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Hearing Mu Huating’s shocking revelation, Luo Yang looked at Tao Mu in the crowd with a dazed expression, and then turned to look at Ye Yao, who appeared embarrassed and at a complete loss. He only felt the string tying him to reason in his head exploding.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )


Luo Yang suddenly turned to Mu Huating, and asked angrily: “What did you mean by that?” Are you fucking saying that I was cuckolded! Not only was I slapped by the little celebrity I had been keeping! I had also been two-timed!! Was this what you meant!!!

Originally, it was just annoyance at being slapped by a woman in public, but now the minor irritation turned into the anger of a man’s dignity being provoked. Luo Yang grabbed Mu Huating’s costume collar, and almost lifted Mu Huating, who was about 1.7 meters tall, from the ground: “What the hell do you mean? How do you know!”

“I……I saw it with my own eyes.” Being glared at by Luo Yang, who looked like a fire-breathing tyrannosaurus, left Mu Huating’s brain completely blank. His whole person took two steps back unconsciously. Just now he had run his mouth in a moment of pique, unhappy from being treated like an idiot by Tao Mu and Ye Yao. He wanted to retaliate back, so he ended up saying something that would stir up the drama even more. But now……

Mu Huating subconsciously used his eyes to search for his own manager——Zhao Keping’s face was completely darkened. Even the managers of Ye Yao and Duan Qingqing, as well as the crew members looked at Mu Huating in disbelief.

This scene was simply beyond everyone’s expectations. No one thought that Mu Huating would suddenly stand forward and say such a thing. More importantly, Mu Huating had no business sticking his nose in here——if you stand forward and try to resolve the conflict or improve the awkward situation, it would be fine. But instead, despite being a grown man, you actually tried to sow conflict and provoke trouble in front of your female colleague’s current boyfriend, and just when the two happened to still be in conflict! This kind of thing was too despicable.

Many people knew that Mu Huating wanted to stir up gossip with Ye Yao. Unfortunately, Ye Yao was not interested in it. So it was inevitable that Mu Huating would come across as doing this out of vengeance for being snubbed. But even so, why bring Tao Mu into the situation? Even if one did not look at the age difference between the two, Tao Mu was just a body double who had just joined the crew for a few days, and couldn’t possibly have the chance to speak to Ye Yao. And yet you pour this pot of dirty water over……this person simply had no class.

“What kind of nonsense are you talking——” Da Mao and Xiao Pang who were hiding in the crowd couldn’t resist it anymore, and they rushed over to give him a good beating. However, the casting director forcibly dragged them away with a group of other minor members of the cast hired to do action scenes.

Before leaving, Fatty Liu, who was only just beaten up by Tao Mu last night, did not forget to cast a gloating look at Tao Mu——he did not dare to provoke this little lunatic, but there were always people who were not afraid of Tao Mu. They could trample him to death and it would be like trampling an ant.

The situation having devolved to what it was now, Zhao Keping was full of anger and gave Mu Huating an angry look. He was stunned by the stupidity of his artist. Like seriously, what did this have anything to do with you. Now, great. You could have just watched the excitement on the side but now with your unwanted two cents, you have now offended everyone. Not only have you made enemies with Ye Yao and her managing company, afterwards public relations will have to be working overtime to cover up your ass. There were simply no words to describe your stupidity. If it weren’t for the fact that you are stupid and obedient, and that face still attract some fans, I really want to kick your ass to the South Pole and be done with it!

On the other side, Tao Mu, who was inexplicably pulled under fire by Mu Huating was also feeling irritated. However, now that he was pointed out by his full name, he couldn’t continue to keep holing up in the crowd and pretend that there was no such thing. He had to stand forward and explain.

“Do not misunderstand Mr. Luo, Miss Ye and I——”

“You like him, don’t you?” Luo Yang didn’t pay attention to Tao Mu at all. With a clear palm print on his face he turned his head to look at Ye Yao, and laughed in anger: “Yes, that face is quite attractive. Ye Yao, you are something aren’t you! You take my money and act in my drama, and even want to keep a gigolo on the side. When things come to a head, you place the blame on me! You take me for a damn fool, huh?”

Ye Yao got a bad feeling, she was very aware of Luo Yang’s bad temper: “Ah Yang——” (TN: Ah + name is an affectionate way of callimg someone, similar to Xiao + name)

“Don’t, just fucking don’t!” Luo Yang sneered: “You like gigolos, right? Fine, I want to see if this kid is really worth it.”

After finishing speaking and without waiting for Ye Yao to speak, he turned his head to look at Tao Mu, his face flushed with anger. He then scanned the set frantically, his expression like a bull on the verge of an outbreak. Finally, his eyes fell on a fire truck parked in the studio used to film rain scenes.

Luo Yang pointed at the fire truck, and then said with provocation to Tao Mu: “I heard that you all have to hang on wires as a body double. Then, you, hang on the wire, and I will have the fire truck use the water hose on you. On this hot day, your buddy, I, will give you a shower for free. Whenever I’m happy, this page will be turned over. At that time, your buddy, I, will not only not blame you, but I won’t even look into the matter between you and Ye Yao. The filming will be shot as usual. How about it, this condition is not too much?”

Tao Mu’s face darkened. Was this man out of his mind?

Luo Yang sneered and looked at Tao Mu with an amused look: “What? You don’t dare? But as the saying goes, it’s hardest to accept the grace of a beauty! The little beauty likes you so much, and as a grown man don’t you want to be the hero? In front of so many people, at least don’t be such a weakling!”

Tao Mu had no expression on his face, and he simply didn’t want to pay any attention to this mentally ill person.

Luo Yang was like a lion whose territory had been violated. His eyes wide and hostile as he looked challengingly at Tao Mu——from that slender and well-proportioned body to his intimidatingly handsome facial features. And because he was going to be filming in the afternoon, Tao Mu was still wearing the expensive costume specially tailored for the male protagonist. He was also wearing a head piece that revealed a beautiful and smooth forehead, shining white even under the hot sun. The slender body was wrapped in a pure white robe with an outer layer of light gauze, which only emphasized his lithe and elegant form. From head to toe he appeared perfect, even the fake hair from the head piece that flowed down his back was so shiny and lustrous——he indeed presented quite an attractive image.

After taking a few glances, Luo Yang became more and more convinced that Ye Yao would like the beautiful boy in front of him. Damn, it’s no wonder people say that sluts are heartless and the actress is even more ruthless. That Ye woman was indeed ruthless. If he hadn’t come this time, he would still be in the dark about this adulterous pair hooking up. At that time, wouldn’t he be laughed at by his buddies! Dang, Luo Yang had kept a little celebrity, and the little celebrity cheated on him behind his back?!

Luo Yang kept adding imagined scenes to himself, and the more he thought about it, the more he became angry. The frustration and anger were too obvious, so even if director Chen wanted to sit on the sidelines, it was not possible anymore for him to continue to remain silent.

In this circle, it was not uncommon for the wealthy to keep small stars or small stars who were attracted to a young handsome face. Under normal circumstances, director Chen would be too lazy to get involved. But Tao Mu was greatly regarded by the young master of the Shen family. He heard that Shen Yu even intended to sign Tao Mu to his own managing company. After thinking about it, director Chen just couldn’t let someone Shen Yu liked facing trouble just when he had left the crew for one day.

Besides, with Tao Mu’s appearance and talents, as well as being admitted to a prestigious acting school, it migt5h not be all that impossible for him to have a place in the entertainment industry in the future. If he stood up now and help say a few words, at least it would gain him a favor at little cost to himself.

Thinking about it this way, Chen Yiqian went forward: “Mr. Luo, you really misunderstood. This kid is just a temporary recruit in our crew, and had no opportunities to talk to Ye Yao at all——”

“Director Chen!” Director Chen was interrupted by Luo Yang before he could say anything more. The young master of the Luo family looked at Chen Yiqian with a smile that was not a smile: “Do you think that I am particularly easy to fool? Or that as an investor I am not as influential as the Shen family? If it was Shen Yu who was two-timed instead, do you dare to fool him by saying this?” Just look at Ye Yao making eyes at that gigolo, and yet he dared to say that there was no relationship between them. Did he think he was blind!

With Luo Yang bringing the matter to this point, Director Chen couldn’t speak up anymore in case he offended the other. Although he wanted to do a favor for Shen Yu, he did not want to offend the young master of the Luo family doing so. After all, neither the Shen family nor the Luo family were people he could afford to offend.

“You are joking. All investors are our bosses. How can I think think that way.” After that, director Chen gave Tao Mu a ‘my hands are tied’ look.

The entire crew looked at Tao Mu with sympathy, but of course some of them were secretly gloating and waiting for a good show. Tao Mu remained silent. This kind of thing had practically stopped happening since he returned to the Shen family in his last life. But now, he was still a small extra with no backing and no background, and anyone could step on him painfully. Even if he didn’t go out of his way to provoke others, he couldn’t prevent others from deliberately venting their anger on him.

Luo Yang chuckled and put one hand in his pocket, provoking Tao Mu like he would a cat: “Why, you’re not willing? Then I can change it to another way——”

“I agree!” Tao Mu said, looking at Luo Yang expressionlessly, the pair of dark eyes calm and still as deep wells: “I accept Mr. Luo’s proposal. I hope Mr. Luo will keep his promise.”

“It depends on your performance.” Luo Yang raised an eyebrow and deliberately laid on the provocation.

Tao Mu: “Any agreement has a time limit. I can’t keep playing with you.”

“Then until tonight, when you finish shooting.” Luo Yang raised his hand and glanced at the global limited edition watch worth millions on his wrist: “I just glanced at your shooting schedule. There are two night scenes that will end at ten o’clock in the evening, right?”

Tao Mu squeezed his hands under his wide robe sleeve into fists, but his face remained calm: “Okay.”

Luo Yang looked at Tao Mu’s indifferent and fine features, and slowly approached Tao Mu on a pair of long legs, his bearing that of a lion striving to defend his male dignity: “Don’t worry, we can also stop short. For example, if you can’t endure it anymore, you can take the initiative and beg me to let you go.”

Tao Mu looked at Luo Yang without expression, and then walked around Luo Yang into the studio.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Director Chen, who had returned to the director’s chair, sighed and waved to the props team to help set up the wires.

Luo Yang stood on one side with his arms crossed, and calmly reminded: “Don’t forget to start the camera. You have to take a good shot of this scene today, and I will keep it as a memento for the close-up shots from all angles.”

After a pause, not forgetting his status as an investor, he sneered, “Everyone must work hard, after you do a good job I won’t forget to add an extra chicken drumstick to your meals.”

The props team dared not say anything and swallowed down their anger. They could only approach Tao Mu and tie the wires carefully. Someone whispered: “Don’t worry, we won’t tie this wire too loose or too tight, later when you’re uo5 there, it won’t be too uncomfortable.”

But how could it not be uncomfortable to be hung up on wires? Otherwise, the big stars who have finally made it would not employ body doubles by any means necessary. Other than the fact that their martial arts movements were really not as beautiful as professional martial arts actors, the truth was that many people couldn’t bear the difficulty and suffering of wire acting.

The prop master in charge of the fire truck also said: “I have adjusted the pressure of the water hose. Don’t worry. It will definitely not hurt you.”

Tao Mu had no expression on his face but he whispered his thanks to the several prop masters.

Luo Yang sat in the director’s chair and watched the few people setting up the wires whispering amongst themselves for a long time and became impatient: “What is going on, don’t be deliberately delaying the time thinking I won’t be here for long!”

Chen Yiqian had only contempt for this kind of rich kid who only made trouble, but he couldn’t provoke the Luo family. He had no choice but to put on a smiling face and explain: “How can that be. The risk of hanging wires is very high. The props team must ensure the personal safety of the actors, so they have to check several times before hanging them.”

Luo Yang glanced at director Chen and said nothing. Like some big shot he crossed his legs and got in a posture as if waiting to watch a good show.

On the other side, Tao Mu was slowly pulled into the air at a height of ten meters by the prop master. The fire truck was also ready, and first aimed at a higher distance from Tao Mu’s spot up in the air.

It was scorching hot under the summer sun, but the water from the fire truck was freezing cold. Just pouring down like this the whole set immediately cooled down, not to mention Tao Mu who was hanging in the air and directly under it——it really became a cold shower.

Luo Yang was immediately unhappy, frowning as he sneered: “What’s the matter? You fooling me? You really think I invited him to take a cold shower!”

Chen Yiqian was truly sick of it already, but he had to signal at the props team anyway.

The prop master in charge of the water hose adjusted the angle and pointed the faucet at Tao Mu. The originally elegant appearance of an immortal instantly became that of a wet chicken.

Luo Yang was still dissatisfied: “Why are you hanging there motionless. When you are filming martial arts scenes, don’t you need to move? Also, increase the pressure of the water hose. I am not here to watch you sprinkle water to cool down! “

The prop master in charge of the hose had no choice but to adjust the pressure. In order to meet Luo Yang’s unreasonable demands, director Chen also signaled the props team to give the prop sword to Tao Mu, preparing to shoot the next two scenes according to the shooting schedule——

According to the script, it was the scene in which the male protagonist was practicing his sword under the rain. Correspondingly, it would take place in various scenes of spring, summer, autumn, winter. The protagonist would be training no matter the weather so some of the scenes required later digital effects. It was all to show that the protagonist had been training hard under his master. (TN: shifu, or master, in this case refers to a teacher)

According to the shooting progress, what they were going to film today was the rain scene. But looking at this situation, it was estimated that the filming would not be on schedule today.

Wasting another day!

Director Chen cursed secretly. If he had known this would happen, it would have been better to take advantage of Shen Yu’s birthday to give everyone a day off. But now great, there was no day off, but the progress would still not be made, and the whole crew had to accompany a madman on his power trip!

Director Chen felt like he had a belly full of hot angry air, and he didn’t need the script supervisor, directly taking the megaphone and shouting: “Action!”

Suddenly, a water dragon with great momentum sprayed at Tao Mu’s body, and Tao Mu, who was hanging from the wire, shook and swayed this way and that way, cutting a very sorry figure.

In the face of the crew’s sympathy, gloating, disapproval, and worry, as well as Luo Yang’s gaze as if watching a monkey show, Tao Mu gritted his teeth and raised the prop sword, trying to get in a martial arts posture. However, the momentum of the water hose was too great, and he couldn’t stabilize his movements at all. As soon as he lifted the sword to a starting position, the prop sword in his hand was immediately washed away by the water and dropped to the ground.

The props team picked up the sword and hung it up again to Tao Mu. Tao Mu held the sword and continued to try and carry the movements……once, twice, three time……ten times……twenty times……

He couldn’t tell how many times he had tried, how many times he had NG-ed, Tao Mu only felt his physical strength gradually fading, but his body also slowly adjusted to the spray force of the water hose. The movements had changed from the initial unsteadiness to even seeming rather decent.

Tao Mu had a fire burning in his heart. He gritted his teeth, and while trying to carry out the movements, he silently calculated the pressure of the water and the strength that his body should give. He didn’t intend to go with the flow and give up——when he was in the entertainment industry in his previous life, he had once won the Golden Crow Award for best actor with an action movie. In order to shoot that movie well, he did not use a body double at all. From shooting the dangerous scenes, he had suffered multiple fractures and was almost injured by an explosion. In the end, he had turned the role into a classic, and even defeated Shen Yu to take the best actor award. It was all because of his resolute and stubborn drive to never give up.


The already numb crew members were suddenly startled by this violent shout, and everyone subconsciously looked in Tao Mu’s direction——

Under the strong water flow, a stunning white figure made a breathtakingly fast rotation in the air using the powerful spray force of the water hose. Under this strong spinning force, even the costume robe that had absorbed the cold water and became heavy was driven to flap like the wings of a bird. And around the fluttering hems of the robe, one could clearly see the graceful arc of the water droplets that were driven to whirl and splash. Under the sunlight, the water droplets emitted a rainbow of colors and dazzling light.

The prop master who was in charge of the wires was very excited and subconsciously kept up with great cooperation. Under the crystal clear rain shower that reflected brilliance in the sunlight, a figure was spinning rapidly. It was a bit similar to a figure skater jumping and spinning but done high up in the air. With the help of the wire’s lifting force and the spray force of the water hose, the movements appeared even more clean and exquisite, elegant and ethereal. The intense beauty and visual impact that burst out in that moment was simply stunning.

And after the smooth rotation, Tao Mu twirled the sword, and then followed it up by a set of sudden sword thrusts that clearly showed off skills built on a deep foundation. His posture was agile and graceful like a dragon. His slender waist arched out tightly in an arc that drew and caught all eyes, his whole bearing fierce and prideful. Under the bright sunlight, the sword tip reflected a metallic glint as it pierced the water curtain, and with a twist of the wrist the sword swept forward with all the power of singlehandedly annihilating an entire army. The splashing drops of water that were swept up by the sword reflected all the colors of the rainbow under the refraction of the sunlight. Sitting in front of the monitor, Chen Yiqian was full of excitement and shouted: “Close-up, get a close-up!”

On the other side, the cameraman who had been yawning behind the camera also recovered, and the camera followed up sharply——

In the next moment, the high-definition close-up monitor displayed a white figure dancing in the rain. The figure was either bending the arm, or twisting the wrist, or flipping in midair, or stabbing forward with a straight arm, the point of the sword whirling, or lightly flicking upwards, or quickly thrusting forwards. The figure was light and airy, the sword movements agile and quick. And with the heavy rain as a backdrop, the scene was unspeakably majestic and ethereal, as if it really was a reclusive young knight-errant cultivating immortality.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Luo Yang, who had been waiting for a good show, subconsciously stood up from the director’s chair. He looked up at the white figure in the sky that was as lithe and graceful as a dragon, and could not speak for a long while.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I’m glad that Mu Huaiting guy was exposed for his bad intentions, very few novels give honest, and realist reactions when spoiled characters do acts like this to protagonists, usually the oher background characters act like they don’t see what it’s happening or are showed taking the side of the more powerful character, it’s refreshing to read this. Luo Yang is, OMG, i wanted to slap him several time when i read his toughts and actions, he is just trash and he deserves to be alone or find his match. He is a horrible himan being, i don’t have pity for characters like this. I have to say that i was a bit, not really dissapointed but like a got a reality check when Tao Mu accepted his proposition, it was a bit too cliche , but i understand he had not choice,
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