The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 011 Bold And Decisive Shopping Spree

“The Lin Xiu of now is the Lin Xiu of the Flower Deity Tribe……” Hua Yao raised her hand and stroked the mark on Lin Xiu’s forehead lightly, smiling as she did so. She didn’t expect Lin Xiu to succeed at first: “The seal on the Realm has not been completely unlocked, and your inheritance and the powers with it can only be opened little by little. But even so, those agents are completely no match for you.”

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Afterwards, Hua Yao took Lin Xiu on a tour around the Realm and then came to the valley, which was still empty, explaining as she walked.

“After you go out, first collect the things you need. By the way, buy more precious seeds. In any case, there is a lot of space here……” For Hua Yao, she only wanted to find some animals and plants to bring in. Towards other things, she didn’t care too much.

“You, aren’t you coming with me?” Lin Xiu heard something in Hua Yao’s tone, and looked at her with some disappointment.

“No, I will look for you in a while. I also found some helpers for you. After you go out, you can give them a slave contract and you can use them with ease.” Hua Yao frowned when she thought of the baby-faced Lan Bo who had a family. When the time came she could only erase his memory before letting him leave. The other two had no family or burdens, so when the time came they could be placed in the Realm.

After that, Hua Yao handed Lin Xiu a jade pendant: “This is the key to enter the Realm. Place a drop of blood on it and it will blend into your body. After that you will be free to enter and leave the Realm in the future. You can also hide in here when you encounter danger. Since the apocalypse will be here soon, make sure to prepare more food. In any case, it won’t spoil or go bad in here.”

“When I enter the Realm, will I be able to see you?” Reaching out to take the jade pendant, Lin Xiu’s focus was obviously on another issue.

“Yes.” Hua Yao nodded and then added some more things to keep in mind before leading Lin Xiu out of the Realm.

Obviously, Lin Xiu was also the kind of person who was decisive and unpretentious. As soon as he left the Realm, Lin Xiu directly placed a slave contract on Liu Feng and Liu Yu as Hua Yao said and then erased the memory of Lan Bo. Only then did he leave reluctantly.

At Longxigou, Hua Yao found the thing that exuded strong vitality, but was unfortunately disappointed after seeing it. At this time, she looked at the round bead the size of a fist in her hand. The emerald green of the bead was transparent like the highest quality jade. The vitality was still exuding from inside and the majestic vitality poured into her body. Feeling her rising strength, the expression on Hua Yao’s face was a bit complicated.

She did not expect that there were really seeds of the Tree of Life in this world, but this kind of seed was obviously dead! That’s right, this was a Tree of Life seed that would not take root and sprout. In disappointment, she threw the Tree of Life seed into the Realm. Instantly, the surrounding powerful vitality dissipated and even the original relatively rich spiritual energy also began to recede slowly from Longxigou. This winter, this forest would become like any other ordinary forest, only no one was aware of this.


On the other side, Lin Xiu changed from the usual low profile he had kept before and appeared in front of others with a lot of bombast.

“You buster, you finally appeared. I thought you were dead and even the bones wouldn’t be found!” In a high-end villa, a tall man happily looked at his friend who suddenly appeared in front of him, and couldn’t help but raise his hand to land a punch.

It was just that the punch didn’t land at all, Lin Xiu having dodged it in a flash before turning around to sit down on the sofa safely.

Gong Su first looked at his fist in surprise and then at Lin Xiu. With this closer look, he suddenly jumped up as if he had seen a ghost, and pointed at Lin Xiu with a trembling finger: “You, you, you……you got plastic surgery?” At this time, the flower mark on Lin Xiu’s forehead had been hidden, but the transformation of his whole person from the inside to the outside still made him look like a different person, so it was no wonder Gong Su jumped up in shock.

“Must one have plastic surgery just because he is handsome?” Lin Xiu glanced at Gong Su coldly, and the ethereal aura like that of an immortal instantly caused Gong Su to feel disgusted with himself. Heavens, he must be in a dream! To actually see the ethereal aura of an immortal on this madman. God knows this madman had no such connection the word ethereal!

“It is estimated that nine out of ten assassins in the world will recognize your appearance. Whatever. You coming here now, don’t tell me it was out of desperation and you couldn’t find a place to stay?” Gong Su sat down on the sofa opposite Lin Xiu. His eyes kept constantly examining him and his mouth would also tut in amazement.

“Gong Su, I’m not in the mood to joke with you. I came here to ask you for help.” Lin Xiu looked at Gong Su seriously.

“OK, OK, a lunatic like you actually need my help. Fine, but it’s not safe at my place either. I don’t think we have any chances of winning against international agents.” Gong Su also became serious. He and Lin Xiu grew up in an orphanage together. They had a good relationship and could wear a pair of trousers (TN: expression for close friends). When they grew up, one went into business while the other was recruited into a international research base.

“You don’t have to worry about this. I just need money, all the capital that can be pulled, I want it all!”

“What, are you crazy? What do you want so much money for?” Gong Su almost jumped up again.

“……” Lin Xiu stared at Gong Su mildly. If it weren’t for the fact that the two had been good friends since childhood, he would definitely place a slave contract on him by now. After thinking for a long time, he said, “I want to buy some things.”

“Buying things, do you need that much money to buy things?” Gong Su looked at Lin Xiu sullenly. After a while, he looked at Lin Xiu in astonishment and said: “You are not going to build your own lab, are you?”

When Lin Xiu heard this, he thought about it seriously: “Hmm, this is a good idea. You can handle the advanced experimental equipment for me, and I will handle the other things myself!”

Next, Lin Xiu began to make bold and decisive purchases. Liu Feng and Liu Yu went to the countryside to buy all kinds of food, including chickens, cattle, and sheep. They even bought a few cows from the north. After putting them all into the Realm, he then discussed with Hua Yao and chose an open space. Lin Xiu really did plan to build his own laboratory in the Realm.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As a result, he started buying all kinds of building materials, such as reinforced concrete. Thinking of Gong Su’s luxurious villa, he also planned to build one in the Realm. He rented a large warehouse in a place with few people in the outer suburbs to store the things. All of the things he bought were transported by large trucks one after another to the warehouse, where he then sent them into the Realm. During these days, Lin Xiu was so busy he almost forgot that he was a wanted man.

Finally, someone came looking for him.

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