The Cruel Tyrant CH 033 Emperor of Wu

In the imposing and majestic imperial palace of the kingdom of Wu, the old Emperor held the drawing of the dragon bone water lift drawn by Su Mu for a long while.

After a while, he raised his head and said, “You have confirmed it. He really is the Crown Prince of Qing kingdom?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Sun Hongyu replied respectfully: “Yes, Fu Huang.”

Although the Emperor of Wu was more than half a century old, he was full of energy, and his eyes were piercing and alert, intimidating to all who met them.

Next to him was the Emperor of Wu’s brother Prince of Rong.

The Prince of Rong: “I have ordered a model of this dragon bone water lift to be made. If this type of waterwheel can be installed across the kingdom, it will be very conducive to irrigation. It can indeed increase food production.”

“But this alone is not enough for our country to dispatch 200,000 troops.” Emperor of Wu sat on the dragon throne with his eyes gleaming, and looked up at Sun Hongyu: “If we can keep him here……”

This was meaning to detain him.

Sun Hongyu frowned and said: “Fu Huang, this is not appropriate. Su Mochi’s martial arts is too high, I am afraid no one can imprison him.”

Prince of Rong also nodded: “What the Crown Prince says is reasonable. Even if we can keep him here, he may not reveal all the technological skills he possess.”

Sun Hongyu nodded: “Huang Shu is right, and the Qing kingdom is only a small kingdom. Our real opponents are Shi kingdom and Wei kingdom. At present, the power of the three kingdoms is equal, but if we get these technologies, Wu will be able to dominate the other two kingdoms.” (TN: Huang Shu=literally imperial uncle, similar to Fu Huang which is literally tl to imperial father)

The Emperor of Wu nodded and said: “A dragon bone water lift is not enough for me to dispatch a 200,000 army. Have him provide the drawing of the animal drawn seed plow and give it to me first.”

Sun Hongyu looked at the Prince of Rong and saw that he also nodded, so he cupped his hands and said, “Yes, Fu Huang.”

Sun Hongyu was about to turn around, but was stopped by the Emperor of Wu.

“Let him come and see me, I want to see what kind of genius this Qing kingdom Crown Prince is.” The Emperor of Wu said.

Upstairs in Overlooking River Tower, Su Mu stood in front of the window and watched the rolling river without saying a word.

Just this morning, Su Mu received a secret letter from Han Yang that the three-party rebels were really serious this time, having mobilized all of their troops. After all, the Crown Prince finally left the imperial city. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Su Mu sighed. At this speed, even if he returned with the 200,000 army of Wu kingdom, the Qing kingdom might have changed hands by then.

Turning around and walking to the desk, Su Mu picked up his brush and wrote: “Avoid deadly battles and conserve strength.”

Of course, only a few people who regularly had contact with him could understand Su Mu’s terrible handwriting.

Su Mu had just handed the letter to Shi Yan when he heard a knock on the door.

“Your Highness, Sun Gongzi is waiting for you on the third floor.” Liu Xi’s voice sounded outside the door.

“I’ll be there soon.” Su Mu said.

Su Mu changed into light-colored robes, which made him look both handsome and harmless.

Of course, everyone who was familiar with Su Mu knew that this was only a superficial appearance, but even so, people still couldn’t help but be captivated by him.

Su Mu and Sun Hongyu stayed for a while before leaving.

In the evening, Su Mu brought Yun Feiyu, Liu Xi, Qin Ye and others into the Lingyun Pavilion, the manor Wu kingdom prepared for receiving foreign guests and envoys.

On a moonlit night, in a small courtyard of Lingyun Pavilion, Su Mu stood bathed in the moonlight, causing Yun Feiyu to feel a little dazed. The person in front of him was like an immortal, one who would ride away on the wind at any time.

Yun Feiyu’s eyes flickered, looking at Su Mu he asked: “Your Highness, has Wu kingdom agreed to borrow troops?”

Looking at the full moon, Su Mu replied: “There is no clear answer yet, but the result is definite.”

“Then I congratulate Your Highness in advance.” Yun Feiyu said with a smile.

Su Mu turned his head and looked at him, eyes bright like stars appeared reflected in Yun Feiyu’s own eyes, shaking his state of mind.

“If the armed forces of the Wu kingdom are dispatched, the rebels on all sides would be no match.” Su Mu looked at him and said.

Walking lightly to Su Mu’s side, Yun Feiyu smiled softly and ingenously, his whole person exuding a pleasant fragrance. He said: “Your Highness is wise.”

Su Mu glanced at him and said, “May the people of Qing kingdom live and work in peace and contentment, unaffected by the flames of war. I have no desire to bring war.”

“Your Highness wants to enlist the rebel soldiers by offering amnesty.” Yun Feiyu smiled, his dark eyes revealing no visible emotions.

Su Mu nodded and said: “This is the best solution, without bloodshed and sacrifice. The land of the Qing kingdom should not be stained red with blood.”

“But I am afraid that no one will give up the power that have been obtained?” Yun Feiyu said.

Su Mu said sharply and coldly: “Then it depends on whether he wants power or his life.”

Yun Feiyu watched the Crown Prince and did not answer, standing behind Su Mu and watching the moon up in the sky with him.

Suddenly, a silver-white light flashed in the sky, and a sharp arrow shot straight at them. The arrow appeared slightly black, just from a glance there would be no question it was very poisonous.

Immediately afterwards, more than a dozen arrows appeared in the same direction, all rushing towards Su Mu. Yun Feiyu, who was only a few steps away from Su Mu, was also included in the attack range.

Su Mu stretched out his arm and quickly hugged Yun Feiyu to his side before evading the arrows. The violent sound of metal against stone caused one to be frightened. A dozen arrows continuously penetrated into the bluestone floor, making it no question that the assassins in the dark were all masters, otherwise how could an iron arrow penetrate into the slate.

Su Mu sneered, it seemed that someone did not want to see the deal between him and Sun Hongyu succeeding.

Immediately afterwards, hundreds of flaming arrows flew from all directions like fire dragons. Su Mu hugged Yun Feiyu to his side and evaded them all, his figure flickering in and out of sight like a spirit or a ghost, leaving afterimages behind.

Soon, the entire courtyard was on fire, but Su Mu did not dare to take Yun Feiyu away up in the air as they would become an easy target for the archers in the dark. But the surroundings were built from wood and the house was already swallowed up in a sea of ​​flames.

Liu Xi and Lan Lan also rushed out of their bedrooms and came to Su Mu. Qin Ye’s clothes were burnt but he was fine. Shi Yan and the other guards were all unharmed.

Liu Xi protected his mother in front of him, covering his mouth and nose he asked Su Mu: “What should we do, Your Highness?”

Qin Ye covered his mouth and nose and looked at Su Mu without speaking.

Su Mu watched the more and more flaming arrows flying in the sky, and said to everyone: “I will blast the house down, Shi Yan will protect Liu Xi, Qin Ye and madam Lan to leave first.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” No matter what decision Su Mu made, he would obey unconditionally.

“Then what about you? Your Highness.” The thick smoke seized the opportunity to penetrate Liu Xi’s nose when he spoke, causing him to cough violently.

Su Mu covered his nose with his sleeves and said solemnly: “Don’t talk nonsense, naturally Ben Gong has a way. You all go first.”

While speaking, Su Mu had already gathered all the internal force into his palms.

In the next moment, only a loud noise was heard, and the entire house in the area with there was less fire collapsed, and the people who had been prepared rushed out immediately.

The vacancy was only for a short while. After the figures of Liu Xi and the others disappeared, the flaming arrows immediately filled the gap. Su Mu, who was half a step behind, had lost his chance and had to hide in the blind corner of the courtyard with Yun Feiyu.

Cough, cough, cough. Yun Feiyu frowned and coughed violently.

“Your Highness, you don’t need to……”

Su Mu kept a hold of him as he continuously evaded the arrows. When he heard the words he immediately growled: “Shut up!”

Even though Su Mu had the internal strength to protect his body, but it was not like he didn’t need to breathe. The pungent smoke also made him uncomfortable, and his mood became irritable.

It was of course not difficult for Su Mu to escape from the sea of ​​fire, but Yun Feiyu did not have any martial arts skills. If Su Mu took him through the sea of ​​fire with him, Yun Feiyu would definitely turn into a piece of coal.

The fire was getting bigger and bigger. The scenery in front of them became distorted. The two felt that breathing became difficult. Noisy sounds could be heard coming from outside. Some people were splashing water to fight the fire, but it was obviously of no avail to the two still inside the small courtyard.

After a quarter of an hour, the army of the Wu kingdom finally arrived. The assassins quickly disappeared without a trace, and the fire was put under control. Su Mu took Yun Feiyu and jumped out of the fire.

As soon as Su Mu’s feet landed on the ground, he heard a faint sound of something cutting through the air, and a jet-black arrow shot directly at Su Mu’s forehead. It successfully aroused Su Mu’s anger.

He pushed Yun Feiyu away, shattered the black arrow and disappeared in the blink of an eye. And with his deep well of internal force, Su Mu quickly caught up with the assassins.

A succession of screams soon filled the air. Su Mu threw away the person who he had crippled but purposefully still left alive, and chased after another man in black.

The man in black had an agile and strong physique and his strange footwork were as tricky and fast as spirits and ghosts. He was obviously different from the previous ones, his skill being much higher. He was holding a large bow in his hand, and the previous black arrow was shot from this bow.

Soon the two arrived at the outskirts, the two figures flickering in and out of sight among the tall trees in the woods. The man in black had extremely high qinggong, second only to Ye Qingfeng, and Su Mu actually had to use all of his internal force to barely keep up. Of course, this was mainly because Su Mu’s weakness was qinggong.

Suddenly, the black-clothed man who was running swiftly turned around and let loose an arrow. The sharp black arrow was perfectly hidden in the night, silently flying straight at Su Mu.

A cold light flashed in Su Mu’s eyes and he hurriedly turned sideways. The black arrow grazed Su Mu’s neck. His fair skin even felt the cold killing intent. With only this moment’s delay, the man in black had disappeared completely in the dense forest.

Su Mu glanced at the direction where the man in black had disappeared before tearing a piece of cloth from his clothes. Wrapping a hand in the cloth, he then pulled the black arrow from a tree as wide around the trunk as a basin.

After Su Mu disappeared from the woods, a tall figure appeared where Su Mu had just been standing before. The pair of sharp eyes that gleamed in the dark could make anyone afraid to look directly.

A large and strong palm pulled down the black cloth covering his face, and immediately a strong and chiseled face appeared in the dark dense forest, sharply defined lips curved in a chilling smile.

Suddenly, he turned abruptly and a fierce wind blew by his face. His long black hair whipped into the air like black snakes dancing fiercely from the wind.

Su Mu’s indifferent face appeared reflected in his eyes, the other’s fair and slender palms making contact against his chest.

With a ‘bang’, he slammed into the tree before falling to the ground heavily.

“Who are you?” Su Mu asked, looking down his nose at him.

The blood stained his lips and neck and his clothes were now covered with dust, his whole person cutting a rather sorry figure. But the eyes looking at Su Mu were like two blazing fires. Those two eyes stared at Su Mu in such a way that was reminiscent of a hungry wolf staring at a fat slice of meat.

Such a blatant gaze caused Su Mu to feel extremely uncomfortable, so he raised his hand and attacked. Previously, he had succeeded because it was a sneak attack. This time it was not so easy to succeed.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The man in black quickly avoided the hit and stood in the shadows, blending into the darkness perfectly. A low, magnetic, but inexplicably chilling voice sounded from the darkness.

“The Crown Prince of Qing kingdom? Interesting!”

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