After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 010 Meeting

Using breakfast time, Tao Mu gave Da Mao and Xiao Pang a rough idea of ​​what an entertainment big V was. But he didn’t say too much. After all, in 2008, most people were still only playing with blogs, Tieba, and other forums. Weibo just started running, and WeChat didn’t even come out yet. All self-media were still in the obscurity stage and left to grow on its own. In fact, there was no concept of self-media at all. In this situation, anything Tao Mu said would be to no avail. (TN: In China, self-media refers to independently operated social media accounts — on platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, and other smaller ones — usually run by individual users)

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

However, even this little rhetoric still evoked the two boys’ professional ambitions to devote themselves to gossip. Enthralled, they pestered Tao Mu with enthusiastic questions all morning, and even under Tao Mu’s suggestion, changed their Weibo names that were colored by the current times, non-mainstream, and too influenced by middle school 2nd year syndrome.

“Brother Mu, brother Mu, you have so many tricks, can you help me think of a fun and cool name?” Xiao Pang held the computer and smiled ingratiatingly in front of Tao Mu.

Tao Mu pondered for a moment and changed Xiao Pang’s Weibo name to ‘Morning Sun Shines Over The Masses.’

Xiao Pang: “……”

Xiao Pang: “What kind of name is this? It’s not sincere at all. I don’t like it. Change it for me.”

“You really don’t like it?” Seeing Xiao Pang nodding affirmatively, Tao Mu expressed deep regret. Such an awe-inspiring and unpretentious name that was full of the mystery and wisdom of the masses. It was likely that only the name ‘Takeout Riders’ in the later years could be compared. It was a pity that the aesthetic tastes from ten years later was not something Xiao Pang could completely comprehend. Tao Mu could only modify his Weibo nickname again under the urging of his childhood friend——

Melon Eater Official!

Xiao Pang rubbed his chin for a while, and felt that the name was not bad, at least it could slightly reflect his inner depths and ambition.

Da Mao was very interested: “Where is mine?”

Tao Mu didn’t even need to think about it this time, and typed the words ‘The Young Master Who Owns A Mine At Home’ on the computer.

Da Mao felt that this name revealed his identity in a low-key, precise and connotative manner, and thus very satisfied.

However, it was getting late after their fooling around session. The three hurried to the crew, but as soon as they left the house, a heavy rain came pouring down. The raindrops and windy gusts came violently, and the three of them were directly turned into wet chickens. Then the clouds cleared and the rain stopped——it would seem the heavy rain only fell for the period of time Tao Mu walked from home to the crew. Not a drop wasted at all.

Such an unlucky occurrence that was too coincidental made Tao Mu feel a little uneasy. He recalled again the destiny of being unable to break out of the vicious circle of living under Shen Yu’s influence after returning to the Shen family in the last life——

As expected, as soon as Tao Mu entered the crew, he saw Shen Yu, who was surrounded by the crowd, and the Shen family who had accompanied Shen Yu back to the crew.

Everyone in the Shen family, who always doted on Shen Yu, was really reluctant to part with their well-behaved little prince. Despite work and studies and other obligations, the whole family took a special plane to send Shen Yu back to H Studio City from Shanghai, all under the name of visiting Shen Yu’s filming set.

The richest man in Shanghai had arrived, and the whole crew was boiling over with excitement. A large group of people gathered around the Shen family and the whole scene was that of ordinary commoners seeing the Emperor and his family on an inspection tour in plain clothes.

Chen Yiqian, who had always been the man in charge in the crew, was currently subtly laying on the flattery in front of father Shen. He praised Shen Yu’s performance for being intuitive and natural, and that his performance as the leading role was both unselfconscious and artless. He also said that the relationship between the Shen family members was enviously harmonious, unlike some large families that were only superficially friendly with each other. Of course, it was mostly fancy praises for Shen Yu’s talent. The tone of his voice was exactly the same as subordinates exaggerating in front of the leader on how clever the leader’s children were.

But the Shen family still ate this up. When they heard everyone praising their precious treasure, even their expressions appeared much more pleasant than usual. Shen Yu, who was being fawned over by the crowd at the very center, had his arms tucked into father Shen’s and mother Shen’s arms, smiling shyly and appearing full of brightness and cuteness.

Tao Mu glanced at the noisy crowd from a distance, and was about to hide in the dressing room. Unexpectedly, despite the crowd, Shen Yu had immediately picked him out, waving his arms and shouting loudly: “Tao Mu, Tao Mu, here.”

Saying so, he even ran out of the crowd and grabbed Tao Mu by the arm: “I want to introduce my family to you. I told them that you are extremely amazing, both handsome and talented in kung fu. They all really like you.”

Shen Yu dragged Tao Mu to the front of the Shen family and threw his arm around Tao Mu’s shoulders, looking as if they were very good brothers and said with a smile: “Dad, mom, eldest brother, sister, this is Tao Mu. What do you think, I wasn’t wrong was I? Isn’t he particularly handsome and amazing? And he also look a lot like eldest brother! Aren’t these eyes particularly beautiful?”

Shen Yu’s only regret was that his looks were not very similar to those in his family. He was the cute type, with round eyes, and delicate features, appearing rather lovable and amiable. But the Shen family have phoenix eyes with an inner double lid that appeared narrow and long with the corners upturned. When they smile, their eyes took on an attractive brilliance. When they were serious, they appear solemn and cold, and giving a powerful presence. It made Shen Yu very envious. Unfortunately, he didn’t inherit it.

Everyone in the Shen family looked at Shen Yu with a smile, and their expressions were full of a pampering and indulgent flavor. Turning to Tao Mu, it became a polite and friendly smile with a bit of condescending that only close people could detect. The Shen family had a deep background, and Shen Yu was naturally innocent and sweet, and had an absolute pure heart for all people and things. In this case, it was inevitable that some manipulative and scheming people would deliberately approach Shen Yu. Especially in the complex environment of the entertainment industry. The Shen family was wealthy, and they were not afraid of someone approaching Shen Yu for benefits. As long as these people had no bad intentions towards Shen Yu, they would just take it as simply spending some money to find a playmate for Shen Yu.

After torturing each other for ten years in his previous life, Tao Mu knew exactly what the Shen family thought. It was not wrong to say that before he died, Tao Mu was jealous and pained at the thought of the Shen family’s preference for Shen Yu. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have committed suicide by jumping off the building in front of the Shen family at Shen Yu’s wedding.

Living over again, and seeing this scene again, Tao Mu originally thought he wouldn’t be as affected anymore. But to his surprise, the calm and unaffected emotions he had even when repetitively recalling his dreams of his previous life suddenly began to violently churn.

Grievance, injustice, dissatisfaction, resentment……The violent mood swings swept over him like a tide that almost overwhelmed him. Tao Mu subtly squeezed his fists and repeatedly restrained himself, finally suppressing the emotions that almost bubbled over.

Not good, the influence of Shen Yu and those in his previous life was too great on him.

Tao Mu knew well that such mood swings should not be his true emotions. But instead stemmed from……Tao Mu looked at Shen Yu subtly, the power of the plot?! It was just like in his previous life, whenever he encountered anything related with Shen Yu he would turn into a mad bull, completely losing his reason and IQ.

No good, he had to stay away from Shen Yu and these people!

He never wanted to repeat that hysterical and idiotic life full of only betrayals. Tao Mu lowered his eyes and quietly made up his mind.

Just as Tao Mu secretly made the decision, the melon-eating crowd in the crew were currently looking at the expressionless Tao Mu, and then at the Shen family who were sizing up Tao Mu, with weird expressions on their faces. None of them had seen the Shen family with their own eyes before, so the thought never occurred to them that Tao Mu had such resemblance to the Shen family.

But now being able to compare them, anyone with eyes could tell that Tao Mu and the Shen family were indeed very similar. Especially when compared with the Shen family eldest young master who had been standing silent all this time. The two of them practically had identical eyebrows and eyes. For those who didn’t know better, there was absolutely no doubt that they were brothers.

No wonder the young master of the Shen family kept talking about Tao Mu looking like his older brother. He was right!

It was a pity though, that the similar people did not the have a similar fate!

This sigh had already sounded yesterday on Shen Yu’s birthday, and now it sounded again. They got the feeling that this little orphan, who had no father or mother, had an affinity with the Shen family.

Mother Shen looked at Tao Mu for a few moments, and felt that this child did indeed have an affinity with their Shen family. She smiled and said, “It’s really quite alike. You’re Xiao Mu, right? This time baby came home, he talked to us about you every day. And even sharing the same birthday as him. With such affinity, you both must get along well.”

Shen Yu jumped angrily next to him: “Mom, how many times have I said it, don’t call me baby. I’ve grown up, so don’t call me baby anymore. I’ll be angry if you call me baby again.”

Shen Yan hugged her furious little kitten like brother into her arms and rubbed his head with a smile. Turning her head, she said to Tao Mu: “Baby also said that he wants to sign you into the company——”

Before she finished speaking, Tao Mu said calmly: “Thank you, young master Shen, for your kindness, but I was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy, and the school stipulates that students cannot take on acting jobs before the junior year. Besides, I am from Beijing and will stay in Beijing in the future. The Shen family’s management company is in Shanghai, it would be inconvenient.”

As everyone all knew, the Shen family’s management company was hurriedly formed when Shen Yu wanted to enter the entertainment circle to play. They also specially recruited a well-known top talent agent from the industry, together with the other’s entire team. The purpose was to take care of Shen Yu and not let him be bullied by outsiders. It could be said that this managrment company was destined to operate around Shen Yu’s will. From a common sense point of view, it would be very difficult for other artists to develop if they signed into this kind of company. After all, no one knew whether young master Shen’s interest would fade away or not. So from a professional point of view, Tao Mu’s refusal was not arrogant but both reasonable and justified.

Shen Yan paused slightly and said nothing.

Tao Mu retreated from the crowd. But before he could enter the dressing room, he was stopped by Shen Yu’s agent.

Wen Shijin smiled mildly, and looked at the youth in front of him deeply. He got the feeling that just after a few days, Tao Mu had changed a lot. Not in the appearance, but in the bones.

Recalling the video that director Chen showed him, Wen Shijin’s heart jumped slightly. Before, it was just Shen Yu pestering him about Tao Mu, but now his interest in Tao Mu’s talent was genuine.

“Really don’t want to sign a management company under the Shen Group? You have to know that although this company is tailor-made for Shen Yu, since they recruited me, I will definitely make the company bigger and stronger. No matter whether the company is headquartered in Shanghai or Beijing, as long as I want to support your career as a star, I can always help you get better resources. How about it, do you want to think about it?”

What was there to think about? Give you another chance to betray me?

Cherish one’s IQ and stay away from plot characters!

Tao Mu looked at the high-spirited Wen Shijin coldly: “Mr. Wen approached me, so there should be proper business, right?”

Wen Shijin looked at the calm and unmoved Tao Mu and was rather surprised. In his impression, Tao Mu was not such a character. He should be the kind of person who grabbed at every opportunity and climb up desperately. Slick and sly and good at toadying for personal gain. Now he was like this……was he just playing hard to get?

Wen Shijin grinned and he raised an eyebrow: “You know that I have something to speak with you about? Then you might as well guess what it is about?”

“Yesterday’s action scene was very good, right.” Although it was an interrogative sentence, Tao Mu used a declarative tone: “You want to make Shen Yu popular, and yesterday’s action scene can help him. You came to me, likely wanting me to sign a non-disclosure agreement and then advertise that this action scene was done by Shen Yu himself.”

Wen Shijin chuckled when he heard this, and looked at Tao Mu with a little appreciation: “You are really smart. Don’t worry, as long as you are willing to cooperate, you will definitely not be treated badly in terms of remuneration. And……”

Wen Shijin paused and pondered slightly. He came to Tao Mu to negotiate, and originally wanted to use signing Tao Mu to their company as one of the conditions. Unfortunately, Tao Mu had made it clear that he did not want to join their company. Wen Shijin naturally would not use this bargaining chip anymore: “I can introduce you to other crews, and the role would be at least the male number three.”

“I reject.”

Wen Shijin frowned when he heard this: “You don’t need to be like this. You are a smart person, and you should know that agreeing to this will do you no harm.”

“I just don’t want you to do useless work.” Tao Mu looked at Wen Shijin and said calmly, “I can sign a confidentiality agreement. But there is someone who will never cooperate with you.”

Jin Wenyan was taken aback when he heard it, and he immediately reacted: “You mean Shen Yu?”

Tao Mu was silent.

Upon hearing this, Wen Shijin chuckled: “Then you worry too much. Shen Yu is a very obedient child.”

“That’s because you don’t know him well enough.” Tao Mu opened the door of the dressing room: “People like Shen Yu will never take the credit of others.”

In his last life, Tao Mu’s martial arts movements were not so skilled and beautiful, but Wen Shijin still thought about taking it for Shen Yu. Tao Mu was moved by Wen Shijin’s conditions, even if he felt some unwillingness, he still agreed to Wen Shijin’s proposal. Unexpectedly, when the reporter visited the set, Shen Yu admitted in front of everyone that Tao Mu was the one to do the action scenes. He himself only posed for a few shots in front of the camera.

Only then did Tao Mu know that Shen Yu had planned to reveal it all. The reason why he didn’t say anything when signing the contract, was just so Tao Mu could make more money. In any case, the person who told the truth was Shen Yu himself. Tao Mu only needed to remain silent in accordance with the contract and still take the money, and no one could hold him accountable.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Living his life over again, Tao Mu didn’t want to accept Shen Yu’s charity, so naturally he must point this matter out directly and bluntly.

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