After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 014 You Only Need To Be Responsible To Me

“Weren’t you studying acting, Tao Mu? When did you learn finance?” Knowing that his childhood friend was not a person who would strike up a conversation out of the blue, Luo Yang looked at Tao Mu with a dazed expression. He felt that the world was truly mysterious.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu was silent. He certainly could not say that he studied finance in his previous life.

Speaking of which, Tao Mu had to thank Shen Yu for him transferring from acting to finance in his previous life. At that time, he had just returned to the Shen family’s house and madly and inexplicably hated Shen Yu. He deliberately transferred to Shen Yu’s university, and specially applied for the finance major. At the beginning, the reason for doing this was to prove that he was not lacking when compared with Shen Yu.

As for why he didn’t choose the literature major that Shen Yu applied for, it was more to please the Shen family. After all, the Shen family had been in business for generations. Tao Mu believed that by studying finance himself, he could have more common language with the Shen family. Unfortunately, in the eyes of others, this approach was undoubtedly an ironclad proof of his greed and eagerness for instant benefit. Therefore, Shen Yan completely rejected him, treating him with cynicism and sarcasm, believing that he didn’t know his place and had delusions of fighting for the position of heir that belonged to Shen Chen.

Though, the events that happened afterwards proved that Shen Yan overestimated his IQ!

But having said that, Tao Mu gave up his theater major at Beijing Film University and plunged straight into the financial field that he was not familiar with. At first, he couldn’t even understand the algorithm formula. Every day, he only knew to memorize all of these things that he clearly wasn’t even interested in. In the eyes of others this was basically useless and ineffective with no practical use. He was ridiculed by fellow students and the news media as a modern two-legged bookcase……Unexpectedly, however, these materials became his most important asset in this new life. (TN: two-legged bookcase, or walking encyclopedia, someone who have read alot of books but cannot apply the knowledge to practical use)

Sure enough, as the old saying goes, the books that a person had read and the hardships he had experienced would all eventually be useful. Although this day might have come a little late for him, it being a lifetime and all.

“……Just speaking casually.” Tao Mu came back to himself and answered Luo Yang in a perfunctory manner.

Luo Yang snorted and didn’t believe Tao Mu’s words at all. Just talking casually would not cause Li Xiaoheng, a capitalist who wouldn’t act without incentive, to hand over his business card. This kid probably didn’t know how rare Li Xiaoheng’s business cards were.

“Just now we ate the chicken feet that Mr. Tao personally grilled. To return this politeness, I would like to invite Mr. Tao to have a casual meal.” When faced with talents, Li Xiaoheng, who always liked to take the initiative, smiled gently. It was practically as gentle as a spring breeze: “I wonder if Mr. Tao can give me this face?”

Tao Mu frowned slightly but before he could even open his mouth, Li Xiaoheng said again: “I see that Mr. Tao you have your own thoughts on oil futures. To be honest, I am also paying attention to the international financial market recently, and I have many questions about futures. Hearing what you said today, I felt that many of my questions have been cleared up. I hope that Mr. Tao could give me some more advice.”

Being reborn to this point in time, it would be false to say that Tao Mu had no thoughts about this financial turmoil. Anyone who was familiar with financial history and got a chance to return to this era would very likely want to stir up a storm. However, Tao Mu’s pockets were rather empty. He may have valuable knowledge and enviable outlook but unfortunately no capital, and was powerless in the end.

Now that Li Xiaoheng actively invited him, Tao Mu felt that it wouldn’t hurt to discuss a little further. Even if after this conversation he wouldn’t get any real benefits. So long as he could form a good relationship with Li Xiaoheng, this connection might prove useful in the future——for example, finding an investor for a movie or something.

Thinking about it this way, Tao Mu no longer hesitated and immediately accepted Li Xiaohang’s invitation. Li Xiaohang showed his gentlemanly demeanor, a disguise he had learned during the years of studying abroad, and personally opened the door for Tao Mu. Looking at his gentle and attentive manner, Luo Yang couldn’t help snorting repeatedly, his eyeballs nearly rolling backwards into his head.

He put his hands in his pockets and raised his eyes to look up at the sky. He was about to get into the car, when he came face to face with his expressionless childhood friend: “Aren’t you going to visit the crew?”

Luo Yang: “……I haven’t eaten yet!”

“Go to the crew to eat. Didn’t you say that you lost your temper some time ago and offended the entire crew? You can take advantage of the opportunity to visit the crew today to send some delicious food to bribe the people’s hearts. Having the crew full of complaints and discontent won’t do you good either after all.”

Luo Yang once again couldn’t hold back and rolled his eyes a 108th time: This remark sure was high-sounding and righteous, as if he didn’t know the other wanted to get rid of him and go on a date with the little beauty alone.

Thinking of this, Luo Yang suddenly squinted his eyes and looked at Li Xiaoheng suspiciously, wondering if this old-fashioned bachelor since birth had finally become enlightened.

Unfortunately, since childhood, Li Xiaoheng had always been able to hide his emotions and thoughts, possessing a deep self-restraint. Luo Yang examined him several times, but he still couldn’t make out what Li Xiaoheng was thinking.

Li Xiaoheng’s thoughts were actually very simple. He was worried that Luo Yang would involuntarily change the topic when he was at the dinner table with them. After many years of friendship, Li Xiaoheng was quite aware of his childhood friend’s habit of ‘not engaging in proper business’.

Da Mao and Xiao Pang, aftering grabbing and eating several chicken feet, both quickly stood behind Tao Mu, showing their determination to be Tao Mu’s entourage.

Li Xiaoheng didn’t mind. Driving the car he brought everyone to a nearby five-star hotel.

“Don’t know what Mr. Tao likes to eat?” In the exquisitely decorated small private room, Li Xiaoheng handed the menu to Tao Mu and smiled softly.

Regarding the trend of the international oil futures market, Li Xiaoheng had been thinking a lot about it in recent months. He could faintly perceive the movements of international capital behind the scenes, as well as the increasingly severe economic situation. However, Li Xiaoheng was limited by the current situation and could not determine the extent to which this storm would evolve. And as a result he was unable to make up his mind. Hearing Tao Mu’s remarks today, Li Xiaoheng might not have received a sudden flash of insight, but some things did become clearer.

So he was perfectly happy and sincere about treating the other to this meal. Even if Tao Mu couldn’t say anything tangible in the dudation of this meal, just the words he had already spoken was worth his time eating this meal with the other.

Tao Mu unceremoniously ordered a few dishes that he loved. He was good at cooking and his taste buds were also picky. All the dishes he ordered were signature dishes that were both time-consuming and fire-consuming. These dishes had extremely high requirements for both ingredients and the chef’s craftsmanship.

Then, Li Xiaoheng politely handed the menu to Da Mao and Xiao Pang, and the two ordered two dishes. The menu once again went back to Li Xiaoheng’s hands.

Li Xiaoheng was not a foodie, and because of the professional self-cultivation of seizing every minute and second that financial professionals all had, he always preferred to eat simply and quickly. But just now after gnawing on Tao Mu’s grilled chicken feet, his taste buds were greatly stimulated. So now he even ordered some local dishes that would suit his appetite at Tao Mu’s suggestion.

If Luo Yang saw this, he would definitely be surprised.

Soon, the waiter had put away the menus and served up the tea and appetizers ordered by Li Xiaoheng.

Li Xiaoheng personally poured a cup of tea for Tao Mu, and smiled softly: “Don’t know if Mr. Tao likes tea or coffee. I have been studying abroad for many years, so I should be used to drinking coffee. But I love tea very much. Especially Pu’er tea.”

Tao Mu wasn’t picky on what he drank. In fact, he prefered to drink carbonated drinks. Milk tea was also good.

Da Mao and Xiao Pang both had bitter faces, staring at the pot of Pu’er anxiously. Li Xiaoheng smiled slightly: “I was negligent. Children your age tend not to like coffee or tea.”

It’s just that Tao Mu’s previous speech and behavior appeared rather mature and it gave Li Xiaoheng the illusion that he was communicating with a peer.

Li Xiaoheng criticized himself for his carelessness and then called the waiter over again, re-ordering a pot of freshly squeezed juice and three bottles of carbonated drinks.

As a result, Da Mao and Xiao Pang thought that Mr. Li was really a very good person.

The very good Mr. Li turned his head sideways, exchanged a few words with Tao Mu, and quietly shifted the topic to the current economic situation.

Tao Mu had intentions of making friends with Li Xiaoheng, and naturally wanted to display his talents in front of future benefactors. Although he didn’t dare to spill everything, but every word he spoke were like pearls and hit right at the heart of the matter. With just a few remarks, Li Xiaoheng’s original vague ideas and thoughts became clearer.

Only Da Mao and Xiao Pang remained completely bewildered, holding their drinks and sitting as quiet as pheasants.

“……Now the international situation remain changing and inconsistent, like the dark surging tides in the ocean. According to my own thoughts, I originally wanted to wait and see some more. However, Mr. Tao has such a deep understanding of the economic situation at such a young age.” Li Xiaoheng did not ask Tao Mu how he came about his insights. In his opinion, everyone could have their own secrets. What’s more, in such a big world, strange people and bizarre things were never lacking. When he was studying in country M, he had also seen a teenage genius who played the stock market so well he practically ran circles around everyone, wildly seizing billions of dollars. With just his strength alone he was able to stir up the global capital pool.

Although Tao Mu’s analysis of the international financial market was rather radical and sharp-edged, it was not just empty talk. There were still reasoning behind his remarks and clues to follow from. It could only be said that Tao Mu had unique insights and talents in the financial field. Thinking about it this way, Li Xiaoheng felt that it was a pity Tao Mu had such an obsession with being an actor.

“Don’t know if Mr. Tao——”

“Mr. Li can just call me Tao Mu directly.” Tao Mu calmly took a sip of tea. Living a lifetime again, and having been surrounded with Da Mao, Xiao Pang and the young people on the set for such a long time, he really wasn’t used to the serious style of Li Xiaoheng.

Li Xiaoheng smiled and said, “Then don’t call me Mr. Li. Just call me Li dage.” (TN: dage=big brother, will be using the Chinese pronunciation as it’s shorter and sounds better)

“Li dage.” Tao Mu readily followed the other’s suggestion. As soon as he called the other this, it made the communication between the two people appear even more rigid.

Looking at Tao Mu’s expression, Li Xiaoheng, for some reason, suddenly said, “I am only twenty-five years old this year.”

Tao Mu: “……”

Li Xiaoheng came back to his senses, and explained with some embarrassment: “I mean……we are considered close in age and I don’t feel any generation gap between us.”

Privately, Tao Mu thought that of course there was no generation gap. He was twenty-eight when he died in his last life!

But Tao Mu cleverly did not speak further on the subject. Although he didn’t know why, Tao Mu still faintly detected that Li Xiaoheng seemed to slightly mind his own age.

Li Xiaoheng didn’t know what came over him. After pausing for a moment and finally sorting out his thoughts, he continued: “I just wanted to say, Xiao Mu, do you want to switch to finance? I think you are very talented in this area. If you don’t, it would be quite a pity.” He also warmly suggested that if Tao Mu was really interested in finance, he could serve as an investment consultant in his Xiaoheng Capital.

Tao Mu looked at Li Xiaoheng with a little wonder: “As far as I know, the financial industry has always had high requirements for practitioners. I do not have any experience, nor am I a high-achieving student who graduated from a key university——”

“The ancients also knew that one must seek talents. I am not a fool. When I see a genius like Xiao Mu, I naturally have to try my best to win you over.” Li Xiaoheng smiled and picked up the shared chopsticks and added a piece of sweet-scented osmanthus duck to Tao Mu’s plate: “Just don’t know if Xiao Mu would give me this opportunity.”

“Thank you, Li dage, for your kindness, but I still like acting.” After rebirth, Tao Mu had already made plans for the future. Naturally, he wouldn’t make changes just because of a few words from Li Xiaoheng.

Li Xiaoheng didn’t quite understand why Tao Mu was obsessed with being an actor, but he didn’t comment on Tao Mu’s ambitions. He just smiled and said: “I see that you have your own insights and analysis on the international market. It can be seen that even if you want to act, you would not be opposed to doing some part-time jobs in this field. Then, can I take the liberty of inviting Xiao Mu to come and act as my personal investment adviser? You only need to be responsible to me. How about it?”

Tao Mu’s original purpose for eating this meal was to develop this connection with Li Xiaoheng. Now that Li Xiaoheng took the initiative to make friends, he certainly wouldn’t refuse. It’s just that before accepting the invitation, he had to humbly and politely say: “……My insights and views are all theoretical, and I have no actual practical experience. Li dage asking me to be an investment consultant is taking a big risk.”

“It just so happens that I do financial investment, and what I do best is to control risks.” Li Xiaoheng smiled and stretched out his hand: “Then, may we have a pleasant cooperation.”

“May we have a pleasant cooperation.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Two hands shook in mid-air. Li Xiaohang keenly noticed that Tao Mu had many thin calluses on his hand, and it was not as smooth and flawless as it looked on the surface. However, this hand was slender and strong, and the palm was dry and warm. Like its owner, the more one had contact with him, the more at ease one felt.

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