After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 007 Catch A Cold

When Luo Yang squeezed into the dance floor with his childhood friend pulled along, Tao Mu was currently dancing with a hot girl in glamorous makeup and sexy clubbing attire.

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The hot girl had wavy hair with large curls that flowed down her back, a strapless bright gold mini dress that hugged her buttocks, heavy makeup and flaming red lips. A beam of stage lighting came down from above to land on them, and the hot girl raised her arms and twisted her hips in front of Tao Mu. Her soft body rubbed against Tao Mu’s body as she danced. When she tilted her head slightly, her sultry long curls brushed Tao Mu’s cheeks. Tao Mu lightly embraced the hot girl’s slender and flexible waist, his body moving in harmony with the dance rhythm.

When both the music and dancing heated up, a smile appeared on his handsome and flawless face, seeming both affectionate yet dissolute. The light hit Tao Mu’s profile, highlighting his handsome features and emphasizing the overflowing sex appeal. Crystal-like beads of sweat slid down the tip of his nose and along the sides of his face. Hearing the girls under the stage screaming and showing their love and admiration for him, his sexy thin lips curved into a half smile, and his dark eyes swept across the crowd indifferently. The rakish and unrestrained appearance immediately incited the girls to increase their decibels, and even the boys on the dance floor couldn’t help but wolf call and whistle. Perceiving the crowd’s infatuation, he twisted his body even more flauntingly.

That scorching hot sex appeal that laced through every move and gaze dumbfounded Luo Yang, and with a dry mouth he blurted out, “So f**king hot!”

Li Xiaoheng, who had been forced to follow Luo Yang, stood in the surging crowd. As he looked up at the stage and watched the handsome boy dance with his arms around a hot girl and yet also not forgetting to tease the crowd and enjoy everyone’s infatuation, Li Xiaoheng’s eyes gradually darkened.

At the end of the song, Tao Mu rejected the hot girl’s request for contact information, and jumped off the stage. Suddenly, he was stopped by Luo Yang on the dance floor: “I want to buy you a drink, yeah?”

Tao Mu narrowed his eyes and sneered.

Luo Yang instantly felt rather sheepish and he shouted loudly, “What do you mean by that? I didn’t pursue you for stealing my girl. Now I want to make friends with you. Don’t you want to be a star? If we’re friends then I’ll help you!”

Tao Mu had drank too much. Under the double stimulation of alcohol and the surrounding atmosphere, he couldn’t help but say, “This stealing your girl thing is from your dreams. Who the f**k stole your girl? You take the bait so easily after someone’s careless instigation. Are you a fool?”

Tao Mu had said this in his previous life, and in this life he also said it again: “If it weren’t for your powerful family background that I can’t afford to offend, a person like you, I would beat up eight times a day believe it or not? F**k making friends. Who would be friends with a person of your kind of IQ.”

Luo Yang knew that he was in the wrong. Also, the main thing was that he had seen Tao Mu’s martial arts and the hot dance tonight, so Luo Yang couldn’t get angry at Tao Mu at all. He could only grin and make amends: “Okay! Okay! I’m wrong, can I buy you a drink to apologize?”

Tao Mu sneered. His eyes turned to Da Mao and Xiao Pang who were struggling to squeeze over through the crowd. Da Mao was furious when he saw Luo Yang, stepping forward and pushing Luo Yang away: “Don’t pester our brother Mu anymore, if you make me angry, I will pull a sackcloth on you, believe it or not!”

The only child of a coal boss had learned through influence since childhood. Fighting and pulling on sackcloths came as easily as opening the mouth.

Luo Yang was all smiles towards Tao Mu. But when changed to Da Mao, he was not polite at all, and pushed back: “Who are you anyway! And even wanting to pull a sackcloth on me, with a phone call I can have you lying in a hospital bed for three months, believe it or not?”

“Oh, hey, my violent temper——” Da Mao rolled his sleeves and charged forward.

Tao Mu grabbed his neck collar: “We’re leaving! There is still filming tomorrow morning!”

Luo Yang smiled widely: “Where do you live, I can drop you off?”

“No need.” Tao Mu grabbed Da Mao with one hand and Xiao Pang with the other, preparing to say goodbye to Gou Rixin and the others.

Luo Yang stuck behind Tao Mu stubbornly: “Then let’s make friends……”

“Okay!” Tao Mu responded with a perfunctory attitude: “Many friends mean many roads, brothers from all corners of the world! Hello, friend, later friend.”

“Hey, you……” Luo Yang reached out and grabbed Tao Mu’s arm. Before Tao Mu said that, he had actually wanted to persuade Tao Mu with that very reasoning, but he didn’t expect Tao Mu to take the words right out of his mouth.

Luo Yang suddenly felt aggrieved as if someone had stole his lines. And most importantly, Tao Mu might seem to have agreed to be friends but everyone could tell that Tao Mu didn’t take this matter to heart. This little bastard was fobbing him off!

“Take this seriously, okay? This young master can really catapult you into a star.” Luo Yang repeatedly emphasized: “I was the one who put Ye Yao into the crew, right?”

It would have been better if Luo Yang hadn’t mentioned Ye Yao. The mention of Ye Yao reminded Tao Mu of an unwarranted disaster he had suffered in vain.

Tao Mu was extremely annoyed, but when he looked at Luo Yang, he smiled: “Then young master Luo, how are you going to catapult me into a star?”

Luo Yang was stunned in place by Tao Mu’s smile. In a daze he said without much thought: “Just make you into a star? You can sing if you want to sing, or act if you want to act. I can having Soaring Dragon sign you.”

After a pause, Luo Yang also added in an attempt to strengthen the persuasive power of his words: “My dad is the chairman of Soaring Dragon Entertainment. Since you want to enter the entertainment industry, you should have heard of Soaring Dragon Entertainment, right?”

Tao Mu chuckled, narrowing his eyes as he looked at Luo Yang, and smiled wickedly: “As you say, then wouldn’t it be better if I find a way to make friends with your father instead? Not only will I be able to get resources, but also gain a big nephew for free?” (TN: parents’ friends refer to the children as nephews and nieces despite having no blood relations)

Tao Mu reached out and hooked Luo Yang’s chin, and chuckled as he teased: “Come, nephew, won’t you call me uncle?”

Da Mao and Xiao Pang bursted into uproarious laughter! Daring to provoke their brother Mu, he deserved it!

“Tao Mu!” Luo Yang slapped away Tao Mu’s hand on his chin with a paw, and like a small startled animal, his hair exploded: “Don’t be refusing face when its given to you!”

Luo Yang regretted it after saying this. Sure enough, Tao Mu’s face became cold when he heard the words: “Young master Luo is right. Your face is too big, I really dare not ask for it.”

Before Luo Yang could speak, Tao Mu sneered and said, “The matter this afternoon was me giving you face as well as not wanting to put the crew in a difficult position. But don’t think I’m afraid of you. That’s right, I’m just a common civilian and I really don’t dare to provoke the Luo family. But your Luo and the Luo family’s Luo may not necessarily be the same.”

Tao Mu could still remember how Luo Yang had angered his father to death and how his sister had driven him out of the Luo family. If he really angered him, then he didn’t mind going to Miss Luo to set up an early scheme in advance and have this idiot kicked out.

Maybe it would even save their father’s life!

Seeing that Tao Mu was really angry, Luo Yang became timid. Smiling sheepishly at Tao Mu, he said: “Look at you, you get angry with just a bit of talk. I didn’t say anything either?”

Tao Mu sneered, turning away and leaving with two sidekicks in tow.

Luo Yang rubbed his nose with a sheepish face, and then complained to his childhood friend: “Seriously……too temperamental.”

Turning his head, he saw that his childhood friend, who had always been dull like an old man, was currently looking thoughtfully at Tao Mu’s back. Luo Yang raised his eyebrows suspiciously: “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing.” Li Xiaoheng looked away and then warned his idiot childhood friend, “This person has an unpredictable streak. You’d better not provoke him.”

Li Xiaoheng could see that Tao Mu was definitely not bluffing just now. It seemed that he really had some means to deal with Luo Yang. But it was this that made Li Xiaoheng curious——Tao Mu was a small extra with no background and no experience, so why did he have such a strong confidence when saying such a thing?

Luo Yang hummed, and didn’t take his childhood friend’s words to heart: “Don’t worry, I want to make friends with him, not offend him. Whether he is powerful or not, what does it have to do with me. Besides, it’s a good thing he has some powerful tricks up his sleeve. The waters in the entertainment industry is too deep. If he can protect himself, then I don’t need to worry as much about others bullying him.”

There was no sign of any friendship happening, but Luo Yang had already one-sidedly considered Tao Mu as one of his own.

Li Xiaoheng glanced blankly at his idiot childhood friend who was able to perform the climax of a scene from an imaginary script all by himself, and didn’t bother to say anything.

He believed that Tao Mu was a smart person. So long as Luo Yang did not go too far or hindered his interests, it was likely that Tao Mu would not really take action against Luo Yang——

With just one brief observation on the side, Li Xiaoheng was already keenly aware of certain characteristics of Tao Mu.

Then, CEO Li, who had rarely ever paid attention to others, actually asked: “Is he also an actor?”

“Kind of.” Luo Yang scratched his head: “That drama I invested in, you know? He is the body double for the male lead. But I heard that he had been admitted to the Beijing Film Academy. What’s wrong, why are you asking about this?”

Li Xiaoheng’s index finger moved slightly and he calmly said: “It’s nothing. Just asking.”

Tao Mu, who had already walked out of the club, sneezed. Rubbing his arms with some doubts, he felt the hot 40 degree weather in H town: “It’s not cold either!”

“Could it be a fever?” Da Mao followed behind him with concern: “Why don’t you go back and eat some cold medicine?”

Tao Mu frowned and said unhappily, “I don’t want to eat medicine!”

Xiao Pang glanced at the ferocious Tao Mu and immediately said, “Then don’t eat.”

Before Da Mao rounded on him, he added: “Drink cold medicine instead.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu: “……” Was there any difference?!

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  1. Surnamed Luo is such an idiot! ¯\_〳 •̀ o •́ 〵_/¯

    Tao Mu doesn’t like medicine, why?
    Did something happen in his previous life that made him have an aversion, or did something happen during his time in the orphanage?

    Also is CEO Li the ML?

    Thank you so much for the double update!
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      1. Really, this guy is the ML or was just a tease? It catched my attention as well, and is mysterious and smart enough, not wonder Luo Yang is his childhood friend, how otherwise he could manage to be friends with a decent guy like this with his careless personality

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      2. OOH so he is… 🙂 calling a guy CEO and having him off handedly ask about the MC is this the first step to the ever sacred “Interesting” line

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  2. Thank you for the double update 🙂
    I wonder if in this life things will be different not only for Tao Mu. Like, Guo Rixin not becoming a cripple, Luo Yang growing (a bit of) a brain…

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  3. Thanks for the chapter! Finallly i can make my comment. The comments are a lot and interesting this chapter, the chapters when the main character is showing a glimpse of his real personality are always the most liked by me, and i guess is a general consensus. I loved Tao Mu this chapter, i`m sure i`ll love him even more in the future, he is brillant and fascinatIng when he don`t get intimated and treat others with the treatment they deserve. Luo Yang is more harmless that the impression he given me initially, but even through he is an idiot, he seems to be able to see the value on Tao Mu and it`s at least not that bad for being able to treat well his friends, but i suspect evem if he treat them well, he will be more of a nuissance than be useful to them, like when he wants to do something the intention is good but the actions wil do more bad than good. Now Li Xiahong, this what i charming name worth of the ML should sound like, thank you again for the reveal, you made my day better. I like how he was introduced, how he was there analizing Tao Mu and trying to guess the characteristics of his personality, and then only subtly subtly inquiring from Luo Yang who he exactly is. And then when it`s mentioned he usually is not that interested in other people, the introduction of the ML is perfectly hinted by the author. The author is really good, i readed until now some novels that take place in the entertainment industry, and the setting is not that special and if the characters are not charming and what they go through is not described well and if the connection with other characters is not smooth and the secondary characters are not described at least half as interesting as the MC and ML, it get` boring easily. Also, this kind of novels have many characters introduced, like fellow coworkers, manager, CEO. makeup artist, directors, stylist etc who has to be well made use off, they have to be described, but not to much, and i found that for some novels the main story/narrative get lost in the multitudine descriptions of the other characters or are not described enough and the novels seems to be to centered towards the relationship between the ML and MC. Until next chapter.

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    1. Very agreed. It’s hard to have a balance of fleshing out supporting and minor characters and at the same time not taking the attention away from the main characters. The authors for Vicious Cannon Fodder and Back to Ming both do this very well.

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  4. I can feel Tao Mu’s hotness from here🥵 Thank you for translating this chapter!!! So ML is hereeeee this story is getting interesting. Luo Yang seems like a simp here😂😂

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  5. This is very interesting.
    I’m curious about a few things: is this world still bound by the book’s plot and only MC is free or does everybody have freedom of thoughts now? It would also be an interesting take if the MC was still bound by the plot and acted stupidly when he meets the white potus, and has to straighten things out outside of his screen-time. But I doubt it will happen. I hope everybody is free. If that is the case, I don’t think MC will be able to tie family ties, it’s too late, but he will be able to make and keep friends.
    Is the ML free from the plot? And what was/is his position? If he is one of the fishes of the white lotus? That would make their relationship hard, as MC already experienced one betrayal from a long-time lover due to white lotus. Maybe he is a rival/villain who also has his IQ drop in the book? Or he is a cannon fodder or even a background character who originally didn’t matter.
    Is the white lotus a pure and naive pal or is he scheming? Maybe he is also aware that he’s a main character from a book?
    Will the book keep mattering? In some rebirth stories I read, people learn they are characters from a book, they use that knowledge of the future to change their lives and that’s it. I hope the storyline plays more on the fact that it is a book and there are readers in another world and what the consequences are. The plot seems to go that way, since MC didn’t just find the book and carry on: he still hears comments in his head. I find that very interesting. Maybe people will read this modified version now that he is reborn?
    Thank you for the translation! I’m happy to have found this story.


    1. Whoa so many questions! All i can say for now is that the plot power and protagonist halo will indeed play a role but our mc is smart about it and both himself and the ml are kind of his golden finger regarding battling the plot power. Won’t spoil anything else, but i can add that alot of these questions will be answered in just a couple chapters from now as ml shows up some more🤗


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