After Becoming The Tyrant CH 013 The King’s First Battle

The Gulundi heavy cavalry, descendants of the sea barbarians, were shadows wandering on this earth.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

They often appear as mercenaries on the fringes of battlefields among various countries.

The effect of the arrow attacks had been lost and their whereabouts had been exposed, so the Gulundi heavy cavalry no longer hid themselves.

The heavy cavalry re-hooked the large bows on their backs. They carried a heavy and frightening iron spear in one hand and did not rush to charge. Between them and the negotiating team was a small wetland. They dispersed and circled around the edge of the wetland.

They drew closer without any hurry, and they stood apart from each other enough to use their spears without stabbing their companions in the heat of battle by accident. It was also to put psychological pressure on their prey.

Of course they didn’t need to rush to launch an offense.

Ordinary war horses simply could not match the war horses of Gulundi. In front of the Gulundi heavy cavalry fleeing would only lead to one’s end even more quickly. But fighting was also tantamount to throwing one’s life on the end of their black iron spears.

“Oh God……”

Someone in the negotiating team wailed desperately. They had got out of the carriage only to slump onto the ground after hearing this bad news.

Someone held the silver cross in trembling hands and began to pray for God’s blessing.

But today was the death of Saint Val, and today God did not plan to forgive the mortals.

“Your Majesty! Please leave!”

With a wave of the knight commander, the iron-clad vow knights surrounded the King. They used steel shields to erect a seemingly indestructible wall——but in fact, everyone knew how futile this defense was.

“We will delay them! Please leave immediately! Your Majesty!”

“Leave? Leave to where?!”

The King sneered.

He refered to the Moon River Fortress behind him.

“Leave to beg Legrand’s enemies?”

The knight commander lowered his head and said nothing, but his expression had already revealed his intentions:

He hoped that he could buy time for the King so that the King could return to the Moon River Fortress. Bressi and Legrand had just signed a treaty, and so long as they entered the Moon River Fortress, the King would be safe.

——Even if it was to be a prisoner of Bressi, it was still better than being trampled by the Gulundi heavy cavalry!

Almost everyone thought this way.

Everyone present was silent, using silence to express their tacit agreement.

The King was furious.

“The Rose family has never had a captured King before, and there will never be any in the future, let alone now!” The King took the reins, his sword pointed at Moore the knight in the crowd, “Come here!”

Moore walked quickly forward.

The King threw the treaty to Moore, his face still shrouded in appalling anger: “Take this, and bring it to the Duke of Buckingham.”

“Follow your orders!”

Moore caught the heavy peace treaty, and felt as if something got stuck in his throat.

“You all, go from there, bypass this place and make your way down the branch river. Don’t go to Truu, go directly to Sern! Now, take these fools and get the hell out!”

The King looked condescendingly down at the officials who rolled down from the carriage and climbed on their horses in a clumsy fashion.

No one knew when the King learned the topography of the surrounding towns and roads this clearly.

Only Moore and the other two knights startled with realization.

At the request of the King, they had described the topography in detail in that report. But it was too lengthy and complex. Out of hostility and indignation, they did not bother to organize all the dizzyingly details and information……No one thought that the King would really read them all and remember everything clearly.

“Your Majesty!”

The Master of the Households shoved out of the crowd and knelt on the ground heavily.

“Give me your cloak! Please let me take your place and stay behind! Your Majesty!”

“Why?” The King smiled, and his eyes cut across the pale face of the Master of the Households. “Do you think you are more noble than Legrand’s monarch?!”

The Master of the Households looked in grief at the young King who he had taken care of for more than ten years.

“Take him with you.”

The King no longer looked at the Master of the Households. He ordered Moore and the other two knights. He stood upright, his scarlet cloak flapping in the wind, looking like a raging sea of ​​blood. His pale blue eyes were even colder than ice.

Moore pulled the kneeling Master of the Households on his horse.


The King ordered.

He turned his horse’s head and stood side by side with his vow knights, without looking back at the people who were about to flee.

“For the glory of the Rose!”

Moore shouted out this motto and led the charge towards survival.

The King and his vow knights stood like a city wall on the grass slope crest. Under his order, his courtiers abandoned the carriage and detoured from the other side of the grassy slope, heading for another distant town. Along the tributary of the Doma, they would travel to Sern, and from there they could return to the palace by another road.

The flickering torch had already become sporadic.

The three knights charged on their horses, and when they looked back, they only saw the King amidst his iron clad guards. He stood cold and proud, completely motionless. And opposite him was the heavy cavalry who had dispersed into a line, and they too stood still. This grassy slope and wetland had become a stage and battlefield.

The negotiating team passed by the edge of the stage.

The Master of the Households still had some hope of being able to disperse the enemy’s focus from the King. But those terrible heavy cavalry didn’t even give them a glance.

The King, his oath cavalry, and the Gulundi heavy cavalry.

They were the protagonists of this stage, and the rest were simply irrelevant.

The Master of the Households vaguely saw the King’s scarlet cloak blowing in the wind. At that moment his young monarch seemed to have come from hell.

The figure of William III overlapped with the King.

The Master of the Households finally realized one thing:

His allegiance was no longer to that of a spoiled child, but the son of a military genius, a descendant of the Rose family with the insanity that tinged the blood of the Rose running through his veins. This generation’s monarch of the Legrand Empire.

His Majesty was——

Born to be King.


The lion chasing elk would not care about a group of scattered rabbits.

As expected by the King, the heavy cavalry of Gulundi did not stop and go after those who escaped. The attention of the heavy cavalry was all on the most noble prey that they had ever hunted before.

The heavy cavalry had already bypassed the wetland. They raised their spears high and began to roar like wild beasts.

The wildness of the sea barbarians boiled under their armor.

They were a group of beasts, a group of ferocious beasts in steel. They enjoyed killing, they relished the despair of their prey before they died. They loved to use the bloodiest means to slaughter their enemies.

The black cavalry line began to advance and when their roaring momentum gathered and reached the apex, they would initiate a charge.

Often, before that, their enemies would have already been scared to death just by their ferocious aura alone.

But there were exceptions tonight.

As if a cold iron mask had covered the King’s face, he stood solemnly in the cold wind.

His head hurt more and more, as if thousands of knives were carving at the insides, knives that were laced in fire. Everyone wanted him to die, everybody wanted him to go to hell. Those past memories of gritted teeth and a desperate struggle to survive whizzed by. Whoever wanted him to die……he will bring death to every one of them!


The knight commander heard his voice. A voice that was laced through with malevolence and rage.

“Aren’t you going to kill me?”

“Come on then!”

The rainstorm poured down like an overwhelming curtain, as if to perform a tune that was appropriately thrilling and hair-raising for this first battle of the night.

With the low and muffled thunder sounds and the pattering of rain that washed the world as their backdrop, the Gulundi heavy cavalry merged into a straight line. The heavy rain washed over their black armor, splashing and running through the hideous bony spurs coming out of the black metal. In the rain, the edges of their armor gleamed white.


The saint slept in the grave without waking up.

Death was like a shadow hovering over the crown of the monarch.

The rose on the armor was to be forever bathed in blood!

The long spears of the Gulundi heavy cavalry flashed silver.

The charge had begun.


The horse hoofs were wrapped in heavy black iron and stepped heavily across the muddy grass.

The cavalry of Gulundi rushed across the battlefield and towards the slightly elevated grassy slope. Their eyes behind their iron helmet masks were harsh and ruthless, and the hideous bone spurs on their armor were clearly visible. Those bone spurs were not only a decoration to deter the enemy, but also a part of their bloodthirsty weapons.

With the King’s order, his knights pushed all the empty carriages side by side down the slope.

The carriage rolled in the rain and muddy water, smashing towards the enemies who were eager to rush upwards.

The Gulundi calvalry issued mocking shouts.

The terrible iron spears in their hands were brandished, smashing the empty carriages rolling towards them as if putting on a performance.

The empty carriages rolled into the heavy cavalry ranks, one after another. The carriages that could be regarded as fairly solid were like paper in front of the Gulundi calvalry. Immediately after the empty carriages were smashed by the iron spears, they were sent flying away by the Gulundi war horses that looked like monsters in heavy armor, landing broken and fallen apart in the mud.

The heavy horseshoes trampled over the wood and metal.

The King raised his sword high and cut downwards:

“For the glory of the Rose!”

“For the glory of the Rose!”

The knights roared.

The rain scoured the people on both sides heavily.

With the block and cover provided by the carriages, the King and his knights charged out.

The carriage belonging to the King was made of oak and plated with metal. It withstood the collision of the war horses and lay horizontal on the ground. It blocked the cavalry leader’s charge.

The leader of the Gulundi heavy cavalry remained focused on the King in the scarlet cloak.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When the King charged down on his horse, the leader pulled on the reins, and both horse and man leaped directly over the oak carriage. In mid-air, he leaned forward, his spear piercing towards the King, bringing with it a sharp wind that sent chills down the spine.


8 thoughts on “After Becoming The Tyrant CH 013 The King’s First Battle”

  1. Ahhhhh, a cliffhanger! Are there actually two battles? The Devil acting as rearguard and the king leading the attack? So exciting!
    Thank you for the chapter ❤

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! The description of the battles is too much for me sometimes, i wish it was described in more simple terms, but i undertand this is the way those kind of novels are describing battles or fights, because i had a period when i attempted to read books like this.
    I was so touched by how the King send those knights and the Master of the Househould first, to get the peace threaty to the Duke of Buckingham, that was a move befitting how a King should act and do in moments like this, the devil has good taste for men lol, hahaha

    Moments where the King is described as knowing when he should step up and take the lead, and what he should prioritize, and what he needs to do to achieve, if not victory but a higher chance of survival is the best parts of this novel.

    This is the reason why i was attracted of the novel, even through is not the kind i usually read, and it helped that i know how protective of the characters this author is and how he always finds ingenious ways to describe the characters making the right choices, not always what it appears morally good or bad choices, but what in the end, it will proven to be right.
    I observed in the other novel this too, the author likes to highlight how beautiful, perfect, ethereal the characters are, it`s like the author can`t help praising the precious babies aka characters, hahaha.
    Until the next chapter.

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      1. In the novels i usually read more frequently from authors like Priest, Meng Xi Shi, Huai Shang, usually historical, cultivation or crime/investigation, i didn`t encounter the characters being praised too much for their beautiful looks, inteligence, good manners and so on every one or two chapters, usually the characters are has having their beautiful looks and characters described at the beginning and a few times in the story.
        That`s why when i come across a novel that i observe this things happen quite frequently, i find`it funny and make me roll my eyes, but it don`t bother me, it`s good that the authors love their characters hahaha.

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