The Cruel Tyrant CH 035 Calculations

Su Mu had been frowning since he returned from the palace.

One hand rested on the table, while the other hand was constantly tapping on the table, completely destroying any princely image to be had.

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As soon as Liu Xi and Yun Feiyu walked in they saw a frowning and sighing Crown Prince. The Crown Prince looked completely different from his usual cold and domineering self. At this moment, he did not look like a Crown Prince of a kingdom but more like a wealthy Gongzi who was still innocent to the ways of the world.

The two walked in together and greeted: “Paying respects to Your Highness.”

Su Mu sat up straight and said, “Rise.”

Liu Xi looked at Su Mu tentatively and asked, “Your Highness, Wu kingdom did not agree to lend troops?”

“No, Wu kingdom has promised to lend 150,000 troops.” Su Mu said.

One hundred and fifty thousand. Standing on the side, Yun Feiyu’s eyes flickered as he looked at Su Mu. He did not expect that the Crown Prince could actually borrow soldiers from Wu kingdom. It had to be said that this was a miracle.

“Since we have succeeded, why is Your Highness still worried?” Liu Xi asked with puzzlement. When those charming phoenix eyes looked at Su Mu, they did not look like they were trying to express confusion but more like trying to seduce the other.

Su Mu felt his heartbeat beginning to quicken so he quickly looked away and said, “Wu kingdom has agreed to lend troops, but the Emperor of Wu wants to marry his princess to me.”

“What?” Liu Xi widened his bright and charming eyes, and asked with some disbelief: “Why? Why would the Emperor of Wu marry his princess to Your Highness?”

After hearing Su Mu’s words, Yun Feiyu felt himself going stiff. He also looked at Su Mu, not understanding why the Emperor of Wu wanted to marry his princess to the Crown Prince.

Generally speaking, princesses would only be sent off for a political marraige when her kingdom was defeated and needed to seek peace or the national strength of her kingdom was not as powerful as other kingdoms. After all, what parent would be willing for their daughter to marry far away, the distance making it difficult to recieve news on her health or situation.

Facing the two pairs of puzzled eyes, Su Mu could only shake his head and said: “I also don’t know why?” Then he said to the two of them: “You two help me figure out a way, how can I refuse the “goodwill” of the Emperor of Wu.”

Su Mu gritted his teeth. He really wanted to violently beat up the old meddlesome man that was Emperor of Wu.

Yun Feiyu smiled slightly and said: “Why refuse? Marriage with Wu kingdom is something that many other kingdoms cannot even hope for.”

Su Mu glanced at him and said, “When did you see me touch a woman?”

Indeed, in the past few years, the men in the Crown Prince’s harem have come and gone, but as for women, not even a single hair was seen.

Yun Feiyu said: “But you will be the Emperor in the future, how can there be no Empress? If it is Wu kingdom……”

Su Mu raised an eyebrow and looked at Yun Feiyu in the manner of a disreputable rake: “Who said that there is no Empress, I think you are quite good for the role.” Then he turned his head and looked at the shocked Liu Xi and said: “What about you, would you like to be my Empress?”

Liu Xi’s face blushed, and he glared at Su Mu, appearing even more charming and alluring in his embarrassment, and said, “Your Highness, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Su Mu was just making a joke. To establish a male Empress, wasn’t this the same as finding trouble for himself? When the time came, he could just leave the position empty.

Su Mu, who felt like electricity had ran through his body at Liu Xi’s glare, hurriedly changed the subject: “If I marry the princess, wouldn’t it hurt her? If she returns to the Wu kingdom to complain, what will happen? No benefits to be had yet the trouble keeps coming.”

Don’t know why but when they heard that the Crown Prince did not intend to marry the princess of the Wu kingdom, the two of them secretly let out relieved sighs.

Liu Xi secretly thought that if the princess really married the Crown Prince, he would definitely not give that princess even one chance to see the Crown Prince.

“Your Highness, why not let the princess marry Yun Gongzi.” Liu Xi suggested sincerely: “Look, Yun Gongzi is both talented and handsome. And if you give Yun Gongzi a higher official position wouldn’t he be a perfect match for the princess?”

Su Mu looked at Yun Feiyu, and thought that while the first half was correct, but the second half……he really wanted to knock some sense into Liu Xi. How could the Emperor of Wu marry his princess to a ‘male pet’.

Liu Xi saw Su Mu’s concerns so he smiled: “Your Highness, you don’t know how much Yun Gongzi was loved by women in the past. In the past, Yun Gongzi’s carriage used to be filled with flowers thrown by women every time he went out to the streets……”

Su Mu looked at Yun Feiyu’s extraordinarily handsome face, and completely believed Liu Xi’s words.

When Liu Xi saw that Su Mu seem convinced, he immediately added: “Your Highness, if the princess sees Yun Gongzi, she will definitely fall in love with him.”

Su Mu nodded, there was a 90% probability.

Liu Xi ignored Yun Feiyu’s gradually cooling smile and said: “Your Highness, why not let them meet.”

“But, can this work?” Su Mu was slightly conflicted. The other was, after all, considered to belong to him, and he felt a little bit reluctant.

Liu Xi had been observing Su Mu the whole time, so naturally he saw the hesitation on his face. Pretending not to see it, he continued to persuade: “How can you know if you don’t try. It would be best if the princess fslls in love with him, but if it doesn’t work, we can always think of another solution. In any case, there will be no loss on our side.”

Su Mu nodded and looking at Yun Feiyu, he asked: “What do you think?”

Although he asked, Su Mu didn’t really want to hear a positive answer. When all was said and done, Yun Feiyu was someone who had intimate contact with him. Him just giving the other to another woman, just what was that considered as?

Unexpectedly, Yun Feiyu looked at Su Mu with a smile and said: “I will follow Your Highness’s orders.”

Su Mu’s face became stiff, then his expression darkened and he said: “Fine, so be it, I will find a way for you to meet the princess.”

After returning to the room, Su Mu tossed and turned on the bed and couldn’t fall asleep. The thought that kept bothering him was why should he give up his man to others.

Su Mu was not a pretentious person. He knew that he had a good impression of Yun Feiyu. Although it cannot be considered to be love or affection, but having to reluctantly send his belonging away caused him to feel quite unhappy. Even if he wasn’t in love with the other, he still felt sullen.

As he couldn’t sleep, Su Mu simply got up from the bed and put on a piece of clothing before going out and knocking on Yun Feiyu’s door.

The wooden door was gently opened, and the cold moonlight shone down on Yun Feiyu’s face. He smiled gently, like the queen of the night flower that only bloomed at night.

“Your Highness, why are you here?” Because he got up in a hurry, he just wore an outer robe like Su Mu, revealing a flawless white chest.

Su Mu strode into his room, looked at him and asked seriously: “Do you really want to marry the princess?”

Yun Feiyu closed the door and turned to look at Su Mu. He smiled: “As a subject, I naturally have to help Your Highness with difficulties, but how can the princess compare to His Highness?”

When Su Mu heard that a small, smug smile appeared on his face unconsciously. And as he walked towards the door he said: “Okay, I’m going back, and you should also rest early.”

Suddenly, a warm feeling came from his hand, and Yun Feiyu’s elegant voice sounded behind him: “Since Your Highness is here, why not stay.”

A tinge of red appeared on Su Mu’s face, and while his integrity told him to go quickly, his feet however, seemed to have taken root.

The soft touch on his cheeks gradually moved to his lips, and Su Mu felt his breathing becoming rapid and his temperature rising. The handsome jade-like face was so close in proximity, but no blemish could be detected.

A warm, wet feeling pressed against his lips, and Su Mu opened his mouth slightly while closing his eyes at the same time.

Feeling his waist being hugged, Su Mu trembled slightly. The two heated bodies pressed closer to each other, and both could clearly feel each other’s desires.

Yun Feiyu pulled Su Mu to the bed and gently let down the veilings. After taking off Su Mu’s outer robe he slowly pressed down onto him.

The already dim candlelight was blocked further by a layer of veil. Su Mu could only see the other’s outline and as a result, the senses sharpened and his body became more sensitive. Feather-like kisses fell on his neck and shoulders, and Su Mu couldn’t help but shiver. Breathing harshly, he said, “Don’t be like this.”

“Ngh……let go!”

Yun Feiyu let him go obediently, and looked down at Su Mu’s misty eyes. He couldn’t help but feel a throbbing in his heart, and he slowly leaned down again to kiss Su Mu’s moist, red lips.

The slender fingers dexterously slipped into Su Mu’s clothes where they busily stroked the smooth skin, before they then grasped the hard desire between Su Mu’s legs.

Su Mu gasped, grasping firmly onto Yun Feiyu’s shoulders, brows furrowed, “Hurry up.”

It’s just that this time Yun Feiyu didn’t listen to him. He kissed the corner of Su Mu’s mouth and coaxed, “Your Highness, don’t be anxious.”

The hand moved unhurriedly while the other hand took off the only piece of clothing left on Su Mu.

The alluring body gently twisted under him, and charming gasps sounded in his ears. The always gentle and smiling face became expressionless, but flames burned deep in his eyes.

Yun Feiyu released his grip to take off and throw his own clothes aside, and the two faced each other completely naked.

Su Mu, who had been enjoying the other’s pleasuring, frowned with dissatisfaction at the momentary loss and looked down his body.

His attention was soon caught, however, when he got an accidental glimpse of the thick hardness between Yun Feiyu’s legs.

He was clearly a weak scholar, so why was he so big? Su Mu squeezed the head of the arrogant looking thing with displeasure.

Yun Feiyu gasped and grabbed onto Su Mu’s leaving hand, pressing it back onto himself.

Su Mu blushed as he held it compliantly. It felt completely different from when he held himself. It felt harder and hotter.

Yun Feiyu endured the pleasure coming from below, and fiery palms grasped at Su Mu’s slender and firm waist. Gradually, they slid down, only stopping when they reached that place of ecstasy. Gently, he rubbed at the opening.

Su Mu was pressed up close to Yun Feiyu’s heated body, feeling the heat from the object in his hand. All of this caused his mouth to feel a little dry. Especially when he felt himself being stretched open, Su Mu couldn’t help but call out softly.

Yun Feiyu inserted his fingers deeper, and Su Mu’s whole body softened, but still his arms clung tightly to the person on top of him as he breathed heavily.

Yun Feiyu looked at the extremely compliant person in his arms with dark eyes, and could no longer endure it anymore. He took out his fingers and pressed down on Su Mu, eagerly opening Su Mu’s legs while holding his own hard desire, rubbing it against the entrance briefly before slowly but firmly pressing in. Su Mu bit his lip, and grasped Yun Feiyu’s strong arms with both hands. Because of the slow entry, the feeling of being stretched was more obvious.

Lips were kissed bright red and moisture gathered at the corners of his eyes. He looked like a weak and delicate young man who one could do whatever one pleased with.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The people of Qing could never even dream of thinking that their frightening Crown Prince would lie obediently under a man and let himself be fiercely and passionately made love to.

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  1. Finally i see Yun Feiyu falling in love with Sumu but still denial hahahaha. Are u think Sumu mono coz before he only sleep in one man, but coz he escape with familly now only sleep with Yun Feiyu. Hmmmm. Thank u sooo much for ur hard work 🥰

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