The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 006 Hua Yao’s Rage

Not far away, a white fox had already lost its life, probably not long ago and had not been discovered yet, so the body was still there. The white fox’s belly was slightly bulging, and looked to be a female fox still carrying young.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Hua Yao sensed that the vitality in the female fox’s abdomen had not completely disappeared. Instantly, a red light flashed in her eyes, her anger flaring. In a blink, she came to the female fox’s side, raised her hand and swiped gently. The action was both decisive and clean. Instantly, a sharp light flashed across the air, and immediately, the female fox’s abdomen was cut open, black and red blood slowly overflowing, and three small figures suddenly appeared before Huayao’s eyes.

Hua Yao hurriedly took out the little guy inside. The pink little fox was wet and its eyes were still closed, breath becoming weaker as time passed. Hua Yao hurriedly sent the little fox in her hand into the Realm. Taking out the other little fox, this one’s vitality was even weaker so Hua Yao dared not delay. The third remaining was no longer breathing.

Several white foxes in the cage pressed closer against the bars, staring at Hua Yao’s movements without blinking, but made no sound.

Hua Yao’s face was tense, at this time there was an angry fire raging inside her. Hua Yao’s father was the nine-tailed celestial fox. Therefore, she had half the blood of the nine-tailed celestial fox. The reason why the people of the Flower Deity tribe could not reproduce was because the price of their offspring was their own life. Hua Yao’s mother was the previous matriarch of the Flower Deity tribe. After Hua Yao was born, her mother’s inheritance was automatically transferred to her while she herself passed on. And after sealing the other half of her bloodline, her father also followed after her mother. The Flower Deity tribe never knew that Hua Yao was the biological daughter of the previous matriarch. They always thought that she was just born at the right moment and accepted the former matriarch’s inheritance.

After the annihilation of the Flower Deity tribe, she committed suicide in the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm. Only after her resurrection did the blood seal on her nine-tail celestial fox bloodline become released. Therefore, she had always had a special place in her heart for the Fox Clan.

At this moment, seeing this situation, Hua Yao was really angry. It was as if she was once again seeing the destruction of the Flower Deity tribe. At that time, she could not save them……

Gently, she placed her hand on the female fox. Instantly, flashbacks of what happened before appeared in her mind.

It turned out that some of the administrators in this zoo actually have a hobby of torturing and killing animals. But there were many animals in the zoo, and animals were often brought here, so no one’s attention had been drawn. As for the animals that had been killed, they were all considered to have died accidentally. Besides, towards the death of a few animals in this world, who would you expect to investigate the cause of death?

As for Hua Yao, in a fit of rage, spent a few hours to collect all the animals in the zoo and send them to the Realm. The zoo was not very big, but there were a lot of animals, especially the larger ones. Such as: lions, tigers, elephants, rhinos, etc. Sending these to the Realm was more mentally intensive. Originally, Hua Yao was not very interested in these animals that have lost their wildness, but at this time, Hua Yao was so angry she didn’t care about this anymore.

Fortunately, the vitality in the Realm had gradually become richer, and her strength had also gradually recovered. If she had just awakened, it would probably take a day and night to carry out such a large project. When the last sika deer was collected into the Realm, the sky was already showing white. Hua Yao quickly withdrew the illusion she had casted over the zoo and hurried back.


The animals in the zoo disappeared overnight. When this explosive news came out, Hua Yao and Lin Xiu had already left the city.

The closest bordering land between MD country and China was YN province. The two were planning to return to China from here. The YN province was chaotic and relatively lawless, so it was obviously much easier to smuggle into the country through there.

Hua Yao wore black-framed sunglasses that covered most of her face, a white hat on her head, an ankle-length striped skirt, a loose white T-shirt, and a white backpack on her back. She looked no different from other tourists. As for Lin Xiu, he was wearing a white shirt and off-white slacks. The two were dressed like a couple, but compared to Hua Yao who was covered from head to toe, the handsome and compelling Lin Xiu was obviously much more noticeable.

The beauty of the Flower Deity tribe was ethereal, giving people a noble, cold, and inviolable feeling. But the fox clan was the opposite, all of them were alluringly beautiful, every move, every glance out of the corner of their eyes was naturally enchanting. And Hua Yao was the perfect combination of the two bloodlines. Once, a look from her eyes could make King Zhou disregard anything else but her. Therefore, Hua Yao worked hard to restrain her aura and prevent herself from being noticed. Naturally, Lin Xiu was 120% supportive of this.

Huuu, we’ve finally returned to China, I thought I would never come back again in my life!” Standing in the small town on the border of YN province, Lin Xiu sighed slightly. Looking sideways he only saw a flawless white chin beside him, the only thing visible of Hua Yao, and thought of the coming apocalypse. Originally, he had thought that he would spend his life doing research. This was originally his passion. He thought that after leaving that island, he would feel a little regretful, but at this time, he only felt fortunate. He was glad that he had once been a member there, glad that he had been able to meet her there……

Maybe, this apocalypse was not so terrible with her by his side!

Just after finding a hotel to stay in, Lin Xiu immediately started contacting his friend. He had not dared to contact him in MD country these days, so he still wasn’t aware of much news.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“The United Nations has sent agents to infiltrate into China, and the shameless scum, Mo Yun, actually recovered my research records from the computer wreck. He knew that my drug is a complete product and reported it to the United Nations. I am afraid that the United Nations will be after me at all costs.” When he hung up the phone, Lin Xiu’s expression was dark. Fortunately, they had just received the news, otherwise, he was afraid that he would have already been caught in the MD country.

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