Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 037 Slap Slap Slap

After Tian Nu and the others moved into Chicken Nest Village, many outsiders speculated that the treasure of the Duobao Sage would soon reappear in the world. But who knew that more than two months have passed, yet the news of the treasure seemed to have sunk and settled at the bottom of the sea, no more news to be had.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As a result, letters from all directions came and went, and everyone in Chicken Nest Village also recieved letters of concern from parents and family elders, all of whom asked about the treasure.

And others who were also concerned about this matter began to continuously send spies to Chicken Nest Village. In the past, they would do so discretely, but the people who were sent out at that time were undoubtedly incapable, and none of them were able to sneak into the village without problems. And even just walking around outside the Chicken Nest Village they would still be attacked. In view of this, the spies launched a plan involving using large numbers and disguise tactics. Each day they would be dressed as farmers, hunters, traders, lost travelers, refugees, passers-by, etc., with different appearances and superb acting skills.

Thus, Chicken Nest Village began a busy period of receiving visitors every day. In order to display the excellence of Chicken Nest Village’s hospitality, Nie Bufan mobilized all the chickens in the village to serve the public with all their hearts. There were chickens who would point out directions for lost travelers; there were chickens to give out eggs to refugees who had fled to their area; there were chickens to cheer on traveling traders who hawked their wares, and as for hunters……sorry, hunters not welcome. As for those who came to stay overnight, ahem, the next day they could be directly listed as missing persons.

After dozens of days of wasting time, the spies finally realized a fact: To enter the Chicken Nest Village, one must first learn to engage with chickens! If one didn’t even know how to deal with chickens, then one might as well not even bother thinking about Duobao Sage’s treasure. It’s no wonder that the representatives of the four major families have all settled in Chicken Nest Village. The security and privacy here were indeed extraordinary, truly, what superior foresight!

“Ai.” Nie Bufan sighed, lying by the window, “Life is really as lonely as snow!”

Li Yi glanced at him and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Aren’t those people coming anymore?” Nie Bufan looked into the distance with eager anticipation.

“……” What, so you could play with them some more?

Nie Bufan stood up suddenly and said with vigor: “I want to build Chicken Nest Village into a leisure village to attract tourists and serve the area.”

“……” Li Yi hesitated for a while, before asking, “Leisure village? Here?”

En.” Nie Bufan nodded heavily, his eyes bright, “Our village is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the scenery is beautiful. During the day, one can take an outing in the mountains and go fishing in the rivers. When one is feeling lonely at night, there are chicken friends to warm the bed with you. Whether cutomers wanted to rest their minds or relax their bodies, it can all be satisfied here!”

“You should just spare those poor, innocent people!” Li Yi firmly prevented him from committing evil.

Nie Bufan looked at him disdainfully: “You cannot understand such an important contribution to humankind.”

Li Yi rolled his eyes subtly.

Nie Bufan said again: “I should consult Zhang Third about matters related with making money.”

Saying so, he was about to rush outside the house.

Li Yi dragged him back and said unhappily, “Don’t go.”

Nie Bufan paused for a while and suggested, “Then go together?”

“I don’t want to see him.”

“You can’t avoid each other. If you don’t see him today, you will see him tomorrow.” Nie Bufan patted him on the shoulder with his other hand and said slowly, “There is no animosity between ‘friends’, cheer up.”

Li Yi took a deep breath, hugged Nie Bufan closer and kissed his lips hard. He said harshly: “You and I are ‘friends’!”

“This……” Nie Bufan leaned back slightly, thought for a while, and said, “We are ‘friends’, and Zhang Third and I are also ‘friends’. So that means you and Zhang Third are also ‘friends’.”

This kind of equation……

Li Yi felt like he wanted to vomit blood. He pressed Nie Bufan against the wall and pushed his knee in between his legs. He held his head with one hand, and lowered his own for a long and deep kiss. The other hand slipped up the hem of his clothes and cupped him through his pants.

A moment later, Li Yi’s lips trailed down Nie Bufan’s chin to his neck where he gently bit his Adam’s apple, and muttered: “I wouldn’t do this to Zhang Third.”

Nie Bufan panted slightly and harrumphed, “What are you doing going into heat in broad daylight?”

“Then tonight?” Li Yi blew ambiguously in his ear.

“If you agree with Wang Fifth observing on the side, then I will let you do it.” Nie Bufan glanced at him provocatively, believing that he wouldn’t be able to swallow his pride.

Unexpectedly, Li Yi only squinted for a while before he nodded in agreement.

Nie Bufan widened his eyes and said in disbelief: “You actually agreed to let Wang Fifth come to observe? Don’t you have any shame?”

Li Yi had an exasperated look on his face, who exactly made the proposal in the first place? Who exactly was the one without shame? Li Yi had already seen through this guy. In front of this guy, if one still had courtesy and shame then that would only be commiting self-torture!

Seeing that he was unmoved, Nie Bufan said ruthlessly: “Then just as well, we can also add Zhang Third!”

“If you dare to call Zhang Third, then I will do you right now!” Li Yi had to admit that this guy was always able to reach a new low. Why on earth did he fall for such a guy? And even thinking about him all the time, as if he was an addict and Nie Bufan his drug.

“How can you have all of the food to yourself?” Nie Bufan accused righteously.

Without wasting another breath, Li Yi picked him up and walked towards the bed.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……” Nie Bufan screeched with waving arms amd legs, “Okay, okay, I won’t call him over. But it’s not my business if he comes by himself.”

Li Yi harrumphed: “He won’t have the opportunity!”

“Do you want to knock him unconcious again?” Nie Bufan said mildly, “Don’t blame me for not warning you, when an honest person gets angry it’s even more terrifying.”

“Who are you calling an honest person?” Li Yi sneered. Zhang Junshi was a master at pretending to be a pig to prey on the tiger. But on the question of who Nie Bufan belonged to, he will not give in.

Li Yi put Nie Bufan on the bed and looked directly at him: “Don’t make trouble at night, and don’t even think about instructing Wang Shichan to deal with me. Although his qinggong is superb, but in close combat he is definitely not my opponent. That I agree for him to come and observe is already my biggest concession.”

Hey, wasn’t there something wrong about this scenario? Did Li Fourth really think he had such an interest?

Nie Bufan stretched out his hand, wanting to defend his integrity, but Li Yi didn’t give him a chance. After taking one last kiss, he went away full of fighting spirit.

In truth, he was the one with that interest, right? Nie Bufan stared at Li Yi’s back.

Headache, how will he make it through tonight! He was not a match for the enemy! Don’t know if there was still a chance to change this status quo……

Nie Bufan came to the hillside, held up a book, and shouted: “Wang Fifth, Wang Fifth, Wang Fifth……”

His voice echoed in the mountains, and except for the sounds of chickens and birds, there were no other responses.

“With the scriptures in hand, I summon Wang Fifth!”

As soon as the voice fell, a figure whizzed out in front of Nie Bufan.

Nie Bufan said with discontent: “I just called you so many times yet you didn’t respond. But as soon as I mention the scriptures, you appear.”

“I only heard you calling Wang Fifth just now.” Wang Shichan said mildly.

“You are Wang Fifth!” Nie Bufan affirmed, “Don’t forget your name in the future!”


“Here, it’s what you want.” Nie Bufan generously handed over the scriptures in his hand.

On the contrary, Wang Shichan hesitated a little. With Nie Bufan’s previous track record, would he give him things so easily? Could there be chicken shit on the book?

One cannot blame him for suspecting the other, it was all from experience.

“Take it!” Nie Bufan took the initiative to push the book into Wang Shichan’s hands, and said with a serious face, “It’s time to fulfill the promise after so long.”

“You……what do you want me to do this time?” The beloved scriptures was finally in his hands, but Wang Shichan resisted looking through it.

“You are underestimating me. Am I the kind of person who asks for gratitude?” Nie Bufan declared righteously.

“……” Wang Shichan’s originally calm facial muscles twitched faintly.

“I don’t need you to do anything. You don’t need to protect me at night anymore.” Nie Bufan sighed, “Always delaying your rest time, I really feel sorry for it. Take the scriptures as compensation.”

Wang Shichan watched him for a long time, and finally pocketed the scriptures suspiciously.

“Okay, that’s it. You can continue to go invisible now, I’ll be going back first.” Nie Bufan took a few steps and then stopped. “By the way, the chickens around the village should be taken care of. Don’t let them be harmed.”

Wang Shichan nodded: “I promised so I will definitely carry it out.”

Looking at Nie Bufan’s departing figure, he suddenly felt a strange feeling in his heart. He used to enjoy loneliness very much in the past and always felt ease by himself. With the Buddha in his heart, he remained calm and aloof of worldly struggles. But since coming to Chicken Nest Village, his surroundings suddenly became filled with noise. Especially Nie Bufan, who did not confine himself to societal conventions; all of his laughter and cacophony coming from the heart. He still remembered that day when he shouted on the mountain peak: “I am the king of Chicken Nest Village”, like a child, pure and clean. He was clearly an unreasonable and vulgar person, but at the same time he also appeared free from the vulgarity of the world.

This was the most unique person Wang Shichan had encountered in his life. Therefore, even if he was ordered around or tricked by him, he couldn’t produce any anger, and even held a tolerance he afforded no one else.

Every night in the room next to him, he could always hear him talking with animals, sounding like he was educating children, his tone loving and giving off a kind of inexplicable warmth.

Now that he told him that he didn’t need his protection anymore, Wang Shichan suddenly felt that something was missing. He didn’t know this, but this emotion was called——disappointment.

After dinner and after freshening up, Nie Bufan poked his head around at the door of the room, and then whispered to the little monkey on his shoulder: “Wukong, go in and help me see the situation. If there is a bad guy, you will come back immediately and let me know.”

Wukong waved its paw, and with a few jumps it disappeared at the door of the room.

Nie Bufan squatted by the door, tilting his head as he paid serious attention to the situation inside.

At this moment, a black shadow suddenly appeared above his head, covering him. He didn’t lift his head, just mumbled: “It’s truly a night of dark clouds overhead, even the moonlight is gone.”

A muffled snort came from above.

Nie Bufan paused, stood up slowly, and patted his clothes in a carefree pretense. Then he held the door frame with one hand, and suddenly flashed into the room, hooking the door on his way and preparing to close it behind him.

A hand snapped up against the door panel, making a loud slapping sound.

Nie Bufan smiled at the visitor and said, “Li Fourth, you are here.”

“Hmph.” Li Yi glared at him, strode into the room, and closed the door smoothly.

Nie Bufan glanced at the window and did not close it tightly.

Li Yi didn’t care either. He took off his outer robe, sat on the bed and patted next to him, “Come here.”

“Uh, but everyone’s not here yet?” Nie Bufan minced in place.

“Doesn’t he usually come very quickly?” Li Yi said darkly, “Let’s warm up first, and we can officially start when he arrives.”

Nie Bufan climbed onto the bed with a look of one surrendering to death.

In that short time, Li Yi took off his inner robe as well, revealing his strong upper body.

Nie Bufan fell on the bed and looked at him timidly: “Da ye, please be gentle.”

Li Yi raised an eyebrow and rolled over to press down on him. When undressing him, his movements were rude and quick, without any gentleness at all.

After Nie Bufan was naked, he slowed down and started kissing and stroking gently.

The two bodies intertwined and the temperature gradually heated up.

Slap. Li Yi’s back was suddenly hit by something, he stretched out his hand and touched it, only to find a monkey. The little monkey bared its teeth and struggled in his hand.

“Ah, Wukong.” Nie Bufan was about to take it into his arms but instead Li Yi leaned over and stuffed the monkey inside a drawer of the bedside dresser.

“Don’t, it will be suffocated to death if you put it inside.” Nie Bufan turned around and moved to open the drawer. At present, there were several kinds of animals in Chicken Nest Village, but only the little monkey was kept by his side. Like Little Root and Big Weapon, they have all been adopted by several mother chickens.

As soon as the little monkey was released, it gave Li Yi a claw, leaving three shallow marks on his chest.

Then it quickly hid in Nie Bufan’s hair.

Li Yi gritted his teeth and said: “Either throw it out or let me knock it out.”

“Why are you so cruel?” Nie Bufan complained, “How are you even able to hurt such a cute little guy?”

“Then you keep a hold of it!” Li Yi’s desire was currently at its breaking point. He separated Nie Bufan’s legs and pushed forward, but only got in a little.

“Ah!” Nie Bufan bent his legs and retreated abruptly. He kicked at Li Yi, shouting, “Are you drilling holes? Don’t embarrass yourself if you don’t have the skills!”

“I don’t have the skills?” A dangerous light flashed in Li Yi’s eyes.

Nie Bufan pointed out: “What do you think? Acting like a beast.”

Li Yi pressed down like a mountain and sealed his lips tightly. How could he have forgotten, to deal with Nie Bufan, he must first seal his mouth.

“Mmph, mmph.” Nie Bufan couldn’t say anything, so he could only pat his back desperately.

The little monkey also stepped forward to help out, scratching and clawing at Li Yi’s back.

Li Yi ignored it and moved his hands all over, focusing on the area below the abdomen and near the tailbone.

His lung capacity was far beyond that of ordinary people so he practically kissed Nie Bufan dizzy. Nie Bufan’s limbs became weak, and his slapping hands slowly stopped.

Only then did Li Yi let go of his lips and turned to attack other sensitive parts of his body. Didn’t this guy complain about his skills? This time, he’ll let him see the results of his martial arts training!

He kissed down to his belly button, where he began licking it with his tongue while stroking little Nie Bufan. The movements were flexible and rhythmic, making Nie Bufan breathless and causing him to let out moans.

“Ngh……don’t, you……” Nie Bufan twisted his body, his voice trembling.

The little monkey “squeaked” several times, cooperating with Nie Bufan’s moaning.

Li Yi tried his best to ignore this little extra third wheeler and continued the movement of his hand.

“Come……coming……” Nie Bufan shouted.

Li Yi tightened his hand, squeezing on the hot rod, and said in a low, husky voice, “Not yet.”

Turning Nie Bufan over, he then used the other hand to support his belly while he lined himself up against that hidden place, ready to enter.

Suddenly, a cold wind blew by, and Li Yi felt a chill on his back. Still in the same position ready to enter, Li Yi looked back. Only to see that Wang Shichan’s slender figure had appeared by the bed, an inexplicable light shining in his eyes, eyes that slowly moved to the place where the two were about to connect intimately.

There was only dead silence in the room, and even the little monkey hid who knew where. Only Nie Bufan, who was still lying face down on the bed, was completely unaware of the situation at hand. With a slightly muffled voice: “Are you ready yet? Either go in or let me go. What’s the deal with staying motionless? You haven’t become impotent, have you? If this is the case, then it’s not a problem, I won’t laugh at you. You can just let me go.”

Li Yi’s face became as black as the bottom of a pot. Deciding to throw his integrity out the window, he slammed in hard.

“Ah……” Nie Bufan took a deep breath, and was about to curse, when he was interrupted by the large movements of the person behind him.

The hard rod thrusted in fiercely, and pulled out even more fiercely.

Because Wang Shichan finally made his move.

He attacked Li Yi’s neck, Li Yi pulled back, and naturally brought his thing out.

Wang Shichan attacked his forehead. Li Yi ducked his head to avoid the attack, leaning forward, and with a “slap”, he went in again!


Wang Shichan stretched his hand to pull at Li Yi’s shoulder, Li Yi blocked it with his own hand, and at the same time stretched out a leg to kick at him. This caused his body to turn slightly, and his thing inserted in Nie Bufan’s body also turned around with him, rubbing at the sensitive insides.


Wang Shichan grabbed and pulled his ankle backwards so Li Yi hugged Nie Bufan’s waist and abdomen and leaned back together. He used the principle of Taiji, using the opponent’s strength against him, and pulled his leg out of the control of the opponent. The next instant he fell back on the bed, his body pressing down heavily on Nie Bufan and also causing that heated object to insert deeper.


Hearing this moaning voice, Wang Shichan’s expression became a little dark, and his lower abdomen began to feel faintly heated. His attacks became more violent.

Li Yi could be regarded as completely having thrown away any face or dignity. While fighting bare, he persistently picked Nie Bufan’s chrysanthemum.

In the storm, Nie Bufan finally realized that something was off. When he was about to turn his head to look at the situation, a quilt covered him over the head and plunged him into darkness completely.

The bed seemed unable to withstand this series of fierce struggles, trembling slightly.

Nie Bufan felt like an unsteady boat rocking in the turbulent waves of the ocean. He had to grasp tightly on the bedpost to keep his balance, subjected as he was to storm-like attacks, with no rhythm at all, as if the person behind him was having convulsions.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He could only moan heartily, to show his intense emotions of pain and happiness.

There was a saying, what was it called?

Let the storm come down harder……

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Even through this novel started well, i’m starting to get more and more dissapointed by the direction the novel is taking. I wish the author will not have made NB this shameless, he have not integrity and dignity left whem it comes to his personal life, and the novel starts to put more focus on the relationship with the MLs, than describing other things that happens in the village, or interesting things related to other characters. For me at this point, NB interaction with his MLs feel flat, because he can’t act more low than this chapter, and what other shameless actions of him can really surprise me anymore when he showed all he got alread? Seeing him fooling around is not funny anymore. The author should have tried to describe the part of NB personality that is more serious too, and in his relationship with the ML at least put some boundaries, make things a bit more clea. I’m starting to dislike everyone, and the story is the fault of it, not the characters. And the way the author describe how Wang Shichan has taken interest in NB is too simple and hard to believe, he was getting used to having around NB, so when he didn’t need to protect him anymore, so then when he went to find him he stumbled upon NB and Li Yi having sex and then because how sensual found the scene he will probably actually approach NB to want to make him his sex partner too, but maybe because of his personality he will insist to make’it more officialy. It’s too mind bloowing and far fetched this scenario. I don’t know if i would continue reading this novel, i can, but i already feel i will continue pointing out the negative stuff, and make you sad too. Maybe i will continue reading some more chapters, i also have a hard time to give’up reading the novel.

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    1. Aww sorry to hear that. All i can say is that as of now, nie bufan has commitment issues. And starting ch 40 the plot begins to move along and we will soon finish the treasure trove arc. Maybe it’ll be more interesting then?

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  2. Rather than not liking MLs, I actually not liking NB more lol. He is the exact opposite of “The Cruel Tyrant”, where I loved the MC so much for his responsibilities and commitment towards all his gongs (6p – 5 MLs). Here, all MLs had fair chance to be toptier gong, but NB forced them to went this route with his attitude. Author too lost in writing comedy that all characters at this exact chapter just become a joke. I especially like Zhang Junshi, Li Yi and Wang Shichen. So this chapter disappointed me so much. I might picked it back later, but right now not in the mood to continue. The translation is great though <3.

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