After Becoming The Tyrant CH 011 Good Day, My Dear Majesty

——If I want to, my uncle will always take it back for me.

This sentence that came out of the King’s mouth stemmed from a matter of fact arrogance. But Bressi’s General could not really treat it as a random and willful remark.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

People in this era often fight wars, between countries and between nobles.

For dignity, for profit, for faith……But there were other reasons for the expedition of the Bressi Kingdom. They had an old feud with the Legrand Empire, and the war between the two countries had lasted for more than 100 years——historians call it the “Hundred Years War” for short. In the Hundred Years War, the Legrand Empire and the Kingdom of Bressi often took turns prevailing over each other.

Now was currently the dominant period of the Bressi Kingdom, and the expeditionary army came for just this.

No one knew the situation of the Bressi expeditionary army better than the General.

They faced a dilemma.

After they really occupied the Moon River Fortress, the Bressi people found out that this fortress was very embarrassing for them.

The terrain of Moon River Fortress was steep, destined to have no farming fields in the fortress. The main purpose of the Moon River Fortress was to be used as military defense and did not produce food on its own. For a long time, Moon River Fortress relied on the supplies from Truu City and the transportation of food from the Central Plain. If the Bressi Kingdom wanted to control it, they must bring food from oversea……

This cost would not be cheap.

They were able to capture it, but they could not occupy it for a long time.

The best way was to exchange it for higher benefits from the Legrand Empire.

But the wanton arrogance of the young King of Legrand at this time had become their biggest obstacle.

——Could they really continue to waste their time here?


The General knew this well.

“So be it.”

The King got up, took over the draft of the treaty from his officials, flipped through it, and carelessly struck out the above clauses related to the royal family’s interests. Then he signed his name and threw the draft before the General.

“Either agree, or you just guard this pile of broken stones. This negotiation had taken so long that Cordona’s opera would have finished showing three times by now.”

Cordona’s opera was a traditional opera from the last century and used a lot of empty and useless parallelism, the plot protracted and endless. It was often used by people nowadays to mock a thing that wasted too much time on side details.

Legrand’s negotiating ministers all looked bleak and deep in despair. They all thought that this was the end, this time the negotiations would be ruined by the King.

But they had no way to stop the King……After all, the only thing that could make the treaty come into effect was the King’s signature.

There was silence in the tent.

The King stood up and had the Master of the Households to pack up his things. He was ready to return to the palace. At his command, the other officials could only follow the King out of the tent, all as pale as ghosts.

In just a few moments, the original noisy tent became silent, and only the blank-faced Bressi negotiators and the expressionless General were left on the other side of the long negotiating table.

You look at me and I look at you——at that moment the Bressi staff could not utter anything at all.

This……wasn’t it going fine just now? How come everyone had left in the blink of an eye?

At this moment, they could finally understand the pain in the hearts of the Legrand people felt over these years.

Serving such an unreasonable tyrant……no one could possibly maintain their smiles.


Someone asked quietly.

The expeditionary General waved his hand to let the others go out first.

Only the General was left in the tent for negotiation. He couldn’t help but glare at the draft without any regard for etiquette and cursed: “That idiot Grice, why didn’t he send this bastard to hell sooner?”

After a long time, he finally grabbed a quill and angrily signed his name on the draft.

“Damn that scoundrel.”

He nearly punched a hole in the paper with the quill in his hand.


The luggage was all sorted out, and the officials were practically dragging their feet in despair as they watched the tents being put away one by one.

Their King paid no mind to any of this.

Holding a whip made of braided gold and silver threads, he stroked his horse——it was said that this horse was the descendent of the King’s father, William III’s own personal horse. The King didn’t care much about it before, but for some reason suddenly began to show adoration towards it.

It was likely that even the Devil could not fully understand the inner workings of this young monarch.

Things were put into the oak carriage, and the Master of the Households reluctantly lifted the curtain for the King.

“——Please wait!”

A person ran over panting.

He was the adjutant of Bressi’s expeditionary General.

He paled with fright when he saw how close he was to having missed the King’s departure.

The King paused in the middle of entering the carriage. Turning his head slightly, icy blue eyes looked at the new arrival indifferently.

The adjutant did not dare to linger, and hurriedly took out the treaty signed with the names of both parties.

The King didn’t stretch out his hand to take it and with a careless sweep of his eyes, he had the Master of the Households take over the treaty.

The Master of the Households was flushed with excitement. He accepted the treaty from the adjutant and carefully spread it to the end. As expected, he saw the name of the General of Bressi on it——although that sharp handwriting revealed its master’s anger tenfold.

“Your Majesty!”

The voice of the Master of the Households trembled with excitement.

The despair was swept away, and joy hung over the negotiating team.

“We leave now, I’m fed up with this damn place.”

The King was his usual cold and standoffish self, having no intentions at all to celebrate this rare victory with them. Instead, he urged everyone to get a move on and return to his palace.

However, the treaty was successfully signed, and only a small price was paid. At this moment, when the people looked at the King’s waywardness it was no longer as distressing as it seemed in the past. Everyone happily boarded their carriages, leaving only the Bressian adjutant with a bitter face behind.

May the Lord protect him from suffering the anger that would surely be taken out on them.


“General, what is your impression of that young King?”

After hesitating for a long time, the astrologer asked.

“A complete bastard, a damn scoundrel.”

The General answered without hesitation.

“Let him go to hell with his arrogance.”

“General, I think we better not let the King of Legrand leave here alive.”

The vortex curtain of blood and black appeared in front of the astrologer’s eyes again and he couldn’t help but advise.

“You don’t need to care too much about him.” The General seemed to be a little amused, “My dear astrologer, he’s just an overly arrogant and rude boy……he will soon pay the price.”

The astrologer wanted to say something more.

“Enough, my lord of the horoscopes, go and pack your luggage, we should also return.”

The General was not in the mood to listen anymore.

The astrologer had no choice but to leave.

Back in his tent, the astrologer spread out a piece of letter paper, pondered for a moment, and then wrote the letter with a quill dipped in special star ink. The letter was written to his mentor. In the letter, he described in detail what he saw when he observed the King of Legrand and asked his mentor what could the vision portend to.

“……The general does not take fate’s signs to heart. But teacher, I feel uneasy, whether it is the sun or the bloody vortex……please guide me.”

He stopped writing and checked his letter.

“It’s a pity, sir.”

The candle in the tent suddenly flickered, and the astrologer also seemed to notice something. He put his hand in his pocket to pull out the silver dagger inside. But in the end he failed.

A thick black mist surged up from the ground silently, filling this narrow space in an instant. The darkness swallowed everything. The astrologer went stiff, turning his head almost took all of his strength. The black mist approached him, and he saw a person slowly walking out of the darkness.

This kind of dark aura that lead directly to hell……the other was……

He lost consciousness.

“It seems that my dear Majesty has met with a tiny bit of trouble.”

The black mist continued flowing on the ground, and the Devil in an exquisite and gorgeous black formal attire walked to the astrologer’s table.

He gently pulled out the letter and held it in front of him.

“Darkness and scarlet……it’s so beautiful, my Majesty.”

He spoke the words on a sigh.

A black fire ignited on his pale and cold fingertips, and the letter was turned into ashes in an instant, falling and disappearing into the black mist.

The Devil lowered his hand, his fingertips resting on the astrologer’s forehead.

“Spying on other’s most beloved treasure is not the behavior of a ethical character, Mr. Astrologer.”

The memory was drawn from the astrologer’s forehead in the form of a pale white liquid. The Devil put it in a fine crystal ball and then pressed it against his forehead.

He saw the King under the noon sun.

Rose flowers bloomed on the King’s crimson coat, and his ice-blue eyes were filled with thoughts that no one could understand. And with the help of the astrologer’s eyes, he finally saw the thing closest to the King’s inner workings……the destiny that portended the future. In the pitch black curtain of darkness there swirled countless scarlet vortexes.

In truth, only those scarlet vortexes represented the real destiny of the King.

Whereas the black curtain announced that he had signed a contract with the Devil, his soul now belonged to hell.

How beautiful it was.

“My Majesty.”

The Devil murmured.

The memory ended with the King’s departure. The Devil carefully put away the crystal ball, and reached out his hand to manifest a scarlet rose. He pinned the rose flower to his chest, and then walked briskly over the unlucky fellow who would forget everything when he woke up.

He didn’t mind completely disposing of a concealed danger for the King.

However, it would be very troublesome if those people from the Holy Inquisition crossed the sea, wouldn’t it?

It was already dusk at this time.

Blood red and darkness covered the earth, and it was the perfect time for all dark creatures to appear.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The Devil was hidden in the darkness. He stood straight, the tails of his black swallow-tailed coat fluttered in the wind with the edges seeming to fade out like mist. He took off the rose on his chest and looked in the direction of the King’s departure: “Good day, my dear Majesty.”

He gently kissed the rose.

TN: huhuhu guess who that is??😉


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  1. “TN: huhuhu guess who that is??” – who the hell might that be?! I’m sure I can’t guess – too little information 😉 🙂
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  2. Okay, I guess that maybe he (the Devil) is the ML…? kyaaaaaaa hehehehhehehehehehehhehe

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    (And I became a fangirl of that badass named Zhu Chi, lmao. I am sure one day he will be the king of all, you can say what you want, hmph)

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  3. The devil?! Is ml?! I need a knight ml too hahaha…
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  4. Thanks for the chapter! It as merciful of you my dear to hint at the ML this way, “guess who that is”, hahaha. I do found the the introduction of this devil character, poor him, he don`t even have a proper name for now, to be a bit strange, and i tought it would be strange if it will be appear only to make that deal, and then for him to dissapear. It would make more sense if he will appear more in the future chapters anf stick his nose in our MC bussines and here we are, how he could bear to stick his tail between his legs and only stalk or watch Zhu Chi silently. But it`s strange as well for him to be the ML, they are only a few reasons that i could think off of why he would like and protect the MC:
    — the first one would be because he has some history with Zhu Chi, they have meet in a previous life or even more and Zhu Chi swept this devil of his feet, crossed paths or it`s possible for them to be star-crossed lovers or ever a tragic past
    — the second one would be the devil is enchanted by the beauty of Zhu Chi and feels he is the one, and he is shameless enough to help behind the scenes, so the MC would be indebted to him
    –the three reason, he knows the future very well, he is attracted to him, and he likes to oversee and amuse himself by watching and even interfering with other people to ensure things will happen how he wants them to happen.
    I`m curious what form and appearance this devil ML wil take in his future interactions with the King and others around him, it will be interesting to see.
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    1. Will you take pity on me and answer this humble comment, please. I`m curious if i was ever a bit close on any of my guesses, and i think you didn`t read`it. because i don`t see the like that you always give to my comments.

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      1. Oops haha I indeed missed it somehow. And yes I’m surprised that you were in fact quite close. Your first guess, to be exact😉

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