After Becoming The Tyrant CH 010 The Scarlet and Dark Colored Fate

“If you can succeed in the assassination.” The King’s white-gloved hand casually rolled the whip woven with golden thread. “However, my knights will probably be a little impolite.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Your Majesty’s knights are loyal.”

The young man bowed slightly and apologized for his words just now.

Regarding what he said, the King remained noncommittal.

The young man carefully observed the young monarch in front of him.

His name was truly notorious and disreputable, but he was also the image of honorable nobility.

His silver hair fell to his shoulders. His crimson riding jacket was embroidered with a rose pattern with golden silk thread, and a dark gold iron rose brooch fixed his white scarf in place. But other than that, the young man saw other things that shocked him.

The King in front of him was very captivating, there was no question about that. But the sporadic signs of fate he caught were……

How to describe such signs?

The young man was an outstanding astrologer and diviner.

After careful preparation, he had a certain chance of capturing hazy signs from certain people with strong fates. Because of this, he asked the General to let him be part of the negotiating team from Bressi——he wanted to see the young King of Legrand with his own eyes.

However, after he prepared for an entire morning, and when he finally saw the King, he caught a sign that was completely out of his imagination.

He observed the King standing in the sun at three o’clock in the afternoon through pale crystal lenses and eyes that had been administered with morning dew. At that moment, what appeared before his eyes was a……a whirlpool.

Or a twisted curtain, as deep and ominous as if it had come from hell, with blood-colored swirls intertwined——was that dark red symbolizing the Rose family bloodline that ran through his veins?

The signs of fate only lasted for less than a second, but the astrologer was already pale and bloodless.

It was not only because of the energy that was taken, but also because of the picture that he had managed to spy on at that moment.

Overwhelming pressure and inexhaustible blood seeped out of the interweaving of black and red.

Would it be him?

Would the sun leaping from the abyss strait be the arrogant young King? How could a person who would become the sun be accompanied by such heavy darkness and bloody scarlet? Or, as the General said, the sun must be the Majesty of their Bressi Kingdom?

The astrologer couldn’t tell the difference.

“Your complexion is really terrible. Isn’t Bressi able to feed and clothe a mere scholar?”

The astrologer felt that the King was also examining him.

The other’s gaze was inattentive, but inexplicably it sent a chill down his back——perhaps it was a side effect of the scene he had just saw. He dared not look directly at the King at this moment.

The astrologer bowed slightly: “Bressi attaches great importance to scholars, and the General is even more so. I am not used to the climate on this side of the Abyss Strait——it’s truly cold here.”

“According to you, Bressi’s climate is very different?” the King asked.

“Yes, it is.”

In order to prevent the other from noticing what he had just done, the astrologer introduced the country on the other side of the Abyss Strait——it could be seen that he had a deep affection for his country. At least he tried hard to use his dry way of speaking to express the beauty of a country that didn’t have their first snow until October.

However, although this poor astrologer was very good at calculating the angles of the constellations, he was very awkward in terms of constructing speech.

Many thanks to the King for seemingly maintaining a little bit of chivalry. He didn’t make any comments on his boring commentary, and let him finish with compassion.

But was it really compassion?

The astrologer ran out of words, and he bid farewell to the King.

Watching the pale astrologer heading to the blue tent, a smile appeared on the King’s lips, which soon faded away.

“They have no way to sustain themselves for a long time here.”

The King said to himself.

Poor young man. He was used to using numbers and angles to describe the stars in the sky and Bressi on the other side of the Abyss Strait——this was a common problem of astrologers, just as historians liked to quote copiously from many sources. Ordinary people would just feel dizzy in the face of such dry numbers, wishing to flee immediately.

However, the King was able to decipher what he wanted from those numbers.

The Legrand Empire was on the west side of the Kingdom of Bressi, with the Abyss Strait in the middle, so it was called the “Western Continent”. The Legrand Empire would already be covered in snow by September, and normally the Bressi Kingdom would experience the same, both located in higher latitudes. But because of the obstacle the Legrand Empire provided, Bressi’s winter come much later.

During the two-day walk, the King observed that more than one soldier on the other side held their arms subconsciously.

Aside from this, the high latitude still had other effects on the Bressi Kingdom.

Although the cold wind was blocked by the Western Continent, ocean currents might not be necessarily the same. It was now the end of September. Soon when it became October, a storm would roll up on the Abyss Strait, and the direction of ocean currents would also change. At that time, the ships from the Kingdom of Bressi crossing the Abyss Strait would be doing so against the wind and currents——they would need to fight both the storms and ocean currents.

This meant that the cost of transporting materials would increase by ten times, a hundred times even.

The soldiers were not accustomed to the premature winter and the high prices of supplies……

So long as the Kingdom of Bressi occupied the Moon River Fortress, then it would be no different from continuously dropping gold into the Abyss Strait.

He imagined that at this moment, at the port on the opposite side of the Abyss Strait, sailors and ship merchants have already begun to complain. One must know, in this era, whether it was the Legrand Empire or the Bressi Kingdom, there was no such thing as giving subsidies in return for infringing on the interests of civilians.

It was impossible that the General of Bressi, who led the expeditionary army, did not understand this.

That was an experienced veteran. It was not difficult to see that when he ordered those involved in negotiations to dress warmly in clothes no different from the Legrand negotiating team.

But they were too hard-pressed to clothe their guard soldiers in such a manner as well.

The King speculated that something interesting might have happened between Bressi and a hostile country on the other side of the Abyss Strait.

Many thanks to that poor astrologer, he could never have imagined what crucial information he had revealed to the monarch of the enemy country.

Look, luck was on the side of the Legrand Empire, wasn’t it?

“Back to the tent.”

The armored knights who had stepped back stepped forward again and heard the King say so.

“This negotiation should be over soon.”

The armored knights bowed to the King.

Unlike the nobles who swore allegiance to the King at the coronation ceremony, these knights were the King’s “vowed knights”. They belonged to the King and only executed the commands of the King, using their lives to defend the King.

All people or things that were unfavorable to the King would meet the end of their sharp swords.

The leading knight commander straightened up and looked at the tents of the Bressi Kingdom.

“That’s an astrologer, I think he came to spy on your destiny.”

The knight commander bowed to the King and put his hand on the hilt of his sword.

“Your Majesty, do you need me to dispose of him?”

His tone made it perfectly clear that so long as the King nodded, he would have the young astrologer disappear from this world without anyone knowing it.

For these sworn knights, there was no such thing as a noble criterion forbidding them from engaging in assassination. There was only one criterion for them:

The will of the King.

This was their mission.

Spy on destiny?

The King thought indifferently.

This was really the funniest thing.

What destiny could he have?

A person who had been trapped in a death vortex from birth, a person who made a deal with the Devil and even sold his soul? If given the opportunity, he would like to ask the astrologer what he saw from him.


After the negotiations became trapped in a long period of non-concession from the two sides, the King, the most critical figure, finally appeared at the negotiation table.

He sat in his seat, elbows lazily propped on the armrests, and ice-blue eyes looked critically at the people who were red in the face from arguing——whether it was his courtier or his enemy.

In this regard, the King was very “nondiscriminatory”, his arrogance not directed at a specific person.

——He held no one in regard.

Regarding the son of the Duke of Buckingham, the two parties have reached an agreement. The Legrand Empire would pay the ransom in installments. After receiving the second ransom from the King, the expeditionary army would return the hostages. But for this, the Legrand Empire needed to pay an extra monthly deferment fee.

Only the matter of the Moon River Fortress had been in dispute for a long time.

Of course, the Legrand Empire could not lose the Moon River Fortress, but the conditions set by the opponent were too high. One of them asked the Legrand Empire to cede a port.

However, both parties believed that this port was just a bonus. It was just a small port with a poor location, and its carrying capacity was also very low. The focus was on the overseas colonies belonging to the two sides.

This port quickly reached an agreement.

The King finally made a move at this time.

He clapped his hands and attracted everyone’s attention.

“If I remember correctly, this port should belong to my territory?”

The King stretched out his hand to suppress the quarrel, and only his soft voice could be heard in the tent.

“Your Majesty, the port is a sign of the truce and friendly trade between the two countries.”

The expeditionary General did not have a good impression of this tyrant, and his tone was very forceful.

“This is one of the necessary conditions for returning the Moon River Fortress.”

The Master of the Households leaned down and said in the King’s ears, risking the King’s anger in order to make the King understand that his port was not as important as the Moon River Fortress.

“If you really want to occupy the Moon River Fortress, it may not be impossible.”

The King said in a manner lacking any bearing of a sage king.

As soon as he opened his mouth to negotiate, all the envoys could see before their eyes was blackness.

“I don’t care if it’s located in a crucial spot or not. It doesn’t matter to me.” The King said simply and concisely. “If I want to, my uncle will always take it back for me. In that case, why should I sacrifice a beautiful port?”

“If you are willing to guard that pile of broken stones, then go right ahead.”

He had a very cold attitude, making it clear that he didn’t care about the Moon River Fortress at all.

The Moon River fortress, as a crucial stronghold of the Legrand Empire, became a “pile of broken stones” in the eyes of the King. This not only made the envoys of the Legrand Empire tremble in anger, but also caused their enemies to have on dark expressions.

The face of the General, who just a moment ago was holding the winning ticket, became very ugly.

They saw the Moon River Fortress as an important bargaining chip, but they never expected that Pureland I would be so arrogant to this extent, unwilling to swallow any difficulties pit against him.

It was totally unreasonable.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: General of the Bressi expedition army: MMP, do you have to be so smug just because you have a great uncle?

Tyrant: Don’t mind me, it’s not personal at all, I look down on everyone.

Pig teammate astrologer: ??? Did something happen?


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