The Cruel Tyrant CH 040 Mountain Road

Su Mu gave Qin Ye a cold look before he strode away, leaving only an order behind.

“Grab Qin Ye and throw him in the prison after returning to the imperial city.”

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Su Mu returned to his personal tent and turned his back to the door. In front of him was a map showing mountains, rivers and cities. Su Mu stood in front of the map and looked at his location. This was a region of mountains and rivers with strange peaks and dangerous terrain. It was easy to defend and difficult to attack.

He frowned slightly and racked his brains for countermeasures. He was not a military genius. He was not even a military hobbyist. He had read the Thirty-Six Strategies and Sun Tzu’s Art of War, but these things ‘could only be seen but not be used’ (TN: theoretical instead of practical). If he did everything exactly as it was written in the books, then that would be a sure way of getting himself killed.

Suddenly, a light breeze blew in and the curtain over the tent entrance swayed slightly. Su Mu turned his head immediately and a handsome face with an ever infuriating smile came into Su Mu’s line of vision. He glanced out of the tent. Although there was a thick curtain, Su Mu knew that his heavy guards must have been felled by Ye Qingfeng.

Su Mu, who was still troubled by the previous crisis, was not in a good mood. His eyes pierced Ye Qingfeng like sharp blades and said coldly: “Get out.”

Ye Qingfeng lay reclining on Su Mu’s chair, his robe half-open and revealing a strong and muscular chest. His black eyes stared straight at Su Mu. Even the blind would know what vulagar things he was thinking about at that moment.

After hearing Su Mu’s cold and merciless words, the infuriating expression on his face remained the same. Still with a smile, he said, “Darling, I haven’t gone in yet, how can I get out?”

The words this person spoke was even more worthy of a beating than the expression on his face. Without even thinking about it, Su Mu sruck out sharply. Ye Qingfeng instantly turned over, still with that constant smile on his face, and easily avoided Su Mu’s attack. But the table in front of him and the chair he had just sat on were not so lucky.

Ye Qingfeng looked at the debris and then seeing that Su Mu was about to take action again he hurriedly said, “Don’t get angry, darling, I’m here to bring you information.”

Su Mu’s eyes were still cold when he looked at him, but the hand he had just raised lowered slightly. Seeing that his expression had softened somewhat, Ye Qingfeng immediately moved forward, looking at Su Mu with extremely ambiguous eyes. Though, when he opened his mouth to speak, his words were for once serious: “Your mission to Wu Kingdom to borrow troops would definitely meet with obstruction. When I followed you to the Wu kingdom I also made some investigations. The people you deployed along the way have long been gotten rid of.”

Su Mu nodded, he had placed spies in the various cities and important outposts along the way, but barely any news came in. Su Mu knew that those people might have already met with a disaster.

But if there was only this piece of news, then he could piss off. Su Mu expressed this with his eyes.

Ye Qingfeng raised an eyebrow and walked a few steps forward. With forbearance, his eyes swept lightly over Su Mu’s flawless face and lily pale neck. In a magnetic voice laced through with deadly temptation, he whispered: “A month ago when you just passed by here, Shangguan Hao had the mountain road blocked with boulders, and this is just one thing. Shangguan Hao brought few people with him, and the boulders can only stop you for a while, so the clever Yun Gongzi had Shangguan Hao dig a large hole not far from the upper reaches of the Xijiang River. When the army of the Wu Kingdom arrives, the water will be released immediately. The gaps along the way were all blocked by Shangguan Hao, and the water of the Xijiang River will flood your army in the blink of an eye. Not only does the boulders block your army, it also blocks the river water. By then you would be faced with huge rocks blocking the way in the front and turbulent flood water chasing from the back. Is this information valuable enough for you darling? Should you not……reward me a bit?”

Su Mu was a little uncomfortable being stared at by that scorching gaze. Brushing away the discordant images that flashed in his mind, he turned to look at the Xijiang River that crossed most of the Qing kingdom on the map. It irrigated one third of the cultivated land in Qing kingdom, and its importance was self-evident. But it also drowned more than 100,000 people in Qing kingdom when it flooded this year. And now, if it was not handled properly, the tens of thousands of armed forces might meet their end at this river.

The mellow and rich scent of the man floated into Su Mu’s nose as a big fiery palm settled on Su Mu’s waist. Ambiguous breaths blew at the back of Su Mu’s ears.

Ye Qingfeng’s low voice sounded in Su Mu’s ears: “Darling, do you want me to help you?”

“Do you have a way?” Su Mu slightly tilted his head and the delicate skin around his ears touched Ye Qingfeng’s soft lips.

“Of course, am I someone who would not even have this ability? You underestimate me, darling.” Ye Qingfeng squeezed Su Mu’s waist with dissatisfaction, and said: “The southwest army is far from here, and in order to avoid notice Shangguan Hao only brought a few hundred people with him. But when you pass by there will definitely be people to stop you so there are only a few who can go to the Xijiang River to release the water. Would it not be easy to deal with just a few people?”

Su Mu pushed away the face that was licking on his neck, and said suspiciously: “You? Your ability to escape is not bad. Those who will be sent by Shangguan Hao will definitely be people who are not afraid of death. Unless they are all killed otherwise what’s the use of just providing them an irritance.”

“What do you mean by irritance, that’s tactics.” Seeing that while Su Mu’s expression was serious, it was not angry, Ye Qingfeng also stretched his other hand to hold Su Mu’s waist, and continued: “Furthermore, I didn’t say I’m going alone. There’s also……Gu Yunzhou that bastard. If you go to him, he will definitely help you.”

When Ye Qingfeng talked about Gu Yunzhou, he sounded like he wanted nothing more than to cut him to pieces. If it wasn’t for Gu Yunzhou providing an obstacle, would it have took him so long to escape? It was all because of him that the top of his head was covered with a thick green gauze (TN: green over the head is an expression for being cuckolded).

Thinking of this, Ye Qingfeng’s eyes went slightly cold. Those eye-sores that were Su Mu’s male pets would be cleaned up sooner or later by him.

“Gu Yunzhou?” Su Mu looked up in surprise. The image of a man who was as cold and steely as the sword in his hand appeared in his mind.

Wasn’t there a rumor in jianghu saying that he was always with his sword in hand, looking for martial arts masters everywhere to practice his sword skills? How could he possibly listen to him.

Seeing that Su Mu’s attention was completely taken by Gu Yunzhou, Ye Qingfeng’s desire to kill Gu Yunzhou deepened even more. He gritted his teeth subtly and said to Su Mu: “As long as you promise to have a duel with hin, he will absolutely promise you.”

Su Mu nodded slightly. Just as Ye Qingfeng was feeling happy, he heard Su Mu say: “If that’s the case, what’s the use of you.” After speaking, he immediately used internal force to shake off Ye Qingfeng’s hands, that had been wrapped tightly around his waist, and strode away. In a few large strides he arrived at his seat where he sat down to read the various letters from the imperial city.

Ye Qingfeng flexed his numb hands and felt a little angry in his heart. But more so, he felt excited, walking to Su Mu and pulling the yellow letter paper out of Su Mu’s hand. His black eyes were practically bursting with fiery flames as they locked with Su Mu’s eyes. He said, “What use am I, Your Highness still doesn’t know?”

Su Mu glanced at him sideways and patted away the hand blocking his own, and asked, “Where is Gu Yunzhou?”

Ye Qingfeng squinted slightly at Su Mu and said: “Practicing his sword in the river.” Seeing Su Mu ‘eagerly’ getting up, Ye Qingfeng looked at Su Mu suspiciously and asked, “You’re not interested in him, are you?”

Su Mu’s mouth twitched slightly and he glanced at him, “I have enough trouble.”

Qin Ye, Yun Feiyu, Ye Qingfeng, Liu Xi and……Huang Xuan. Who of Su Mochi’s harem didn’t bring him some kind of trouble? Not to mention, with Gu Yunzhou’s destructive power, he could imagine what his future days would be like.

The waterfall in the majestic mountains seemed to fall from the sky, the loud noise of the crashing water deafening to the ears. Su Mu, in a pure gold crown and a black silk robe, looked unspeakably noble. Ye Qingfeng in his……’loose rags’ also appeared romantic and suave. Su Mu glanced at the muscles exposed on his chest and continued walking forward, letting out a cold snort in his heart.

Under the waterfall, a black-clothed man stood quietly on the surface of the water, with no support but the flowing river water under his feet. Directly above him was a rushing waterfall thay fell down over him. But strangely enough, he could stand in the middle without even getting a single strand of hair wet.

Su Mu looked at him in surprise. Was this martial arts or magic? He could also stand on the surface of the water, but to also face the tremendous water pressure over his head at the same time would be quite difficult.

The porcelain-white skin shone under the golden sunlight. With a raised hand, Su Mu caught a drop of water that slowly rose to settle on the palm of Su Mu’s hand. Su Mu smiled at the crystal clear water bead on his palm. With a light flick, the drop of water carrying a powerful internal force flew at Gu Yunzhou suddenly. The once ordinary drop of water when wrapped by Su Mu’s internal force was now more destructive than the most powerful arrow.

Standing still under the waterfall and surrounded by the deafeaning sounds of crashing water, Gu Yunzhou instantly opened his eyes. Those bright, star-like eyes locked tightly on the flying drop of water, and with a turn of his right hand, the water flowing beside him obediently turned into many water droplets that were even harder than rocks before also flying out.

The water droplet shot out by Su Mu was instantly shattered, and a cloud of water mist exploded in mid-air, a rainbow appearing fleetingly. The remaining water droplets remained undiminished and with strong internal force they aimed for Su Mu’s vital body points.

A smile curved the corner of his mouth and Su Mu turned slightly, the big draping sleeves of his robe flapping out sideways, causing all the water droplets to be knocked back down into the river water where they blended with the water and flowed into the distance with the rolling waves.

“Gu Yunzhou.” Su Mu looked at the black-clothed man under the waterfall and said loudly: “Help me defend the gap in the Xijiang River and prevent anyone from opening it. Afterwards, I will fight with you to your heart’s content.”

Gu Yunzhou appeared in front of Su Mu in a single breath. He stared at Su Mu without any expression and said, “You are already deeply poisoned.”

His meaning was that if he were to still compete with him, his life would be at risk.

Su Mu smiled and said: “I will get the antidote.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Gu Yunzhou turned around and swung his sword. The rushing river water split in two and even exposed the mud and sand at the bottom of the river. Although it was only a short moment, it was shocking enough. Apart from him and Su Mu it was likely imposible to find a third person with such a powerful internal force.

“Fine.” Only one word echoed in Su Mu’s ears, the person who spoke it having long since disappeared.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! As i expected Ye Qingfeng will be the one to help Su Mu, but i didn`t expect for Gu Yunzhou to be the most helpful. Man, but Ye Qingfeng is more possesive and charmed by Su Mu that i tought, and i think his desire to grab the attention of the crown prince has increased after Su Mu has occupied the body, and i stand by what Su Mu said, he is a bit useless, only knows to plot, scheme, give suggestions, but don`t want to put the effort if he can use someone else to do`it in his place, but this isn`t a bad thing, he has enough intelligence and guts to do`i so i don`t blame him.
    I forget to mention that, yes,the fact that Su Mu is badly poisoned took me by surprise. Yun Feiyu was too unreasonable with this, he suspected that the crown prince isn`t Su Mochi anymore, but wasn`t satisfied to poison him, he even went ahead and be part of this scheme to kill him, sigh.
    And the situation with Qin Ye is not better,like you said i will wait for those few chapter to pass, see how things are resolved and hopefully, things will get better, but this author fustrates me a lot.


  2. I’m heartbroken, all my favorite concubine ended up to be traitors 😭😭😭 it seems like i can’t be an emperor since I’ll fall victim into a honey trap (beautiful spies) really easy


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