The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 010 Lin Xiu Awakes

The fear of death tightly choked the three of them and their hearts seemed to stop beating.

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The three of them stared at the four people who had become corpses on the ground and swallowed unconsciously. They were talking and laughing just a minute ago but at this time, only a thin layer of grey skin wrapped around their skeletons remained. The face was already unrecognizable, and only from the loosely hanging clothes could one tell who was who.

The three of them kept backing up, as if they could stay away from danger in this way, stopping only when their backs bumped up against the big tree. Only then did the three of them look up carefully with pale faces.

The first thing that caught their eyes was a pair of red-patterned shoes that were unlike the styles of modern shoes. Then they saw a gorgeous white brocade robe embroidered with unknown red flowers. The brocade robe was trimmed with unknown white fur. Strands of long black hair fell straight down to the ankles. Then looking further upwards, instantly, that alluring figure almost made the three men forget the situation they were in. The slender waist was so small it could be gripped in two hands and the loose robes seemed to hug a voluptuous figure that could make people spray nosebleeds. Finally when they saw Hua Yao’s face, the three of them instantly gained a look of infatuation in their eyes.

The graceful neck, flawless as high quality white jade made people unable to look away after taking a first glance. Trailing their gazes upwards, a perfectly flawless chin and slightly pursed red lips came into sight. Then following upwards along the delicate nose their eyes soon met with a pair of captivating black eyes that seem to suck away one’s soul with just a look from them. The corners of those magnificent eyes were slightly slanted upwards and an imprint of an unknown gorgeous flower above the left eye added a touch of indescribable alluring seduction. This kind of beauty, this kind of charm, was enough to throw any man into a desperate frenzy. That pair of eyes was also enough to make any man who met them offer his soul willingly.

In an instant, what fear, what death disappeared completely and all the three of them could do was stare at Hua Yao obsessively. It had to be said that the natural charm of the fox clan was vividly reflected in Hua Yao.

“Hmmph!” Hua Yao’s eyes were cold and she turned sideways slightly. If it weren’t for the fact that she hadn’t seen any digusting lust in the eyes of these three men, they would have been dead at her hands by now.

The souls of these three people were very pure. Naturally, Hua Yao was not suddenly struck by kindness. Firstly, at this time the blood of the four people was enough to quench her craving, and secondly, she saw something from the memory of the four people. Therefore, she did not kill them as well.

With the release of Hua Yao’s power, the three of them also came back to themselves. Though the fear in their hearts was reduced slightly, they were still too afraid to step forward: “Great, great immortal……we don’t taste good……” One of the three men with a cute baby face lowered his head and begged for mercy at the same time.

“Yeah, yeah, we didn’t know that the great immortal was here, so we disturbed the great immortal, we can leave immediately……” A man wearing black hiking gear, who looked like the eldest of them, also said hurriedly. In his heart, he secretly cried. Just looking at the actions of this person in front of them, she was definitely not a great immortal, but more aptly a demon of some kind. Moreover, they also saw her killing, and he feared that they would also be killed to silence them. Ai, why did they have nothing better to do and wanted to come here for an adventure. Now, great, maybe they would lose their lives this day.

“You are from the University of Agriculture and Forestry?” Hua Yao looked at the four dried corpses not far away, and with a light wave of her right hand, in an instant, the roots of the surrounding trees sprang from the ground and quickly wrapped around them before sinking back into the soil again. Everything was back to its original state. If this incredible scene did not happen right in front of their eyes, they would not believe it even if they were killed.

“Yes, we are from the University of Agriculture and Forestry and we have just graduated, so we organized this expedition……” The third man who had yet to speak said solemnly. The other two only watched in horror as the roots pulled the several corpses into the ground, and then the loose soil seem to squirm a few times before immediately returning to its original state. The world was too fantastical, and the three couldn’t help but to breathe even more quietly.

“Very well, you are going to Longxigou, yes? I want to go there too; you take me to the destination and I will let you go. What do you think?” Hua Yao learned from the memories of the four people that the trees at Longxigou were extremely luxuriant, almost always green all year round, and there were many more rare herbs in the mountains in the area than in other places. The nearby village even called the place a blessing from the heavens. The destination of their trip into the mountains just so happened to be Longxigou where they planned to find some plants to bring home to cultivate.

Hua Yao suspected that there was something with extremely powerful vitality there. Of course, Hua Yao could find it by herself. However, thinking that these people were students of the University of Agriculture and Forestry, and that these three had quite some knowledge in their field, she became interested in these three students. Her Realm was still rather empty and bare after all.

With the three of them traveling with her, Hua Yao’s speed slowed down considerably. She ordered the three of them to dig out some of the more precious wild vegetation for her. The three of them could only follow her orders for fear of her powers.

Among the three, the baby-faced man was called Lan Bo, the oldest was Liu Yu, and the least talkative was Liu Feng. Liu Yu and Liu Feng were orphans. Lan Bo’s family background however, was quite good. His father worked in a government agency, and his mother in business.

One week later, the three of them slowly changed from only having fear for Hua Yao at the beginning to even being able to hold a normal conversation with her. But the three of them still did not dare to look at Hua Yao directly.

At noon that day, they had already set up a simple tent by a small stream and Liu Feng and the others were catching fish while Hua Yao sat up high on a tall branch. Suddenly, there was a wave of energy fluctuation in the Realm——

Sensing the fluctuations coming from the place where she had placed a spiritual imprint, Hua Yao instantly entered the Realm.

At this time, in the Realm, after successfully receiving the inheritance, Lin Xiu stood on the wide grassy space in amazement. The grassland was separated by a small river. On the opposite side, several elephants, which were much larger than ordinary elephants, were standing leisurely. By the river, there were several rhinos. A little further away, he could also see lions, leopards, tigers, and a giant python wrapped around a tree on the riverbank. Several tall silver wolves turned their heads lazily to glance at him, and then turned their heads away like nothing happened.

“How do you feel?” The familiar voice came from behind.

Lin Xiu turned his head excitedly, and when he saw the figure behind him clearly, his eyes became filled with wonder and delight.

At this time, Lin Xiu’s appearance had also changed drastically. The original handsome face seem to possess an ethereal and pure beauty, and his originally pale skin now took on a jade like luster. With a faint smile on the corners of his mouth, his overall bearing appeared very elegant, like a beautiful prince who had just walked out of a manhua. In addition, he also had a mark of an unknown flower above his left eye, only it was a different kind from the one on Hua Yao.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Hua Hua……” For Hua Yao, it was only a short period of ten days, but for Lin Xiu, it had been decades. In these decades, he had to endure the pain of inheritance every day as well as a longing that reached all the way down to his bones. Seeing Hua Yao again at this time, it felt like a lifetime had passed.

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