The Cruel Tyrant CH 029 Surrounded

Shi Yan drove the carriage to a stop at the front of the city gates.

The soldiers felt even more cheered when seeing Shi Yan’s high quality clothes: “Where are you from? Do you have travel documents?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shi Yan took out a thin piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to the soldier.

The soldier took the paper and glanced at it saying: “Fifteen people, two taels each, thirty taels in total.”

Shi Yan looked at him coldly and said: “The law of the Qing kingdom clearly stipulates that the fee for entering the city is ten coins per person.”

The soldier snorted and said: “Our Jinyang City also expressly stipulates that the entrance fee is two taels per person, not one cent less.”

“You are defying the laws of this kingdom.” Shi Yan was also a person born into a poor family so he especially hated this kind of bullying.

The soldiers gathered around laughed and said: “We have only our Prince’s law and no kimgdom’s law. The Prince’s orders are the law. If you want to go in, you have to pay for it, or get out of here, don’t be being an eyesore……”

With a flash of cold light, the sharp blade came out of the sheath, and a blood stain appeared on the necks of each of the soldiers in the blink of an eye.

After realizing what happened, the soldiers hurriedly drew out their sabers in a cold sweat and stood a distance away, pointing and cursing fiercely: “Fuck, you don’t want to live anymore, this is Jinyang City.”

Shi Yan snorted and didn’t even look at them as he drove the carriage into the city.

These soldiers were not completely brainless, at least they did not charge forward towards death, but rushed back to bring more soldiers.

In Jinyang City, Su Mu, Yun Feiyu, Liu Xi and others directly booked an inn.

In the guest room, Liu Xi gracefully brewed tea for Su Mu, and asked: “Your Highness, was it inappropriate for us to enter the city with such a big fanfare.”

“I was just worried about not having a chance to deal with him. That he actively look for death is just perfect for me.” Su Mu said coldly, taking the teacup.

Liu Xi frowned slightly. Now he and Su Mu could be said to be grasshoppers on the same rope (TN: expression meaning in the same boat). More accurately, Su Mu controlled the destiny of him and his family. If anything happened to Su Mu, the people close to the Crown Prince would also not meet with a pleasant ending.

He had to remind the other: “But Your Highness, if the news that you are not in the palace reaches the ears of the rebels, wouldn’t it give them a chance to take advantage of it.”

Su Mu’s eyes were deep, and occasionally a trace of murderous intent leaked out, causing Liu Xi on the side to feel icy cold.

“The rebel parties lost at least one-third of their troops last time during the siege. Before the news of Ben Gong’s departure from the palace is confirmed, the parties would be too afraid to repeat the same mistakes and would not dare to send troops easily. Even if they confirmed that Ben Gong is no longer in Qing kingdom, but so what? The armies that Chen Wei and Qin Kunyu have command of are not just decorations. When Ben Gong has succeeded in botrowing soldiers from the Wu kingdom, it will be the death of those rebels.” The tea cup in his hand was suddenly crushed into powder.

Liu Xi was too afraid to look directly at Su Mu’s bloodthirsty eyes, but he was still a little worried.

Were the soldiers of the Wu kingdom that easy to borrow just because he said so? Where did the Crown Prince get such confidence from?

Seeing Liu Xi’s expression, Su Mu knew what he was thinking. After all, he had pulled the other onto his chariot so Su Mu looked at him and smiled, “Don’t worry, even if Ben Gong was in the palace, the rebel parties would still not make less trouble. I have 90% chance of succeeding in borrowing soldiers from the Wu kingdom. And even if we fail, at least we won’t be prisoners of the rebels. As they say, it’s not too late for a gentleman to avenge himself even after ten years. As long as one is alive, why be afraid of there not being a chance to destroy the rebels?”

A heart-warming smile appeared on that handsome face, and the beauty was enough to turn anyone’s head.

Liu Xi knew that he himself was good-looking, because there were many people who were obsessed with his appearance. But after seeing the Crown Prince’s brilliant smile at this moment, he felt that if those people saw this face, they would definitely feel that he was nothing special in comparison.

Dazed momentatily by Su Mu’s flawless beauty, Liu Xi quickly returned to his senses and put on a smiling face. He asked: “Your Highness has to continue traveling on the road tomorrow. Please rest early, chen will take my leave.”

Although Liu Xi had made up his mind to follow Su Mu, he did not intend to continue to be part of the Crown Prince’s harem. The Crown Prince’s bed always left him half-dead every time, and he didn’t want to experience it again.

Liu Xi quickly turned around and opened the door, but suddenly saw Shi Yan rushing over.

“What happened?” Liu Xi asked.

“The inn is surrounded.” Shi Yan said.

Liu Xi frowned, and when he turned around, he saw Su Mu sneering.

“Your Highness, what shall we do?” That Liu Xi would ask this question, it was naturally because he expected Su Mu’s instructions.

From the beginning when Su Mu entered the city without being low-key at all, everyone guessed that the Crown Prince was looking to make trouble for the Prince of Jinyang. But they didn’t expect the Prince of Jinyang to come looking for death so quickly.

In the dark night, each of the burning torches caused the entire inn to be completely visible.

“The thieves in the inn, hurry and come meet your death.” A loud voice was heard clearly in the ears of Su Mu and the others.

“Which dog is this that hasn’t been chained and left to bark everywhere!” Liu Xi walked behind Su Mu and sneered, looking at the yelling person on the horse as if looking at a dead man.

Daring to yell arrogantly in front of the Crown Prince; he had not seen anyone who did the same and survived another night.

The new arrival rode on his horse and was heavily protected by guards. He had a naturally glaring face and did not seem like a good person. He looked at Liu Xi with a lewd smile and said, “The face is not bad! It’s a pity that it’s a male.”

Then he saw Lan Lan who was still inside, and lascivious eyes stared at her incessantly.

Lan Lan hid behind Su Mu in disgust.

Family was Liu Xi’s nilin (TN: from the legend in Han Feizi of a scale under a dragon’s chin that grows backwards and causes the dragon to enter a fit of rage if touched). He could tolerate the humiliation and abuse of the Crown Prince but he couldn’t stand the disrespect of others towards his mother.

Liu Xi walked over and stood in front of Lan Lan, his eyes were cold, and with a raise of his sleeves diamond-shaped darts suddenly shot out.

The person on the horse immediately let out a grunt. He clutched at his chest and glared at Liu Xi, shouting to the surrounding soldiers: “Take this group of rebel thieves down.”

The blood on his shoulder dripped down sluggishly, and the sharp pain from the wound made him furious. He shouted viciously: “Catch them and kill them all for me, but leave that woman.”

Liu Xi was even more angry when he heard those words, and the concealed weapons rained down on the one speaking such disrespect.

He had been a spy for so many years, and it was not in vain. His martial arts were mediocre but he was quite good at using hidden weapons. Against the Crown Prince it was like a mayfly trying to shake a tree, but it was enough to deal with this straw bag (TN: usueless, idiot).

Five or six hundred people charged forward, which seemed to be a lot, but to Su Mu it was no different from there being none at all. He stood there motionless as he looked on coldly. Several hidden guards and Liu Xi solved the problem without him personally having to make a move.

When the leader was thrown at Su Mu’s feet, he still couldn’t see the situation clearly and countinued shouting: “You group of rebel thieves had better let go of this general, or the Prince will surely dismember and chop up your corpses!”

Liu Xi coldly snorted and kicked the leader’s back, saying coldly: “He is nothing.” Then he looked at Su Mu who was sitting on a stool drinking tea leisurely and asked: “Your Highness……”

“It’s up to you.” Liu Xi had yet to ask but Su Mu already knew what he wanted.

Liu Yuanhua’s family was not good to Liu Xi’s mother and her two sons. Later, when the Liu family was seized and executed, Liu Xi not only did not intercede but had the rest of the Liu family also be beheaded.

How could such a vindictive person let go of someone who had bad intentions toward his mother?

Seeing Liu Xi dragging the person into the backyard like one would drag a dead pig, Su Mu knew that this person might not die so easily.

Yun Feiyu sat beside Su Mu, and the fresh and elegant orchid fragrance around him made people feel peaceful. He smiled and asked: “Your Highness, do you want to kill Prince of Jinyang?”

After hearing this, Su Mu said coldly: “This kind of scum, death would not be a pity.”

Yun Feiyu smiled and said nothing.

But Qin Ye looked at Su Mu with a sneer on his face and said: “Your Highness is right. It is better for this kind of scum that kill and harm innocent people to die as soon as possible, so as not to continue harming the people.”

Su Mu raised his head to look at Qin Ye, and then said: “Qin Ye, I find that your head is full of paste. How could Qin Kunyu give birth to something like you?”

With a “bang” the table almost collapsed, and Qin Ye stood up angrily: “Su Mochi!”

Su Mu sat in the chair leisurely and looked up at the angry Qin Ye with a smile: “I think you must have forgotten your IQ when you were born.”

Although Qin Ye didn’t quite understand what Su Mu meant, he also knew that it was nothing complimentary. He stared at Su Mu and questioned: “Does Your Highness think that only others are guilty of a capital crime when they corrupt the law and kill human life, while you can kill the innocent however you like without any repercussions.”

Lan Lan lowered her head and didn’t know what to do. Yun Feiyu had a smile in his eyes but remained silent.

Su Mu suddenly stopped, and the smile on his face gradually dissipated. Su Mochi committing many inhumane acts was a fact, and Su Mu could not deny it.

“Everyone will pay for the mistakes they have made, how do you know I didn’t.” Su Mu said solemnly.

“But you have not lost even a strand of hair, so the price you paid is truly ‘big’.” Qin Ye mocked.

Su Mu raised his head and suddenly smiled again: “How can you conclude that what you see is a certain fact. As for you, how much do you even know.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Qin Ye sneered and said: “I don’t know much, but I know that ‘when the royal family breaks the law they must also face the same punishment as the common people.’ This is what your Su family wrote into the laws of the Qing kingdom.”

Su Mu glanced at him mildly, then turned to go upstairs.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I`m getting frustrated at the author again, i wish if he has chosen to go through this path on making the main character of this novels transmigrate into a a crown prince and future emperor who not only was evil at heart but he also killed so many people, he would find a way to make amends for the actions of the previous Su Mochi or do something that could make his concubines not seeing him as Su Mochi. Su Mu did nothing and it don`t seem he will do something from his own initiative most, likely some things unrelated to him will happen that will make the relationship between him and his MLs better. Beside not being that agresisive with his MLs and other people, as now, Su Mu is not described as being that much different than Su Mochi, gosh is frustrating to read. They are some scenes where it`s like the character of Su MU is decribed as a mix between Su Mu and Su Mochi, for the life of me i don`t understand why the author chosed to have Su Mu retain those unlikable part of Su Mochi of being unpredictable and not being able to control his angry and violent tendencies. It makes for a confusing reading, something i feel i read about at least two different personalities, sometime even three of a person who has multiple personality disorder. I like the concubines better than Su Mu, i even like Qin Ye more than him, at least he is consistent. I mean, this novel it has to be one of the few that i feel the main character is being done dirty by the author. Su Mu is put in a situation when he can`t even tell the truth to anyone, who will believe him, and he can`t even make big changes quickly, and the way he is described is not likable, i can`t even sympathize with him. Also, the fact that his toughts what he is planning is being unknown is not helping either . Now, i`m thankful this novel has multiple MLs, maybe it was done in purpose, to balance the weaknesses of the MC.


    1. XD that’s an interesting view point. Maybe not entirely inaccurate since often in harems it’s hard to balance the mc and his harem members, either the mc is too bland and gets outshone by the harem, or the harem members are too bland and forgettable. Still, i hope it doesn’t turn you off from the story completely. Things are only getting interesting😉

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  2. I don’t understand why people are being impatient, this story naturally has it’s pace and the development of every character is under way. Come on guys, this is chapter 29, and we are only being introduced to characters, Su mu is also trying his best coz it’s very difficult to try and defend a country that’s rotten inside and outside, give him time and also understand that to these people ( his harem), su mu is still that crazed devil, he may be a little different but they still don’t know the whole truth so to them he’s still that asshole so it’s not like they’ll treat him nicely just coz he’s changed and this is why this book is interesting coz every character no matter how annoying they have their own personalities.

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  3. I honestly like the pace we’re at right now, like there’s no immediate ‘oh my gosh, I love the crown prince now, he’s so gentle and he’s definitely changed 🥺’, that would surely disappoint me as a reader. They were abused by him (su mochi, in their eyes) for how many years in all kinds of ways so don’t expect them to suddenly be enlightened and fall for him just because ‘he’ doesn’t abuse them anymore. Its 100+ chapters and we’re only on ch29, chill.

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