The Cruel Tyrant CH 044 Return

The dark sky was as if it had been sprinkled with a handful of dazzling diamonds, a crescent moon hanging up high on the horizon, its faint brilliance splashing down on the earth. The majestic palace loomed like a beast crouched in the dark, ready to swallow up all those who dared to trespass.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The dusty, travel worn Su Mu dismounted his horse. With a gust of wind, he swept past the kneeling servants into the palace with a large stride. He said to Yuzhu who was following him: “Prepare the bath and a change of clothes, inform Han Yi, Han Yang and Shi Nuo to come see me. Notify the officials of the various ministries to attend assembly immediately.”

Yuzhu hurriedly bowed and said: “Yes, Your Highness.” Then she rushed out of the room to pass Su Mu’s orders.

The dew-stained cloak was taken off by the maid, and a pair of slender white hands passed a cup of hot fragrant tea over. Hot water was already poured behind the bathing screen.

Su Mu walked to the tub and opened his arms, waiting for the maid to undress him. After transmigrating and living for so long in the ancient times, Su Mu was already used to this kind of being waited on hand and foot by servants. Additionally, he hadn’t been able to rest well for several days and was truly exhausted.

His belt was untied, and the silky material of his robes slipped down the delicate skin. The sturdy arm of a man wrapped around Su Mu’s waist and lifted him up easily and then gently put him in the tub filled with hot water.

Completely unsurprised, Su Mu didn’t even open his eyes. Only the peaceful breathing of two men sounded in the huge bedroom.

Ye Qingfeng looked at Su Mu’s tired face and felt a little distressed. He was rarely serious but now he refrained from his usual antics and didn’t say a word, kneading Su Mu’s shoulders in a steady massage.

After a while, this rare tranquility was broken by Yuzhu’s clear voice coming from outside the door, saying: “Your Highness, Han daren, Shi daren asks to see you.”

Su Mu, who had his eyes closed and resting, immediately opened his eyes and walked out of the bathtub. He said, “Let them wait in the study and then come in to change clothes.”

In a short while, a few slender court ladies walked quickly to Su Mu with bowed heads, drying his body and putting on clothes for him. On the side, Ye Qingfeng’s eyes were full of fire, but unfortunately, he couldn’t even dress the loose rags he had on properly, let alone Su Mu’s complicated court robes.

Su Mu ignored Ye Qingfeng’s eyes clinging to him, and immediately walked towards the study after he was dressed.

In the study, Han Yi, Han Yang, and Shi Nuo immediately bowed to greet Su Mu when they saw his figure appear at the door: “Greetings to Your Highness.”

Su Mu waved his hand to waive the ceremony and strode to the desk. While flipping through the mountain of memorials, he asked, “How is the imperial court?”

Shi Nuo stepped forward to report: “Your Highness Yuan Shilang, Zhang Xueshi, Liu Taiwei and other 32 officials contracted the cold, headache, measles, etc. and took their family members to go to a foreign country to see a doctor. In addition, officials such as Sun Taishi, Jia Taifu, etc. took their family to return to their hometown for retirement.”

Su Mu glanced at the long and fancy resignation letter in his hand and threw it aside. He picked up a new one, glanced at it, and then threw that aside as well. Without raising his head he said, “How about the deployment of the imperial city’s troops?”

Shi Nuo stepped back, and Han Yang with a righteous look came forward and said: “Your Highness, General Qin led an army of 30,000 troops to station in the eastern part of the city while General Shen led an army of 30,000 troops to station in the southern part of the city. Additionally, there are 2,000 elite soldiers stationed in the western part and the northern part each. There are three thousand imperial guards in the palace.”

Su Mu continued throwing aside the memorials, saying: “It is enough to leave five hundred guards in the palace. The others will be dispatched by General Shen. How about the grain and grass reserves in the city?”

Han Yang stepped back and Han Yi stepped forward, saying, “Your Highness, part of it was robbed or destroyed during the escort of the grain and grass. Now it is only enough to maintain the 70,000 army and the people in the imperial city for half a month.”

Su Mu dropped the memorials in his hand and raised his head. He said: “Detain the grain officer, and the rest will be reduced by one rank and fined for three months.”

After Su Mu wrote a series of edicts and handed them to the three people, he immediately got up and rushed to the Taihe Hall.

In the great golden hall, Su Mu looked down on the few officials as they knelt down and performed the usual ceremonial greeting three times. Clenching his hands slightly, he said, “Rise.”

“Thanking His Royal Highness.”

Su Mu memorized the faces of these people before saying calmly: “The three party rebel thieves have come again, what are your solutions?”

There was no sound at all in the great hall. They all remained silent, glancing at each other with their heads down.

Seeing that no one answered for a long time, Shen Wei, as a military commander, stepped forward and said: “Your Highness, the three-party rebel thieves are preparing to join forces in the red maple mountain range outside the city in three days. According to chen, we must send someone to prevent them from uniting.”

Su Mu nodded: “I leave this to you.”

“Thanking His Royal Highness.”

After Shen Wei stepped back, Su Mu turned his gaze on Qin Kunyu, and said, “What good strategy does General Qin have?”

Qin Kunyu stepped forward and said: “General Shen’s strategy is very good, and this incapable official has no better solution.”

Su Mu glanced at him and said, “Court dismissed.”

Su Mu did not ask the others again. The current situation was indeed critical, and those insightful officials were either killed by the former Su Mochi or scared away. As for the remaining officials, Su Mu didn’t have much hope.

Therefore, he directly ordered: “All water sources in the city shall be taken over by the army, and private reserves of grain and grass shall be collected at market prices while private sales are prohibited. General Qin is responsible for this matter. All food is sold at half price per person and rationed daily while drinking water is distributed out per person at a set time. Lin Siyuan is responsible for this matter. The daily expenses of the palace and the various officials shall be halved. Offenders……”

The decrees were passed down one after another accompanied by the rising sun. After the morning assembly, Su Mu fell asleep immediately as soon as he sat down in the sedan.

No matter how advanced Su Mu’s martial arts skills were, after all, he was still made of flesh and blood. For five or six consecutive days, he could only rest for five or six hours. Even he would feel tired in such circumstances.

When the procession stopped outside the entrance of the Crown Prince’s Palace, Su Mu was still sleeping soundly. The group of people looked at each other and wondered what to do.

At this moment, Ye Qingfeng, who had just finished washing himself, walked out of the room. Ignoring the wide eyes, he walked back into the room with Su Mu in his arms.

Ye Qingfeng had been locked in the secret underground cell for several years and few people knew about it. Some of them who didn’t know about his existence were shocked into nearly gaping.

Who was this person? This person was too courageous, even daring to carry the Crown Prince in his arms!

You must know that some among them dared not even touch the hair that fell from the Crown Prince because they actually believed that even the hair of the Crown Prince could eat people!

Su Mu, who had not slept well for five or six days, finally slept peacefully and woke up naturally.

But as soon as Su Mu opened his eyes he realized something was wrong. There was a hand under his neck and a hand on his waist, directly ignoring his sleeping robe to be placed inside and against his bare skin.

The fiery big hands were pressed against the delicate skin without any barrier, causing Su Mu to feel a tingling sensation in his waist area. His abdomen was also poked against by a hard thing, and his own hard thing was poking back.

Su Mu felt a fire in his abdomen and various salacious images flashed through his mind. In order to avoid the sparks becoming wanton flames, Su Mu pushed Ye Qingfeng away and got up from the bed.

But he was hugged from behind, and a pair of fiery claws slipped into Su Mu pants and stroked him with familiarity. Su Mu gasped and pressed Ye Qingfeng’s misbehaving hands, and said, “Let go.”

Ye Qingfeng sucked the tender skin on Su Mu’s neck, while moving his hand further back to stroke the entrance: “You can only have the strength to work when you are full. It must be hungry for so long.”

Su Mu only felt his whole body going soft. He tightly grasped Ye Qingfeng’s arm but could not stop him from moving forward.

A layer of moisture covered his dark eyes and Su Mu gave him a hateful glance, panting and saying, “You better hurry up!”

“Yes, darling!”

Ye Qingfeng became even more hard from that aroused glare, and nearly rushed in directly. But when he thought of the consequences of that, he and his little brother separating forever, he didn’t dare to go through with it. Fortunately, he had long been prepared.

Ye Qingfeng took out a small jar at the head of the bed, opened it, and dug out a wad of fragrant white paste and applied it to Su Mu’s entrance.

After all, almost a week had passed since the last time so the sensations Su Mu felt were even stronger. His red lips were slightly open and his white fingers gripped tightly at the bed sheets. That flushed and aroused face could almost make the saints step off their altars, not to mention a rogue like Ye Qingfeng.

He pressed directly on Su Mu. While kissing him fiercely he also continuously stretched his insides with his fingers, causing Su Mu to not even be able to make a sound.

There was an unspeakably pleasurable feeling coming from the back, but Ye Qingfeng’s intense kisses made breathing a bit difficult. Su Mu raised a hand up to Ye Qingfeng’s waist where the skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat and twisted it hard. Only then did Ye Qingfeng frown and let go of Su Mu’s red and swollen lips that had just been ravaged by him. He then shifted the battlefield to Su Mu’s neck and chest.

Su Mu shuddered as the most sensitive part of his chest was continuously being kissed and sucked. His fingers tangled in Ye Qingfeng’s hair, unable to decide whether to push him away or pull him closer.

A teardrop slid down from the corner of Su Mu’s eyes. Su Mu panted heavily as his legs wrapped around Ye Qingfeng’s powerful waist. In an unstable tone he said: “Come……come in……hurry up!”

Ye Qingfeng was already at his limit. After hearing Su Mu’s words, he almost lost his mind as well. He pressed Su Mu’s white and slender legs, thrusting all the way inside.

Su Mu, who was pressed completely under, trembled and frowned, “Asshole, lighter!”

Ye Qingfeng looked at the place where the two were connected, and answered with his movements that he was now a man dominated by his lower body.

Once again, he was penetrated to the deepest point, forcing Su Mu to cry out.

“Damn……Ye Qingfeng, you are……looking for death……” Su Mu hurriedly put his hand against his waist to prevent him from thrusting harder.

Ye Qingfeng looked at Su Mu’s disheveled and flushed appearance and almost sprayed it directly inside at that moment. He pressed Su Mu’s resisting hands on the bed, while his lower body continued to collide hard against the other.

Su Mu’s whole body went soft, not even a bit of strength could be mustered up. In truth, while Ye Qingfeng’s wild thrusting brought some discomfort, it also brought pleasure. This kind of pleasure was not only physical pleasure. The feeling of being deeply filled caused even his soul to feel extremely rapturous. However, instead of satisfaction it only made him hungry for more.

Su Mu’s hands were restricted and unable to move, so he could only open his legs and let him do whatever he wanted.

Two drops of sweat dripped down from that handsome face, and the vexing smile that was always present on his face had disappeared completely at this time. It was as if he had encountered something that required his full attention and even maintaining a slight expression would take away his concentration.

Ye Qingfeng, with a serious face, kissed Su Mu’s lips lightly, and asked with harsh breaths, “Darling, do you want to feel even better?”


Su Mu didn’t even hear what he said, screaming from a sudden and fierce thrust. Then he felt that thick and long thing inside his body withdraw, the feeling of emptiness that followed causing great discomfort. Su Mu hurriedly grabbed Ye Qingfeng’s arm. With a look of dissatisfaction: “Don’t……don’t go out……inside……”

Ye Qingfeng tried his best to control his little brother who was trying its best to “pull” him over. He turned Su Mu over and have him kneel on the bed.

In both his past and present lives, Su Mu had always been a proud and privileged person. Even if he was on the receiving end, it was only others catering to him and serving him. He didn’t like this position and whoever dared to use this position was simply looking for death.

The swear words spilled out of Su Mu’s red lips. “F**k……Ye Qingfeng, you……get the f**k off……”

Su Mu practically used all of his strength to struggle, but that was just what he thought. In fact, Ye Qingfeng, who was now completely controlled by his animalistic desires, didn’t feel any “struggle” at all. He only thought that the other was just in too much pleasure to control himself.

Ye Qingfeng looked at Su Mu who was pissed and angry, yet also unable but to help feeling good, and an indescribable sense of satisfaction rose in his heart. This daunting and terrifying Crown Prince with the noble and majestic identity was pressed under him, completely “helpless” and could only “cry and beg for mercy”. Just fantasizing this scenario was enough to cause him to be unable to resist shooting.

But Ye Qingfeng, who knew that it would probably be a long time until the next time they did it, managed to control his impulse, though he still buried his thing deeply in Su Mu’s body.

The sheets in his hands had been ripped apart, and Su Mu, who had been enduring the impact, could finally take a breath. His face was flushed with “anger”, but it only caused people to want to “bully” him some more.

Su Mu propped up his body with his hands, trying to get out of Ye Qingfeng’s confinement. But when he moved a little, the big guy inside only felt more conspicuous.

The unsatisfied body sucked on him in a lingering manner, reluctant for him to leave. Ye Qingfeng kneaded Su Mu’s smooth buttocks, breathing heavily as he watched the soft and swollen red entrance tightly clamping down on him, and then entered unceremoniously and forcefully.

Su Mu, who was just feeling empty, was immediately filled with that hot, hard object. This time Ye Qingfeng didn’t use a very fast pace in order to enjoy himself for a while longer. Instead, he thrusted in and out at an irritatingly slow speed.

Ye Qingfeng said with a dry mouth while moving, “Do you like being f**ked by me? If you say you like it, I’ll go faster.”

Su Mu tightly fisted the bed sheets and gritted his teeth: “Presumptuous! Are you tired of living?”

Ye Qingfeng grinned and said, “Of course not. Such a pleasurable life, just one lifetime is not even enough.” After that, he thrusted in fiercely and asked, “Do you like being f**ked by me, hnn?”

His body was no longer in his control, and he could only endure it passively. The lewd sound echoing in his ears almost made him mad with shame.

It was not that Su Mu was thin-skinned and easily embarrassed. It was just that this kind of experience of completely being controlled by another man, being wantonly and passionately f**ked, was something he had never encountered before. It gave him the pleasure of being completely possessed and invaded.

Like a machine, it was inserted into the deepest and most sensitive place every time, so that Su Mu couldn’t bear it anymore and came with a full body tremble. For a moment, it seemed as if his soul had flown away, his mind completely blanking out.

But the thick thing behind didn’t mean to stop at all, and it was still thrusting vigorously. In his orgasm, Su Mu’s entrance fluttered uncontrollably which only caused him to feel the size even more clearly.

Su Mu lay weakly on the bed and said: “Hurry up and finish!”

Ye Qingfeng pushed in fiercely, and after hearing a muffled grunt from Su Mu, he continued to thrust maliciously and deeply, saying: “Darling, your mood changes are too fast, let’s see if I don’t make you unable to get out of bed.”

Though he said this, Ye Qingfeng, who had already endured it to his limit, could no longer hold on anymore.

After fiercely pistoning in and out a few times, he imprisoned Su Mu from behind, pouring all his essence deep into Su Mu’s body.

Feeling that the huge thing inside gradually softened, and the breathing of the man who was gasping on top of him gradually became even, Su Mu wanted to slap Ye Qingfeng off the bed when he thought of what happened just now.

In the end, Su Mu still didn’t turn this thought into action, but his tone was inevitably a little bad. Su Mu lifted a bare shoulder and said, “Get off.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ye Qingfeng stroked Su Mu’s thin waist with one hand restlessly, while licking Su Mu’s sensitive back, causing Su Mu to shudder. Ye Qingfeng’s still aroused voice sounded in his ear: “Darling, let’s do it again!”

Su Mu did not answer him, directly slapping him out of the bed.

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