The Cruel Tyrant CH 030 Drunk

Although the Prince of Jinyang acted arrogantly, he was very self-preserving. After learning that the hundreds of people he sent out had been killed, he immediately sent another hundreds more to surround and capture Su Mu and the others. And because he was afraid that the troops he sent would fail again and those new arrivals would seek revenge on him so he rushed to his own villa outside the city.

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The exquisitely crafted carriage could be seen rushing on the uneven road. Su Mu and Shi Yan landed on the branches of a tree next to the road, appearing as light as birds.

Looking at the carriage that was even more luxurious than his own Crown Prince’s carriage, Su Mu snorted coldly and decisively made his move. The cold wind brought on by his internal force was like a huge wave crashing down. Instantly, the gorgeous carriage turned into dust, and the completely unaware people in the carriage were thrown out like so much dead fish.

A mouthful of blood spurted out, and the Prince of Jinyang’s huge, obese body smashed heavily to the ground.

Su Mu landed in front of the Prince of Jinyang as light as a fallen leaf.

The Prince of Jinyang’s fat body trembled uncontrollably, looking at Su Mu’s figure as if looking at the god of death. He shook so much he almost shook off a layer of fat.

“This this this hero spare me……!”

The shrill screams caused Su Mu to frown, but the movements of his hands did not stop. Soon the sounds of bones being broken was heard. In just a moment, the Prince of Jinyang’s hands and feet were all crippled by Su Mu.

The pain was so great he fainted from it, but unfortunately for him, he was immediately awakened again. Apart from screaming, he couldn’t utter anything else.

Su Mu stood in front of the Prince of Jinyang and said coldly: “Ten thousand people died by your hands. It would not even be enough to cut you a thousand times, ten thousand times. But today, I will spare your life for the time being. If you let me know that you have once again done evil, then, wait for me to send you to hell!”

With a cold sneer, Su Mu disappeared into the woods, leaving only the unconcious guards and the screaming Prince of Jinyang on the ground.

It was not Su Mu’s compassionate heart that caused him to spare his life, but because Jinyang City needed someone to maintain control, otherwise, when Su Mu returned, there would likely be a new rebel city.

Once Su Mu returned after borrowing troops from the Wu Kingdom, the first person to die was likely going to be the Prince of Jinyang.

The border of Qing kingdom.

The setting sun was the scarlet of blood, and miles of mountain hills stretched as far as the eye could see. As Su Mu looked at the magnificent natural scenery in front of him, his mood became somewhat complicated.

Blood stained the kingdom, and the ground was covered with brittle bones. The ambitious and ruthless fight for supremacy, for their names to pass down through the ages.

As for the life and death of the people, few truly cared.

Su Mu looked at the magnificent mountains and rivers in front of him and couldn’t help sighing: “The empire prospers, the people suffer. The empire falls, the people still suffer.”

Yun Feiyu, who had walked up not far behind Su Mu, was taken aback when he heard these words, and looked at Su Mu’s figure in amazement. That the Crown Prince was able to say such a thing made him feel surprised but also felt that it was natural.

He realized that the former Crown Prince and the current Crown Prince in his mind had gradually separated into two completely different people.

If he was not the Crown Prince, and if he had no hatred……

Yun Feiyu smiled and shook his head, throwing out the unrealistic ideas in his mind. He walked up gently to Su Mu, smiled and asked, “Is Your Highness worried about the rebel parties?”

Su Mu nodded, turned his head to look at Yun Feiyu’s perfect profile and said: “The rebels from all sides declared war on Ben Gong at the same time, and now the fight has already started in the south, east and west. Less than a month after I left the imperial city, the news had already spread of my departure. But it should take ten days at the earliest for the rebels from all sides to recieve the news from the imperial city. Tell me, why is this? “

Yun Feiyu met Su Mu’s gaze, looked at his face casted in the red of the setting sun, smiled and said: “There is an enemy on the inside.”

He looked at Su Mu fearlessly, his gaze seemingly open but those gentle eyes concealed everything.

Su Mu let out a sigh and looked at him sincerely as he said, “I hope it won’t be you.”

Yun Feiyu smiled and said, “Thank you, Your Highness, for your favor.”

Su Mu laughed and turned his head, looking at the sunset gradually disappearing behind the mountains. He said: “The Qing kingdom is already weak and can no longer stand the flames of war. I hope you can understand that no matter who wins in the end, it will only profit other kingdoms. In the end, it’s the people of Qing that will suffer. The kingdoms of Shi and Jin regard Qing as their conquest, and if we fight among ourselves, then when the time comes for the two armies of Shi and Jin to attack Qing, wouldn’t it be as easy as entering an unclaimed territory? And the people of Qing trampled on as easily as ants? I know that I have done a lot of wrong things before, but I can promise that it will never happen again. I hope you put the overall situation first and think about the people of the Qing kingdom.”

Yun Feiyu looked into the distance and listened quietly.

Seeing that he did not answer, Su Mu turned around and left him room for him to think about it.

Su Mu returned to the carriage and found a clean place to sit down. Perfect brows remained furrowed slightly in a frown. In fact, Su Mu was truly worried that the kingdom would have already changed hands when he returned.

But if he didn’t go to the kingdom of Wu to borrow troops, the kingdom of Qing would be destroyed sooner or later.

When Liu Xi came back carrying a few pheasants, he saw Su Mu sitting on the rock frowning. He guessed that he must be worried for Qing kingdom.

Although the former Crown Prince was not good to him, the current Crown Prince was his benefactor. Not only did he help him escape the control of Shi kingdom, he also had that group of beasts in Liu Manor get the retribution they deserved. And combined with his decision to follow Su Mu, Liu Xi felt it necessary to show some concern for Su Mu.

“Your Highness, I caught a few pheasants. Look, these males have beautiful feathers.”

The man’s sexy voice immediately pulled Su Mu’s thoughts back to the present and he looked at the several colorful pheasants caught in Liu Xi’s hands. He raised an eyebrow and looked at Liu Xi: “Do you know how to cook it?”

Liu Xi answered naturally, “Of course, back then I was……” Suddenly he stopped as if recalling something bad: “Forget it, Your Highness, I will grill it for you.”

Su Mu also did not have the hobby of listening to other’s woes so he pretended not to see Liu Xi’s loss of composure. He nodded and said: “Put less salt.”

By the time Liu Xi had finished with the pheasant and began putting on the seasoning, the sky had already darkened. Su Mu took a branch from Liu Xi’s hand, on which was strung a grilled and tender pheasant.

Su Mu hadn’t ever experienced grilling wild game out in the wilds, so he seemed a little happy. Then Liu Xi took out a jug of wine, and Su Mu, who had practiced his alcohol tolerance at the dinner table back in his previous life, began to guzzle down the big jug of wine……

What occurred next became like this: “The smoke rises, the kingdom looks north, the dragon coils, the horse whinnies, the sword energy like frost. I want nobody, nobody but you, I want nobody, nobody, but you……” (TN: the last part of the song is in English lol)

The first part was okay, but when Su Mu sang the second half he even accompanied it with dance moves. Liu Xi was instantly covered in cold sweat and he hurriedly pressed down at the completely drunk Su Mu and said: “Your Highness, you are drunk, I will help you to rest.”

If the Crown Prince knew that he had seen something he shouldn’t have, he could look forward to his head separating and falling to the ground.

But who was Su Mu? Even Gu Yunzhou couldn’t beat him, let alone Liu Xi. So instead of pressing Su Mu down, Liu Xi was instead pressed under by Su Mu.

With misty eyes, Su Mu pinched Liu Xi’s beautifully defined chin in the manner of a hoodlum molesting a good woman.

“Boy, you are quite good-looking, newcomer? Ask your manager to come out, you’re mine for the month.”

“Your Highness……” Liu Xi couldn’t move away from Su Mu’s evil claws even with all his strength, so he could only use words to persuade him. But before he could finish his words, he was suddenly kissed heavily by Su Mu, who deepened it into a French kiss that was all tongue and teeth.

Then when he finally came back to himself, Su Mu had already left his lips. While pressing down on him, Su Mu revealed a rakish smile and said, “Not a bad taste, eh?”

When Yun Feiyu walked over, he saw the two laying on top of one another, the atmosphere ambiguous. After taking a deep look he prepared to leave, but as soon as he turned around, there was a huge suction force coming from behind him, and then with a “thump” he landed beside Liu Xi.

With the same move, Su Mu pinched and lifted Yun Feiyu’s chin, and said: “Another superb quality. Got an owner yet? How much money?”

Yun Feiyu pulled Su Mu’s hand off with a cold face, but Su Mu’s fingers were like steel, and he could not move them in the slightest.

Although it was not that he had never served the Crown Prince with others, but the feeling of extreme humiliation it left made his soul hurt just by recalling it.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But unexpectedly, Su Mu did not do anything indecent. He just hugged them to his side left and right, and sang loudly into the middle of the night. Of course, the two of them got their tofu eaten by Su Mu, who practically felt them up all over.

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