The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 008 A Harmonious Scene

The inheritance of the Flower Deity tribe must be opened by the leader with a secret method. The inheritance was not only the inheritance of strength, but also a transformation from the skin down to the bones so one could imagine just how much pain there would be in the process.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Hua Yao may have sent Lin Xiu to the secret area of the Realm to accept the inheritance but she could not help him any further. However, no outsider had ever accepted the inheritance of the Flower Deity tribe, so she could not predict the result. As for whether the result was dead or alive, it all depended on Lin Xiu’s fate.

Holding the card given by Lin Xiu in her hand, Hua Yao put on a casual dress and the large sunglasses before heading out. Her originally long floor length hair was turned waist-length using her powers. And with an off-white hat matching the clothes as well as concealing her aura, an inconspicuous woman appeared on the street. Compared with the beautiful women who were dressed in skimpy and fashionable clothes strolling the streets, it was naturally very easy for her to be ignored.

She first stopped by a mobile phone store to buy a new touch-screen mobile phone, and then bought an unregistered phone card. Although she had theoretical knowledge in her mind, it still took some time for her to figure out the functions on the mobile phone. After familiarizing herself with it thoroughly, Hua Yao dialed a number directly.

The mobile phone rang three times before it was picked up.

“Ye Ying.” Before the other could respond, Hua Yao’s cold voice traveled straight into the ear of the person on the other end.


YN province was close to the MD country, where the stone gambling industry was prevalent, and was also the base for the second largest underground power in China (TN: stone gambling=the practice of buying a raw stone and then cutting it open, with the hopes of it holding some gems). This underground power operated in arms and drugs trafficking. And added to the fact that many diverse ethnicities lived here, the area was rather chaotic.

The streets, however, appeared relatively clean. It was currently the afternoon and there were a lot of people out on the streets. Hua Yao walked aimlessly. Along the way, she bought a lot of local snacks. The price was cheap and Hua Yao’s stomach was equivalent to a separate dimensional space so no matter how much she ate she never felt completely full. After eating from the start of the snack street to the end, Hua Yao finally stopped at a small shop selling seeds.

There was only a middle-aged woman inside, and there was not a customer in sight. Immediately, Hua Yao walked over.

“I want to buy some seeds.” Hua Yao glanced at this small shop. Inside was a large cabinet rack, on which there were categorized bags containing all kinds of seeds, though they all seemed to be crop seeds. But Hua Yao’s Realm still had a lot of space, and these seeds were better than nothing.

“What kind do you want to buy?” The middle-aged woman raised her eyebrows and glanced at Hua Yao, her attitude was mild and not very enthusiastic.

“All.” Hua Yao didn’t care about the attitude of the proprietress. After all, it was already past the busy farming season, and many seeds were not suitable for planting at this time. Therefore, few people would come to buy, so the proprietress likely thought that Hua Yao was just asking casually. So when she suddenly heard that Hua Yao wanted everything she couldn’t help but look at Hua Yao in amazement. After repeated confirmations, her attitude suddenly changed, and her enthusiasm instantly increased.

“I say, young lady, what do you want to do with all of these seeds. It is now May and close to June, and some seeds are not suitable for planting in this season……” The proprietress was an honest person, but her speed in packing the seeds in big bags did not decrease at all.

“Tomatoes, peppers, green beans, eggplants……by the way, do you want sorghum as well?” Though she asked, the seeds were already put in the bag, and then handed to Hua Yao. With a big smile she said: “These seeds are estimated to be enough for you to plant for a few years. By the way, I also have some flower seeds, are you interested? They were brought back by my son from other provinces. It is said that these are rare flower seeds. No one bought any so it was left here. Why don’t you buy the flower seeds together and I’ll give you some discounts on my seeds?”

Flower seeds? Hua Yao’s eyes lit up and she nodded. She then asked for directions to nearby flower shops as she checked out. She stuffed the bag into the backpack, but in reality the bag of seeds were inconspiciously sent into the Realm.

Then she went to the flower shop and bought a lot of flower seeds, even finding a few rare flower seeds as well. She sprinkled the seeds in the Realm, and then looked at the fruit seedlings planted earlier. They were now already towering trees and looking from a distance, the branches seemed to be completely covered with fruits. The fruits on the trees were already ripe, but because they had not been picked, they remained hanging on the trees. The big trees were constantly absorbing the spiritual energy in the Realm so the fruits all looked plump and juicy. It looked like they would soon become spiritual fruits. Though she had planted a lot already, the long stretches of mountains were only slightly covered with green.

The animals from the zoo that were collected earlier stayed peacefully inside. Even the lions and giraffes lived harmoniously together. If this scene was seen by other people, they might be so shocked their eyeballs would pop out.

On the grassy lands, the lions either sat or stood gracefully, turning a blind eye to the antelopes and wildebeests grazing quietly on one side. On the other side, the kangaroos were jumping around constantly and the whole grassland looked vibrant and full of life. Still a little bit further, a few little kangaroos and a little lion cub scuffled over some red tomatoes. In the woods, a few monkeys were swinging while throwing the fruit on the trees down towards the animals on the ground.

An apple flew over, and suddenly, a leopard’s mouth snapped up from nowhere and ate it right up. Just what is this happy and harmonious scene!

Soon, they seemed to have noticed Hua Yao’s sight and the few white foxes who had been watching this scene on the side inadvertently stood up and approached Hua Yao at the speed of lightning.

After communicating with the white fox, Hua Yao couldn’t help feeling exasperated. It turned out that since she had collected these animals in a rush, just throwing them into the Realm without much thought, an unexpected outome came about. These animals that were originally in cages suddenly came out of their cages into such a spiritual energy saturated place with spiritual fruits to eat, actually ended up developing spiritual wisdom one by one. And because this Realm was merged with Hua Yao, therefore, these animals were all automatically branded with her will, and were now actually living in harmony with each other.

Thinking of this, Hua Yao suddenly felt that it was a big problem. She originally planned to raise some animals to eat. But if they really developed spiritual wisdom and was branded with her will, they would be equivalent to her servants or subordinates. No matter what, eating them now would invoke some feeling of nausea……

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Thinking about this, Hua Yao began to plan and organize the Realm seriously.

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