The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 009 Organizing The Realm

The place of inheritance was in the center of the Realm. At this time, it was in a sealed state and Hua Yao couldn’t enter it; Lin Xiu was only sent in through a special method. Thinking of the inheritance, she didn’t know how long it would take, so Hua Yao adjusted the time to a ratio of one thousand to one which was her limit for now. She also left a spiritual mark here so that Lin Xiu could be brought out immediately after he finished his inheritance.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

She then chose a valley and sectioned aside less than one acre of land. She planned to get some wood from the outside and build a small house here. The flat grassland in front was suitable for raising some poultry such as chickens and ducks. There was also a clear stream on the side……

After separating this space specifically, she stood on the clearing and threw a seed on the ground. In an instant, the seed germinated quickly, and then grew like a vine, rapidly intertwining. In just a few breaths, the large open space reserved for poultry farming was encircled by the vine net woven by the vines. Then the vines continued to interweave upwards, about two meters high, before slowly stopping. A piece of vine carefully rubbed Hua Yao’s shoulder before obediently retracting into the fence.

In this way, Hua Yao fenced in several other sections around and after she used up the last few seeds in her hand she disappeared in place.

Under the valley, Hua Yao lifted the underground spirit mine to the surface with a raise of her hand. She planned to build an underground warehouse here, with the walls made of smoothly cut spirit stones. When the space reached 30 meters high and almost 20 acres of land, Hua Yao finally stopped. After looking it over and feeling it was enough space she then flashed out of the Realm.

Hua Yao still lived in the same hotel. This hotel should have some backing in the local area. Therefore, all it took was for Lin Xiu handing over some more money and the staff didn’t ask for any credentials. But at this time, as soon as Hua Yao came out, she sensed something was wrong.

It was very noisy outside the door, and the sound of many footsteps could be heard. It seemed that something had happened.

Hua Yao carefully put on her sunglasses before opening the door. She saw several people in police uniforms walking out of the next room. There were many people standing on the aisle, and the next room was cordoned off.

“Miss, have you been in the room this whole time?” At this moment, when they saw Hua Yao’s door suddenly opening, all of them looked towards this side. Two young men in police uniforms walked over quickly. They looked at Hua Yao and asked with a serious expression.

“I was sleeping, I don’t know anything.” Behind Hua Yao’s sunglasses, a flash of light appeared briefly in her eyes. Suddenly, the eyes of the two young policemen in front of her became dazed, a trace of confusion crossing their eyes. They nodded, like nothing had happened and turned around and left.

This episode didn’t arouse any interest in Hua Yao. She packed up the few luggage in the room, throwing Lin Xiu’s black backpack into the Realm, then went downstairs and checked out before leaving the town.

Going south from the town, about thirty miles away, was a place called Ma family village. There were only two bus rounds coming and going from the village every day, and was in truth a privately owned vehicle. At about ten o’clock, Hua Yao got on the bus to Ma family village. The village was located in the mountains with many high and rolling mountains, which was in fact Hua Yao’s current destination. Naturally, those people who were chasing Lin Xiu everywhere at this time couldn’t have imagined that their goal was actually in Hua Yao’s Realm, and Hua Yao herself was planning to hide deep in the mountains.

After getting out of the car, Hua Yao walked up the winding road, and to the right was Ma family village. As Hua Yao casually strolled by, the small flowers and grass on the roadside seemed to appear much more vigorous and lively.

She closed her eyes slightly and took a deep breath. Hua Yao tapped the tree beside her with her fingertips. Her footsteps seemed extremely slow, but in just a blink she appeared further into the distance. The Flower Deity tribe were naturally born with the ability to manipulate plant life so in these deep mountains, she was the undisputed ruler!


By the tenth day in the mountains, Hua Yao was already tens of thousands of miles away from Ma family village. These days, her harvest was extremely rich. Many rare and precious plants in this mountain were found and sent into the Realm. Several hills inside were already covered with greenery, and the small cottage in the valley was also finished building. It contained ten rooms and appeared very refined and elegant, full of classical Chinese charm and completely different from modern architecture.

At this time, Hua Yao was currently sitting on a tall giant tree on the top of the mountain, with two fluffy little foxes lying on the left and right on her knees. There was a tuft of red hair like flames growing out of the two little foxes’ foreheads and both looked extremely adorable. She was drinking water when suddenly Hua Yao froze, and then her figure disappeared from the top of the tree only to appear again in a bush. In front of her, a few young people wearing mountain climbing gear and backpacks was talking while walking towards this side.

Four men and three women, all in their twenties. The man in the lead was holding a stick in his hand and a camera hanging around his neck. He was closely followed by a woman in tight jeans and a shirt. Looking at their appearance, the two of them were obviously lovers. A little distance behind were two women with unpleasant expressions on their faces and seemed to be arguing about something. The three men at the very back however, were laughing and joking around.

“Hey, Zhang Jun, do you know the way or not? We have been walking for most of the day. If we can’t find a way out, we will have to spend the night in the forest today!” A woman behind shouted impatiently at the man leading the way: “Who knows if there are wolves in this forest, I don’t want to spend the night here!”

“You’re not the only one who doesn’t want to spend the night here. Who told you to take a stick and wave it everywhere, only to end up disturbing a hornet’s nest. Would we get lost if it weren’t for you?” The woman beside the man in front looked back at that shouting woman in dissatisfaction, eyes full of disgust. They didn’t invite her to join them on this mountain exploration, yet she still followed after them. Not only that, she began to complain of being too tired after walking just a few steps, and there were all kinds of other complaints and all kinds of faults to be found along the way.

“Yang Yun, if it weren’t for you suggesting to come here to explore, would I have disturbed the hornet’s nest?” The woman immediately became angry, and the two of them began to quarrel instantly. Even the three men who were joking behind also hurried forward to dissuade the fight. Instantly, this originally quiet forest suddenly became rather lively.

Hua Yao stood motionless as a red light gradually appeared in her eyes. She seemed to be able to hear the sound of blood flowing……

Suddenly, Hua Yao moved——


You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Thump—— She carelessly threw away the corpse that had been drained of blood, the red light in Hua Yao’s eyes fading somewhat. She looked up at the three remaining people over there, the three men who had been walking at the back of the little group. At this time, the three of them were curled tightly into themselves, looking at Hua Yao in horror. Their hands and feet had gone limp with fear, and they couldn’t even muster up the courage to escape.

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