The Cruel Tyrant CH 037 Encountering Obstruction

In the drizzle, the beauty of the green hills in the distance was like a beauty with gauze covering her face, causing one to feel inexplicable yearning.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But this was undoubtedly a day that would cause the hundreds of thoudands of marching soldiers wishing they could curse and scold loudly instead. The wet and slippery roads were already difficult to navigate. But after so many people trampling over on them, the main roads, which were not originally wide, became even more muddy and a pain to slog through.

Su Mu’s carriage got stuck in a pit, and a maid opened an oil paper umbrella to cover over Su Mu’s head.

Thousand-layered soles with the black surface embroidered with dragon patterns, instantly sank into the mud as soon as he stepped onto the ground.

The maid looked anxious, and persuaded gently: “Your Highness, it’s better for this slave to call someone to carry you over.”

“No need.” Su Mu walked to the grass on the side of the road, and the maid hurriedly ordered someone to bring Su Mu a pair of new shoes for him to change into.

Su Mu waved his hand and refused, and took a few guards with him to the top of a mountain. Up at this height he had a sweeping view of the 150,000 army, appearing like a long snake winding through the mountains. Mountains stood on both sides of the narrow main road.

In the hazy fog, the slender figure stood in the most dangerous place on the mountain. Taking half a step ahead would mean falling down the bottomless slope. The black robe on the slender figure was embroidered with exquisite dark patterns, providing an attractive contrast against porcelain white skin.

The clear wine poured out from the dark red gourd. Ye Qingfeng lay on a big branch not far away, leisurely admiring the beauty while tasting the wine, the picture of a carefree libertine.

As the saying goes, one would think of lustful matters when one was warm and fed, let alone a person like Ye Qingfeng who had a head full of lustful thoughts despite not full or warm. Just the thought of the paradise he had experienced a few days ago caused him to become excited. The look in his eyes as he stared at Su Mu was like that of a hungry wolf staring at a piece of fat meat, wishing to swallow it whole right away.

Su Mu’s senses were keen, and that blatant stare was not subtle at all, of course it was impossible not to notice it. But, he didn’t pay it any mind.

After awhile, the spies sent by Su Mu came back.

“Reporting to Your Highness, the road fifty miles away is blocked by huge rocks reaching nine feet high and one hundred feet wide.”

The mountains in this area were steep, and there was only this small road within a hundred miles. It was already quite lucky that they had traveled halfway this smoothly. If there were no enemies in this easy-to-defend and hard-to-attack place, he wouldn’t have to borrow troops from the Wu kingdom.

Su Mu turned and walked down from the stone. Shi Yan bowed and said, “Your Highness, there is no other path around. Don’t know what to do with those stones?”

Su Mu walked a few steps and said to the guard who came to report: “First, send someone to level the top stones. Push the stones at both ends and pile them into a slope. If you can’t push them down, then look for stones to pile into slopes, then fix dozens of ropes at both ends.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Fifty miles away, a sturdy man on the top of a cliff looked at the path completely blocked by the boulders and a smile appeared on his handsome face.

Suddenly a touch of black in the distance appeared in his line of sight, and the people around him immediately became vigilant. They said to the man: “General, it is Su Mochi’s minion.”

Shangguan Hao looked at the black guards in the distance coldly and said: “Let them go today. When the 150,000 army passes here, this will be the burial place of Su Mochi and all of his minions.”

“The general is wise.”

A military commander hesitated and said: “It’s just……Yun Gongzi, he……”

Shangguan Hao raised his eyes and glanced at the direction where the Crown Prince’s barracks were stationed and his sharp eyebrows wrinkled. He thought for a moment and said: “He has his own way to get out, don’t worry.”

Shangguan Hao’s words did not appease the military commander and he said, “How about we smuggle out Yun Gongzi tonight. It is too dangerous to stay with the beast, Su Mochi.”

Shangguan Hao retracted his gaze and shook his head and said: “The sudden disappearance of Feiyu will definitely arouse Su Mochi’s vigilance. Our plan will not be fully implemented. Moreover, Feiyu is surrounded by the Crown Prince’s people, and he may not be able to escape safely. If it is discovered by Su Mochi, I am afraid he will only meet something worse than death.”

The narrow carriage was covered with a dark red carpet, and a faint orchid fragrance lingered inside. Sitting cross-legged, Yun Feiyu held a book of poems in his hand, gentle eyes looking at the black inked writing. Slendet fingers swept slightly across the yellow pages.

“Movable type printing?” He smiled softly, like a new orchid blooming after the rain.

“Yun Gongzi, the Crown Prince requests your presence.”

Hearing the sound from outside the carriage, Yun Feiyu raised his eyebrows without surprise. The smile on the corners of his mouth became more obvious, but his eyes roiled with unknown emotions.

A figure like a lone bamboo, and a face as gentle as a spring breeze. He was a person who was hard to forget even after just a glance. He didn’t shine, but he could attract everyone’s attention; even if he didn’t speak, he could still set people at ease.

Seeing him coming from a distance, and then kneeling before him elegantly, Su Mu sighed in his heart. Su Mochi offended this man thoroughly enough to lose a great talent for nothing.

“Paying respects to His Royal Highness.”

The gentle voice sounded in Su Mu’s ears, but it could not dispel the chill on Su Mu’s face.

Su Mu didn’t let him get up. He slowly walked closer, and asked in a cold voice: “Do you know what is the punishnent for the crime of treason?”

“I know.” Yun Feiyu replied calmly in front of him, then raised his head and looked at Su Mu. Voice calm, he said, “Please administer my punishment, Your Highness.”

There was still a slight smile on that handsome face, and there was no fear in his eyes.

Su Mu looked down at the expression on his face that looked no different from normal, and narrowed his eyes: “A thousand cuts mean a thousand cuts.”

Yun Feiyu smiled and said: “I am at the mercy of Your Highness.”

Looking at his calm face, Su Mu really wanted to rip it to pieces, although it would be a pity. He sneered: “Then how about I sell you to the brothel?”

Yun Feiyu’s face became stiff, his hands tightened slightly, and he held back his anger and said: “Your Highness……”

“Why, finally I get a reaction?” Su Mu sneered as he walked around Yun Feiyu, and said: “However, you have been with me for so many years, and I am a nostalgic person and can’t bear to send you to a place like that to be ravaged by others. Although Ben Gong don’t like being in the top position, Ben Gong is still a man and can do everything that can be done, but……perhaps……it might make you a little uncomfortable.”

If the previous sentence only made Yun Feiyu’s face stiff for a moment, then these words undoubtedly made his whole body stiff.

Even if he fell into that kind of dirty place, he believed that he would have a way to get out. The worst would just be taking his own life.

But if he was tortured by the Crown Prince, neither wishing for life or wishing for death would be possible. If it weren’t for the blood debt he carried, he would have sought relief already. The pain and humiliation the Crown Prince inflicted on him in the past, every time he thought about it, it always felt worse than death.

With his fists clenched, Yun Feiyu slowly stood up from the ground. His smile that was like a spring breeze disappeared without a trace, and his pale jade-like face seemed to be covered with frost, his eyes filled with uncontrollable hatred.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He looked into Su Mu’s eyes and said word by word: “A thousand cuts, hanged, drawned, and quartered, boiling alive, whatever your preference!”

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  1. Damn. Did YFY betray him? I mean obviously he wasn’t very trustworthy from the beginning but I’m a little confused about whether he told SGH about SM’s location?
    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. Poorrr Su Mu, before he like H, but he betray him with escape with his family, now YF give info to make his dead. I think only LX who really love him, coz he betray Su Mu only to protect their mom n bro, now resolved.
    Thank uu soooo much for ur hard work translator daren

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  3. Thanks for the chapter! This was really an interesting chapter.
    I knew that YF has not cut ties with those traitors that were trying to harm from before Su Mochi was alive , but, damn, i hoped he would at least not give some crucial information to them that could put Su Mu, him, an other MLs in danger. He is a bit more cold that i tought, i like him a bit less now, i mean until now Su Mu didn`t hurt him at all and he ever save him recently, he can at least buy some time so he could have more time to know him better than putting him in this situation. I have a untuition that in this situation if Su Mu won`t persuade YF to help him get out of this trap, Liu Xi might have guessed this might happen in advance or Su Mu ask him to find a way to get help or something like that. And QF is there too, he is strong too, and might bring some help or knew this would happen. i have high hopes they will survive.

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