After Becoming The Tyrant CH 008 The Fate Star Has Changed

In the silence, only the sound of the war horses snorting could be heard, accompanied by small clouds of white mist that dispersed into the cold air.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Count Walter died in his room.

In the past few days, he had been rushing about in order to find out why the messenger had disappeared. Apart from being a little anxious, there was nothing unusual. However, just now, the King’s Master of Households opened the door and found him sitting in his bedroom holding a blood-stained sword. Like the wandering merchant, he had cut his throat.

There were too many things to do to prepare for the negotiation, and people had overlooked this Mr. Earl who had been spurned by the King. If it hadn’t been for the King asking, his body likely would not be discovered until the evening.

The members of the negotiating mission all looked at the King nervously.

The death of the Earl seemed particularly strange, and they worried that the arbitrary King would delay his departure.

But not arriving at the agreed time was equivalent to an insult to the other party in the negotiation——for the King, this was probably not an important thing, he was born proud and arrogant.

But the current situation of the battle was not optimistic for Legrand.

Fortunately, the King didn’t seem to have reached that point of disregard for the rules.

He signaled the Duke of Buckingham to step forward and entrusted him with the investigation of the truth about the death of the Earl.

“Of course, this is not the most important thing.” The young King stretched out his hand from the carriage window, and he looked into the eyes of the old Duke. “You know that, yes?”

“The only person I can trust now is you.”

He lowered his voice, so slight that only the old Duke could hear it.

The Duke of Buckingham lowered his head and kissed the back of the king’s hand in accordance with etiquette, and at the same time replied in a low voice: “I will protect Legrand for you.”

“For the glory of the Rose.”

The King took a deep look at his gray-haired uncle.

The Duke of Buckingham stood straight and took a step back. The cloak over his shoulders was blown by the cold wind, the scarlet giving him an appearance as if he was stained with blood. He stood tall like a lion. He had been cautious and restrained for his nephew for many years, and it was only at this time that people suddenly realized that the old Duke was still the awe-inspiring iron-blooded general down to his bones.

The Duke clenched his fist and knocked his heart, with a deep voice:

“For the glory of the Rose!”

The smell of iron, blood and fire permeated his voice, sharp and harsh as a drawn blade.

The knights who escorted the King clenched their fists, their iron armor shining in the sun as they shouted:

“For the glory of the Rose!”

In this pledge of the Legrand royal family’s motto, the negotiating mission set out. The old Duke watched the King’s carriage for a long time. The crimson flag was flying in front of the carriage. In the backdrop of the blood red color, the dark gold iron rose was in full bloom in the middle of winter.

Please bless our King, the ancestors of the Rose family.


The Moon River Fortress not far from Truu City.

The Moon River Fortress was built one hundred years ago when the “Lion King” put down the eastern rebellion.

It was built with hard white stone, and the gap was filled with pig iron instead of mud. It was said that this fortress almost emptied out all the wealth of the “Lion King”. In the next hundred years, the Moon River Fortress became an iron barrier guarding the central and western plains of Legrand. It was indestructible.

It was precisely because of this that General Johan’s defeat had caused such a loud uproar in the country.

Nowadays, only blue tulip flags could be seen flying on this beautiful and strong fortress.

The leader of the expeditionary army of the Bressi Kingdom stood on the wall of the fortress.

The General’s facial hair was neatly trimmed, and his green eyes were like that of the snow wolves in the north. He wore black iron armor and a sword that never left him. He could jump and cut off the enemy’s head anytime and anywhere. At this time, the General was stroking the white stone of the fortress and looking at the Legrand mountains in the distance.

“General, what do you think of the Ambassador’s letter?”

The question came from an eccentric young man standing next to the general, who was covered in a dark cloak from head to toe, tall and thin, and appearing rather gloomy.

“The Grand Duke asked us to disrupt this negotiation, do you plan to do what he wants?”

“Of course——” The General laughed, “Not.”

He retracted his smile, and his expression turned a little dark: “If the Duke of Buckingham died, he would naturally be able to ascend to the throne without hindrance. We have fulfilled the requirements for cooperation and have done our best to create favorable conditions for him. But since he still failed in meeting our agreement, to have the Duke of Buckingham die, then why should we continue to do our best to help him?”

“The Grand Duke may not be satisfied with this answer.”

“Bressi Kingdom is not his nanny.”

The General sneered.

“Since the Duke of Buckingham is not dead, we must prepare with both hands.”

“What do you mean……?”

“I received a letter from the Queen the day before yesterday. Something has come up back at home. We cannot stay in Legrand for too long.” The General said vaguely. “We can negotiate a peace agreement with the King of Legrand. After that, whether the bad-tempered fool King is dead or alive has nothing to do with us.”

“You don’t seem to think highly of the King of Legrand?”

The young man caught onto this point.

“I truly pity William. He was a respectable enemy when he was young. Unfortunately, his son is simply a shame to the Rose family. A huge empire is falling apart in the hands of a tyrant.” The General lamented, “I don’t know why the Duke of Buckingham is so loyal to him.”

“But General……” The young man hesitated, “The ambassador mentioned in the letter that he felt that the King was a bit different from the rumors.”

“What difference could there be?” The General smiled contemptuously. “If it weren’t for his uncle, the young King would have been torn to pieces by those nobles.”

“I hope it is as you say.”

“What’s the matter with you? My dear master astrologer?” The General looked at him suspiciously, “You seem to support the Grand Duke’s request to help them kill Pureland I?”

“I think it might be better for the Grand Duke to become Legrand’s King. After all, we have his weakness in our hands, don’t we?”

“No, you are wrong.” The General smiled and said softly, “Your astrology is indeed superb, but your political sense of smell is a little worse off. Why should we let a mature and strong wolf replace a young and incompetent lion? Why not let the jackal and the old lion fight to the death.”

“However, the fate star has changed.”

The young man answered.

“I saw a scorching sun about to rise. It lives in the middle of the abyss strait. It may belong to us, Bressi, or Legrand. I feel uneasy, general.”

“That must be Our Majesty.”

The General said firmly.

“Bressi will surely conquer this earth, and the tulips shall forever remain blooming.”


The King’s carriage was very spacious.

Unlike the one he took when he left the palace urgently that day, this carriage was drawn by twelve horses, and the inside was even more exquisite and luxurious. The oil lamp burned behind the glass cover and the light inside was dim.

Zhu Chi looked through the report submitted to him by Moore the knight under the lamp.

He had been reading this report carefully the whole way.

In truth, he didn’t have too many requirements for this report. After all, the three-day deadline was too short. But perhaps the phrase “Now, his life is in your hands” was too galvanizing. The three knights who wanted to save General Johan tried their best to sort everything out and submitted a thick, very detailed report.

Of course, this was still too brief for the entire battle, and it was naturally impossible to meet the King’s standard that “every grindstone” needed to be accounted for.

Therefore, when the report was submitted, the three knights all appeared to be in despair, wishing to stab themselves in the throat right then and there.

The King did not say anything, and accepted the report expressionlessly.

The three knights did not know what the King was thinking, so they could only follow along with a little hope. On the way, the King did not appear outside the carriage much, and from time to time he would call Moore and the others into the carriage, asking his own questions about a certain point of the report.

This also surprised Moore and the others.

They found that the King seemed to have a particularly keen instinct, and the questions raised became more difficult to answer as as they came one after another.

The King did not ridicule their difficulties, but his stony and cold expression was enough for the three knights to feel embarrassed.

Seeing that the negotiation site was approaching, the three of them felt strangely relieved——

Whether it was death or life, please give us the mercy of a quick end, Your Majesty.

Of course, they dare not say this aloud.

The carriage vibrated slightly and the light shook.

Zhu Chi pressed his temples and raised his head.

“We have arrived at Truu City, Your Majesty.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The Master of the Households rode his horse to the carriage window and reported respectfully.


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  1. Thnks for the chapter! Some important things were revealed this chapter. So the main enemies of Zhu Chi are : the most important is that Grand Duke, that was responsible of the tentative to Duke of Buckingham who have some deal with those from Bressi, because the alliance would be beneficial to both of them and the Kingdom of Bressi, who has probably a lot of anymosity of jealousy for the Kingdom of Legrand. The general and that astrologer were anoying to be honest, o guess i don’t like when they subestimate our MC, how dare they, piss off. I’m really curious what will happen next chapter.

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