The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 007 Purifiying and Strengthening

When he hung up the phone, Lin Xiu’s expression suddenly became dark. Fortunately, they had just received the news, otherwise, he was afraid that he would have been caught in the MD country.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Having not heard Hua Yao’s voice, Lin Xiu looked back in confusion, but was surprised to see that there were two pink lumps of unknown animal pups lying on the sofa next to Hua Yao. Their eyes were not opened yet, and Hua Yao had her attention on reaching out over the tea cup on the mahogany coffee table next to her. With a raise of her hand, a clear stream of water poured into the tea cup. Then with a turn of her hand, a beautiful white jade vial appeared in her hand. The spout was slightly tilted, and a drop of milky white liquid dripped into the teacup.

Hua Yao’s movements were elegant and her expression was focused, giving people a sense that she was performing a very sacred ritual.

Lin Xiu was already quite familiar with the various things Hua Yao grabbed out of thin air, but he was rather curious when he saw the white jade vial and the milky liquid dripping into the teacup.

The teacup was swished slightly, and suddenly, a refreshing faint fragrance diffused into the air. The smell of it relaxed Lin Xiu’s originally agitated mood, and even his mind was also feeling more energized, the exhaustion of the past few days swept away.

The two little fox pups, who were lying on their stomachs, seemed to smell it as well. The tips of their little noses moved slightly and their mouths made a faint whimpering sound.

“The rest is for you, this is a good thing.” Seeing Lin Xiu staring at her with burning eyes, Hua Yao pointed her finger to the white jade vial: “This is spiritual essence, and has the so-called purifying and strengthening effect, cleansing the marrows and replacing the tendons.” As for whether it could induce supernatural powers, Hua Yao didn’t know, so she didn’t use it for Lin Xiu at first. But it was true that this thing was beneficial for the body.

Lin Xiu hurriedly leaned over carefully, first glanced at the two little pups with an unkind look, and then watched Hua Yao carefully pouring the diluted spiritual essence into the lid of the cup, carefully feeding the two little pups. “Huahua, where did you get these two little guys. They’re so small, should we buy some milk powder?” Of course, Lin Xiu was not being kind, he was just a bit unhappy that Hua Yao’s concentration was not on him.

“Brought over from MD. This little guy is inherently weak so it’s better to use the spiritual essence to feed it for the time being. The first time you use the spiritual essence, it may be a little uncomfortable. You can dilute a drop before taking it. I will keep watch from here.” Spiritual essence was the essence conceived in the spiritual stone mine below the Realm and contained rich spiritual energy. For the Flower Deity tribe, this was just what they usually drank everyday, but for ordinary people, this was indeed no different from a miracle elixir. But ordinary people’s physical strength was not strong enough, so if they were to take it directly, they would naturally suffer some pain.

“Alright, we will take a rest today. Tomorrow we will collect other things. The grain production in the county here is not bad. Tomorrow I will rent a warehouse and buy some grain. By the way, your Realm……how much space is left?” Lin Xiu wanted to ask this question very early on, but he knew that Hua Yao was not very trusting, so he didn’t ask in the end. He had read some comics and novels when he was in school and the space in those novels was always limited. These days they had bought a lot of things, especially saplings and seeds. If they were all planted, they might have covered several mountains already.

Not to mention that she seemed to have collected a lot of fish from the ocean before. After such calculations, her Realm was already against the natural order!

“There is a lot of space, don’t worry……” Indeed, it seemed that she had bought a lot of things these days, and she was constantly transplanting saplings and other plants to all the mountains in the Realm. But these were just ordinary plants, of which the most precious were just a couple of hundred year old trees that she secretly took from MD.


Spiritual essence was a good thing, but good things were not so easy to enjoy.

And Lin Xiu, after seeing two little fox cubs drinking a diluted drop, felt that as a grown man he should show more mettle. So, he directly took a mouthful at the spout. Just after taking a sip, violent power suddenly raged inside his body. Although Lin Xiu exercised, he still often stayed in the laboratory for a long time so his physique was not very good. Therefore, one could imagine how much pain he would be facing.

Hua Yao teased the little fox who had just opened its eyes and had just grown white fur on its body as well. Suddenly, she felt a wave of power coming from Lin Xiu’s room, and then she heard a stifled pained cry.

Their room was a suite. At this time, it was just after noon and the sun was shining bright outside. This hotel was far from the city and there were not many guests. However, the luxury suite next to them had just moved in a few people. Hua Yao frowned, and then raised her hand to send the little fox into the Realm. With a flash she quickly came to the door of Lin Xiu’s room. Raising her right hand, a sharp metallic screeching sound could be heard. Immediately, the door lock that was originally locked tight was neatly cut.

When she saw the situation inside, Hua Yao instantly felt exasperation.

The white jade vial was lying crookedly on the bed, but the liquid inside did not flow out. And Lin Xiu was currently rolling on the ground in pain. As he rolled, an unpleasant black liquid continuously leaked out from his body and left traces on the ground.

Hua Yao raised her hand, and a gray light flashed by. Suddenly, Lin Xiu, who had been rolling constantly, was fixed on the ground. “Who let you take so much at one time!” Hua Yao watched the muscles bulging out on Lin Xiu’s forehead as he clenched his teeth and his whole body strained: “One can’t become fat with one bite!” Although she was vexed, she couldn’t really just leave him there. That spiritual essence was not easy to absorb. If he failed, his body would explode and he would die.

The Flower Deity tribe was not so concerned about this. They were nurtured by spiritual energy, and their bodies were essentially composed of pure spiritual energy. But Lin Xiu was not the case. The human body stored spiritual energy in the dantian, while the meridian channels were the pipelines for the spiritual energy to travel through. (TN: dantian is the point two inches below the navel where one’s spiritual energy resides)

But now, the spiritual energy in his body was too strong and coupled with the fact that his meridian channels were originally blocked by impurities as well as extremely fragile, it would be difficult even with Hua Yao’s assistance in helping him absorb it.

After thinking about it, Hua Yao looked at Lin Xiu: “You have too much spiritual energy in your body, and it keeps colliding against the meridian channels. Now, either I suck all the energy out, but in this way, you will at most just have your body purified, but there will be no spiritual power in your body. Or you can wait for the energy to break your meridian channels and the best case scenario, would be remaining an ordinary person in the future. The last method is to break the meridian channels and rebuild from scratch. You accept the inheritance of the Flower Deity tribe, so that there will be no more danger in this respect in the future. But the process of breaking the meridian channels is very painful……”

“Break the meridian channels……” He didn’t understand what the inheritance was, let alone what it meant to break the meridian channels. He just knew that it was not just simple pain. But the only thought he had was: would this mean he would be just like her?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He looked at her fixatedly. He always knew that although she looked mild tempered, the expression in her eyes was cold and distant. Therefore, he did not dare to overstep any boundaries when interacting with her, afraid that she would leave completely if he did anything to displease her. Therefore, when he heard that he could purify amd stengthen his body the first thing he thought of was the possibilty of becoming stronger, to be closer to her……

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