After Becoming The Tyrant CH 014 Victory And——

The long spear slashed down with a cold light, the momentum was shocking and terrifying.

The leader of the Gulundi cavalry used this maneuver to kill countless enemies on the battlefield.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Faced with a war horse with heavy armor in mid-air and a giant steel warrior on horseback, no one could remain unfrightened. Those who could manage to lift up their shields in response would be regarded as a warrior. Even so, the sturdiest shield would be smashed by this thrust, and the owner of the shield would not escape his end either.

However, today this maneuver failed.

The moment the iron spear slashed downwards, the young King he faced turned over on the stirrup, and almost instantly dropped to the other side of the horse.

There was only a millimetre difference between the iron spear and the King’s cheek. It swept past through his silver hair only to land on the other side of the horse, slashing at the air.

At this time, the King could without question match the world’s most outstanding horseback dancer. The spear had just thrust past the saddle but he had already flipped over to sit firmly on the horse’s back again. With a pull of the reins he charged forward directly.

The thrust of the iron spear made in a determination to win failed. The cavalry leader and his horse landed back on the ground.

At that moment, the heavy cavalry leader saw an icy smile flash across the King’s pale face.

The smile contained a malevolence that even terrified this descendant of the sea barbarians.

The next moment, the King had approached the leader of the Gulundi cavalry.

The leader of the Gulundi cavalry finally understood why the other still pushed the carriage down the slope despite knowing it would not block them.

——His motive was to interrupt their charging momentum.

The King made a big gamble. He needed to win time for a close combat fight for himself and his knights.

In order to cause the greatest damage when charging, the Gulundi heavy cavalry, whether it was man or horse, all wore heavy armor. Where the heavily armed Gulundi cavalry stood, deep marks would be left on the ground. The terrifying lethality of these heavy cavalry was made in exchange for agility and mobility.

Out of self-confidence, and in order to humiliate the Legrand cavalry who they did not hold in any regard, the Gulundi heavy cavalry erroneously interrupted the charge and chose to smash the horse-drawn carriages with dazzling skills like their leader.

This gap in time was so short, but their enemy managed to grab onto it.

Legrand’s vow knights wore silver iron armor. Compared with the heavy cavalry of Gulundi, those chain armors were as thin as paper. Although they couldn’t hold up against a charge from the heavy cavalry, they possessed the agility that the Gulundi cavalry did not.

Among them, the quickest one was the King of Legrand.

Because he didn’t wear armor at all.

The King was the only one who fought in luxurious and embroidered clothes.

——Before this, everyone had thought that it was just a negotiation. No one had expected that the King would be forced to be like his father and set foot on the battlefield himself.

But this had precisely become the King’s advantage.

He was as light as the wind.

The King danced with his war horse.

He galloped around the Gulundi heavy cavalry, like a whirlwind of silver and scarlet that blew past the black armor. In the whirlwind, the King swung his sword from the back of his horse.

To do this, owner and horse must achieve an extremely high degree of cooperation, otherwise the owner would be thrown off by the horse if the timing was wrong, and then trampled to death by his own horse.

Moonlight suddenly jumped up from the darkness.

It was really strange. At this time, the sky was dim and the rain was torrential. Where did the moonlight come from?

There was indeed no moonlight, but the light from the sword that the King slashed out with.

The King’s sword had a wave-like ice pattern on its blade, made from the forging steel technology unique to the North. It was a sinister and cold sword, as sharp as its owner. With just a glance, one would feel as if their cornea was about to be cut but the sword. The King used it to force the cavalry leader’s iron spear to a stop, moving towards the fatal and weak link of his armor so that the terrifying and hideous weapon had no room for deployment.

He must churn up the whirlwind of a powerful army.

Once the wind stopped and the leader’s spear threw off his sword’s force on it, his heavy war horse charging forward, then the one to die would be him.

In the past, it was not that no one proposed to use light cavalry and assassination techniques to deal with the heavy cavalry.

But until now, the Gulundi heavy cavalry remained the shadow of death on the grassland.

This was because even if the light cavalry could approach the Gulundi heavy cavalry safely, it would still be to no avail.

Not only did it require the light cavalry to have advanced fighting skills, but it also required them to have a mindset that nearly bordered on madness!

One had to overcome the fear of being smashed to pieces by the heavy cavalry before using a steady hand to quickly wield those precise sword thrusts.

This was truly a literal dance with death on the edge of a knife.

The leader of the heavy cavalry of Gulundi encountered the most sinister, the most cunning opponent in his life.

His opponent was a gorgeous but icy crescent moon. But this crescent moon did not hang high up in the sky but gleamed on the scythe belonging to the death god. This was the crescent moon used to harvest souls. The crescent moon seemed to be covered with spider silk, spider silk that was laced with poison.

The heavy rain was still falling.

In the wind and rain, the Gulundi heavy cavalry was like a black iron tower caught in a whirlpool.

The King’s vow knights, holding a shield in one hand and a sword in the other, danced around the Gulundi cavalry. They forgot their fear, they forgot the might of the Gulundi cavalry, and they even forgot the knights’ code on always using frontal charge.

To hell with the knights’ code. They were the King’s vow knights.

Their criterion was only the King himself.

Tonight, at this moment.

They were fighting a bloody battle side by side with their King.

This idea boosted the morale of these vow knights. They all abandoned the unnecessary knights’ code. Like their King, they tangled with the heavy cavalry of Gulundi, forcing them to be unable to employ their usual fierce charging force.

They lacked any spirit of a chivalric knight who only fought head-on. They were no different from unscrupulous assassins, but even more insane and terrifying.

The invincible Gulundi heavy cavalry fought the most frustrating and vexing battle in their lives.

One of them flew into a vicious rage, disregarding everything and completely abandoning the use of direct stabbing. He held the iron spear by the middle of its body and brandished the spear like a sledgehammer, slamming it towards the heads of the mad silver cavalry, desperate to crack his enemy’s head and see the blood flow.

And his enemy, the vow knight, roared, disregarding a possible heavy hit from the iron spear to jump up from his horse and pounce on the black war horse of the heavy cavalry. At the same time the heavy cavalryman’s iron spear fell on him, he also thrusted his sword into the soft throat under the enemy’s helmet.

The heavy cavalryman rolled with the vow knight and fell from the horse.

At this moment, silver and black intertwined together, like two gears grinding against each other. Scarlet blood spurted out from the collision of the gears. The scarlet blood was soon washed away by the dark cold rain.

The lives of people and horses were crushed in the collision of black and silver metals.

Either die! Or live!

For the first time, there was actually a knight who was even crazier than the reckless Gulundi.

The black and silver gears made up of human life and horse life kept turning, and gradually left the grassy slope to stop at the low ground below. Everything seemed as if there was nothing worth paying attention to.

However, when they arrived somewhere at the foot of the slope, the King suddenly brandished his sword.

His opponent was startled by the sudden change of sword light.

The King had already pulled on the reins, owner and horse leaping out of the battle circle.


The King shouted towards his knights.

He gave an order, and the vow knights did not hesitate to follow, also leaving the battle circle. When the King’s horse landed, he pulled the horse’s head and rushed towards the flat ground in front of them.

The vow knights followed suit.

The red-eyed heavy cavalry roared and chased after them like a whirlwind.

This time, they were finally able to reorganize their formation, reverting once again to a terrifying straight line of offense, launching a fierce and savage charge.

This time, there were no more carriages and no underestimation of the enemy.

The silver vow knights followed the King in the scarlet cloak, like a gust of wind sweeping lightly and hurriedly across the flat grass.

The black heavy cavalry followed.

When they set foot on the flat grass, soon all the Gulundi cavalry realized that something was wrong.

They had just charged a short distance when the war horses began to neigh in terror. Immediately, they plunged into the quagmire together, both men and horses.

They all shouted in horror.

The heavy cavalry of Gulundi struggled to get out of the mud. But the armors on their bodies were connected to the war horses by special iron buckles, and there was no way to break free at this time. They could only sink helplessly with their war horses.

A strange thing it was that on the same piece of land, nothing happened to the King and his knights when they passed through while the heavy cavalry sank downwards.

The heavy cavalry had already bypassed the large wetland before, and the subsequent battle did not go towards the wetland.


There was more than one wetland here.

The main trunk of the Doma River flowed turbulently not far from here, and its two tributaries were distributed in this lowland. The river water flooded the grassland day after day, forming large or small swamps. In the winter, the water level of the main trunk of the Doma River would drop, the tributaries would gradually dry up, and many small wetlands would shrink or even disappear.

There were also some that were not big or small, but due to the severe cold they would form into frozen lands that appeared like any other lands.

But it was only September now.

The terrifying winter had yet to arrive, and those small wetlands had not been completely frozen.

The King memorized the distribution of all the swamps here, but the heavy cavalry of Gulundi only knew of the largest wetland.

The King and his knights were able to pass through the frozen upper wetland unharmed, but the Gulundi heavy cavalry, due to being heavily armored, could only sink into the mud.

The sound of horseshoes clicking.

The King and his vow knights had turned their horses back.

The King pulled on the reins and looked down at the enemy who was lured into the mire by him.

The leader of the Gulundi cavalry was at the forefront of the charge and was the closest to the King at this time. He saw the King holding the long sword diagonally, the cold light flowing like the light from the moon.

The leader realized something.

The King drove his horse forward.

In the dark, the sword swept down, the curve of the sword light like that of a crescent moon.

Blood spattered from the throat of the heavy cavalry leader, and he fell back into the mud.

The mud quickly swallowed him.

The hot blood splashed onto the corner of the King’s eyes. It flowed down along his pale and cold face, leaving in its place a vicious and sinister scarlet trail. The King watched coldly as his enemies were swallowed by the silent swamp.

The King pulled his horse by the reins. The heavy rain continued to fall on him.

The scarlet cloak appeared an even deeper red in the rain, so deep that it seemed to emanate a thick, bloody smell.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He said to the surrounding vow knights that were left:

“We leave.”

The icy cold, the boiling hot, the mad insanity……

The first drop of blood had fallen, dyeing the King’s robe red.


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  1. Goodness, Zhu Chi is soooooo badass! Hopefully, the Devil is doing just as well on his end 😉
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