Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 041 No More!

Nie Bufan woke up with a head of hair that looked like a chicken nest. Just a small movement and he felt like he was falling apart, the bones cracking as if letting out pained screeches.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Damn Li Fourth!

Nie Bufan’s eyes were red. Picking up the pillow, he slammed and smashed it until he frightened away the chickens around him.

He got up slowly and got dressed. He wondered in his heart, when did Li Fourth’s qinggong become so good that he could sneak into his room without anyone knowing it? Did he hook up with Wang Fifth?

After thinking for a long time without any clues coming forth, he decided to put this matter aside for now.

After he was freshened, he saw the evil Li Yi approaching with a refreshed look when he just stepped out into his front yard.

Nie Bufan squinted at him.

This gaze was truly too amorous and alluring, but it was just that the “coquettish pout” and “hidden grudge” contained within made one’s hair stand on end.

Li Yi immediately became alert, wondering if he accidentally offended this da ye in front of him?

After giving him a glare, Nie Bufan walked away with a harrumph.

Li Yi quickly followed and asked calmly: “What’s the matter?”

“You know it clear in your heart.” Nie Bufan sullenly said as he walked.

Li Yi relentlessly followed closely: “Give me a clear explanation.”

“Don’t pretend to be confused.”

“I am indeed confused.”

“Very good, you finally have a clear understanding of yourself.”

“……” Li Yi. Pulling him, he continued asking, “Speak clearly.”

Nie Bufan looked him up and down and saw that his eyes were clear and his bearing upright.

He couldn’t help but mutter under his breath: With Li Yi’s character, it was too unlikely that he would pretend and not admit to doing it. Could it be that he made a mistake? It was indeed impossible to see anything clearly at that time, but who could it be besides him?

Nie Bufan asked sternly, “Where were you last night?”

“In my room.”

“Have you ever gone out?”


“How can you prove it?”

“You can ask Zhang Junshi.”

“Huh?” Nie Bufan raised his eyebrows, “Ask Zhang Junshi?”

Li Yi’s expression was not pleasant as he said, “He ordered dozens of chickens to guard the door of my house.”

Nie Bufan touched his nose. There was no expression on his face, but he screamed in his heart: It really wasn’t him!

Then who was taking advantage of him?

The first person he thought of was Wang Shichan, because his qinggong was the best, and he was fully capable of stealing him away silently. But looking at Wang Shichan’s ethereal and aloof appearance of an expert, he didn’t seem like someone who could do such things. Nie Bufan even suspected that the guy had never even visited a brothel his whole life. He was practically an example of a pure and chaste saint.

Rather than doubt him, it was more convincing to doubt Si Chenyu. Si Chenyu was upright and righteous in front of people, but vulgar and lustful when no one’s looking. His martial arts was also very good. Who knew if he had any perverted hobbies?

And then there was Li Huai who he had discordant relations with. He did not possess good martial arts, but he was particularly tenacious about grudges so he was also very suspicious.

As for Chen Muran and Zhang Junshi, they were both gentlemen. It seemed like the former also did not know martial arts either. Of course, one could not rule out that he was hiding deeply; as for the latter, he was as gentle as jade and was absolutely unable to do such a thing.

Nie Bufan frowned, suddenly he raised his head and stretched out his hand to grope all over Li Yi’s body, including facial features, shoulders, arms, waist, and finally even the thing between the legs.

Li Yi grabbed his trouble-making hand and said in a low voice, “What are you doing? If you miss me, let’s go inside.”

Nie Bufan threw him away, waving his hand and saying, “I’m thinking about a serious problem right now, don’t bother me.”

Just now he had examined Li Yi’s body and facial features, and it did feel similar to the person last night. The men in Chicken Nest Village seemed to all be in good shape, which made it really difficult to distinguish between them. Besides, in that situation, he didn’t pay much attention to these minor details. In the moment all he could focus on was entangling bodies, sweat blending with pleasure, pain alongside happiness……cough, getting off topic now.

Nie Bufan expelled the unsuitable images in his mind and continued to think seriously.

In this situation, how should he find the lecherous thief?

“Bufan?” Li Yi stretched out his hand and shook it in front of Nie Bufan’s eyes, interrupting his thoughts. Today’s Nie Bufan was very strange, he wasn’t possessed by a wicked spirit was he?

Nie Bufan raised his eyes, grabbed Li Yi’s hand and leaned his nose close to take a sniff. He then sniffed all over his body.

“What’s the matter?” Li Yi became uncomfortable, his heartbeat accelerating inexplicably as he watched the other’s face so close to him.

“It smells like sweat.” Nie Bufan curled his lips.

Li Yi suddenly looked embarrassed and said, “I just finished martial arts training……”

“Hurry up and get away from me.” Nie Bufan pushed him away with disgust and said with discontent, “It being such a hot day, you don’t even know how to rinse yourself afterwards.”

Li Yi received a shock, his figure appearing lonely and pitiful as he left.

In truth, he didn’t smell like sweat, but smelled of that kind of masculine scent that made one blush and heartbeat quicken. It was as if every muscle was exuding pheromones. This was what Nie Bufan was displeased about.

The man last night also had the same scent, perhaps mixed with other scents, but Nie Bufan couldn’t remember.

What he remembered most clearly was probably……the thing that entered his body.

The size, length, and friction……

He couldn’t go try it one by one, could he? Just thinking about it was frightening. Although he had no integrity left, he was still principled!

Nie Bufan gritted his teeth, clenched his fist and thought: Not good, he definitely can’t let people take advantage of him for nothing! When he found this lecherous thief, he would make sure to remove a layer of his skin.

In the next few days, Nie Bufan used a pair of sharp eyes to analyze all the men in Chicken Nest Village from time to time, and particularly focusing on the lower body. The heat in that gaze could practically burn through their underwear.

In the end, when the men saw Nie Bufan, they subconsciously wanted to cover their crotch.

Si Chenyu could not help but ask Zhang Junshi and Li Yi sinisterly: “Are you unable to satisfy him? If so, let me do it for you.”

Li Yi’s answer was to crush a cup.

Zhang Junshi smiled and said, “You don’t need to worry about this.”

In the evening, Zhang and Li came to Nie Bufan’s room together, wanting to “comfort” this restless guy.

But what met them was an empty room.

Zhang Junshi grabbed Lady Flower and asked, “Where is your master?”

Lady Flower looked dejected and dispirited.

“Take us to find him.” Zhang Junshi put it down.

Lady Flower took a few steps, then in a swoosh it hid under the bed, refusing to move despite any coercion or coaxing from Zhang and Li.

Li Yi said, “It seems that Bufan has made preparations.”

“Then we wait here.” Zhang Junshi sat at the table and poured himself a cup of water.

Li Yi leaned against the wall and looked at him coldly.

Zhang Junshi glanced at him and said mildly: “It’s the same answer, I will not give in.”

“I won’t either.”

“That’s good, let’s see who can have the last laugh.”



Rewinding time back to an hour ago, Nie Bufan was lying on the bed and the more he thought about it, the more discontent he became. After observing for a few days, there were no clues to be found at all. Everyone seemed suspicious and innocent at the same time.

It wasn’t as if he could ask them one by one, ‘Were you the one to steal me to the cave that night and did ooxx to me all night’?

Since he couldn’t distinguish anything, he decided to wait for the target to appear again. He didn’t believe that guy wouldn’t be showing up again. Stealing could turn into an addiction!

Nie Bufan closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. But this fellow was too carefree as always, and actually fell asleep without knowing it.

Once again, it was that feeling of flying through the clouds and fog.

A pair of big hands ran over his body, and soon they faced each other, bare skin on bare skin.

Under such a brutal and inhumane attack, even the dead would wake up.

When Nie Bufan opened his eyes, he was once again met with darkness.

His legs were wrapped around the man’s waist, and his body rocked rhythmically with the thrusts.

Upon a sudden deepening, he couldn’t help but moan lowly, and Nie Bufan desperately reminded himself in his heart that he should not succumb to lewdness. He must expose the true face of this man.

Nie Bufan endured a wave of pleasure as he stretched out his arms to circle around the man’s neck and lift his upper body laboriously, moving closer to the man’s face.

Unexpectedly, the world suddenly spun. With their bodies still connected, Nie Bufan was turned over with his back to the man.

Nie Bufan beat the ground in annoyance.

His body was penetrated from behind, completely buried inside.


Nie Bufan wanted to cry but he was without tears, this man’s skills got better every time they did it! The first time he was like a virgin cherry boy, the second time he was much more familiar with it, and this time he was practically a battle-tested general. Killing decisively, and even alternating through all kinds of killing styles!

Nie Bufan tried to turn over several times without success, and said angrily: “How long do you plan on doing it for, hurry up! I want to pee!”

The man paused, stretched his hand forward to hold little Nie Bufan, and then changed the position to one of lying on the side……

“It can’t be?” Nie Bufan exclaimed tragically, “Are you helping me pee now?”

The man answered him with a few thrusts.

Nie Bufan had to admit that this man’s fortitude was so extraordinary it was out of this world. It was almost impressive that he could still continue even in this situation.

And this posture……they look like dogs, for heaven’s sake!

“Alright, I won’t pee!” Nie Bufan shouted, “You should turn me over.”

The man turned him over without a word, and they finally faced each other again this time.

Nie Bufan had yet to feel too happy when he was kissed by the man, the agile tongue stirring continuously, while the movements below did not even pause.

Finally, after a fierce succession of thrusts, a stream of heated liquid sprayed deep inside.

The man pressed against Nie Bufan, his lips gently brushing across his skin and causing him to tremble.

Nie Bufan was still panting, his mind blank.

He fumbled over the man’s face in the dark, his fingers slowly tracing the outline of his facial features. The man closed his eyes and his body relaxed.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Nie Bufan gripped his shoulders and suddenly turned them over with him sitting on top. His fingers also made to pinch at his face.

The man grabbed his hand and eyes so brilliant that even the night could not conceal its light stared up at him.

“Who are you?” Nie Bufan asked in a stern voice.

The man also sat up, sitting cross-legged with Nie Bufan in his lap.

He lowered his head and rubbed against Nie Bufan’s neck.

This smell did not belong to Li Yi, Zhang Junshi, Si Chenyu, Li Huai, or Chen Muran.

“Wang Shichan.” There was a faint scent of sandalwood coming from his hair, why hadn’t he noticed it before? Nie Bufan was truly shocked.

“It’s me.” He didn’t deny it.

“Why?” Nie Bufan was a little confused, he didn’t think Wang Shichan would do such a thing at all.

Wang Shichan wrapped his arms around his waist, “That night, you completely expelled the Buddha in my heart and took his place instead. From then on, I could no longer find the peace and tranquillity to chant sutras. You, cannot abandon me.”

Nie Bufan became silent, then silent again.

After a while, he said: “It turns out that you have such an abnormal love for the Buddha, otherwise how can I take the Buddha’s position in your heart.”


Wang Shichan finally experienced first-hand Nie Bufan’s talent for vexing even the gods and Buddhas to death with just the power of his words.

Nie Bufan continued: “Let me tell you, I hold no intentions about you, and I don’t want to commit blasphemy against a monk.”

“I am not a monk.”

“You dare say you have no thoughts of ​​becoming a monk?”

“Before I used to.”


“But you made me change my mind.”

“Don’t, being a monk is a great and noble deed that can accumulate achievements and virtues, you can’t give up halfway.”

“……Actually, I am accumulating ‘gong’ virtue.” (TN: the pronunciation of the Chinese word for achievements is the same as gong lol)

“……” Nie Bufan hadn’t heard anything strange at first. It wasn’t until the thing below was standing upright and poking at him again did he finally get it.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Before he had time to come up with countermeasures, he had already been lifted and then sat directly on it.

“No more……!”

A wail came from the darkness and resounded across the sky.

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