After Becoming The Tyrant CH 012 Enemy Attack On A Devilish Night

The Devil stood still.

The sky suddenly darkened very quickly.

A moment ago, the dark red setting sun had bathed the world in blood, but now thick black clouds swept across everything in sight. The seal on the North Land was opened, and the cold slashed across the earth like a knife, sending sand and rocks flying, and sounding like the wailing of ghosts.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The night in the Middle Ages belonged to the Devil, to the grotesque, and to all the scariest and darkest things one could imagine.

If there was any unlucky person wandering in the wilderness at this time, the howling of wild wolves mixed into the wailing of the wind was enough to scare him into liver failure. Not to mention the other hideous things that gradually appeared in the darkness.

The hooting of owls that sounded strangely mocking, came from far away. If one stretched his vision a little bit further, one would witness scenes that would make even the saints tremble——the graves in the wild opened one after another, and wrapped skeletal remains crawled out of them in staggering steps.

They came towards the place where the Devil was standing, like a group of wolves seduced by the smell of blood.

——To be precise, they were coming towards the direction where the King had left. The Devil just happened to stand on the line that they must pass when chasing after their prey.


The Devil seemed to think of something.

“Today is the day when Saint Val died……the scene of her chest being pierced by bones seems to have happened just yesterday.”

If any priest heard him mention the ‘Death of Saint Val’ in such a casual tone, he would definitely be shocked and angered. In the war between darkness and light that swept through the world a thousand years ago, the Holy Lord’s favored one, the pure white Saint Val fell and her blood stained the silver holy emblem.

All the dark creatures rejoiced on the day of her death.

Since then, the believers mourned their saint sadly on September 23. And witches, werewolves, vampires……they would hold a grand gathering of dark crearures on the top of the hills. [1]

This was a long, long time ago, but when spoken from the Devil’s mouth, it was as if he had been personally present at the time, and even played an extraordinary role.

“It really is a good day.”

The Devil rejoiced, holding the scarlet rose in his hand, beaming as if he was about to attend a ball with his lover.

He was in such a good mood, so good that he even bestowed an amiable smile to the visitors behind: “Good evening everyone, welcome to this humble stage.”

Alas, even the most enthusiastic castle lord would not be more courteous than him when welcoming guests.

What could be called a “guest” by the Devil was not something that could step into the holy grounds of the church:

The night wandering ladies rode wild beasts, traveling a long way from deep in the darkness. They worshiped the moon goddess, the mistress of the night, Diana. The black robed monks followed behind a giant man, and to the left of the giant man was a knight of death holding a black flag. The half-human and half-bird Madame Pomfeller groomed her wings. There were faint shadows of werewolves traveling from the north……

Like the half-decayed corpses in the graves, these dark creatures with high intelligence tracked the trail by smelling the scent of the darkness.

Ordinary people, priests, astrologers……they couldn’t smell that scent, only the existences in the dark could smell it. It was a wonderful, sweet, bloody smell that was enough to drive them crazed.

It was certainly not the smell of ordinary people, or those damned priests. To the dark creatures, their blood had a scent equivalent to the stinky gutters on the roadside. But this bloody smell was so sweet that it reminded them of the beautiful era when darkness ruled the continent a thousand years ago.

It was like the most magnificent red rose.

The bloody scent only spread a little but during this special time today, many who caught the scent have already arrived from far away.

“It’s a pity that the time is not ripe, otherwise I would invited you to convey your greetings to my old friends.”

The Devil held the rose in his hand and bowed apologetically to the “guests” who gathered.

His “guests” were simply bewildered to the extreme.

They looked at each other. Most of the dark creatures near Truu City and Moon River Fortress knew each other. Then they looked at the strange Devil standing on the hill together, as if none of them recognized him.

The half-human and half-bird Madame Pomfeller examined the handsome and luxurious appearance of this Devil. Her nose and nails had already turned back to beak and claws. At this time, she groomed her feathers gracefully with her pointed beak and then asked in a shrill voice: “Where do you come from, strange Devil? I haven’t seen a Devil like you in a long time……goodness, your kind is really unlikable.”

The giant man who lead the black robed monks was much more concise.

He snarled coarsely: “Get out of the way Devil, don’t hinder us from hunting for souls. Get out of the way, Devil. I don’t care where you come from, either join us and tear up that rarest crimson soul or be torn to shreds by us……or could it be you want to enjoy the feast alone?”

The Devil stood upright on the hill, straightening up from his slight bow.

Faced with the giant man’s vigilance, the Devil paused for a moment, and then he let out a loud and unbridled laugh.

The laughter became louder and louder, each note permeated through with such a strong evil it felt almost tangible.

The giant man angrily took the huge hammer from his back which was covered with dripping blood.

The laughter of the Devil suddenly disappeared.

Still holding the red rose, anger had swept his eyes when just a second ago he had been bursting with laughter.

——On this point, the Devil’s mercurial nature was a match for His Majesty the King who signed a contract with him.

“I don’t have the habit of sharing my treasure with others. Maggots.”

He said coldly.

“His soul belongs to me alone.”

The Devil announced.

The heavy rain poured down without warning.


Their King’s temper was worse than ever.

The people in the negotiating mission became aware of this.

The victory in the negotiations with Bressi did not make the King feel any happier. Ignoring the exhaustion of everyone, he ordered the convoy to rush back to the castle as soon as possible, before dark.

The negotiation site was located between the Moon River Fortress and Truu City, and it was indeed possible if they moved at full speed.

However, no one thought that the sky would darken so quickly.

The sky was still blood red a moment ago, but in the next moment it was stained with black, so dark that it could drip ink. Not only that, but there was a strong wind that froze one down to the bones, and everyone began shaking involuntarily. In this damn weather, even if they didn’t leave the camp, they would still meet with bad luck.

Any tent would be blown to the sky in the face of this strong wind.

Abnormal weather, thick darkness……all of this caused strong anxiety to grow in their hearts.

The Master of the Households lit a lamp for the King, and the armored knights lit torches. The wind was really too strong, although the torches were treated with special methods and as a result were not directly blown out, but the fire was so small that it was no better than matches.

The horses kicked their front hoofs frequently, and snorted through their noses one after another uncomfortably.

——It was as if a hole to hell had opened.

The Master of the Households couldn’t help but think so.

The King was sitting in the carriage. Although he was wearing a thick and warm cloak, his face was paler than anyone else. His head started to hurt, as if a knife was scraping the insides repeatedly……he didn’t know if this was a side effect of rebirth or an old problem he had originally.

The Master of the Households asked him what they should do next.

The King leaned his back on the cold metal carriage and answered calmly.

His pretense at normality was so perfect that no one could pick up anything unusual from him.

Under the King’s order, everyone pulled out their weapons and moved forward vigilantly. Although they didn’t know why the King was so wary, in this situation, there was nothing wrong with having more caution. May the Lord bless them who wander in the dark.

Tonight was the death of Saint Val. The Lord was angry and sad because of the fall of his beloved.

Tonight, He would not bless the mundane.


The convoy climbed up a small hill with difficulty, and the experienced knight commander suddenly felt a chill rise from his spine. He didn’t have time to think about the reason, and immediately raised his shield.

His voice was ripped apart by the wind.

Amidst the noise of people and horses, the sound of sharp arrows breaking through the air was ear-piercing.

“Enemy attack!!!”

The knights shouted loudly. They gathered at the forefront of the convoy at the first sign and erected their hard shields, forming a defensive wall in an instant.


Arrows hit the shield one by one, the iron arrows colliding with the iron shields and making a series of metallic sounds.

Everyone should thank the wind that had caused them so much difficulty earlier! They happened to be upwind, whereas the enemy had to pull their bows and shoot arrows against the wind. If it hadn’t been for the wind cutting the speed and strength of the iron arrows by more than 40%, they would definitely have suffered casualties at this time.

Who was it?

Shock and fright swept through everyone’s hearts.

Who was it? Who set up an ambush here? Who was so bold as to try and kill Legrand’s King?

The only one that had long been anticipating this was probably only the King himself.

Practically the instant when he heard the noise, the King immediately grabbed the sword and horse whip beside him and jumped out of the carriage. The Master of the Households paled with fright at his unexpected behavior. The King was not in the mood to pay attention to him. He grabbed his own horse, and mounted on the saddle.

“Your Majesty!”

The Master of the Households felt that he was going crazy.

The arrows stopped.

The enemy also discovered that their plan had failed. In such a strong wind, any arrow attack was just a joke. They stopped their futile action.

The King drove his horse past the convoy and went to his knights.

A flash of lightning tore open the black sky.

The world became illuminated at this moment, and all things revealed their true colors under the cold whiteness.

The King saw his enemy.

Under the hills, the withered grass was blown to press down on the ground by the wind. Across a wetland, a group of terrifying cavalry was lit up by the lightning.

He heard the voice of the Master of the Households trembling slightly behind him: “Gu……Gulundi Cavalry!”

In the pale light of the lightning, the heavy cavalry appeared like a dark cloud of shadows. They had on the most exquisite armor on both sides of the Abyss Strait. They were the most terrifying cavalry. They sat on powerful, tall horses that had on heavy armor as well. On their backs were bow and arrows and in their hands were chilling cavalry spears.

Their breastplates glowed brightly.

They were descendants of the maritime barbarians who invaded the Western Continent in the 12th century before.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The world suddenly began to snow.

The King and his enemies stood facing each other across the distance.

AN: [1] reference taken from Night of Walpurgis

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  1. No way, the Devil has only appeared twice and he is already the death of me, I can’t with this two characters!!!
    (Why is our King always meeting ambushes on the road? T T, give him a time to breath, please!)
    Thanks for the chapter ^^!!!

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  2. Oho, so our ML is not The Devil (aka the Archfiend), but a Devil, since those dark creatures don’t know him? Or is the ML the Prince of Darkness in disguise? He seems far to sure of his ability to subdue the crowd of dark creatures… Now I’m all curious 😉
    And what with the ambush? Did that Baron Sheehan betray the king? I’ve been kinda suspicious of him since the character was first introduced (・_・;)
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  3. Thanks for the chapter! This chapter started to unveil a bit more about how complex the novel is, with the countless creatures of dark beside numerous human enemies that the King has, and a story that pans until thousand years back. The novel ended well, it make really curious what will happen next.

    While i was reading this novel, i tought of Zhao Ge, another novel i`m currently reading writed by this author too, and i tough this novel is as complex as Zhao Ge, the author really like to write multiple intricate plots, the only difference is the genre. I like Zhao Ge more, because i like the cultivation genre more than this setting, I like historical novels too, and this novel can be consider a western historical novel, but i still prefer pure chinese historical genre, so they are moments when i get lost in all the terms, titles and describings in the novel, but i still understand the big picture of what it happens, and the storytelling is as good Zhao Ge.

    I checked what novel was writed and released first, and Zhao Ge was the first, so the author did has experience in writing other novel before After becoming the tyrant, thus i thinlk the author might have difficulty with the genre, or this novel has the potential to be liked by people who like more the western setting, as i think by making the novel set in western historical setting can turn off a lot of people, and make the novel has more of a limited numbers of people.
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    1. Yes, i do have plans for tling a cultivation novel! I also adore cultivation, but as you said the cultivation novels can indeed be challenging. Hopefully, by the time i finish bird dude and cruel tyrant i feel more confident about starting one😉

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