The Cruel Tyrant CH 041 Jealousy

With Gu Yunzhou defending the river, Su Mu believed that Shangguan Hao would definitely be unable to open the gap in the Xijiang River.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It was just that with the mountain road being blocked by huge boulders, and Shangguan Hao occupying a high ground, he was afraid that there would be lot of casualties this time. These were soldiers from the Wu kingdom and when the time came, the Emperor of Wu would definitely demand compensation.

Su Mu, who was looking at the riverside in a trance, was suddenly picked up by Ye Qingfeng and the two began to fly across the mountains. Ye Qingfeng’s movements were as agile as that of a bird and Su Mu could not feel the slightest turbulence at all. The scenery flashed by quickly and the slightly cold air flow blew on Su Mu’s face.

He looked at Ye Qingfeng’s handsome profile and asked, “Ye Qingfeng, do you like me?” Ye Qingfeng landed on a soft grassland and pressed Su Mu under him. Looking down at him, he replied, “Of course.”

An extraordinarily handsome man admitted he liked you. Few people would be able to remain unmoved. As a man who liked men, Su Mu’s heartbeat also sped up a bit. Still, he said to Ye Qingfeng: “I don’t like you. So don’t place your heart in my hands.”

He had always been a person lacking in feelings, heartless as some would say, so there had never been a relationship that lasted for a long time. Fortunately, he was not fickle either, so the relationships always ended amicably enough. But even so, those who were hurt by him were not just one or two.

Ye Qingfeng untied his belt with one hand and slipped into his clothes with the other, stroking Su Mu’s delicate skin. He gnawed at Su Mu’s lips and mumbled: “I won’t put my heart on you, just put my body on you, hnn, and also put it inside……”

Sure enough, any intention to talk serious matters with this guy could be fed to the dogs. There was nothing else in that head of his except inappropriate things.

There was a chill on the skin, and Su Mu grabbed Ye Qingfeng’s clothes and panted slightly: “Stop, go back to the camp.”

“Can’t wait anymore, who told you to leave me abstinent for so long……” Before he even finished speaking he had already entered forcefully.

Su Mu was tightly pressed under him. Although there were tall bushes and weeds around them, Su Mu still closed his eyes with some embarrassment. At this time, it was midday, the golden sunlight was shining on the ground and the fragrant wild flowers bloomed colorfully.

Looking at the rising sun, Su Mu frowned and asked the man still working hard away on him: “Are you done? Let go of me……Ye Qingfeng, you f**king……hurry up……”

“Bastard……I told you to hurry up and come, you……slow down……”

In the afternoon, Su Mu went back to the camp with a dark face and immediately had someone to prepare a hot bath for him. Su Mu waved back the maid and looked at himself with grass clippings on his clothes and a head of disheveled hair. He could only bemoan why he hadn’t kicked that bastard away at the very beginning.

The warm water enveloped Su Mu, relaxing and resting his ‘tortured’ body.

Not far from Su Mu’s personal tent, Liu Xi learned that the Crown Prince’s clothes were messy and disheveled when he came back, obviously a sign of having ‘enjoyed’ himself in the great outdoors. Instantly, with a dark expression, Liu Xi flipped the table next to him.

“A person’s nature is hard to change!” Liu Xi said bitterly with a fearsome face. “Go and find out which shameless scoundrel seduced the Crown Prince.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Yes.” The servant stepped back carefully. Although the person in front of him was devastatingly beautiful, he did not dare to take another look. He didn’t know how capable this one was, but his talent for torture was second only to the Crown Prince.

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9 thoughts on “The Cruel Tyrant CH 041 Jealousy”

    1. Ye qinfeng is now at my top 1. I really hate his forceful/lustful character but atleast he’s loyal. Just like the MC I’m really tired of suspicious people who likes nothing but seeing me die. Qinfeng is atleast safe.

      I miss my puppy boi huangxuan though

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  1. Okay, after the last few chapters… I feel like Ye Qingfeng has worked his way to the top (ish) of the list. Huang Xuan would’ve been there since I’m a sucker for the puppy dog type, but I’m still not sure whether he betrayed SM or not and either way, he left with his parents so he’s kinda out of the picture right now. Ye Qingfeng is a little forceful but at least he’s useful and doesn’t necessarily want to kill SM. Yun Feiyu is at the bottom because right now he knows there’s a good possibility that the current SM isn’t the same one as before, and he still wants him dead because he’s “bloodthirsty by nature.” I mean… SM literally said he’d give up everything as long as he could keep his life, and Yun Feiyu is still not happy? He’s got no sympathy for our boy and I’ve got no sympathy for him 😡 Qin Ye is a hard pass too because he keeps trying to kill SM at every turn. There isn’t even space for them to talk beforehand, he just starts swinging. I hate the situation SM is in and I really hope it gets better T_T

    Thanks for the updates! ❤

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    I didn`t expect that in the middle of a fight, in which Gu Yunzhou is busy doing all the important work, Ye QIngfeng and Su Mu would still be at it, this author is shameless, hahaha.
    Okay it was the fault of Ye Qingfeng, this insatiable man sigh, but i have to admist that the he adds a lot of humor to what is happening, i was roling my eyes so hard when he said that it`s Su Mu`s fault as he was left abstinent for so long, when it was only some days, if he is abstinent, the other MLs have zero face, sigh.
    Liu Xi is more interesting that he seems this chapter,i was intrigued when the author described him as capable and well versed in torture, i mean i did know, but i felt that the focus on this was more bigger than before, and with his jealous and dark tendency, he is until now, my favorite ML.

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    1. Just as a heads up, all of the MLs have other facets to their surface personality. Even the puppy dog Huang Xuan (yes, I know!) which makes it interesting. There’s actually a funny scene later on addressing Su Mu’s taste on MLs who have a second face or darker nature😆😂

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