The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 004 Do You Believe In The Apocalypse?

The majestic vitality slowly permeated the Realm as the sea water continuously filled the huge deep pit. It had to be said that Hua Yao’s move just now was not small at all. The area that could be used in the Realm was about 20,000 square kilometers. She practically took almost half of the area to be used as the ocean. Although it was not comparable to the sea outside, it could still be considered a lake at the very least.

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As the vitality spread inside, the lake would also gradually become an ocean in the future. After all, beneath the entire Myriad Flower Hidden Realm were spiritual energy mines, and almost all of them were filled with spiritual energy, and only lacked in vitality at the moment.

It was very mentally intensive and costly to bring living creatures into the Realm. She could expand her spiritual power so that it could penetrate hundreds of miles, but currently she could only support it for ten minutes. Naturally, this was also related to the huge amount that she was trying to put into the Realm.

Fortunately, it did not require much mental energy to collect the seawater. She only needed to reach into the water, and the seawater would be transmitted endlessly into the Realm.

At this time, in the huge deep pit within the Realm, the faint blue seawater slowly began rising at a speed visible to the naked eye. The seawater with some impurities was instantly purified by the rich spiritual energy in the Realm, and the vitality in the seawater, accompanied by the spiritual energy, slowly dispersed throughout the entire Realm.

Instantly, the Realm was filled with more vitality, and some of the fish that were transmitted in swam in the water with excitement. There was no danger from larger fishes, and with the addition of the rich spiritual energy in the Realm, those little fish grew bigger almost at a speed visible to the naked eye. One could imagine just how delicious and juicy these fish saturated with spiritual energy would be……

“Do you believe in the apocalypse?” Shaking her dizzy head, Hua Yao gave up and sat down on the yacht. Her mental energy was exhausted, but she felt the spiritual strength in her body slowly recovering. She immediately felt that the reward was also worth it.

“The apocalypse?” Lin Xiu was taken aback for a moment, then grabbed over the backpack behind him, took out a delicate vial from it, and said: “Although I rarely pay attention to outside matters, I occasionally see similar posts about it online. A few years ago, someone predicted the end of the world, but it turned out that it was all just bored people making up nonsense.”

“A woman from thousands of years ago like myself can be resurrected, why couldn’t it be possible that the apocalypse can also exist?” Hua Yao had no expression on her face, but her eyes were full of seriousness.

If possible, she still hoped that he could survive, especially since from what she saw in the previous dreams, Lin Xiu was treated as a pawn and abandoned by his comrades. That she was able to wake up, Lin Xiu played a huge role. At least because of him, she was not sent for autopsy, right? Although she seriously doubted whether those scalpels could cut through her skin, it still saved her a lot of trouble anyway, and he could be regarded as her benefactor.

“You are not the same.” As he said this, Lin Xiu slapped a hand to his forehead and let out a laugh: “I used to transmit some modern information into your head before, don’t tell me I passed that along as well?”

“Almost more than a year or so from now……what’s that in your hand?” Hua Yao interrupted herself, staring at the small bottle in Lin Xiu’s hand suddenly. There was a faint energy fluctuation coming from it, and it was definitely not something ordinary.

“This is the result of my research over so many years. The small island before was a scientific research base established by the United Nations. The first to third laboratories specialize in biochemical research in order to maximize the development of human brains and potential. All those with special powers and were known to the government were sent there for research. I happened to be responsible for this research, but a year ago it was said that they had successfully developed a drug that would produce powers when people drank it. It was even used on an agent of country M, and it succeeded in giving him supernatural powers. But I know that the drug was not successful, and the side effect was that it ate at one’s vitality and even make the user lose their senses.” Lin Xiu shook the vial in his hand: “But my version is the complete and perfect version, which I have succeeded in creating three years ago.”

“Do you want to have supernatural powers?” Hua Yao looked at Lin Xiu, and saw that he was staring at the vial in his hand, eyes shining brightly, and the smile on his lips extraordinarily confident.

“Don’t drink it!” Seeing that he indeed opened the cork of the bottle, Hua Yao didn’t care about filling the Realm with water anymore, and hurriedly reached out and grabbed the vial: “Although your version has no side effects, it limits your abilities, that is to say, it’s impossible to become stronger in the future!”

“Lin Xiu, listen to me, really, the apocalypse is really coming. There are many ways to have supernatural powers!” In Hua Yao’s Realm, there was the magical inheritance of the Flower Deity tribe. The Flower Deity tribe had long lifespans, but as a result, they lost the ability to reproduce offspring. Therefore, every time a member of the tribe died, a new member would be born and received the deceased member’s inheritance. Now only she was left of the Flower Deity tribe, so it was not difficult to let Lin Xiu gain an inheritance.

As she tightened the cork, she could sense the energy within her. It had to be said that the vitality brought by those life forms in her Realm was very powerful. Her spritual energy at this moment was recovering very quickly, and she suspected she would fully recover in about an hour.

Turning her head and looking at Lin Xiu, who was staring at her in shock and still digesting her words, Hua Yao simply reached out, pulled Lin Xiu over, and then jumped into the sea.

“Splash——” The water splashed upwards from their dive. Lin Xiu was only slightly surprised. He then reached out and took Hua Yao into his arms while trying to control his body so as not to sink.

Hua Yao broke out of his arms easily and moved away. She blinked her eyes playfully and dragged him down. Soon, Lin Xiu realized that he did not feel any difficulty breathing in the water.

Hua Yao smiled lightly and pulled him along with one hand. Like a fish, she quickly swam forward. Lin Xiu, who was still shocked from the discovery, didn’t notice that a group of sharks with flashing white teeth were currently swimming straight over in their direction.


Inside a private hotel in MD, they could see that the sky was already dark outside at this time. And with the pouring rain constantly beating down at the ground, there were almost no pedestrians outside.

Lin Xiu walked over while wiping his hair. That’s right, they had already arrived in country MD at this time and what’s more, they had arrived by swimming over from the sea. He didn’t know how far the distance was, but then again alot of unbelivable things happened today. He still felt like he was currently dreaming.

He witnessed the ferocious sharks in the sea turning a blind eye to their presence. And then he saw Hua Yao pat the sharks swimming around, only for the sharks to instantly disappear in front of them. There were also deep-sea piranhas swimming beside them, as well-behaved as kittens. And even more astonishing there was a huge white sea snake that acted like a spoiled child in front of Hua Yao, seeming very reluctant to leave. Finally in the end, Hua Yao patted it gently and it also disappeared before his eyes.

Afterwards, the two of them swam in the sea while watching the fish coming and going. Some beautiful fishes that he could not name would disappear inexplicably when Hua Yao passed by. In the end, there were two huge whales that carried the two of them across the sea to their destination.

But after the last two whales disappeared, Hua Yao’s face turned a little pale. He knew that Hua Yao was not an ordinary human, or even……a human at all. This was something Lin Xiu was very clear about in his heart. It was clear, but, he didn’t mind at all. Still, what he saw today was too exciting for him. Hua Yao’s world was too far away from his own and he felt like one day, she would disappear from his world.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The door on the other side opened, and Hua Yao, wearing white cotton pajamas, walked out with her long hair left loose down her back. Her hair was already dry, and it was so long it almost reached her ankles. It was left to casually flow down her back and in the soft light her whole person also took on a softer glow. That face that was as beautiful as a dream, at this moment took on a hazy cast that made him unable to see it clearly.

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