The Cruel Tyrant CH 031 Wu Kingdom

Loud voices and busy traffic greeted Su Mu and the others when they finally arrived at the capital city of Wu kingdom, Wu City after traveling for a month and a half.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The buildings were tidy and orderly, the streets were wide and brightly lit, and most of the people had smiles on their faces. As Su Mu walked on the busy street, he got the urge to knock unconcious the Crown Prince of Wu and then transmigrate into him.

The kingdom of Wu valued martial arts, so weapons shops could be seen everywhere along the streets, and groups of light armored soldiers with solemn expressions and scrupulous bearing patrolled the streets.

Su Mu looked at the soldiers who walked neatly and orderly in front of him, and felt envious in his heart.

It had been more than ten years since Lan Lan left the kingdom of Wu, and many places have changed over time. Thinking of her old acquaintances, she felt a little sad. But seeing that the Wu kingdom was so prosperous, she also felt proud.

She smiled and said: “There are several very good inns in the city, the Drunken Immortal Restaurant has the best wine, Overlooking River Tower has the freshest fish, and Fragrant Sky Pavilion has the best scenery……”

Lan Lan introduced a lot to them. She had already inquired about all of this before arriving in Wu Kingdom. After her introductions she asked Su Mu: “I wonder which one Gongzi prefers?”

Su Mu was now unable to resist feeling awkward whenever he heard anything wine-related, so he decisively ignored the Drunken Immortal Restaurant, saying: “We go to the Overlooking River Tower.”

Overlooking River Tower was built along the river in the center of Wu City. The fish were all freshly caught from the river and was extremely delicious. Su Mu sat by the window on the third floor, and looked out on the beautiful panoramic scenery of the river.

Exquisitely crafted boats floated slowly across the river. Inside the boats, not only were there men creating and reciting poems as well as debating about the past and the present, but also many women joining in the fun. As a kingdom that valued martial prowess, even the women of Wu kingdom were very tough.

Su Mu stood in front of the window and quietly watched the beautiful scenery on the river, but he did not know that many people on the river were also admiring him.

In an ordinary small boat on the lake, a charming and lovely young woman looked like a bird that had just been let out of the cage as she chattered nonstop. Everything was fresh and interesting and her laughter echoed throughout the entire boat.

A young woman in green robes who was also on the boat had a headache and said: “This girl is really energetic, not even tired after jumping around all morning.”

“It’s rare to come out so it’s no wonder little sister is so happy.” A noble and hearty voice sounded, and at the same time a freshly steamed fish was placed on the table by a maid, exuding a delicious aroma.

“Little sister, your favorite steamed fish is here, won’t you hurry over here?”

Sun Haoran called over at Sun Ziyun who was lying on the railing. But there was no movement for a long time, so he turned his head and called again: “Little sister, your fish is here.”

Still no response. Sun Haoran wondered at this girl who usually loved to eat fish from Overlooking River Tower. Why wasn’t she excited about it today?

Sun Haoran had no choice but to get up and walk towards her. When he arrived at her side, he saw that his little sister was looking dazedly in one direction. He stretched out his hand and pushed her. He said, “What’s the matter? Why are you in a daze.”

Sun Ziyun, who came back to her senses, turned to look at her handsome and tall brother, and then said in a daze: “Brother, I finally saw a better looking man than brother Crown Prince.”

Sun Haoran slapped his sister on the head and lectured: “Stop daydreaming, what is the use of a man with too handsome looks?”

Sun Ziyun rubbed her head and said coquettishly: “Brother, you are hateful, that person is really good-looking just now. I want to go find him.”

After speaking, she turned around and ran out of the cabin. Fortunately, she was caught in time by Sun Haoran.

“It’s improper for you as a girl to rashly approach someone. You are not allowed to go.”

Sun Ziyun struggled: “Brother, you are hateful, let me go! If I lose him then it’s going to be all your fault.”

“Not allowed to go means not allowed to go……”

“Let me go, let me go……”

Suddenly a tall man walked in. When he raised his head, a face that was so handsome it could ensnare the senses came into one’s line of sight, giving all those who saw it a powerful visual impact. It was the kind of unforgettable beauty that was enough to leave a lasting impression even with just one glance.

“What are you fighting about?” The deep and mellow voice immediately stopped the dispute between the two.

Sun Ziyun took a few glances and found that he was not angry, so she boldly said: “Brother Crown Prince, I just saw a man. Can you let him be my prince consort?”

Sun Hongyu raised his eyebrows and said, “What if he already has a wife?”

Sun Ziyun suddenly became troubled. She finally saw a man who was better-looking than brother Crown Prince, how could she give up so easily.

She frowned and said, “But what if he doesn’t? Brother Crown Prince, let’s invite him here and ask him?”

“Don’t be willful!” Sun Haoran scolded on the side: “As a princess of a kingdom, how can you be lacking of suitors?”

“I have to like him myself.” Sun Ziyun retorted.

Sun Hongyu stopped the two siblings who were about to quarrel again, and said: “Just inviting him over for tea won’t be a big deal.”

Sun Ziyun immediately agreed: “That’s right, that’s right. Brother Crown Prince is the best.”

On the other side, Su Mu and the others just happened to finish eating and planned to go back to the inn and rest, when they saw a young man with a straight back and polite manners stopping them.

The young man saluted Su Mu and said: “Paying respects to Gongzi, I am Dong Dongdong, my young master has prepared wine and food on the boat, and would like to invite Gongzi over.”

Su Mu was confused. He just arrived at Wu City and barely even warmed his seat. Who would invite him to dinner?

“Which Gongzi is it?” Su Mu asked.

“My young master’s surname is Sun.” Dong Dongdong stood upright, bearing neither arrogant nor humble, the tone that of one speaking the facts.

Sun was the surname of Wu kingdom’s imperial family, so the hint was quite obvious.

Su Mu’s eyelids twitched. Could it be that he inadvertently offended a member of Wu’s royal family. But based on the attitude of this attendant they had sent, that did not seem to be the case.

Su Mu was actually quite afraid that he would accidentally offend an influential figure as it would make it difficult for him to seek assistance. After he ordered Shi Yan, Liu Xi and the others to wait for him in Overlooking River Tower, he then went downstairs.

Sun Hongyu originally didn’t hold much regard for Sun Ziyun’s words. Just how beautiful could a man be? No matter how good he looked, he was just a man. He had promised his cousin to invite him over only because he was fond of her and was slightly curious.

But when Su Mu appeared in front of him, he found that there really was a kind of person in this world who would still appear aesthetically perfect no matter from the perspective of a man or a woman.

He looked at his blushing cousin next to him, and suddenly became interested in this good-looking man in front of him.

Sun Hongyu stood up and said to Su Mu: “Please excuse us for taking the liberty and interrupting your plans. I am Sun Yuan”

Su Mu swiftly took an inventory of the members of the royal family of the Kingdom of Wu in his mind, and found that there was no such person named Sun Yuan, so he guessed that this person was either a distant relative of the royal family or was using a pseudonym.

Although this person’s tone and attitude appeared very ordinary, but his bearing and mannerisms was obviously not something ordinary people possessed.

Su Mu narrowed down the identity of this person, and then replied with a smile: “I am Su Mu, come from Qing kingdom to Wu kingdom for leisure.”

“Qing kingdom? Which Qing kingdom? Where is it?” Sun Hongyu asked in confusion.

“The evergreen Qing, that is next to Jin kingdom.”

He felt a breath getting stuck, unable to let it out or swallow it down, nearly causing Su Mu unbearable discomfort.

Although the kingdom of Wu was a superpower, and the kingdom of Qing a small nation, as well as there being several kingdoms separating them in between, but still to be disregarded like this……

Su Mu felt a little uncomfortable.

Sun Hongyu saw that the smile on Su Mu’s face faded a little, and he hurriedly searched for the kingdom of Qing in his mind, and then it took a while before he found the name of Qing kingdom from the area of overlapping kingdom names on the map.

With some embarrassment he said: “Brother Su, please don’t be offended, my memory is not very good.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Soft breasts. (TN: Brother Su sounds like the Chinese words for soft breasts, both are prounced su xiong lol)

Su Mu twitched the corner of his mouth and said: “It’s fine, Sun Gongzi is too polite, just me call me Su Mu.”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! This was an interesting chapter. Specially to see the diference in the quality of Wu Kingdom and the kingdom of Su Mu, when Su Mu was surprised by how different things where, i was too lol. I missed the concubines too a bit, and i wanted to knock some sense in that lady niece of the crown prince in their place. God, she was annoying, how shamelless she can be. But who knows, his crown prince brother maybe is not to different from her, he seems to be attracted to Su Mu too. A man and a woman want to compete to gain our MC, i can see it can be possible, but hope they will not bring too much trouble to Su Mu.

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