Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 034 Three Person Bed Fight

Nie Bufan stared closely at the little monkey that broke out of its shell. It was only half the size of a palm, its body sticky with fluids and eyes not opened yet. Its limbs were curled and squirmed slightly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“This……this, this is Wukong!” Nie Bufan poked the little monkey’s forehead with a trembling finger, his eyes flashing bright like searchlights. (TN: Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, character with supernatural powers from the novel Journey to the West)

At this moment, Zhang Junshi walked in with hot water.

Nie Bufan held the little monkey, took the towel that Zhang Junshi handed over, and carefully wiped the mucus on its body.

Only now did Zhang Junshi see the little thing in his hand and was surprised: “What is this?”

“My son.” Nie Bufan replied without raising his head.

“……This seems to be a female.”

“Then it’s my wife.”

“……” This was too hardcore……actually, what Nie Bufan meant to say was “daughter”, right?

“Where did this little thing come from?” Zhang Junshi asked with puzzlement. He just went out for a short moment, it couldn’t be that a monkey ran into the room at that moment and left this little monkey behind? Regardless of how possible this matter was, what surprised him was that this monkey was too small!

“I don’t know, I picked it up by the window just now.” Nie Bufan answered casually.

After helping the little monkey get clean, he said to Zhang Junshi: “Zhang Third, can you buy me a female dog or ewe that has milk?”

“This is no problem, I will ask someone to do it right away.”

“Thank you.” Nie Bufan smiled brightly and his eyes were full of joy.

Zhang Junshi’s chest where his heart was warmed and he couldn’t help but lean forward and press a kiss on his face. Such a lovely Nie Bufan was really irresistible.

Nie Bufan slapped him away with discontent: “Hurry up, Wukong is starving.”

“Wukong?” Zhang Junshi pointed to the little monkey who was wrapped around Nie Bufan’s finger.

Nie Bufan nodded, raised his hand, and affirmed: “It will be called ‘Wukong’ from now on.”

By noon, the workers brought back a female dog that was currently in the post pregnancy stage.

Nie Bufan had people modify a leather water canteen and filled it with warm milk, feeding the little monkey through a hollow reed tube.

Zhang Junshi watched from the side, his eyes full of tenderness and smiles.

Seeing the little monkey sucking happily, Nie Bufan suddenly said, “I have decided to live here for a few days to facilitate feeding. I will go back when Wukong becomes stronger.”

“Can’t you bring the female dog back to the village?” Zhang Junshi certainly welcomed Nie Bufan living here, but he was sure that Li Yi would come to find him soon, so it was better to return to the village than stay at the restaurant.

Nie Bufan shrugged and said in a disagreeing tone: “You have lived in Chicken Nest Village for so long, haven’t you found that there are no other animals in the village except chickens?”

“This is indeed quite puzzling.” Zhang Junshi remembered that he once lost a donkey in Chicken Nest Village, and it had not been traced back so far. Later, he gave another donkey to Nie Bufan, but it also disappeared without a trace.

“Well, that’s because Chicken Nest Village cannot accommodate other animals for the time being.” Nie Bufan looked at the little monkey in his hand and muttered, “I don’t know if this little guy will be an exception……”

The appearance of the little monkey made Nie Bufan completely forget the fact that he once again lost his chastity, and even more so he completely forgot the dissatisfied hungry wolf that was Li Yi. He only thought about how to raise the little monkey.

It wasn’t until after dinner did Li Yi suddenly appear in front of Nie Bufan.

He came faster than Zhang Junshi expected, and once he came he monopolized the position next to Nie Bufan, looking like an immovable wooden stake.

“Why don’t you go back to the village?” Li Yi asked.

“Because of this little guy.” Nie Bufan showed off the little guy in his hands enthusiastically and with a proud expression.

Li Yi glanced at it from the corner of the eye, and said with disinterest: “If you like it, take it back.”

“I will take it back, but I still have to stay here for a few days.” Nie Bufan was not happy that his daughter was ignored, and he harrumphed, “Tu Beng is in the village, so you won’t be going hungry. You can go back first.”

Li Yi looked at the faint hickey on his collarbone and his expression darkened. He said, “Then I will stay too.”

Zhang Junshi leaned against the door, and said lightly: “Brother Li, my restaurant specializes in food, beverages and meals but does not double as an inn. Could you please move to another place, we do not entertain guests here.”

“I’ll sleep with Bufan.” Li Yi did not feel any embarrassment for essentially being told to piss off, and remained sitting there motionless.

Zhang Junshi raised his eyebrow and said with a smile: “This room where Bufan sleeps is mine. Brother Li does not plan to be the cuckoo that occupies the nest, right?”

“Why not?” Li Yi looked at him directly, with a proud expression that conveyed “I have martial arts, what can you do to me.”

Zhang Junshi’s smile faded away, and once again engaged in a statically charged staring contest with Li Yi.

Nie Bufan simply ignored their turbulent undertones. He lay on the bed, looking at the little monkey next to his pillow, and waved his hand saying, “Sleep wherever, I want to exchange feelings with Wukong tonight. Unrelated idlers shall withdraw.”

Li Yi glanced at the outrageously small monkey and said lightly, “With your sleeping habits, you are not afraid of crushing this little thing to death?”

Nie Bufan glared at him and said with a displeased tone: “What’s wrong with my sleeping habits? I have always slept well and peacefully.”

Zhang and Li both cast contemptuous looks at him at the same time.

Nie Bufan suddenly felt that he had been seriously insulted, and pointed at them: “Okay, let’s sleep together tonight, and see if I am a peaceful sleeper or not!”

Li Yi said sincerely: “En, I will definitely observe you carefully.”

Zhang Junshi said: “I look forward to your performance.”

Nie Bufan suddenly felt like he had dug his own grave, and he muttered: “I have warmed your bed so many times but not only are you not grateful, but you also tried to slander me. The human heart is really unpredictable and sinister……”

But with three people in a bed, nothing would happen, right?

After washing up at night, Nie Bufan put the little monkey on the plush blanket on the bedside table. And to prevent the little monkey from catching a cold he also put a hot water bottle under the plush blanket. The little guy slept soundly so Nie Bufan also relaxed. As soon as he turned around, he saw Zhang Junshi and Li Yi each occupying one side of the bed, leaning on the bedpost and staring at him with bright and alert eyes.

Zhang Junshi patted the empty space in the middle, and smiled: “It’s late, time to sleep.”

Li Yi lifted the quilt and crooked a finger at him.

What happened to these two people? Weren’t they as incompatible as water and fire? When did they become so harmonious and united?

Nie Bufan tilted his head, thinking about the possibility of leaving at this time, and his feet also started to twitch eagerly in preparation for escape.

Both Zhang and Li seemed to have known his thoughts, and at the same time stretched out their hands to drag him on to the bed.

“Aiyo, what are you doing?” Nie Bufan yelled loudly, “Don’t you see that I haven’t prepared myself yet?”

“What preparation do you need for sleep?” Li Yi glanced at him.

“For example, mulling over the urge to pee in advance……”

“Sleep!” Li Yi covered him entirely with a quilt, causing him to look like a human-shaped pupa.

Nie Bufan poked out his head carefully and whispered: “Otherwise, let’s tell stories?”

Zhang Junshi rubbed his head warmly and said: “It’s best you don’t tell any stories, or it will be at your own risk.”

Nie Bufan muttered under his breath, and then tucked his head back into the quilt. Not long after, he felt two warm bodies around him, and then there were two sets of arms wrapping around his chest and waist, one from the left and one from the right.

Nie Bufan was silent for a while, and finally couldn’t help but poke out his head and said: “If we sleep like this, there wouldn’t be any need to wait until tomorrow to know that I can definitely sleep as solid as a rock.”

He simply couldn’t move at all!

Li Yi put his head on top of his head and replied: “You will get used to it.”

Zhang Junshi pressed his face to his neck and said with a smile: “If you feel uncomfortable, just say it. I have always been reasonable.”

I am not feeling well now! Nie Bufan yelled in his heart.

“Okay, go to sleep!” Li Yi put his hand into his shirt, and pretending that it was unintentional he pinched the red bean on his left chest.

Zhang Junshi’s hands wandered down to his abdomen, and his warm breath sprayed on his neck, causing him to tremble.

Nie Bufan endured it for a bit, but still said, “Can I sleep on the outside of the bed?”

“No.” The two refused at the same time.

Nie Bufan looked aggrieved, and like a pitiful little wife he endured the harassment from the two.

There was silence in the room except for the breathing that alternated from slow to quick from the three people.

In the darkness, a salty pig’s hand suddenly grasped Nie Bufan’s vital part. (TN: slang for a groping hand)

Nie Bufan’s breath stuttered, and he tried his best to suppress the urge to yell. Subconsciously he clamped his legs together, but it only clamped that hand in tighter.

He stretched out his hand, pinched a piece of skin on that hand and twisted it fiercely. The next moment the sound of someone letting out a deep gasp sounded in his ears.

Nie Bufan secretly smiled in his heart: Xiaozi, is it so easy to take advantage of me? (TN: xiaozi, or little guy, is a mild insult also used as an affectionate term)

But before he could feel proud for long, another hand wandered around the base of his thigh, as if it was tickling or tempting.

Nie Bufan grabbed the other’s wrist and kicked him warningly.

Suddenly, Nie Bufan felt his body being pulled into the arms of Li Yi and deviated from the middle position. Zhang Junshi immediately hooked his waist, trying to pull him back, but lacked the strength.

Zhang Junshi stretched out his foot, bypassed Nie Bufan, and kicked Li Yi fiercely. Li Yi was not moved, but instead pressed Nie Bufan’s leg to straddle his waist.

Nie Bufan had his back to Zhang Junshi and closely pressed up against Li Yi.

Zhang Junshi squinted his eyes and smiled coldly. He stretched his hand down Nie Bufan’s back, plunged straight into the deep entrance covered by his pants, and sneakily penetrated it with two fingers.

Nie Bufan trembled slightly. Coincidentally it was just as Li Yi covered his lips and blocked his exclaim. He was stimulated on both ends at the same time, which was truly indescribably terrifying.

Nie Bufan twisted desperately, but it caused Li Yi’s fire to soar, and his desire to rise up to press tightly against his abdomen.

He had no choice but to arch his body slightly, but it happened to only make it more convenient for Zhang Junshi behind him.

Zhang Junshi took out his fingers, leaned on his legs and pressed his lower body closer, gently inserting himself into the area that had been expanded just now.

Nie Bufan realized that his situation was not looking so good and wanted to struggle away, but his limbs were all restrained, his lips were also captured, and he could only make a few indecipherable sounds.

Zhang Junshi realized the situation was rarely so convenient. Thrusting forward, he forcefully penetrated into the hinterlands, which had Nie Bufan cry without tears from the sting. In the darkness, there was only a slight sound of flesh on flesh collision.

Li Yi realized that something was not good, so he let go of Nie Bufan’s lips and stretched out his leg to insert between his legs. But it happened to collide with a certain someone’s knee instead, causing the two to grunt at the same time. Li Yi reacted a little faster, and kicked Zhang Junshi away. He then lifted Nie Bufan up, spreading his legs and then slamming him down on his groin, filling up again the area that was just opened up by another.

“Ah!” Nie Bufan finally called out, feeling that he had been penetrated right through.

At this time, Zhang Junshi once again determinedly pressed over, leaving many hickeys on Nie Bufan’s back. He looked a little irritable having not had his desire completely relieved.

Li Yi gained the initiative and began to thrust unscrupulously. The repression of many days worth of dissatisfaction was vented out at this moment. It was like the outbreak of a flood, completely out of control, even almost forgetting the presence of Zhang Junshi on the side.

One would become addicted to Nie Bufan’s taste once they had a sample. Both Zhang and Li have a deep understanding of this, despite the fact that this guy was always so maddening.

“Enough!” Nie Bufan cried out in a strange voice, “Can’t we sleep peacefully? Stop it! I can’t stand it anymore!”

“If your energy isn’t completely drained, how can you sleep well?” Li Yi replied with a husky voice.

“It’s you guys who have too much energy, what does it have to do with me?” Nie Bufan felt aggrieved. He clearly just wanted to sleep. Who knew that three people sharing the same bed wasn’t enough to stop them from turning into beasts! What about morals? What about morals? Are they still there?

“Why doesn’t it have anything to do with you?” Zhang Junshi bit his ear and said in a low voice, “Who let you be so tempting?”

“Is that my fault?” Nie Bufan trembled, “Can you guys be even more shameless?”

“To be honest,” Zhang Junshi sighed, “After I met you, I finally knew that I could be so shameless.”

Li Yi said with deep empathy: “Encountering Bufan will ruin one’s life. In this life, I am afraid that there is no saving me. So Bufan, you have to compensate me for my loss.”

“Your loss?” Nie Bufan’s voice changed key and he said angrily, “Is your loss bigger than mine…… ngh, be gentler!”

I cry without tears, I cry without tears!

“Li Yi, are you finished?” Zhang Junshi’s face was rather dark.

“Ask me again in another hour.” Li Yi continued to exercise unswervingly.

Nie Bufan became irritable, pulling loose an arm he reached downwards and grasped the thing, pulling it hard.

Li Yi was befell with tragedy, his body arching up in unbearable pain.

He was too careless, actually having forgotten Nie Bufan’s powerful destructive power.

Zhang Junshi took advantage and pulled Nie Bufan into his arms.

Nie Bufan darkened his face: “If you dare to go in, I will male it so that you will be impotent in the future!”

Only then did Zhang Junshi dare not move rashly, enduring his straining and painfully swollen desire with difficulty.

Nie Bufan righteously said: “Although the thickness of my skin is comparable to a city wall, but it is not something you can try to puncture casually! You want me to give up my male dignity and obediently let you do things to me, then only in the case that my chickens all become Buddhas!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Both Zhang and Li were speechless. What kind of male dignity did he even have? It would just be best to accept your fate obediently, but still you stubbornly struggle to death. Don’t you know that the more you struggle, the more excited the enemy would be?

They have been bent completely, and this guy still want to remain straight? In your dreams!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I was so busy these day to have time to read, i`l try to catch up quickly. So this chapter was okay but as you can probably guess i don`t specially like the more intimate scenes between NB and his MLs so i don`t comment about them. It`s something new and exciting to read a novel with multiple love interests, but i stil can`t and won`t like the part of the novel that decribes this kind of scenes. But, this is that the plot, so i will try to overlook these parts that focus on the MLs wanting to get in NB pants and enjoy the interaction between the characters, and the unique, charming and interesting situations that will happen, because this is the forte of this novel. I`m always annoyed, at first it was funny, but not it becomes annoyng, by the words NB uses to escape the advance of the MLs, but i`m happy tha the ML rolls they eyes and not take at heart what NB is spouting. When i read the part of the MLs thinking was dignity he has anyway, i was, WE ARE THINKING THE SAME. And the description of the little monkey is so cute, but what Wukong is NB imagining, i hope the novel would not introoduce others characters powerful or with supernatural powers because the novel has enough, it will be to messy.

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    1. Hey, was wondering where you went lol. Yeah, it is hard to balance between funny and annoying, but as you said, there will be other parts of the story that is charming and worth reading. And don’t worry, NB is just being NB when naming it Wukong lol. Anything supernatural here is just to add to the laughs and shenanigans XD

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