The Cruel Tyrant CH 043 Feiyan

Shangguan Hao’s people were all killed by Su Mu, but the boulders blocking the narrow mountain road could not be removed. They could only rely on the soldiers to climb over it step by step, and then carefully climb down by ropes. As a result, the marching speed was dragged to the slowest, the speed almost comparable to ants.

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Su Mu paced back and forth inside the tent with the letter in his hand, his hair almost falling out from anxiety. The imperial city was easy to defend and difficult to attack. So once it really fell, it would be difficult to take it back from the rebels.

Just as Su Mu was frowning, even worse news was brought to Su Mu.

Shi Yan greeted with cupped fists and reported: “Your Highness, the bridge on the Xijiang River ten miles away was cut off, and other nearby cable bridges were also cut off. All the people we left behind are also missing.”

Su Mu, who was sitting on the chair, squeezed his fists tightly. He took a deep breath to suppress the anger in his heart and said, “Build the bridge again.”

Shi Yan replied in a deep voice: “Yes.”

Su Mu watched Shi Yan walk out of the camp with a darkening face. His mood was anxious and irritated to the point he wanted to kill something.

This was the birthplace of the Xijiang River, the lifeline of the Qing kingdom. The terrain on both sides of the strait was steep and turbulent. It was not easy to build a cable bridge that could pass hundreds of thousands of troops in a short period of time. He was afraid that this would delay them for an additional several days.

No, he must not let the enemy lead him by the nose.

Su Mu fiercely stood up and strode out of the camp.

Yun Feiyu, who was lying on the bed on the other side of the camp, moved slowly to take the medicine from the guard and drank it all without frowning.

The pale cheeks and the tired look caused him to look like a withered flower, inspiring pity and distress from all who saw him.

The medicine bowl in his hand was taken over. Yun Feiyu frowned and covered his lips with a hand, coughing a few times before asking the person in a hoarse voice: “How is Prince Wu? How is the progress ahead?”

The guard gave Yun Feiyu a worried look, and replied in a low voice: “Gongzi, Prince Wu was assassinated half a month ago and suffered some injuries but it is no longer a serious problem. He has reached an agreement with Prince Cheng of Zheng kingdom to borrow troops. When the imperial city is captured, Prince Wu will in turn assist Prince Cheng to ascend the throne.”

Yun Feiyu put down his hand and asked, “How many soldiers are borrowed?”

The guard said: “Thirty thousand.”

Yun Feiyu slowly nodded and said: “Go back and send a letter to Prince Wu. Their movements must be fast. The soldiers of the Wu kingdom are brave and good at fighting, and the commanding general is Sun Haoran, the son of Wu kingdom’s war god the Prince of Rong. Once the army arrives in the imperial city, we will not have a chance again.”

The guard said: “Gongzi, this time not only our southwest army, but also the southeast army and Tian Guohai mobilized almost all of their forces. The total number is about 150,000 people. The army of the Wu kingdom has been exhausted from the long journey to Qing kingdom. Who wins and who loses, is it not certain?”

Yun Feiyu shook his head and said, “There is no doubt that the forces of Wu kingdom will win in a head-on collision. We seem to have a lot of people, but they are actually a pile of scattered sand. This mountain is a natural barrier to prevent the army from advancing, with the road being blocked and the Xijiang cable bridges cut off. After that is the Jinyang City which is sealed by Su Bing to avenge his father. It can delay them for at least another ten days. After Jinyang City there is only endless fertile field and nothing that can stop the army of the Wu kingdom.”

“Hai, hai, hai……”

Yun Feiyu coughed fiercely, causing him to hurriedly cover his mouth with his sleeve, a trace of bright red smearing the cuff where it bloomed like a delicate flower.

The guard looked at him worriedly: “Gongzi……”

Yun Feiyu raised his hand to stop him and said: “Don’t waste time. You won’t be able to take me away. Hurry up and report to Prince Wu.”

The guard said anxiously: “But Prince Wu said that you must not come to any harm. I will take you away in the middle of the night, and you won’t be discovered.”

Would not be discovered?

Yun Feiyu lifted the corners of his pale lips and smiled, saying, “From the moment you appeared, every word we said has probably been passed into the ears of the Crown Prince without any omission.”

Upon hearing this, the guard was shocked: “What? How is it possible?”

There was no emotion in Yun Feiyu’s voice, as if he had already understood everything. He slowly said: “He needs someone to pass the news to Prince Wu, so that Prince Wu will have some scruples.”

As soon as the guard heard that his actions and words had been completely and unreservedly exposed to the eyes of the Crown Prince, he immediately felt a chill run down his spine and his legs going a little soft. With his teeth trembling he said, “But Gongzi, isn’t it more dangerous for you to stay here? “

Yun Feiyu said: “The Crown Prince will keep me to impede Prince Wu, and nothing will happen for the time being.”

The guard clasped his fists and said: “In that case, please take care of yourself, Prince Wu has been worried about you this whole time.”

After finishing talking, the guard took out a note from his clothes and handed it to Yun Feiyu: “This is a letter from Prince Wu.”

Yun Feiyu reached out and took the note. After the guard left, he spread the note with his slender fingers.

But suddenly he seemed to have seen something incredible, his whole body stiffening and his pupils dilating sharply, his hands trembling uncontrollably. He did not dare to open the note completely, for fear that everything was just an illusion.

In his hands, the half-unfolded piece of paper revealed a small, graceful font, and at first glance it seemed to be written by a woman.

After settling his mind, Yun Feiyu carefully opened the entire note.

There were only a few short words on the yellowed note, but it almost made his eyes wet.

‘Sister safe, do not worry, Feiyan.’

On the other side, Su Mu returned to the camp after having selected more than a dozen elite soldiers. Everything that happened in Yun Feiyu’s tent flowed into Su Mu’s ears verbatim.

“Yun Feiyan? Yun Feiyu’s sister? She is not dead?” Su Mu asked in surprise.

A seemingly ordinary soldier standing in front of Su Mu said: “Answering Your Highness, seeing how Yun Gongzi reacted it should be like this.”

Su Mu mused: Actually escaping under the claws of Su Mochi, Yun Feiyan does not seem to be a simple character either. Could it be the woman in white on the top of the mountain that day?

If this was the case, then it would be a new problem.

Su Mu was secretly annoyed: This damn Su Mochi can really cause trouble.

It was just that even if he knew that Yun Feiyan would cause “trouble” for him, Su Mu had no time for her at this moment.

At this moment, the imperial city had become a mess. Most of the people in the court were officials from the Su Mochi era. Their experience with falling whichever way the wind blew had reached the full level; the last time the imperial city was besieged the frighteningly powerful Crown Prince was still present so these people dared not do anything without authorization.

But now the imperial city of Qing kingdom was practically an empty city now, and that damned old man, Su Yuan, only left a few words before returning to the gentle embraces of his concubines.

The Emperor: “Look for the Crown Prince.”

Official: “Your Majesty, the Crown Prince is not here.”

The Emperor: “Then hurry up and find the Crown Prince!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu was so pissed by this stupid Emperor that even his liver began to hurt. The enemy was about to come to attack and capture the city, and yet he could still continue to have fun.

Therefore, Su Mu could only select a dozen elite soldiers to accompany him on his return to the imperial city.

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  1. Really enjoying this novel so far, far more than I expected to! It was recc’d to me by a friend.

    I’m not at all bothered by the fact that it’s harem/NP; in fact, it’s part of the reason I started reading this. I like seeing how each of the MLs ends up being more than the initial impression of what meets the eye. It makes each chapter feel like a surprise, building on top of what’s existing.

    Thank you so much for translating this!

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