The Cruel Tyrant CH 036 Trickery

At the other end of Lingyun Pavilion, Liu Xi leaned against a chair with a dark face. Just awhile ago he had accidentally saw the shadow of two overlapping figures at the window of Yun Feiyu’s room. At that time, all he wished to do was to tear up that gentle face.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lan Lan, who got up in the middle of the night, saw that the light in her son’s room was still on so she walked over to take a look.

Seeing that her son seemed to be shrouded by dark clouds, she couldn’t help but ask worriedly: “Xiao Xi, what’s wrong?”

He had been fantasizing on how to use the torture methods he learned before on Yun Feiyu. It was not until Lan Lan spoke did he realize that Lan Lan had even arrived in front of him.

Liu Xi hurriedly got up and supported Lan Lan to sit down in a chair. He asked, “Mother, why aren’t you resting at this late hour?”

Lan Lan looked at her son’s beautiful face that could bring calamity to a country and the people, and sighed slightly: “Is it because of the Crown Prince?”

Liu Xi turned away slightly and denied: “No, don’t think too much.”

“Xiao Xi……” Lan Lan called him softly, her slender white fingers stroked Liu Xi’s cheeks and her eyes gradually moistened.

Liu Xi took Lan Lan’s hand and felt a slight pain in his heart: “Mother, what’s wrong, don’t cry.”

“Xiao Xi, the Crown Prince is the future Emperor, and the harem will always be there. If you want to stay with him, then don’t fall in love with him. But you have such a face, if you don’t stay with the Crown Prince, the best thing to do would be to destroy it. Don’t follow in my fate.”

Liu Xi looked at Lan Lan with red eyes: “Mother, I know. It’s late now, go back and rest.”

Lan Lan nodded and said: “You have to make a decision as soon as possible. Either leave as soon as possible, or become someone the Crown Prince can’t replace.”

“I know, mother.”

Lan Lan took a deep look at Liu Xi, then sighed lightly and walked away.

After watching Lan Lan leave, Liu Xi closed the door and paced irritably in the room.

Su Mu woke up in the morning light, and when he opened his eyes, he saw Yun Feiyu’s face very close to his.

The next thing he felt was his energetic little brother in close contact with the other’s equally energetic little brother.

Su Mu moved slightly, and then he felt the weight of a person on his body. In the next moment, all that could be heard was the creaking from the rather old wooden bed underneath them.

After exercising for half an hour in the morning, Su Mu got out of bed with a ruddy face.

This lifestyle could not be any healthier.

In the end, Su Mu decided to go see the princess by himself. Of course he could not let others take advantage of his own man.

In the Crown Prince’s palace of Wu kingdom, Sun Hongyu led Su Mu to the backyard with a smile on his face.

Su Mu said goodbye to Sun Hongyu with a fake smile, and followed the maid through the backyard of the Crown Prince’s palace.

A slender figure stood quietly in the drizzle, like a graceful rose in full bloom under the light rain. Su Mu lightly walked over, his voice softened out of respect for a lady: “Greetings to the princess, I am Su Mochi.”

Hongyun turned around. A thin veil covered her face, and a slight smile appeared at the corners of her mouth: “Hongyun, also greets the Crown Prince.”

Her voice was like the drizzling rain falling outside the pavilion, gentle but cool.

Su Mu truly felt pity for Wu kingdom’s blind nobles. Although the princess had some flaws, her bearing left those beautiful but vacuous women in the dust.

If it weren’t for him not having the heart to ruin the life of such a good girl, Su Mu really wouldn’t mind marrying the princess back to be the Empress. It would even save that group of old bastards from the imperial court the trouble of always thinking of throwing women at him.

The clear tea poured out from the long spout, and Su Mu looked at the elegant princess, not knowing how to open his mouth.

After all, for an ancient woman, such a rejection was tantamount to an insult, especially since she also had flaws. Her self-esteem would only be stronger.

Hongyun saw that Su Mu was embarrassed and smiled softly: “Your Highness doesn’t need to worry, I’ve been used to it for so many years.”

Su Mu smiled and said: “The princess is so extraordinary, how could a small flaw conceal that fact? It is that group of mortals who do not know to recognize a pearl. The princess need not pay them any heed.”

Princess Hongyun covered her lips and smiled lightly: “His Highness is really charming.”

Su Mu raised an eyebrow and said: “It is my honor to be praised by the princess.”

Princess Hongyun chuckled softly: “His Highness is here to ask me to persuade the Emperor to dispel the idea of ​​marriage.”

Su Mu said formally: “I must trouble the princess.”

“His Highness is too polite, it’s just a small matter. Besides, I also have something to ask Your Highness for help.” Princess Hongyun said.

Su Mu looked at her and asked, “What is it?”

“I want to leave the kingdom of Wu.” Princess Hongyun said.

“Why?” Su Mu wondered, how could a defenseless woman survive in this troubled world after leaving the kingdom of Wu?

Hongyun’s eyes were a little sad, and she said, “I want to find someone in Shi kingdom.”

Su Mu frowned and said: “Shi kingdom and Wu kingdom are enemies, if they discover that you are a princess of Wu……”

Su Mu didn’t finish speaking, but his unspoken words were quite clear. He didn’t believe that with the cleverness of Princess Hongyun, she would not be able to understand what kind of consequences might befall her if her identity was discovered.

But Princess Hongyun was unexpectedly determined about this, and Su Mu had no choice but to promise he would try his best.

After leaving, Su Mu suddenly remembered that the current Emperor of Shi kingdom seemed to have come to the Wu kingdom as a political hostage when he was younger. He wondered if the princess’s visit to Shi kingdom was related to this matter. (TN: princes were often sent to be held as a hostage in a neighbouring state in ancient China)

Shaking his head, Su Mu walked to Sun Hongyu’s study. Emperor Wu gave Sun Hongyu the responsibility for the lending of soldiers, and Sun Haoran, who would be leading the troops to Qing kingdom, was also present.

The three discussed for nearly half the day. Because of Su Mu’s persistence, it was finally determined that Su Mu would first leave with 50,000 troops back to Qing kingdom tomorrow. Because the other troops were stationed farther away, they decided that Sun Haoran would lead the remaining troops to Qing kingdom in four days, which was only later than Su Mu by three days.

In the evening, Su Mu received a strange letter stating that they knew Huang Xuan’s whereabouts.

Su Mu held the letter with dark eyes. Searching for Huang Xuan had been going on in secret. Only Su Mu and his hidden guards knew the complete details. Perhaps Yun Feiyu, Liu Xi and the others might have guessed something.

Who would be the sender? And even requesting that he arrive to the outskirts of the city by himself at night. Although he knew it might be a trap, Su Mu still decided to make the trip.

Night came, the moon was on a vacation, and the stars occupied the sky.

Su Mu came to the outskirts by himself according to the designated route.

In a valley, a tranquil villa with only a small candle lit inside could be seen, appearing rather gloomy and sinister.

Su Mu pushed open the blood-red wooden door and walked in slowly. As he passed by the white gauze hanging from the pillars, it really felt like a horror movie.

Su Mu frowned and continued to move forward. Who loved playing such tricks so much?

Suddenly a touch of white flashed in front of Su Mu, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Su Mu glanced at the place where the white shadow disappeared and continued to move forward.

A petal fell from the sky, followed by even more petals falling through the air. They fell on Su Mu like a flower rain.

The scent of flowers permeated the air. Su Mu raised his head and looked upwards, the pink petals landing on Su Mu’s cheeks.

Suddenly, a pair of sturdy arms wrapped themselves around Su Mu’s waist, but they were immediately shaken off by Su Mu’s internal force.

A swiftly moving white shadow appeared in front of Su Mu.

“Ye Qingfeng?” Su Mu looked at the man in exquisite and luxurious white robes in front of him in surprise. What made Su Mu speechless even more was that this guy even wore a white jade crown on his head, two long white satin hair ribbons trailing down behind him.

The overall package wasn’t too bad.

“Are you planning on going to a blind date.” Dressed in such a flashy manner, no matter how Su Mu looked at it he still felt displeased.

Ye Qingfeng had a wicked smile on his face as his eyes swept over Su Mu’s slender body. With an ambiguous and suggestive tone: “Darling, did you miss me at night?”

No matter how gorgeous and exquisite the clothes were, they still couldn’t conceal the innate nature of a rogue.

Su Mu ignored his nonsense and asked: “You know the whereabouts of Huang Xuan.”

Ye Qingfeng pulled at the clothes on him with discomfort, revealing a muscled, tan chest. With fiery eyes he stared at Su Mu’s red lips and said: “Kiss me, and I’ll tell you.”

Su Mu snorted and turned away.

What kind of nonsense was this? This Ye fellow was indeed unreliable.

Ye Qingfeng cursed secretly, hurriedly pulling up the sleeve that was dragging to the ground up his arm. In the next moment, he had moved to Su Mu, wanting to place his salted pig’s hand on the other.

But then recalling that he couldn’t beat Su Mu, he could only withdraw his hand sheepishly: “It’s dark already. Let’s go inside and I’ll tell you.”

Su Mu glanced coldly at Ye Qingfeng, this fellow that practically had his desire to strip him off right that moment written on his face, and walked into the house.

But as soon as he entered the door, Su Mu’s ankle was suddenly entangled by iron chains emerging from the side. Of course, the two chains couldn’t hold Su Mu, but at the same time that Su Mu broke the chain with his palm——

Ye Qingfeng suddenly shot out a hand and pressed on Su Mu’s pressure point. He then lifted the motionless Su Mu up into his arms and walked towards the big bed covered with red silk sheets.

Su Mu lay in Ye Qingfeng’s arms, looking at Ye Qingfeng’s handsome face he said coldly: “Let go of me.”

Ye Qingfeng put Su Mu down on the bright red bed and said, “I won’t.” At the same time, he squeezed hard at Su Mu’s tight buttocks.

Su Mu’s entire face became distorted from the pain that shot up from his buttocks, and he yelled, “Ye Qingfeng, you are looking for death!”

Ye Qingfeng violently tore open Su Mu’s clothes, and said, “I plan to die making love to you tonight.”

Feeling that he was stripped completely naked, Su Mu’s face turned blue in anger: “F**k, Ye Qingfeng, f**k your ancestors.”

Ye Qingfeng quickly stripped himself as well, and said in a manner lacking of any morals: “You can f**k my ancestors, and I’ll f**k you.”

That beautiful body was enough to make anyone get a nosebleed. He stared at Su Mu’s slender and flawless body, wishing to swallow it whole immediately. Seeing him pull out a small jar from the bedside, Su Mu’s face turned black.

He only used this stuff last night.

Ye Qingfeng spread Su Mu’s legs rudely, dug out a large wad of snow-white cream from the jar and applied it to Su Mu’s behind.

The cold feeling caused Su Mu to tremble a bit, and then he felt a thick, hot object squeezing in.

This body had done this with Ye Qingfeng before, so Su Mu didn’t feel as opposed to it as he had thought. His breathing became a little heavy, and he began to feel arousal. Still, the squeeze was a little rough and he would definitely be feeling sore there. And he still had a long travel on the road waiting for him tomorrow!

“Ye Qingfeng! Lighter dammit, it hurts to death!”

Ye Qingfeng turned a deaf ear and continued to squeeze inside, breathing heavily, and said, “You had another inserted here yesterday, but I almost died from getting no relief these past few months. Let me feel good first.”

The large head finally squeezed in, and instantly two gasps echoed in the room. Ye Qingfeng’s was from pleasure, while Su Mu’s was from pain.

Su Mu was lying on the bed and couldn’t even move his fingers. He could only feel that thing still squeezing in. He gritted his teeth angrily: “Dammit, Ye Qingfeng, I’m going to cripple your thing.”

Ye Qingfeng pressed Su Mu’s legs wider with both hands: “If you cripple me, where can you find such a thick and long fellow to serve you, huh?”

Saying so, he pushed it in hard. Watching himself going in and out Su Mu’s body, and seeing Su Mu’s blushing face showing both pain and pleasure, his desire became even more aroused, suddenly swelling thicker and harder.

Then after a few vigorous and excited thrusts, he shot everything deep inside.

Damn, he even dared to shoot inside. Su Mu wanted nothing more than to cut off his thing and stir fry it.

Su Mu’s face was dark and he opened his mouth to ridicule: “Impotence is a disease, hurry up and get treatment.”

After saying this, Su Mu immediately regretted it after a quarter of an hour later.

The hard thing was inserted again, and there was a slight pain coming from the two spots on his chest, but more of it was pleasure, and he couldn’t help but let out moans.

Ye Qingfeng pushed in harder, sucking Su Mu’s sensitive neck while saying: “Darling, I will let you know that the word impotence has nothing to do with me!”

In the first half of the night, Su Mu could still curse out this beast. In the second half of the night, Ye Qingfeng unlocked his pressure point, but he could barely even lift his eyelids.

The bright red silk sheets were crumpled and twisted, and white liquid stained everywhere. It was a scene that could cause people to blush and their heartbeats to rise at just a glance.


As the army of the Wu Kingdom passed by, naturally none of the small kingdoms dared to block them, and the road was extremely smooth and obstacle free.

However, Su Mu’s journey was not so smooth, and Ye Qingfeng would appear in Su Mu’s carriage like a ghost when it was late at night.

In the first few days, Su Mu still had the energy to fight with him. After a few days, Su Mu didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and directly have the army surround his carriage. Now not even a mosquito could fly in, let alone Ye Qingfeng.

When Liu Xi, with a food box, lifted the curtain, he saw a tired looking Crown Prince reading the latest battle report.

Seeing the faint shadow under the Crown Prince’s eyes, he squinted his own slightly, and then came to the Crown Prince as if nothing had happened. He set the tableware and chopsticks elegantly, and said to Su Mu: “Your Highness, please eat something before going back to reading.”

After Su Mu finished eating, the maid cleaned it up in the blink of an eye.

Liu Xi’s jade-like fingers massaged Su Mu’s shoulders with moderate force. He narrowed his phoenix eyes and spoke seductively into Su Mu’s ear with a low voice: “Your Highness, you haven’t had a good rest for a few days. Let chen accompany you tonight.”

Su Mu’s face was originally very beautiful, and when lying quietly on the gorgeous silk blankets he appeared even more like a perfect jade sculpture.

Listening to Su Mu’s shallow breathing and watching Su Mu furrowing his brows slightly as a moan occasionally flowed out of his lips, a dark glow suddenly flashed in Liu Xi’s eyes. The hand pressed against Su Mu’s waist lost control and squeezed Su Mu.

Su Mu gasped. He opened his eyes and glanced at Liu Xi. Liu Xi was also startled. Due to the Crown Prince’s past violence, he hurriedly knelt down and said, “Your Highness, please forgive me!”

Su Mu raised his hand and said: “Forget it, go down and call Shi Yan.”

After speaking, Su Mu leaned against the pillow and closed his eyes again to order his thoughts. They would arrive in Qing kingdom in half a month. Dealing with the rebels was no problem, and other small kingdoms were not a concern. But against the Shi kingdom, even the Wu kingdom’s army only had a small chance of winning. This made Su Mu very troubled.

Liu Xi lowered his head and glanced at the Crown Prince secretly, thinking in his heart that the Crown Prince should not be angry with him. Otherwise, would he still be kneeling here intact?

“Yes, Your Highness.” Liu Xi replied in a low voice and withdrew from the carriage.

The footsteps were as light as the sound of mosquitoes and ants, and ordinary people could not have detected it. But they couldn’t escape Su Mu’s ears. He opened his eyes, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Martial arts was really a good thing.

“Shi Yan pays respects to Your Highness.”

Su Mu straightened his clothes, and the curtain of the carriage was lifted. He looked at Shi Yan who was kneeling on the ground and said: “Rise, have you received any news from the imperial city.”

Shi Yan got up and handed over the letter he had brought with him, saying: “Your Highness, a letter from Lord Lin.”

Su Mu took the letter handed over and unfolded the yellowish letter paper. After reading a few lines, his eyes suddenly became cold, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, “Sure enough, some people have been idle for too long. ‘The tyrant brings calamity, administer the will of the heavens, and choose a sage master……’ Hmmph! A tyrant, huh?”

“Shi Yan, write back to Lin Siyuan, all those who have solid evidence against them shall be executed, and those that are suspicious or their charges have yet to be cleared shall be dispatched to Yishan for mining. In addition, have a few people pretend to be rebel spies and create a few lifelike murders in the imperial city and then guide public opinion. Oh, and find me an old man with a kind and dignified face, who is knowledgeable and intelligent, and have him come see me.”

Kind, dignified, knowledgeable, and intelligent……old man……

The soldiers in the surrounding area lowered their heads silently, concealing various indescribable expressions on their faces.

Su Mu’s mouth twitched, and he pulled down the curtain and returned to the carriage.

Shi Yan raised his head, and his respectful eyes when facing Su Mu suddenly became sharp after Su Mu disappeared behind the curtain. He looked around and said coldly: “Do what you should do. Thinking too much will cut your life short.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The surrounding soldiers in iron armor felt their hearts tremble and they hurriedly emptied the disrespectful thoughts in their heads, standing guard with full concentration.

Shi Yan glanced at them coldly before he walked away.

It’s just that a kind and dignified old man, where on earth could he find one?

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