Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 044 A Strange Treasure Exploration Part 1

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The door of the treasure trove finally appeared. It should have been an exciting event, but for some reason, everyone present felt that the treasure had lost its charm in an instant when they saw Nie Bufan’s proud and cocky appearance. Instead, any excitement was overwhelmed by a certain strange creature.

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After careful cleaning, the outline of the door that had been packed with dirt was now revealed, and the carvings were truly exquisite. The four great beasts guarding the four directions——green dragon, vermillion bird, black tortoise, and white tiger appeared in vivid detail. As for the carving in the center, it was not the qilin that everyone had guessed before, but a rising sun surrounded by colorful clouds.

The two brothers Li Yi and Li Huai, Si Chenyu, Chen Muran, Wang Shichan stepped forward and took out their respective keys, corresponding to the keyholes, and inserted them one by one.

Nie Bufan also ran over enthusiastically, took the egg and looked left and right, looking around for the keyhole.

“Why aren’t you inserting your key?” Li Huai asked in a sinister tone.

“I also want to insert it too, but where?”

“Find a hole!”

“Don’t you see that I am looking for it? Where is there a hole?”

“Are you sure the egg in your hand is the key?”

“Of course, have you ever seen such a hard egg?”

“What’s the use of a hard egg? It can’t be inserted when there isn’t a hole!”

“Maybe we need to find a chicken.” Nie Bufan nodded deeply.

“Chicken?” Li Huai glared at him.

“Mechanism.” (TN: jiji or chicken is euphemism for dick and also short for jiguan which means mechanism)

Nie Bufan looked at the egg in his hand and sighed, “It seems that the door is not so easy to insert……”


Listening to this weird conversation, the expressions of the other people also became weird.

“Ah, let’s see if there are other mechanisms on the door……” Si Chenyu cleared his throat and said.

Everyone immediately turned their attention to the door.

“Hnn? It can be turned.” Li Yi said suddenly. He twisted randomly and they could hear a click sound inside the door.

The others saw this and they also turned their key in the same way. With a few clicks, a small hole slowly appeared in the middle of the door.

“It turns out that you really need a chicken for the hole to come out.” Nie Bufan muttered.

He picked up the egg and inserted it into the hole in the center of the sun. It was a perfect fit. But the door didn’t respond, so he held the egg and twisted it left and right a few times, then pressed inward. Finally, the door reacted.

With a rapturous moan, the door loosened.

Nie Bufan said profoundly, “Duobao Sage is also quite vulgar.”

You are the vulgar one! The group of people roared in their hearts.

Nie Bufan pointed at the door, and said boldly, “Let’s go explore the treasure trove!”

As soon as the voice fell, they all heard a rumbling sound, and the ground began to vibrate slightly.

Everyone thought this was a precursor to the opening of the door, and they all stepped back a little, staring at the changes intently.

“Be careful!” Don’t know who shouted but before the group of people could react, they all felt the ground give way and their body falling downwards.

It turned out that when everyone had their attention focused on the door, the ground under their feet suddenly moved, revealing a deep hole. The three martial artists, Li, Si, and Wang were also caught off guard and fell one after another. Incidentally, the falling figures also included Nie Bufan, Chen Muran and Nie Bufan’s chickens.

Everyone slid all the way down, accompanied with a sky full of raining chicken feathers.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……” Nie Bufan spared no effort to show off his amazing windpipes. He casually hugged a fat chicken falling by and pointed to the front and shouted, “There is a road!”

No need to alert the rest, they had all seen it as well. It’s a pity that they didn’t have enough mutual understanding, and they all rushed into different side roads. Brothers Li and Wang Shichan in one, Si Chenyu and Nie Bufan in another, and Chen Muran by himself in a third pathway.

With a few “thumps”, everyone fell into the separated waterways. Then there was the sound of hundreds of chickens plopping and falling into the water.

“Ai, hurry up and help, most of my chickens can’t swim!” Nie Bufan popped out of the water and shouted while fishing for chickens.

His voice could even be heard by the people in the other waterways. It could be seen that although there were thick stone walls, the sound insulation effect was not good.

“Are you all okay?” Chen Muran’s voice came from the other side.

“We’re fine.” Li Yi replied, and started fishing for chickens.

Li Huai said unhappily: “This Duobao Sage is too cunning, instead of using the door he made an entrance underground!”

“Hehe.” Nie Bufan praised, “He has personality.”

“I say Nie Bufan, you aren’t a descendent of Duobao Sage, are you?” Li Huai said sarcastically.

“I call you stupid and yet you don’t agree. If I was his descendent, would you guys even have any share in this treasure trove?”

Li Huai became angry and stopped talking.

Nie Bufan shouted again: “Remember to save all my chickens. Not one less.”

The others were speechless. They haven’t even begun exploring for treasure but now had to save the chickens for him.

These chickens were also very strange. They didn’t resist being caught, as if they knew that the others were saving them. Some even swam on their own, and a few chicken breeds even had first-rate swimming skills, dont mention how happily they swam and played in the water.

Everyone’s mouth twitched. They felt that even if they didn’t save them, this group of weird chickens would be fine. Just look at their calm selves, they were practically carved out of the same mold as Nie Bufan!

At this time, Zhang Junshi’s shout came from above the entrance of the cave: “How are you? Are you injured?”

“We’re fine.” Si Chenyu replied, “You should prepare the rope first and wait until we find out the situation.”

“Okay, be careful!”

In just a while, most of the chickens were picked up, and the rest were able to swim so everyone left them alone.

“Wait, I suddenly thought of something.” Si Chenyu looked at the flock of chickens fluttering their feathers on the shore, and said, “The entrance above is not big, so how come so many chickens fell down?”

There were hundreds of them, and when spread out the area they covered far exceeded the size of the entrance.

Nie Bufan replied while squeezing water from his clothes, “That’s simple, they jumped down by themselves.”

“Why did they jump?”

“They have always had deep feelings for each other. If there is food they must eat together, and if there is a hole they must jump in it together.”

“……” Si Chenyu was speechless, and the people next door were also speechless.

“Okay, let’s go ahead.” Nie Bufan shook the drops of water from his hair and walked inside first.

Si Chenyu shook his head and followed.

In front of them was an upward stone step. The chickens were all in high spirits and in droves they swept up the steps.

Nie Bufan said worriedly: “Be careful, children, if you encounter a trap, remember to call for help.”

The chickens responded, expressing their understanding.

“……” Si Chenyu felt that if it wasn’t Nie Bufan with the problem, then it was him with the problem. Since knowing him and his flock of chickens, life had not been normal even once.

“Brother Shi, don’t you usually talk a lot? Why are you so silent today?” Nie Bufan gave him a strange look.

Who had more words than you! Si Chenyu roared wildly in his heart, but said calmly on the surface: “I am observing the surroundings.”

“Oh, did you find anything?”

“……It’s huge here.”

Nie Bufan glanced at him contemptuously.

The bottom of the cave was connected to the underground river, and the walls of the cave were inlaid with many strange ores, which emitted dim light and shimmered on the water surface. It showed a rather mysterious and peaceful beauty.

“How is the situation on your side?” Li Huai’s voice suddenly came from next door.

“Nothing particular, the stairs extend all the way up, and there is no divergence.” Chen Muran replied.

“Our side is the same.” Si Chenyu responded.

At this time, the calls of the chickens came not far away.

Nie Bufan’s eyes lit up and he said excitedly: “There is a discovery.”

As he said so, he quickened his pace and ran over.

Si Chenyu quickly followed.

With a click, Nie Bufan seemed to have stepped on something. He once again felt the floor give way underneath him. With quick eyes and quick hands, he grabbed Si Chenyu who was about to jump away with qinggong, and dragged him down together.

The two fell on a pile of soft things, upsetting the dust everywhere.

Si Chenyu coughed a few times, then pulled Nie Bufan’s collar up, and said in a huff: “What are you doing? Can’t you get screwed over by yourself, why do you have to screw me over as well!”

Nie Bufan turned his head and said mildly, “Aren’t we fine?”

“What if there was a dangerous mechanism?” Si Chenyu stared at him fiercely. His life was very precious!

Nie Bufan sighed and said peacefully: “Brother Shi, I am actually not afraid of death, I am afraid of loneliness. So no matter what, I hope to have a cushion to accompany me.”

So he was a cushion! Si Chenyu trembled with anger. Only this guy could speak such shameless things so naturally.

“Brother Shi, I think you should turn your head and take a look.” Nie Bufan stared motionlessly somewhere.

Si Chenyu turned his head suspiciously and then his eyes widened.

In this stone house, there was a bookshelf on each of the three walls. The bookshelves were filled with various objects, including vases, scrolls, porcelain, and jade. With just a glance one could tell that their quality was extraordinary.

He stepped forward and looked at them one by one, exclaiming: “Sure enough, it’s the Duobao Sage. Any one of these things would be very valuable outside.”

“What is this?” Nie Bufan pulled a pile of rags under him, dozens of layers thick. No wonder it didn’t hurt when they fell just now.

Si Chenyu looked back and walked over quickly, flipping through the layers.

“This is the finest silk and satin, but it’s a pity that they have nearly rotted completely.” Si Chenyu said strangely, “It seems to be wrapped around something, move aside a bit.”

Nie Bufan moved away, covering his nose and squatting while watching Si Chenyu rip through the rags and upsetting dust everywhere.

In just a moment, a rectangular brocade box was revealed inside, three feet long on all sides.

Si Chenyu opened it carefully, and his eyes lit up slightly. Inside was a cloth woven entirely of gold silk.

Si Chenyu whispered: “Unexpectedly, the legendary golden thread garment really exists! Looking at this exquisite pattern and superb weaving skills, it is simply unparalleled in the world and can be regarded as a national treasure!”

As soon as his words fell, he saw a black shadow falling on the golden robe with a thud, and then more came falling down like raindrops, instantly covering any light from the golden robe.

Si Chenyu’s expression was dazed, his fingers trembled as he pointed at the chickens that were jumping past him, unable to say a word.

When the chickens all walked away, the dazzling golden garment had been trampled into a pile of pickled cabbage.

Si Chenyu felt a heavy blow to his heart. He carefully unfolded the pile of ‘pickled cabbage’. The thin cloth was covered with chicken claw prints, and threads were pulled out everywhere. In just a matter of seconds, a unique national treasure was destroyed into this!

Nie Bufan patted him on the shoulder and comforted: “Condolences!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Condolences my ass! Si Chenyu had a murderous heart. Who could do the world a favor and reap Nie Bufan and his group of disastrous chickens!

Committing such evil sins!

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