Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 039 Oh Water, Oh Water

The sun was shining, the chickens were clucking, the grass was fragrant, and the Chicken Nest Village was a picture of harmony.

On such a great day, Nie Bufan was constantly picking up eggs, and while picking them up, he daydreamed that one day the Chicken Nest Village would become a zoo. It was a pity that the number of abnormal eggs that could be hatched outside the village was scarce, and there were only a few lucky little guys at present. On the contrary, all kinds of strange things have been found instead.

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Nie Bufan only remembered now, should they go digging for the treasure? If he let the group of tomb robbing chickens continue like this, how much of the treasures collected by Duobao Sage would be left?

So, with a generous heart, he went to find the Tian Nu, Nineteen. As soon as he walked to the gate of the front yard, he saw Si Chenyu walking out of it.

Nie Bufan raised his hand and said, “Brother Shi, morning, visiting the neighbors?”

Si Chenyu glanced at him and then strode over a few steps to block his way, asking: “Nie Bufan, the fifth key is actually with you, right?”

Nie Bufan remained unmoved and asked in a particularly calm tone: “Why does brother Shi say this? This one is puzzled.”

Si Chenyu narrowed his eyes: “The more you’re trying to hide it, the more serious your expression will become. Now I’m sure you are holding the key!”

Nie Bufan rubbed his face, and after putting down his hand, he showed a surprised expression, “Why does brother Shi say this? This one is puzzled.”

“……” Si Chenyu’s mouth twitched and a vein throbbed on his forehead.

Satisfied, Nie Bufan chuckled and said, “Brother Shi we will talk next time, I will visit the Tian Nu first.”

Si Chenyu raised an eyebrow and followed him into the yard without saying a word.

Nie Bufan stopped and turned to look at him: “Brother Shi, is there anything else?”

“I remembered that there was another question I forgot to ask the Tian Nu, so I want to go back and ask again.”

“Oh.” Nie Bufan walked a few steps inside and then stopped, “Ah, I remembered that I still have important things to do, so I’d better come to visit the Tian Nu later.”

With that, he turned around and walked out.

Si Chenyu propped one hand on the wooden pillar of the courtyard gate, and said lightly: “Are there any hidden secrets between you and the Tian Nu?”

“How could that be?” Nie Bufan waved his hand, “I am not that familiar with the Tian Nu.”

“Really?” Si Chenyu said nonchalantly, “I remember you are friends who can visit the brothel together.”

“……” Speaking of visiting the brothel, Nie Bufan remembered the tragic night when he lost his virginity for the first time. It’s really unbearable to look back, unbearable, unbearable……

Nie Bufan brushed his hair back and said profoundly: “Men go to the brothel together. That is the deep friendship between gong and shou. But when a man and a woman go to the brothel, it must be a tragic entanglement of mutual disgust. There are substantial differences.”

Si Chenyu twitched the corners of his mouth again, then lowered his voice and said, “Then you still come to visit the Tian Nu? As you said, you two are disgusted of each other.”

Nie Bufan stretched out a finger and shook it left and right, and replied, “I have never liked to have bad relations with others. If I have bad relations with them, then I would definitely find a way to improve the relationship.”

Could you make even more nonsensical remarks? Of all the residents in Chicken Nest Village, which one hadn’t been tormented by you?

Si Chenyu’s eyes revealed a silent roar from the soul.

“Okay, I’ll be busying myself now, please feel free to do whatever, brother Shi.” Nie Bufan bent at the waist, slipped under Si Chenyu’s arm, and stepped out of the yard.

After walking a few steps, he stopped and turned around to say, “Brother Shi, what are you doing following me?”

“I’m in a good mood so I thought I might just have a casual stroll around.” Si Chenyu looked up at the sky leisurely.

OK then. Nie Bufan shrugged, humming a tune he continued walking. Like a leader on an inspection tour of the workplace, along the way he waved to the chickens around from time to time.

The chickens all gave face and responded one by one.

Seeing Nie Bufan’s smug little display, Si Chenyu really had the urge to kick at him.

Nie Bufan walked out of the village until he reached the pool where he first took the key, and then began to take off his clothes.

“You……what are you doing?” Si Chenyu’s fingers trembled as he watched his actions.

“It’s too hot, I’m going to go down for a cool soak.” Soon, Nie Bufan was down to only his pants and with waving arms and bending knees he started the warm up stretches before entering the water. With his movements, that naked back bent into a graceful curve, and the skin almost seemed to gleam in the sun.

Si Chenyu looked away uncomfortably, feeling a little hot.

He had never met a guy who dared to get naked so casually in front of him in his entire life. Nie Bufan’s behavior could not be described as vulgar. On the contrary, he had a kind of unrestrained and confident bearing. But it’s just that sometimes his actions were too unfathomable……

Just as he was thinking about it, he heard a “splash” and when he looked, the person was already in the water.

Several drops of water splashed on his face, bringing some coolness.

When Si Chenyu looked again he saw that Nie Bufan had popped his head out of the water with a happy face and was currently waving at him: “Brother Shi, do you want to come down and cool off?”

“No need.” Si Chenyu refused without thinking.

In the education he received since childhood, there was no such rule for taking a bath in the open air in broad daylight.

But watching Nie Bufan having such a good time, he also felt an inexplicable envy and hatred.

What’s more hateful was that this guy also made all kinds of funny movements, sometimes doing the backstroke, sometimes dog paddling, sometimes flipping upside down and twitching two feet in the air, or catching one or two fish from the water.

“Hey, don’t blame me for not alerting you, you will regret it if you don’t come down.” Nie Bufan wiped his face and said leisurely.

Si Chenyu pursed his mouth and said nothing.

“Ah, could it be you don’t know how to swim?” Nie Bufan suddenly showed sympathy as if he had discovered something, “then don’t force yourself.”

Si Chenyu’s face turned black, but still did not speak.

Nie Bufan turned his back to him and let out a sinister looking smile.

After a random wash, he swam ashore.

Si Chenyu wondered strangely: “You played enough?”

“No.” Nie Bufan jumped on the shore a few times.

“Then what are you doing getting back up here?”

“So I can……” Nie Bufan looked at him seriously, “……drag you into the water.”

Before Si Chenyu could react, he was dragged into the water with Nie Bufan.

“No……” Si Chenyu was overwhelmed by the water before he could let out a scream that would destroy his image.

Nie Bufan pulled him up and asked with concern: “Are you okay?”

Si Chenyu kept coughing, but also not forgetting to send a few murderous glances his way.

Nie Bufan kindly helped him pat his back, and said sincerely: “I’ll teach you to swim, so you won’t be afraid anymore.”

“Who’s afraid!” Si Chenyu said angrily, “If you didn’t suddenly drag me into the water, would I be in such a sorry looking state?”

He had known about this guy’s bad habits from a long time ago, so why didn’t he know to keep his guard up? Si Chenyu cursed secretly in his heart.

“Then you know how to swim?”

“How difficult could it be?”

Nie Bufan curled his mouth in boredom and released his hand, swimming away on his own.

Si Chenyu’s face changed slightly, and with quick hands he quickly clung to Nie Bufan. His strength was so strong that he almost pushed the other underwater.

Nie Bufan said with displeasure: “What, do you want to fight in the water? I can’t beat you on the flat ground, but that may not be the case in the water.”

“Take me ashore!” Si Chenyu ordered.

Nie Bufan stared at him. Suddenly, his eyes curved and the corners of his mouth also raised: “Oh. Hahahahahaha……”

“What are you laughing at!” Si Chenyu gritted his teeth.

“Just tell me if you’re afraid! What’s to be embarrassed about?” Nie Bufan laughed.

Si Chenyu’s face became as dark green as the water in the pool, as if he was about to kill someone in the next moment.

Nie Bufan was completely oblivious, and cupped a handful of water to pour on him.

With a whooshing sound, green smoke seem to come out of the top of Si Chenyu’s head.

Suddenly, he hugged Nie Bufan and said sinisterly in his ear: “Having fun? How about we play something more exciting.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he and Nie Bufan sank into the water.

In fact, people who learn martial arts were very good at holding their breath. But he just didn’t like the feeling of unable to get a foothold in the water. Plus, this guy Nie Bufan was too hateful, the exact example of someone who would take a mile if given an inch. Did he really think that others couldn’t teach him a lesson?

Nie Bufan was caught off guard and choked on a huge gulp of water. With no oxygen in his lungs, he began to wave his hands and feet in protest.

Seeing him like this, Si Chenyu was in a great mood. He finally realized the fun in playing tricks on people. No wonder Nie Bufan was never tired of it.

If Nie Bufan heard this evaluation, he would holler his grievance. He was clearly a naturally innocent young man.

Before he could be happy for long, Si Chenyu saw Nie Bufan suddenly turning his head and reaching out to hug his neck. The next moment, the other had kissed him directly on his mouth and then unceremoniously pushed his way in with his tongue, sucking desperately……

Si Chenyu almost got his tongue sucked away. Such a romantic and charming scene! But unfortunately, Nie Bufan spoiled it with his impression of a vacuum.

After finally getting some oxygen into his lungs, Nie Bufan removed his lips amd then kicked Si Chenyu with his foot, indicating that they should go up.

Si Chenyu didn’t make trouble this time, letting the other pull him out of the water.

Nie Bufan took a few breaths and said with satisfaction, “The air is still better tasting!”

Si Chenyu, still stuck to him, snorted.

Nie Bufan squinted at him and said lightly: “I wanted to tell you a secret just now, but I’m in a bad mood, so I have now decided not to tell it.”

Si Chenyu raised an eyebrow and asked in a low voice next to his ear: “What’s the secret?”

Nie Bufan touched his tingling ears and pushed his face away. He said with discontent: “Don’t even think about using seduction. I am already a veteran of many battles, so I won’t fall for it.”

“A veteran of many battles?” Si Chenyu said in a more ambiguous voice, “What kind of battles? This kind?”

He encircled Nie Bufan’s waist and reaching down his pants, grabbed onto little Nie Bufan.

“Using this trick again!” Nie Bufan struggled, “Let go!”

“I won’t.” Si Chenyu said leisurely, “unless you tell me what the secret is.”

“If you want to know then……don’t rub it!” What he wanted to say was that if he wanted to know then he should go underwater himself. But Si Chenyu’s salty pig hand started rubbing at his sensitive spots and causing him to have to change his words.

“Okay, I won’t rub.” Si Chenyu said with a smile, “You can tell me now.”

No rubbing meant changing to teasing?

Nie Bufan was expressionless: “Brother Shi, have you been dissatisfied for a long time?”

Si Chenyu paused and was silent.

Nie Bufan sighed, “Ai, I will remember to call you next time I go to the brothel.”

“Thank you, there’s no need. I think you are pretty good.” Si Chenyu pressed up against him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan calmly said: “If you must, then I can’t help it. But I must tell you something.”

“Yes?” Si Chenyu mouthed at his earlobe and responded casually.

“Li Yi was also dissatisfied just like you earlier.”


“After a dozen battle rounds with me……”


“Finally, he became impotent.”


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