After Becoming The Tyrant CH 015 The Carriage From Hell

The sky was dark and gloomy.

The rain fell on the dark ground, and when it splashed upwards, the water droplets reflected a dark red light, as if the cold rainwater falling from the sky had suddenly turned into flames instead.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The shroud-wrapped skeletons lay dismembered everywhere. The beasts of the night wandering ladies crouched on the ground in a tame manner, their heads falling down and rolling on the ground a small distance away, blood gurgling out of their cavities——getting blood all over the ground, though ordinary people might not see it. The blood coalesced in sticky puddles that could not even be washed away by the rainstorm. It only spread over a larger swath of ground in irregular shapes.

As for the giant man who wielded a hammer……

Alas, the entire process was too short and too decisive. If you were willing to pick up the soil and examine it carefully, perhaps you could find a bit of bone residue?

This level of cruelty was rare even in the world of darkness.

The half-human and half-bird Madam Pomfeller flapped her wings to escape the terrible dark rain, but just as she flapped her wings and flew up, an elegant voice rang out in her ears.

“Madam, won’t you accompany them?”

The gentle wind blew pass Madam Pomfeller’s cheek and in the next instant, her head separated from her neck and fell down from high up in midair.

The last remaining black robed monk trembled and looked at the Devil standing in the dark. He had already forgotten that he had betrayed his faith a long time ago and drew a cross on his chest: “Impossible, you……you are……”


The Devil put his pale and slender index finger up to his lips and returned to his former smiling self. The black clothed monk felt as if he would rather be tried by the people of the Holy Inquisition than to see him confirm his words.

“Be cautious, Mr. Monk. It’s not time to say that name yet.”

The black robed monk let out a moan before turning into ashes.

“Apologies, time is limited so I must ask you all to surrender to eternal sleep in the ground.”

The Devil bowed in the manner of a gentleman to the wreckage left in his wake.

A trace of scarlet floated down from mid-air like a falling feather.


The Devil raised his head. His mood suddenly turned bad again.

“These damn fellows, they almost ruined my rose!”

He pinned the red rose over his chest once again. Perhaps when he had just sent Madam Pomfeller on the road a petal had accidentally fallen off. The Devil stretched out his pale hand and caught that rose petal falling down from the sky.

The petal was scarlet in color, as if it had been soaked in blood.

The Devil gently pinched the petal and placed it on his tongue. In the next instant, the rose petal turned into real blood in his mouth……this was the drop of blood that had dripped down from His Majesty’s fingertip at that time. That drop of blood had now manifested into the rose inserted in the Devil’s clothing. The Devil sighed.

He snapped his fingers.

A black fire ignited silently in the rain, burning up all of the dead bodies until no trace was left.

The Devil turned around and looked in the direction where the King had left in.

He truly did love such stormy nights.

This was the perfect time for the staging of all the bloody, all the viciousness, all the betrayal and death.

“Now.” He said lightly, “My dear Majesty, please let me pick up your beautiful soul.”

Since he was going to pick up his dear Majesty, then naturally there must be a show of extravagance worthy of his noble status. This had the Devil feeling a little bit troubled……He had never paid much attention to these things. He had obtained too many things with shameless means, but he had not used them much after gaining possession. After thinking for a moment, the Devil clapped his hands.

A lake of sulfur and fire opened up on the ground.

The rainwater fell into the boiling lake of fire, and instantly a white cloud of steam rose up into the air. The lake of fire roiled and magma splashed onto the surrounding land. The land that had been touched by the magma soon scorched black……something was slowly rising from within the lake of fire.

It was a carriage.

A low neighing sounded and the nightmare horses pulling the carriage appeared shrouded in gray mist. After the nightmare horses stepped out of the lake of fire, the lake filled with sulfur gradually shrank.

In the end, there was only a carriage left on the ground. A horse-drawn carriage that only the most insane mental patient could imagine up.

An awe-inspiring spinal column of an unknown beast made up the four-corner pillars and backbone of the carriage. Exquisite bat-like bone wings formed the magnificent carriage walls in a fantastical style. The slender skeletons of snakes coiled along the windows, mysterious blue flames lit in the holes of the snake skulls, appearing like miniature blue roses. A huge skull was inlaid in the middle of each of the four wheels of the carriage, tears of bright lava flowing down from their hollow eye sockets. Combined with the fact that the skulls were clearly smiling, it was a bizarre image indeed.

This bone carriage was odd and terrifying, but revealed an evil sense of beauty at the same time.

The nightmare horses neighed lowly, as if accusing the Devil of forgetting them for too long.

The Devil was usually indolent most of the time, and it had been hundreds of years since he last summoned this bone carriage.

“We are to greet the most noble Majesty. Mind your manners, little fellas.”

The Devil protested.

The Devil examined the carriage for a while, walking around it in inspection. He stretched out his hand to brush over the hideous and beautiful white bones and instantly leafless rose vines winded and entangled through the white bones. On the thorns, scarlet roses bloomed.

The Devil was finally satisfied with the carriage.

He drove the white-bone carriage into the heavily raining night.

The skull heads turned together with the wheels, and the crying sulfur dripped down the skull’s eye sockets to leave droplets behind, a meandering trail in the dark that then gradually dissipated.

The nightmare horses pulled the bone carriage through the swamp where a battle had just occurred.

One after another, the souls in black armor rose from the swamp. The white skeletons on the wheels opened their jaws, and those souls were sucked in by them just like smoke. When there were no more souls to swallow, the skulls’ upper jaw clacked against its lower jaw, making a terrifying sound.

As if in a show of joy, or dissatisfaction.

“Alright, alright.”

The Devil comforted briskly.

“The prelude will begin, and you will have more food.”

The owls screeched.


The wind stopped, but the heavy rain continued, as if it would never stop.

The King and his vow knights traveled in the rain.

Despite the successful lure of the Gulundi heavy cavalry into the swamp, the King still paid a hefty price——there were only six loyal vow knights left. Except for the King, everyone else had some injuries.

The small group looked to be in terrible state.

This heavy rain at the end of September came at an untimely manner, it was as cold as snow but even more fierce than a snowstorm.

The heavy rain poured over the body. Even with armor, it would still flow down from the cracks, making people feel that they were actually immersed in ice water. During the battle, the fierce level of motion could have them temporarily forget about the cold. But when the battle was over, the cold became more and more terrible, especially under exhaustion.

The vow knights were so cold their lips turned blue, let alone the King who didn’t even have on any armor.

The King’s silver hair became wet from the rain and stuck against his face. His face was terribly pale, but his lips were abnormally red, almost a coquettish red.

The King pressed his lips tightly and said nothing more.

The vow knights all thought he was angry at tonight’s assassination, but only he himself knew what was going on……he had to grip the reins tightly and rely on the help of the stirrups, else he would fall over from the horse’s back. The rain was very cold, and he felt both cold and hot. His damn headache ached as if something was drilling into his skull.

If they don’t find a warm place to rest as soon as possible, he and his vow knights would probably not end well.

In this era, disease was an even more terrifying enemy than the Gulundi heavy cavalry. Being caught out in the cold rain and then coming down with a high fever, it could easily kill people.

A young vow knight acted as a scout, riding slightly ahead. But on such a rainy night, he couldn’t be too far away from the King and the others. The only use of even scouting was to pray for God’s blessing.

The Holy Lord above, they could no longer withstand a second wave of attacks.

Suddenly, the vow knight saw a warm flame in the distance.

He startled, pulling at the reins and swinging up his sword.

However, the young vow knight soon relaxed a little.

Because of the heavy rain, the light of the torch flickered and did not appear too big, only outlining the shadows vaguely. A lone knight was riding a horse in the rain, his hair appearing very conspicuous in the light of the fire.

The vow knight recognized him.

It was the owner of Truu City, Baron Sheehan with the brilliant blond hair.

The vow knight cautiously drove forward, the sword still maintained in a vigilant stance: “For the glory of the Rose?”

“For the glory of the Rose.”

The blond Baron Sheehan replied, bowing slightly on top of his horse, appearing both courteous and meticulous.

“The heavy rain came suddenly, and I was worried that His Majesty and the ministers might have suffered any misfortune, so I came to meet you all.”

The vow knight breathed a sigh of relief.

The negotiating delegation obeyed His Majesty’s orders and went directly to Sern, and from there they set off for the palace. It was normal for Truu Castle not to know what happened just now. And so long as it was a nobleman who had any brain and desire to climb up the social ladder, he would go out of the city to show his loyalty to the King when he saw such a heavy rain tonight.

“That’s good.”

Said the vow knight. He was hit by a heavy cavalryman on his shoulder, and the wound was deep enough to show bone and even pieces of the armor was embedded in the flesh. By now he could only just hold on.

“His Majesty is ahead.”

The vow knight put down his sword without sending a warning signal. He panted tiredly.

The blond baron straightened up and showed a faint smile.

Heavy rain continued to fall.

Baron Sheehan remembered the day when the King arrived, the most beautiful rose cultivated in the most luxurious and dreamy palace court……the rose that brought death and corruption to Legrand.

He smiled, the rose would eventually wither and only Legrand would last forever.

The vow knight turned around and saw the King and other knights appearing in his field of vision. He smiled joyfully and waved to the King and the others.

The King raised his eyes, and his face changed in the next moment.


He shouted.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At the same time the vow knight waved his hand, Baron Sheehan also raised his own hand high and slashed it down.

More than a dozen longbowmen jumped up from the dead grass.

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  1. Where’s that Devil when there’s a need for his help?! Grrrrrrrr! If he doesn’t turn up soon, that super fancy carriage he prepared will have to be used as a hearse!
    Thank you for the chapter ❤

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  2. Thank you for translating! Just started this and i Love the MC
    ML may be satan or some similar name like lucifer?
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  3. Thanks for the chapter! Lol, the Devil is not only badass as you mentioned in the previous chapter, he is savage, overly arrogant and unconventional. Until now it was not revealed much of him, but i have an intuition that he will surprise me at every step in the way with his antics, weirdness and twisted actions,
    Him conforting his white skeletons was so funny lol, his nonchalant atitude is hilarious when it`s combined with his weird actions
    Man, i had a bad feeling when i saw that the scout meet in his way that baron Sheehan, but really i feel sorry for that Knight to die for being taken advance like that, he was probably desperate and too tired and didn`t have time to suspect the baron meeting him like this.
    I`m really anxious about the King at this point, he himself said that they couldn`t escape alive in the face of another attack, sigh. I want to strangle that baron, give our MC a break.
    That comment you left saying that the carriage of hell was used and peobably developed as a hearse, if i associated that information with the fact that the carriage was not used for a long time, i think you meant to imply that the devil used`it at least once in the previous lives the MC lived, to transport the body of the MC. This gives me a melancholic feeling, poor our Devil, i can`t ever imagine what things he has seen , done and endured for him to be this badass, cold and cruel towards others, I`m really anticipating his interaction with the KIng. Until next chapter.

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