The Cruel Tyrant CH 042 White Robe

“Your Highness, our army has suffered more than 3,000 casualties from yesterday night to early this morning. The mountain road is narrow and cannot accommodate more troops to fight. Most of our troops are blocked behind and unable to move forward.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In the simple camp, Su Mu listened to Shi Yan reporting on the battle with a serious expression.

With a “bang”, Su Mu smashed the armrest of the chair and suddenly stood up. He strode towards the door, and said coldly: “A thing that doesn’t know death!”

Liu Xi on the side hurriedly followed and persuaded: “Your Highness, the poison in your body has not been eliminated, so you can’t use your internal force……”

Before Liu Xi finished speaking, he realized that the Crown Prince had already disappeared in the blink of an eye.

At a elevated high ground, Shangguan Hao and more than a hundred other soldiers stood looking down at the mountain of corpses in front of them. The puddles of bright red blood exuded bursts of nausea inducing metallic scent. Behind Shangguan Hao a big bearded man walked to his side with a troubled face: “General, our soldiers are almost all lost. The soldiers of the Wu kingdom are extremely strong, and we may not be able to stop them for long.”

Shangguan Hao held a sword in his hand, his face solemn as he said: “Block them as long as possible. When the southwest army invades the imperial city, when Prince Wu takes the life of the incapable dog emperor, even if Su Mochi is the reincarnation of the demon king, he cannot turn the situation around……”

“Oh, really?” A murderous voice came from behind. Shangguan Hao’s pupils dilated sharply and the strong sense of crisis made his whole body tighten up. He turned around abruptly and shouted: “Who!”

The sharp wind blew Su Mu’s black official robe. He walked from the edge of the cliff to Shangguan Hao step by step. There was a golden, scorching sun hanging above his head, but Shangguan Hao and the others only felt a chill settling over them.

Shangguan Hao stared fixedly at Su Mu, holding the sword in his hand tightly as he tried hard to restrain the desire to retreat. But the soldiers behind him obviously didn’t have the same strength of Shangguan Hao. Those who were slightly better all involuntarily stepped back a little, while the weaker ones began to shiver like a helpless lamb faaced with a hungry wolf.

The sword in his hand covered with blood and gore was raised up in front of him, and Shangguan Hao exclaimed with vigilance, “You are Su Mochi!”

Su Mu smiled, bright red lips like the blooming flowers of hell. But his otherworldly beauty only felt like the call of death. Everyone, including Shangguan Hao, felt their hairs stand on end and a cold sweat breaking out on their backs.

This was the first time Shangguan Hao had seen the legendary Crown Prince who could scare the living into death and the dead into resurrecting. He was not the rumored demon with three heads, six arms, big glaring eyes, and a bloody mouth full of sharp teeth but a young man with beauty that surpassed the gender. But this did nothing to reduce the fear in the people’s hearts.

Su Mu didn’t say a word, walking towards Shangguan Hao without hurry as if he was just taking a walk. Despite his leisurely manner, his speed was very fast and in just a few breaths, Su Mu appeared right behind Shangguan Hao when just a moment ago he had been tens of feet away.

Several sounds of heavy objects falling echoed out. The soldiers behind Shangguan Hao all lost their lives forever before they could even let out a last scream. Perhaps they didn’t even know how they died.

Having come back to themselves, Shangguan Hao and his confidantes hurriedly moved a distance and surrounded Su Mu. After seeing Su Mu’s ability to kill people silently and swiftly, the fear in their hearts was infinitely magnified. Fortunately, these people were the southwest army elites. If they were any other ordinary soldiers, they would have fled long ago.

Shangguan Hao’s muscles tightened and his eyes were firmly locked on Su Mu’s every move. When he first laid eyes on Su Mochi, this god of death, he had already known that he would die here today. However, there was no fear in his heart, only boundless regret and sorrow. They had already written their wills long before they came here.

Shangguan Hao roared with blood-red eyes: “Soldiers, in order for the southwest to not fall into thief hands, for our parents, wives and children, kill this tyrant on behalf of the heavens, and return the Qing kingdom to a bright future……”


The dozens of people screamed and threw themselves at Su Mu with the decisiveness of moths flying into the fire, completely putting their own deaths out of their minds.

Su Mu coldly looked at the spear that was about to land on his head, and with a light swipe of his right hand, the blood-stained spear shattered into pieces, the soldier holding it also dying instantly. What followed was a bloodbath, more accurately it was a one-sided massacre.

Su Mu was slender and flexible. Compared to the tall and mighty southwestern soldiers, he was like a weak scholar. But at that moment he was more ferocious than a wolf let loose among a flock of sheep, the blood and corpses that covered the ground recording Su Mu’s kills. Looking at Shangguan Hao, who was seriously injured and lying on the ground constantly vomiting blood, he walked over leisurely.

Shangguan Hao gritted his teeth and glared at Su Mu angrily, his left hand inched toward the dropped weapon, grasping it, but unfortunately he couldn’t even lift it at all.

The enemy is the enemy. Standing in different positions, the view of one side would always be taken as wrong by the other side.

Su Mu didn’t have the slightest pity in his heart. He stretched open his five fingers slightly, and a spear on the ground instantly appeared in Su Mu’s hand like an iron block attracted by a powerful magnet. The bloody spear pointed directly at Shangguan Hao’s heart.

Suddenly, a bright light appeared in the distance, followed by the sound of a sharp arrow cutting through the air. It aimed straight towards the center of Su Mu’s forehead at a speed that the naked eye could not catch.

Su Mu’s eyes narrowed, his body reacting before his brain, and the spear in his hand slammed the arrow away. Looking up, on the top of a dangerous peak of a mountain, a veiled woman in white stood alone, like an immortal from the Ninth Heaven descending on the world.

From one mountain to another, at such a distance, ordinary people would not be able to see each other clearly. But martial arts experts like Su Mu and Gu Yunzhou were not among them. He could clearly see the woman holding a big bow and carrying a quiver on her back. However, she didn’t seem to have any intention of pulling her bow again.

Su Mu lowered his head and saw that Shangguan Hao had a bewildered expression on his face. He took a deep look at the woman in the white robe and jumped down the mountain, disappearing from the eyes of Shangguan Hao and the white robed woman.

It was not that Su Mu didn’t want to get rid of his opponents completely, but the distance between the two peaks was too far. Even Ye Qingfeng, known as the best qinggong master in the world, would fall to his death if he attempted to fly directly from this mountain peak to the other. However, it was not impossible to kill Shangguan Hao, but there would also be a price to pay, and Su Mu did not want to pay it.

The poison lurking in his body was like a ticking bomb, and it would be the same as commiting suicide if he let others land a few hits on him in his current state.

In the camp not far away, a man in ordinary military uniform bowed his head deeply, acting like a wooden stake and blending into the background.

Liu Xi’s porcelain white bare feet gently tapped on the soft carpet. Enchanting phoenix eyes narrowed and red lips curved slightly as he let out a cold snort: “Ye Qingfeng? Not living his perfectly privileged life as the second son of the Ye family, but instead running over and pestering the Crown Prince to be a male pet! Doesn’t he have a marriage contract with a young lady from which family? It’s best to let Villa Master Ye and Madam Ye bring him back and fulfill the marriage contract!”

The man in the soldier’s clothes replied without raising his head: “This humble one understands, please rest assured, Gongzi.”

Immediately after speaking, he turned and disappeared, the speed so fast it practically kicked up dust in his wake.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The curtain of the tent fell down and once again spearated the inside from the outside. Liu Xi walked barefoot to the tea table and sat down. His porcelain white fingers picked up a delicate jade cup and turned it around. There was a trace of obsession and viciousness in the charming eyes on that beautiful face.

“What I set my sights on, no one can steal it away……”

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16 thoughts on “The Cruel Tyrant CH 042 White Robe”

  1. YANDERE~~~~
    LX has thoroughly blackened but…all the others are black down to their core
    I hope our little tyrant can manage them all plus the one waiting for him down the line🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Beside the attepmt of Su Mu to kill off or slow down Shangguan Hao, and the appearance of that woman in white robe, not many things happenned,
    I guess who that woman is and what role has in all the complots will be revealed later.
    Liu Xi is losing his mind, patience and is blacking out, but who can blame him, the situation he is in sucks.
    I`m starting to get frustrated that the very few events are taking place, feel like they are for too long dragged out. Also the relatiosnhip between the characters takes too long, to show ever a slight change and the description of the characters is too mixed up.
    I think the fault lies in the fact that they are too many characters, that each has some new facets of their personality described at different point in time, and are not unique enough.
    For exemeple we have Ye Qingfeng, Liu XI and Gu something, i always forget his name. that have some parts of their personality described similar, and it`s confusing. And frustrating, too, because i keep changing my opinion about them, chapter after chapter. and this is not good, the author should have writed them more consistent, and different from each other.
    If when they return to the palace and Su Mu manage to take his power and position back, things continue like this, and i don`t know if i have patience until then too, i have to see how quickly the story get there, i will have to stop continue reading this novel too, and i`m sad about this.

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    1. It just come to me that, it`s possible that the reason i don`t enjoy this and Bird Dude Nie Bufan as i would like and expected to like, is because the fact that the story has multiple MLs and the harem essentially, is not for me.
      This thing affects how i see the story, much more than i tought, not matter what, because after all, i hate to see those amazing ang charming MLs having to fight between them and resort to schemes to gain the favor of the MC, it breaks my heart seeing them denigrate like this and underwhelm themselves for a man.
      After starting reading those two novels, i`m much more convinced of this, and from now on, i really should stick to what i like, and not try reading any othe novelS that has multiple love interests.
      That`s why, after all i will not continue reading this novel too, as i would only frustrate myself finding reasons and convincing myself to like how things are and the direction the story is going, because i only like one or two characters.


        1. Yes, we will see each other there.
          I shouldn`t started reading reading the two novels tranalated by you, who has multiple love interests.
          I knew i really dislike reading novels like this, i started reading novels with harem/ multiple love interests before, but as here, i couldn`t continue them. Since the premise started well and i love commenting on you novels, i tought if the story and the characters developments are done well, and the characters are very well writed i would be able to finish reading the novels.
          But, reality hit me hard, as i realised that for me to enjoy those kind of novels, the other aspects of the novels should be perfectly done and not have the same cliches as other novels like this have, like having the MLs fighting for the attention of the MC, some of them being neglected or ignored, because it`s not possible to treat all the MLs equally, and the MC having his favorites. Those are the things i really dislike in the novels that have multiplle love interests.
          So after being disappointed anough, i realised that i`m in the wrong place, those kind of novels wll never satisfy me, it was naive of me to think it could.


          1. Actually it would be rather unrealistic without the jealousy. And i wouldn’t say Su Mu is playing favorites as he actually has none as of now despite sleeping with them 😅 and if you’ve noticed, the MLs who gets more time with Su Mu are those who actually take more initiative. Unfortunately for Liu Xi his chatacter does not have the confidence like Ye Qingfeng to take such initiatives.

            But yeah, since it frustrates you it’s better to stop reading it^^

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    2. It’s Gu Yunzhou lol. And sorry to hear that, I actually don’t feel like they are all that similar really. I mean Gu Yunzhou until now is the stoic type obsessed with martial arts and swordsmanship. Liu Xi is the seductive androgynous type with both a soft and vicious side. Ye Qingfeng is the playful and shameless knight-errant of jianghu. Yun Feiyu is the elegant and gentle gongzi with a tragic past. Huang Xuan is the loyal puppy dog. Maybe all they share in common would be the fact that the author likes to throw in some jealousy and horniness (understandable, really)

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