The Cruel Tyrant CH 025 Lan Lan

In the small courtyard, the fire red maple leaves slowly fell on the water surface, setting off circles of ripples.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

A beautiful woman was standing quietly by the lake, her eyebrows slightly knitted. Truly, all those whose eyes lay upon her would feel tenderness, wishing to suffer the sadness on her behalf.

“Mother, don’t worry, older brother will be fine.” The young boy’s clear voice sounded. Although he was only 13 or 14 years old, he deeply resembled Liu Xi. When he grew up, he would definitely be another beautiful figure that could incite calamity.

Liu Rui helped Lan Lan sit down in the pavilion by the lake.

Lan Lan sighed worriedly: “Don’t know how your father and the others are doing. Why did the Crown Prince suddenly seize and confiscate the Liu Manor.”

Liu Rui narrowed his eyebrows, and his fair face was covered with an angry blush as he said vehemently: “Mother, you are still worried about him! Have you forgotten what kind of days we spent in Liu Manor?”

“I……” Lan Lan was about to speak when she caught a glimpse of a familiar figure appearing not far away. She stood up in surprise, the sadness on her face disappeared instantly, and her already beautiful face looked even more captivating.

“Xiao Xi.” Lan Lan cried out in surprise.

Liu Xi hurriedly rushed to support Lan Lan, who seemed unable to stand in her excitement, and looked at his haggard mother. There was a layer of water vapor in his eyes and his nose tingled a bit from suppressed tears: “Mother, you have suffered!”

Lan Lan shook her head: “As long as you are fine, mother will also be fine.”

She gently wiped away the tear marks on her own face, only to notice that there was a young man with extraordinary bearing behind Liu Xi.

“Xiao Xi, this is?” Lan Lan looked at Su Mu who had been standing on the side the whole time, her eyes were inquisitive, not at all as weak as just now.

Just now because of his worry about his mother, he had lost his composure and rushed past Su Mu, leaving the other behind. At this time, he realized that he had offended the Crown Prince, so he hurriedly said: “Chen has overstepped, Your Highness please forgive me!”

Lan Lan was startled, having never expected that the handsome youth in front of her would be the fearsome Crown Prince.

She also hurriedly followed Liu Xi and pleaded guilty: “Please forgive us, Your Highness.” In her heart, she was very worried about why the Crown Prince would also appear here.


There was no expectant brutality. The Crown Prince’s person was as charismatic and dazzling as his looks, but Lan Lan dared not take things lightly. The Crown Prince’s fierce name had spread far and wide, who knew if he would suddenly turn hostile in a moment of caprice.

Su Mu looked at Lan Lan, who was standing cautiously in front of him, and did not force them to sit down.

“I heard that madam is from the kingdom of Wu.” Su Mu had no intention of going around in circles, and asked directly.

Lan Lan didn’t know what Su Mu wanted to do, but because of Su Mu’s past reputation, she did not dare to speak untruthfully.

“Yes, Your Highness, this humble woman was originally the daughter of a merchant in the Wu kingdom, but later escaped and came to Qing kingdom because of offending the dignitaries of Wu……” Lan Lan explained her experience in detail, without any concealment. Not only because of the Crown Prince’s notoriety, but also because the lives of her and her two sons were now in the hands of the Crown Prince.

Su Mu admired Lan Lan’s tact and understanding of her situation, and nodded with satisfaction: “Do you know, or can you establish a connection with Wu kingdom’s officials through someone.”

“This……” Lan Lan hesitated: “This humble woman is just an ordinary commoner, and also a woman. How can this humble woman know important officials of the Wu kingdom’s court.”

Su Mu didn’t really expect an ancient woman who spent her time in the inner chambers to help much, but he was still a little disappointed.

“But……” Lan Lan didn’t know what Su Mu intended, but she hoped that her son would be treated better at the Crown Prince’s side.

When Su Mu heard this, he knew that there might still be some hope, so he asked: “Yes……?”

Lan Lan said: “This humble woman used to be friends with Princess Rong of Wu, maybe…..”

“Prince Rong……” Su Mu frowned. He had already learned about the Wu kingdom in detail. Prince Rong and the current Emperor of Wu were born from the same mother. It was precisely because of his support that the current Emperor of Wu was able to ascend the throne.

This was a powerful figure. Su Mu felt that it might be a bit tricky, but if he could obtain Prince Rong’s approval, then his plan had an 80% chance of success. There was a sharp and determined light in Su Mu’s eyes. Wu kingdom……

In the Crown Prince’s Palace, in the bedroom, sandalwood incense rose slowly and emitted a fragrance that permeated the room. Su Mu leaned on the recliner and closed his eyes to rest, but his smooth forehead was slightly wrinkled. Liu Xi’s pale and slender fingers gently kneaded Su Mu’s shoulders, and he asked softly: “Your Highness, you want to send an envoy to Wu kingdom?”

The Qing kingdom was weak and had a lot of internal and external troubles. It was impossible to recover just from using its own strength. The only solution for the present was to rely on a powerful kingdom with strong national strength. Liu Xi thought of this, but in his heart he was not optimistic about the Crown Prince’s approach. Wu and Qing were separated by several countries. Qing was poor and weak, and Wu could not get any benefits at all. Why should they help Qing kingdom?

Su Mu said with his eyes closed, “No, I will go personally.”

Liu Xi was shocked, his beautiful phoenix eyes widened in surprise and even the hand on Su Mu’s shoulder forgot to move.

“Your Highness, you are going to Wu kingdom!”

“Hnn.” Su Mu responded mildly.

Liu Xi frowned: “But Your Highness, you are the Crown Prince of a kingdom, how can you take risks at will.”

Su Mu opened his eyes and said: “The kingdom is about to collapse, so what is the point in speaking of royal titles and such?”

Liu Xi did not speak, but he was trying to figure out the Crown Prince’s thought process.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Going to the Wu kingdom was definitely for the motive of borrowing troops. Liu Xi never thought that the Crown Prince would try to run away. Whether it was the former or the current Crown Prince, it was not in his style.

But why should Wu kingdom lend its troops to Qing kingdom? This was the problem Su Mu was worried about now. Su Mu sighed, waved away Liu Xi, and paced about in the room.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! The part of Liu Xi reunion with his mother and younger brother was well done, i really liked it. The interaction of Liu Xi and his familly is similar with how the famillies act towards each other in the world Su Mu transmigrated, and i think one of the most memorable from this novel. The contrast it made with Su Mu interaction with his concubines or even other people in private is very big. I wish Su Mu will speak more casually and without all those manners, gestures and empty talk of paying respects, it’s not much to ask for him to get rid of them, at least when he is alone with someone. By not allowing even the people close to him to speak more easily and without all these rules could make the novel much more enjoyable to read and Su Mu as a character much more approachable to readers, because otherwise i fear i will dislike him for not being able to open up more to others. Until next chapter.

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