The Cruel Tyrant CH 026 Passionate Fragrance

Su Mu was lying on the big bed in the dark, but his eyes were wide open.

Although the kingdom of Wu was warlike, it was not like a brainless brute, especially now that the Crown Prince of Wu had made great military achievements as early as seventeen.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Hu……” Su Mu let out a breath.

The soft veil fluttered gently, and a well-built figure appeared suddenly by Su Mu’s bed.

“My dear, you are truly naughty, even I was deceived by you.” Ye Qingfeng’s low voice sounded in the darkness.

Pitch black eyes looked at Su Mu, who was lying on the bed and completely ignoring him, and suddenly an anger rose in his heart.

How ironic that he had rushed back to Xuefeng Villa non-stop to get the medicine, and was even beaten up by his father only to later discover that Su Mu had been deceiving everyone. In the end he had been sternly taught a lesson to by his father.

Ye Qingfeng shamelessly climbed onto Su Mu’s bed.

“Get out.” Su Mu’s cold voice sounded in the dark.

Ye Qingfeng didn’t dare to get too close to Su Mu, otherwise he would definitely be slapped across the room.

He lay on his side beside Su Mu, holding Su Mu’s soft black hair and constantly twirling a strand between his fingers, saying with devious intent: “I have been running ragged for you for more than half a month, so shouldn’t you give me a reward.”

Su Mu was too lazy to pay attention to him, and closed his eyes to sleep.

Ye Qingfeng smiled and raised an eyebrow. There was a sound of cloth rubbing on the bed, and then a candle in the room was lit. A special fragrance entered Su Mu’s nasal cavity, causing him to open his eyes immediately.

Ye Qingfeng’s naked muscular body broke into Su Mu’s line of vision, an extremely impertinent smile on his handsome face: “This is the imcense that Your Highness used to use the most. How is the scent? I specially found someone to make it.”

A thin layer of blush appeared on Su Mu’s flawless cheeks, inciting people to think about obscene thoughts, but the eyes staring at Ye Qingfeng were full of anger.

His breathing gradually became heavy, but Su Mu’s voice was still calm: “The antidote, or I will kill you.”

Ye Qingfeng stared at Su Mu’s alluring reaction, feeling a little dry in the mouth: “This is an aphrodisiac not a poison, where would there be an antidote. But this humble one can relieve Your Highness, no need to be too grateful.”

Su Mu directly swung out with a palm, and the cold sinister power obliterated the veil in front of him. The door facing Su Mu also met a similar miserable fate.

Ye Qingfeng’s figure swayed swiftly, appearing behind Su Mu in the blink of an eye. He said with a light smile: “Your Highness, don’t be angry, haven’t I served and made Your Highness feel good……”

This only got another of Su Mu’s unrelenting attacks as a response.

Immediately afterwards, there was a continuous sound of banging in the room, but none of the guards and maids who were guarding outside the room dared to enter. All pretended to be deaf and dumb, as if they had not heard anything.

The fire in his body was burning more and more fiercely. Su Mu was panting uncomfortably, and Ye Qingfeng continued to tease him, making him more uncomfortable.

His attacks gradually lost their accuracy.

Ye Qingfeng caught an opportunity, and leaped like a tiger, pressing Su Mu under his body heavily as well as Su Mu’s attacking hands with lightning speed.

Su Mu’s face was flushed with heat, and his eyes were misted over. He wanted to use his internal force to shake Ye Qingfeng away, but his body did not feel threatened. Instead, it felt the fierce desire of the other. For an instant, his body’s sensations actually defeated reason.

Without hesitation Ye Qingfeng kissed Su Mu’s tender lips. It felt so good that he almost let Su Mu escape from his hands that had slacken slightly with the pleasure.

Squeezing Su Mu’s restless hands in one of his own, his other hand slipped under Su Mu’s thin clothes.

The large heated palm made contact with Su Mu’s smooth and tender skin, causing him to shake uncontrollably.

Su Mu kept breathing heavily. He gritted his teeth and cursed: “Fuck it, let go of me now.”

A face that usually smiled constantly, but at this moment only desire remained. The callused palms became more and more audacious, gradually moving downwards……

However, at this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded: “Ye Qingfeng, return to Xuefeng Villa.”

As soon as Ye Qingfeng heard this voice, his face went as dark as the bottom of a pot. Suppressing the displeasure in his heart, he gritted out the words: “Gu Yunzhou, you are looking for death! How much money did my father give you, I’ll give you double. Piss off now!”

In the darkness, heavy tempting breaths continued to sound, and two overlapping figures could be vaguely seen. Gu Yunzhou looked at the two people on the bed calmly, neither looking away nor embarrassed, let alone getting angry at Ye Qingfeng’s words.

“Ye Qingfeng, return to Xuefeng Villa.” Gu Yunzhou repeated calmly again only for Ye Qingfeng to pretend not to hear it.

He drew his sword and swung it out.

The fierce sword energy made Su Mu’s hair stand upright, and he instantly woke up from the desire driven haze. While kicking Ye Qingfeng away, he evaded Gu Yunzhou’s sword energy clumsily.

Ye Qingfeng cut an even more of a sorry figure than Su Mu. He was only superior in qinggong. In terms of internal force, he was worse than Su Mu and Gu Yunzhou by more than a margin. So when Gu Yunzhou caught up with him, he could only run away.

Su Mu stood up from the ground panting, watching the two people jumping up and down the Crown Prince’s Palace without any consideration, and gritted his teeth. He vowed in his heart that there would come a day when he would have these two people at his mercy.

But after his body felt that any threats had disappeared, the overwhelming desire once again submerged Su Mu.

Nails left deep marks on the thick pillars.

Su Mu cursed, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

In Feiyu Pavilion, Yun Feiyu who was reading at night by the lamp was suddenly slammed to the ground, his green robe instantly torn to pieces.

Su Mu rudely threw the person on the bed and followed after.

Yun Feiyu kept his face calm, but secretly clenched his hands, waiting for the pain to come.

But what happened next was completely different from what he thought.

Su Mu frowned slightly with a flushed face. His body was filled fully, but he couldn’t feel satisfied. So he pressed down on Yun Feiyu’s waist and began to move on his own.

The smile on his face had long since disappeared, and his face that always had a contemplating expression now looked completely engrossed. The faint candlelight casted a dim light in the room and he could see the person on him with an expression of enjoyment and of pain. An inexplicable feeling suddenly rose in his heart.

He fisted his hands tightly to resist the turbulent desire in his body. The various scars all over his body reminded him that it was best to lie down obediently and let the Crown Prince have his way.

Su Mu panted heavily and stopped his movements. The thing going even deeper made him feel both satisfaction but also a sensation of emptiness. He said angrily: “Don’t you know how to move! Hurry up!”

The movements were gentle but still it could reach to the deepest point. The red candle burned out but the movements in the room still continued.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It took until the middle of the night before Su Mu fell asleep. His innocent sleeping face made people unable to raise up even the slightest of defenses. But so long as one was aware of his identity, lying next to him could definitely be considered a test.

Although very sleepy, Yun Feiyu couldn’t fall asleep. He quietly looked at the Crown Prince’s beautiful sleeping face with an unpredictable expression.

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  1. So was the original Su Mu the top? Cause I know our current MC is the shou. Yun Feiyu said he was surprised because he was waiting for the pain? So I’m assuming that the old Su Mu was a gong?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Nope both original and Su Mu are both shou. Their martial arts required his body to be the shou, though Su Mu is also a shou by taste. The pain is just from Su Mochi being a sadist in bed. It was mentioned before that Su Mochi was straight and hated that he had to be with men and even as the shou in order to maintain his martial arts, so he takes his anger out on the gongs by whipping and cutting them. Basically what you would find in S&M, but without any of the safety measures and after care😅

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      1. Ohh so thats how it was…quite unclear, lots of things are vague. Also lots of dubcon in this chapter…Poor SM almost got into trouble with YQ (well isnt he (YQ)somewhat obsessed and entangled too, on one hand he wants to hurt SM on the other wants to be intimate…still dominance gives him good feels I guess. Not my favourite for now. Hope he will learn…to respect. ) yay for GY chivalry! But than SM and YF still dubcon at best…I wonder why he (SM) did not find Liu Xi who is kind of in his grasp now? And was willing. Guess he is atracted to YQ more but that was still forced, and its a big no-no. That aphrodisiac troupe always gets on my nerves its like “Oh sorry he could not stop himself so its okay” Well, no its not. But, its a work of fiction and lets take it as that. thank you for an update, I wonder what will happen next! I really hope for some healthy interactions between them, but I think the best chance is with GY – from enemies to lover – I love this theme:):)

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        1. Technically it’s all enemies to lovers for all the harem members. Gu Yunzhou is probably the only one not enemies with Su Mu. At least not personally, since he was only hired to break out Ye Qingfeng and Su Mu already released Ye Qingfeng so now Gu Yunzhou is just an ambiguous ML who for now only wants to train martial arts with Su Mu. So sort of like rivals to lovers😉 instead of enemies to lovers. I love both scenarios though😙

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          1. Yeah I know, that why I think he has the best start ha ha no revenge plot involved 🙂 While writing enemies I do think more like rivals or opposite due to misunderstanding rather than real enemies like hatred/ blood debt. Still, cant wait!

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    2. It’s been explained but remember he was taken in as a disciple because his body is a prefect furnace for cultivation. So yeah the original bottomed as well but reluctantly.


  2. Thanks for the chapter! Ye Qingfeng is annoying me a lot, it’s the second he used forced and under handed means to sleep with Su Mu, and the facts that he is using these dirty means it’s the reason Su Mu wants to stay away as far from his as possible. I guess he will learn something from all of his interactions with Su Mu and will aproach Su Mu differently, for him to have the honour to be your favorite ML. The fact that Su Mu went to Yu Fenyu is a bit unexpected, but he didn’t go too far with him, so he probably knew what he wanted to do when he went to him. In fact, this chapter, it come to my mind that maybe even with Huang Xuan he didn’t have sex , but he only relieved himself, ( but with Huang Xuan it possible he did it all the way, he seemed to really trusted him after all) because it wasn’t explicitly decribed; but it could go both way, maybe he had, but it was not shown, only implied. Until next chapter.

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    1. They definitely did it few times:) He also went all way with YF but without usual gore so YF was not traumatised (again) but had something from it too, still it was compelled…Its not explicit but its straighforward enough:)

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      1. Thanks for clarifying it for me. I went to read again the sex scene with YF and i could see more clearly the moment when they did it. But still, for me if you’re not atentive enough and even then the sex scenes are sometimes left me not be able to imagine the full picture, i wish the descriptions of the intimate scenes are more easy to understand, it don’t have to be explicite, only being able to figure it out who does what, and what he is doing exactly, because it’s important to analyze in contrast to how Su Mu behave when he is intimate with the other ML. If the novel had only one ML it’s not that big of a deal because i will figure it out in the end, but here is confusing. Even on some novels i read i could figure it out more easily who did what, where, what happened and not happened.


      1. Yes, i saw it was censored out, i did a google translate of the chapter, but it didn’t help me much more to get the full picture. And then after CAROLL answered me i read the scene again and i could imagine the scene much better, but i wish the decription it’s a bit more clearly or more “in the face”- like, because some actions was easy to be seen by in another light that what happens, and i read a lot of different kind of intimacy scenes, i’m super used to them, and i was still confused. But it’s just for this chapter, it’s possible YF will mention this imcident the next morning and made it more clearly or that the future intimate scenes with the other MLs are a bit more easy to imagine, i didn’t needed more explicit details, but some more words about where Su Mu is positioned, what YF is doing, so i could understand more easily from the start.

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    1. I realized that I forgot to add a TN explaining my censoring of the smut chapters for The Cruel Tyrant. It is now added to chapter 25. But long story short, I’ve got to keep my site family friendly^^

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