The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 005 Plantable Realm

Looking at Hua Yao in a daze, Lin Xiu opened his mouth slightly, as if he wanted to say something, but he didn’t know where to start.

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“Sit!” Hua Yao stepped forward and sat down opposite Lin Xiu. Looking at Lin Xiu who was still in a daze, she frowned slightly, and then raised her chin, motioning him to sit down.

“Huahua, you……” As soon as Lin Xiu sat down, he started eagerly, but then he immediately stopped himself. What did he want to ask? Ask, are you a human, or what kind of power was that? After thinking about it a few times, he opened his mouth and asked, “What you said about the apocalypse, what do you mean?”

“Exactly what you think.” Hua Yao turned her head and looked at the rain falling outside the window. Her eyes appeared distant and her soft and mellow voice had a hint of coldness: “Just a little over a year left, this prosperous world will be annihilated in a disaster……”

After recounting in detail the scenes that she ‘saw’, she said: “Most humans will undergo mutations and become zombies. The living space of humans will continue to shrink, and humans will fall from the top of the food chain to the bottom.”

“Then, what should we do now?” Even if he didn’t see it with his own eyes, Lin Xiu could imagine that such a world would definitely be a devastating disaster for mankind. If what he heard was spoken by others, Lin Xiu would definitely treat it as lunatic talk, but Hua Yao was the one who told this to him. Whether it was true or not, Lin Xiu’s first reaction was to believe it.

The heavy rain lasted all night, and the rain only gradually lessened in the early morning of the second day.

Lin Xiu, who had stayed up all night to cram on all apocalyptic information and apocalyptic movies, was about to wake up Hua Yao after he washed up. His hand was raised to knock, but then the door of Hua Yao’s room opened before he could.

Hua Yao’s felt very energized, and her mood was also very pleasant. The small ocean in the Realm was completely integrated after a night. At this time, the Realm was full of vitality, even the originally dry and cracked soil had become moist and fertile. But the remaining land and the mountains were all bare currently. So next, Hua Yao planned to relocate or plant some trees into the Realm. Of course, the older the trees, the better, or the rarer the better.

After having breakfast, the two discussed and then left the hotel. Lin Xiu’s current plan was to return to China as soon as possible. The apocalyptic movies that he watched last night gave him a deep understanding of the horrors in such a world. Although there was still a year or so, but one year’s time was still too close, so he had to prepare quickly.

“Lin Xiu——” Hua Yao thought for a while and called Lin Xiu who was beside her: “I want to buy some seeds.”


“After the apocalypse comes, the land will mutate and there will be a shortage of food……” Actually, Hua Yao wanted to buy some seeds to plant on the bare mountains, but everything in this world costed money, and Hua Yao had no money. After deliberation, Hua Yao decided to keep Lin Xiu with her. In any case, with her ability, she could protect him even when the apocalypse came.

“……Okay!” Taking a fixed look at Hua Yao, Lin Xiu nodded with a smile. He knew that Hua Yao had her own secrets, but he was still a little disappointed.

“Lin Xiu!” Hua Yao stretched her hand over and pulled him close. She whispered: “I have a Realm where I can grow things, so after buying some seeds there will be no shortage of food in the apocalypse……”

Lin Xiu’s heart trembled slightly, and his eyes fixed on Hua Yao. Not because of her Realm, but because she was willing to tell him her secret, and that she was willing to trust him. It seemed that he was now closer to her. He suddenly reached out and gave her a fierce hug: “Huahua, don’t tell others, it’s dangerous……” Privately he felt that this was a secret between just the two of them; he was special to Hua Yao!

Lowering her eyelids slightly, trust? No, for her, she didn’t trust anyone except herself, and the reason she told Lin Xiu was because she was confident enough that she could control him. She had known it a long time ago that the only person who would not betray her was herself.

After that, the two began to shop on a large scale. Because it was not very obvious with just the two of them, they did not attract anyone’s attention.

Knowing that Hua Yao had a spacious Realm, Lin Xiu also bought with confidence. Seeds were not much of a problem since they don’t take up space. Although they bought a lot, neither of them cared. Hua Yao had no preference in regards to seeds. In any case, the more the better. Lin Xiu was more particular. He mostly bought rice, wheat, corn, cotton, sugar cane and jute. These things were actually not that expensive either. Hua Yao bought alot of plant seeds and sprinkled them on the flat ground in the Realm. As for the wheat and rice, she did not plant them for the time being.

The two went to buy some fruit seeds, such as papaya, durian, rambutan, pineapple……and so on. They bought a lot of things. Lin Xiu claimed to be a Chinese businessman and that a friend asked him to bring some back. It didn’t raise anyone’s suspicion but those sellers laughed at Lin Xiu secretly. After all, some fruit trees suited only certain geographical locations, and their place was suitable for planting, whereas in China it was not. Obviously, Lin Xiu was a layman. Therefore, when Lin Xiu bought so many kinds of fruit seeds, they all laughed secretly in their hearts. In any case, they made money, so it was not their business whether or not the seeds he took back could be planted or not.

With the planting of many seeds and saplings, the vitality of the Realm became more vigorous, and the deeper the smiles on Hua Yao’s face became. The more strength returned in her body, the better her mood became.

Especially as she occasionally transplanted some relatively old trees inside. As the originally bare mountain peaks came to gradually be covered by green and the shrubbery on the flat ground also increased, the nearly dried up well of power in her body finally seem to show some significant recovery.

On the section of the Realm where she specially isolated to use for storing things was stacked with many objects. These days they bought a lot of clothes and shoes, and a lot of other essentials. They were all now sorted and stacked here. Looking at the endless grass and mountains, it seemed……that there was still something missing!

On this day, after the two of them had roamed most of the MD country, and were about to smuggle themselves out, Hua Yao suddenly realized what was missing as she looked at the elephants not far away. Shr turned around and discussed with Lin Xiu, and the two suddenly decided to stay a few days more.

That night, Hua Yao quietly collected a few elephants into the Realm, and on her way she also stopped by a zoo not far away and quietly collected the beautiful leopard she saw during the day. When she was about to leave, she suddenly saw a few white foxes that were probably just shipped in a small cage.

One of the white foxes was lying on the ground, barely breathing, its abdomen still bleeding. The others also looked sluggish and weak. And one of the fox had an ear that seemed to have been torn by something. The wound was new, but there was no bleeding.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Not far away, a white fox had already lost its life, probably not long ago and had not been discovered yet, so the body was still there. The white fox’s belly was slightly bulging, and looked to be a female fox still carrying young.

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