The Cruel Tyrant CH 039 Old Hatred

Listening to Yun Feiyu’s words, Sun Mu was also affected. It was only right for Yun Feiyu to find ‘Su Mochi’ for revenge, but the soul of the real ‘Su Mochi’ had already left to the underworld when Su Mu transmigrated into the body. Su Mu inherited the martial arts, body, and status of the person ‘Su Mochi’. He wanted to make up for the painful past, but he could not use his own life to repay it.

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“Who is your teacher?” Even at this point, Su Mu still held a glimmer of hope in his heart, hoping that this was just a misunderstanding. Yun Feiyu’s family was not killed by Su Mochi himself. He let go of Yun Feiyu, who collapsed to the ground without the support.

Su Mu hurriedly took a step forward to help him, but after seeing his hate filled eyes, he stopped abruptly in place. The powerful internal force in his body was still roiling, and the blood on Yun Feiyu’s collar was both glaring yet alluring. Su Mu was afraid he would accidentally kill him if he were to be any closer to the other, so he waited for him to answer from a distance away.

An ironic smile appeared on that snow pale face. Yun Feiyu lay on the ground and said, “You have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people, how many do you even remember? My school was just a speck among the departed souls that died by your hands.”

Su Mu’s fist tightened and he looked at Yun Feiyu fixedly. He said in a low voice: “Believe it or not, Yun Feiyu, but I will tell you this. Su Mochi is already dead, long poisoned by Qin Ye. And I am just a lone soul wandering in the chaos who happened to gain control by chance. I am willing to give you whatever you want as compensation, even if it is the throne of Qing kingdom. Only this life, I will not give it to anyone.”

Hai hai……” A trace of blood flowed down at the corner of Yun Feiyu’s mouth again. He still had strong hatred in his eyes when he looked at Su Mu, and mocked: “Why bother to make up excuses, this measly life you……can just take it.”

Su Mu closed his eyes and took a deep breath, suppressing the urge to tear him apart. After a while, he opened his eyes and looked at Yun Feiyu. He said, “I said, I can lose everything but for this life. Do you really think I didn’t know that it was you who poisoned me? Every time I smell the orchid incense on your body, and then fight with others with all my strength, my mind would instantly blank out.”

“Hehe……” Yun Feiyu, who was lying on the ground, chuckled lightly, and finally there was a hint of joy in the eyes that looked at Su Mu. He smiled and said: “Since the day I entered the palace, I have started to poison you. Yes, this kind of poison is actually very powerful and better for those who practice martial arts. But your martial arts is too powerful and the effect was not as great. That was why I gave Qin Ye ‘Rapture’, and the “Rapture” poison triggered the “Fragrant Orchid” poison in your body. No one in this world can survive these two types of poison at the same time, but you actually did not die. Truly, the heavens have no eyes.”

Yun Feiyu sneered and said again: “But these two poisons are still left in your body. Many times you fell for the conspirations of the enemy in the past and the many poisons have all accumulated in your body. Although you used internal force to dissolve most of them, there are always residues. Three or five kinds may not cause you harm, but thirty or fifty kinds are another matter. These residual poisons continue to cause chaos in your body, and even if your martial arts is number one in the world, you will eventually get a taste of what it’s like to die in hatred.”

Su Mu walked up to Yun Feiyu step by step, and slowly leaned down to look at Yun Feiyu’s eyes at close range. Word by word, he said: “Give, me, the, antidote! Otherwise, I will kill all the people related to you before then.”

Yun Feiyu looked at Su Mu’s dark pupils and said angrily: “You are born bloodthirsty. Even if you are not Su Mochi, you deserve to die.”

“I do what I say. I can’t resurrect your dead relatives, but if you don’t want your living relatives to continue to live, then you can go ahead and try me.” Su Mu said.

“You, damn, beast!”

Su Mu didn’t argue with him anymore. After he was sure that his emotions had stabilized and would not hurt him, his slender but absolutely powerful arm grabbed and picked up Yun Feiyu then walked towards the nearby camp.

Rows of upright soldiers glanced at Yun Feiyu, who was covered in blood, and thought of the many absurd rumors about the Crown Prince. They immediately pictured various discordant images and then secretly mourned Yun Feiyu in silence. How come such a good person aroused the interest of the Crown Prince? Sure enough, was beauty being a curse not just limited to women?

Although the temporary camp was simple, it also had everything necessary. Su Mu carefully put Yun Feiyu on the bed, instructed a group of people to deal with Yun Feiyu’s injuries, and then walked to the side to watch quietly.

Although his hit injured Yun Feiyu very badly, he had restrained himself so as not to cause Yun Feiyu life threatening injuries. But there was probably no possibility of reconciliation between the two.

Su Mu let out an inaudible sigh. He could only take things step by step!

Just as Su Mu felt uncomfortable in his heart, yelling and clanging sounds suddenly appeared outside the tent.

“Su Mochi, get out here!”

Su Mu’s eyes sharpened suddenly, and he strode to the door. A sharp-eyed maid hurried over to lift the tent curtain for Su Mu.

As soon as he left the tent, Su Mu saw that Qin Ye was fighting agsinst a group of guards with a sword. Su Mu was already feeling quite angry, and now he became even more unhappy when he saw this situation. He yelled, “Stop this nonsense.”

Who would dare to not listen to what the Crown Prince said? The miserable image that Yun Feiyu presented when he was carried in just now was still fresh in their minds. If he even treated his own number one male pet like this, what would he do to ordinary guards like them?

All the guards obediently put away their weapons and stepped aside. Only Qin Ye, without any guards blocking him, thrusted his long sword directly at Su Mu’s throat.

Su Mu stood there and didn’t move. When the sword was three inches away from his throat, his hand shot out like lightning. Two white fingers were like steel, and with a light snap Qin Ye’s long sword broke immediately.

Qin Ye did not hesitate to discard the broken sword, and a pair of iron fists aimed straight at Su Mu’s temple.

Su Mu still didn’t move, but his eyes became even colder. With a hand slightly smaller than Qin Ye’s hand, he squeezed the other’s fist and twisted it vigorously. At the same time he turned him around and kicked at Qin Ye’s leg. Qin Ye let out a pained scream as he knelt with his back to Su Mu.

Su Mu let go of Qin Ye with a cold snort, and said, “I suggest you take a good look at how much capability you even have. If it wasn’t for your father’s sake, I would have killed you already.”

After being released by Su Mu, Qin Ye immediately got up and stood opposite Su Mu. He was even more angry when he heard what Su Mu said: “Feiyu’s father is also working like an ox for you. Why did you hurt him?”

“He designed to kill Ben Gong, should I be grateful for him instead?” Su Mu said.

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Qin Ye endured the sharp pain in his wrist, and said, “Only you are allowed to kill the innocent, but others can’t take revenge? Shouldn’t you pay with your life for killing his relatives? Then all the laws of the Qing kingdom might as well be thrown into the latrine pit.”

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10 thoughts on “The Cruel Tyrant CH 039 Old Hatred”

  1. Thank you so much for the translations. I only started reading yesterday but I couldn’t stop! >.< I really appreciate the fantastic quality of your translations and the fast updates. ❤

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  2. Thank you for the chapter! The things that happened this chapter was to be expected, even Su Mu think that there is not way things between him anf Yun Feiyu will even be the same as before. Ans Su Mu had tell him the truth about him too, it was obvious it wouldn`t have changed anything, i was surprised Su Mu has taken the risk to expose his weakness to Yun Feiyu, even through even if he now knows is not like he can do anything, Su Mu is still the crown prince after all, he didn`t kill the crown prince and stole his identity. I missed Qin Ye so i`m looking forward to what the conversation between them will be like, after that cliffhanger sigh.

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      1. I definitely like Qin Ye more than Yun Feiyu as at least he was honest and transparent with his hate toward Su Mu, not like Yun Feiyu, the characters i hate the most are those who are similar with YF. So from all the MLs, the only one i really don’t like is Yun Feiyu, Hong Xuan, because characters like him annoys the heck out of me, and the author is starting to frustrates me and this is not good, the others are interesting enough. And i’m starting to warm’up on Su Mu, i like how he was honest with Yun Feiyu and i liked how realist he is, he knows that the situation he is in is not his fault, he is teying to change things, but he wouldn’t for anyone be willing to trade his life or let other kill him because of the trash behaviour of Su Mochi. I respect characters like this.
        That’s why i hate the author, for the situation he put Qin Ye in, because the way the character is writed has the potential of being a charming one, he is one of the most honest characters, i admire his courage, his atitude of not avoiding things and facing them heads on.


        1. Really? I think Qin Ye is a rather stupid character. He only sees his hatred and complains about his grievances. Yet he doesn’t try to change anything but depend on others (like Yun Feiyu) instead all he does is yell and throw a tantrum. He’s a wishy washy kind of character that doesn’t do much for the plot at all. The biggest use for him was probably killing off Su Mochi so that Su Mu could transmigrate over. Even his courage is rather eh because i think it stems more from stupidity than anything else. If this was still Su Mochi he is throwing tantrums at, he and his family would be dead by now. Like, all he is doing is wasting his own life and Su Mu’s time. Su Mu once offered him a chance to start over outside the harem but he was the one too cowardly to leave, not wanting to face the judging eyes as well as his scheming brothers. So Qin Ye is not only a self-centered whiny brat he is a spoiled one too, taking advantage of Su Mu’s misguided guilt. Su Mu should have thrown him out of the palace a long time ago, instead of essentially providing him protection and shelter in the harem.

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          1. I’m sad to hear that Qin Ye is reduced to a character who has a personality like this, so i guess the author won’t give him any redemption or change the situation a bit, so it can be show his full potential, it’s a pity. Well, i guess i will put all my hope on Gu Yuangzhan character who i don’t even remember his name correctly, this little presence he had in the novel until now, but he looks promising. Liu Xi too, i hope he will get some chances to be noticed by Su Mu and appear more often. All the MLs that i like in this novel are not getting focus and the attention they should have, and i think you can tell i’m getting frustrated. This is a hatem novel, and they are a lot of MLs, but instead of the author trying to highlight each different personalities and describe their character development and their journey of how they come to like and support Su Mu in his task of making his position more stable and making the Kingdom a better place to live, he chose to highlight only some of the MLs, and those who has more focus areb those either disappointed me or are less charming than the others, in my eyes. I don’t dislike Ye Qingfeng too, but he is a bit too obsessive, and annoying in my eyes, i hope since he seems he appear more than others MLs, the author describes his personality and past more, so i can understand why he is behaving like a spoiled brat simetimes.
            To describe to you why i like characters that have a personality similar to that of Qin Ye. Characters like this can be very charming, and more attractive than even Su Mu if they are described right. For example
            a character being bad, acting bad, portrayed by the author as being bad, not excusing his actions with any reasons, and working in his character development so the author manage to make me sympathize, understand and like his character, is thousand times more enjoyable to read about, in my case. And his honest, true to his character actions and words can add a lot of hilarious and funny situations and scenes to a novel. For exemple my favorite characters that i read about in the numerous bl novels i read are Wen Kexing from Faraway wanders and Yan Wushi from Thousand autumns.


            1. I like that kind of character too but i doubt Qin Ye was created to be that kind of character. He’s just a cannon fodder really 😅. He’s not going to be one of the MLs so that’s why the author won’t be redeeming him i guess🤷‍♀️

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