time he played. The beauties thought that a novice like him would definitely lose. But who knew that this guy was like a god of games, winning nine times out of ten. Just one person battling three women, but in just a moment the women only had their bra and underpants left.

The three girls all won’t let Nie Bufan get away with such a winning streak, and asked for a change of gameplay. Nie Bufan readily accepted. Not only was the gameplay changed, the punishment was also reversed. If the man loses then he will do the undressing, while if the women loses they will do the drinking. There was no other way since if the three women continued to undress then they would have nothing on at all.

It’s a pity that the three women’s wishful thinking did not go as they hoped. Nie Bufan possessed an outrageous talent for games. Sacrificing just a belt and an outer robe, Nie Bufan had the three women drink until they staggered over themselves. He, on the other hand, was still not the least bit flushed or disheveled. He was practically Liuxia Hui reborn, maintaining his reason despite the charms of the female sex, as calm and tranquil as a master monk. (TN: Liuxia Hui is used to describe a man of eminent virtue, and comes from the ancient governor of Liuxia named Hui who was said on one occasion to have held a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character)

At this time, a jade-like arm encircled Nie Bufan’s neck, and said softly in his ear: “Gongzi is naughty, you are clearly a master of wine and games, but still pretended to be a novice to deceive us sisters.”

“That’s right.” Another woman also leaned over, put her hand into his clothes, and teased his chest, saying ambiguously, “Gongzi actually wants to do something else, right?”

“Let us sisters serve you together?” The third woman sat directly on his lap, printed a fragrant kiss on his face, and looked at him seductively.

“Well, this……” Nie Bufan felt that he shouldn’t be too casual. Although the beautiful women in front of him were all charming, but men must have some principles.

“Don’t hesitate anymore.” The beauty stood up from his lap and dragged him to the bed with the other two. It was rare to meet such a handsome and generous young man, how could they let him go?

Nie Bufan followed them into the bed behind the bed veils all the while declining their invitation yet drawing close at the same time. Seeing that the three women were all drunk, he forced himself to say calmly said, “Before going to bed why not tell me what kind of guests you usually receive?”

As soon as this question came out, the three women showed mixed expressions of sadness and anger. It took a long time for one woman to reply: “How many of those men who visit the brothels are good? We have met all kinds of customers.”

Speaking of this, there were endless grievances. Since ancient times, the women in the brothel were largely miserable. The three women couldn’t help being full of sadness, and began to confide their desolation to him……

The moon was high up in the night sky, and the room with red candles flickering gradually fell into silence, forming a sharp contrast with the excitement outside. Nie Bufan lay with disheveled clothes among the sleeping three women, looking straight at the window curtain, pondering thoughts unknown.

After a long while, he sat up and decided not to bring Zhang Third, Li Fourth and the others to come here to seek pleasure. He no longer had any licentious thoughts about these poor women.

After getting out of bed, he first put a fifty taels banknote on the table, then picked up the outer robe on the floor and put it on, thinking that he should take the Tian Nu back soon.

Just as he was about to fasten his belt, the door of the room was kicked open with a “bang”, and Li Yi appeared at the door with a dark expression. His eyes fell on the somewhat dumbfounded Nie Bufan, and then he noticed the three barely dressed women lying on the bed……

“Uh……” Nie Bufan reached out his hand and was about to explain the current ambiguous scene that looked very much like he had just finished sleeping with prostitutes and was about to leave.

Li Yi didn’t give him a chance. In a flash he had appeared in front of him and knocked him out, then picked him up and jumped out of the window, disappearing into the night instantly.

Zhang Junshi, who was a step slower, only had time to see their backs. He had an ugly expression on his face, it didn’t take much thought to imagine what would happen later. He couldn’t help but shake Lady Flower madly: “Hurry up and chase your master, or it will all be over.”

Lady Flower glanced at him and walked out slowly. Chase again? It’s too late.

Li Yi rushed the whole way, and Nie Bufan almost vomited out stomach acid from the bumpy ride, soon waking up from his induced coma.

“Li Fourth, what are you going crazy for?” Nie Bufan exclaimed, “I’m dying here!”

Li Yi said nothing.

Nie Bufan said again, “Where are you taking me in the middle of the night?”

Li Yi continued to remain silent, letting Nie Bufan struggle in his grip like a dehydrated octopus.

Not long after, Li Yi ran into a quiet courtyard, kicked open the door and threw Nie Bufan onto the bed.

Without waiting for him to struggle up, Li Yi took off his belt and tied his hands to the bedpost. He then turned to light the candlestick, and the room was instantly enveloped in a dim light.

“What do you want to do?” Nie Bufan asked in a tiny scared voice.

Li Yi started taking off his clothes without a word.

Nie Bufan widened his eyes and said in horror: “Could it be you want to……”

Hmmph, do you finally know to be afraid?

“……use your strong and muscular body to kill me with shame?”

Li Yi staggered and fiercely threw his underclothes aside, then climbed onto the bed and started to tear at Nie Bufan’s clothes.

“Li Fourth, there’s no need to look at it, your figure is indeed better than mine.” Nie Bufan shouted.

“Shut up!” Li Yi said with a sullen face, “At this time you still pretend to be stupid!”

“Pretend to be stupid?” Nie Bufan said indignantly, “I have always had great intelligence that may appear to be stupidity, so I look stupid anytime and anywhere!”

Li Yi took a deep breath, holding back the idea of ​​strangling him to death.

“Li Fourth!” Nie Bufan sighed and said earnestly, “If you have any difficulties just say so, don’t put on an expression like you are going to kill someone, it’s quite frightening.”

“I’m going to kill you today.”

“Aww don’t, what terrible and unforgivable thing did I do anyway?”

“You dare to ask me?” Li Yi said coldly while pulling at his clothes, “Who said back then that he was clean-living and honest? But who knew that you would go to the brothel in a blink of an eye, and even sleeping with three women at once, you are really capable, aren’t you!”

“I am innocent, I’m truly clean-living and honest!” Nie Bufan shouted while kicking his legs.

“I have to check this personally.” Li Yi pressed his leg down with a dim and indecipherable light flashing in his eyes.

“Li Fourth, I know that you are currently in the mating stage but can we discuss about changing your target for mating?”

Li Yi gritted his teeth so much that it was practically audible. He lowered his head and sealed that hateful mouth.


Nie Bufan’s mouth was invaded by a tongue and he wanted to call out but was unable.

Li Yi’s hand was direct and swift, grabbing Nie Bufan’s thingy in his hand and began rubbing it up and down.

Nie Bufan’s hands were captive above his head, so he could only kick his legs continuously, kicking the bed and making it creak painfully.

Li Yi lifted his right leg with his left hand, pressed his left leg with his right knee, and his lower half directly faced towards that blooming chrysanthemum.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh……” Nie Bufan’s mouth began to holler desperately as soon as it was free.

“Go ahead and scream, no one will come to rescue you even if you strain your vocal cords. This is a remote place and not even wild animals pass by often.” Li Yi’s face was half lit by the candlelight while the other half remained in the dark, like the Black and White Impermanence combined. (TN: two Deities in Chinese folk religion in charge of escorting the spirits of the dead to the underworld)

Nie Bufan said in a trembling voice: “Li Fourth, you’re not possessed by evil spirits, are you?”

“The only evil spirit who has stolen my soul is you.”

Nie Bufan swallowed his saliva and said in a low voice, “I have abandoned evil and practiced good for many years……”

“You’re still called good? Then what are you like when you are evil?”

Nie Bufan trembled slightly, and said pitifully, “Don’t, what if I get pregnant?”

“……” Li Yi paused and almost snorted out a laugh, and it took a while before he could spit out, “I want to see just what you can give birth to!”

Just after speaking, another finger was inserted.

“How, how about this.” Nie Bufan said weakly, “Shall we study this issue another day? I am not ready for pregnancy.”

“This kind of thing, you can’t just think about it, you need actual practical experience.” Those wicked fingers continued to misbehave, teasing Nie Bufan until a deep blush stained his face and his heartbeat thumped faster, his whole body going soft and weak.

“Wu……don’t enter anymore……” Nie Bufan couldn’t help but shiver.

Li Yi lowered his head and licked his chest with his tongue, all the while his hands busily looked for his sensitive points.

The conversation in the room was gradually replaced by heavy breathing, and the two entangled bodies looked extraordinarily wanton under the dim candlelight.

“Bufan, I’m going in……” Li Yi’s hoarse voice whispered in Nie Bufan’s ears.

“Can we discuss this again……ah!” Even as he breathed heavily, Nie Bufan wanted to make one last dying struggle. Li Yi didn’t wait for him to finish before rushing in, directly bottoming out.

“It, hurts, to, death!” Nie Bufan shouted with a grimace.

Li Yi held his waist and didn’t move immediately. Only until he got used to it did he slowly started to thrust in and out.

Nie Bufan’s body rocked with the thrusting, he moaned: “I feel dizzy, I’m going to die!”

“I could not bear for you to die.” Li Yi chuckled lowly, then speeded up his movements, attacking his territory aggressively.

“Are you done? I, I can’t take it anymore!” Nie Bufan twisted his body, wishing to break out of the bindings on his hands and give the monster on him a punch.

“Don’t worry, the night is still long.”

“Not as long as your thing!” Don’t know which sensitive spot was prodded, Nie Bufan screeched, “Too arrogant! You bastard, relying on martial arts and bullying the weak. If you have the balls than let go of this village head, let’s have a fair one-on-one duel……”

“One-on-one? With you?” Li Yi’s eyes had ridicule, but his movements became more fierce.

“What’s wrong with me? You looking down on me? Believe me or not, I’ll……”

“You’ll what?”

“I’ll, I’ll squeeze you to death!”

With that said, he really did stretch out his scissor legs and clamped Li Yi tightly in between.

Li Yi fell on him with a laugh, almost softening.

This guy was too talented! It’s better not to give him a chance to speak.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Li Yi blocked his mouth, lips rubbing and sucking, frantically copulating, no longer leaving him a trace of strength to continue his wacky behavior……

This night, Nie Bufan was completely eaten up, and the chastity that had been preserved for more than two decades was gone forever……

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13 thoughts on “Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 030 Mating Season, Chaotic Night Part 2”

  1. Thanks for the chapter! This was funny, the funniest thing was the act of showing affection between Lady Flower and Langya, omg, that was 🤭, those moved to tears/looking with deep emotion, it gived me goosebumps too, then the game between NB with the three courtesans, and him listening to their complainings and sad stories,
    who i think was with the intention to made them sleep most likely. The misunderstanding that Li Yi had, that made him want to not let NB off anymore was less funny, but understandable, NB deserved it, the grave he diged for himself was to deep for things to end the way he wanted this time. Until next chapter.

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  2. It was quite heartwarming to have NB spend evening talking with the courtesans and venting their frustrations together.

    The scene with Li Yi though was really uncomfortable, I wasn’t expecting that from such light and humorous novel. Maybe that’s why it made me so unpleasantly surprised 😥

    Li Yi has no right to feel jealous – he is not in relationship with NB and there was never explixit or implicit agreement to be faithful to each other. Li Yi doesn’t seem to grasp that just having a crush on the guy does not mean he has any claim over him. And no matter how coy or flirtacious NB can be, it does NOT justify rape. Even if NB is aware of his feelings and is consciously playing with his emotions, which is not a nice thing to do, it does NOT mean he had it coming. I can’t see how such a scene could be framed as light and humorous. Maybe I’m just a stick in the mud. I hope Li Yi gets severly pecked by chickens and chased away from the village.

    Nonetheless, I really liked the novel so far, it made me laugh and snort many times. Thank You for Your hard work and sharing this very good translation ❤


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