Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 045 A Strange Treasure Exploration Part 2

Si Chenyu suddenly turned his head and showed an amiable smile at Nie Bufan: “Nie Bufan, do you mind if I give you a pinch?”

“Mind, I mind very much!” Nie Bufan crossed his arms over his chest and quickly moved a few meters back.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

I asked if I could pinch you, what are you doing hiding your chest? Si Chenyu’s gums felt itchy. In a gentle voice he said: “Take good care of your flock of chickens. If they destroy any treasures, I will cook them all!”

As soon as the voice fell, a “clang” sound was heard. An expensive antique vase met the end of its lifespan, shattering into countless pieces. Then came the weird cackling from the chickens, as if they were laughing, and laughing extremely arrogantly.

Si Chenyu instantly swept Nie Bufan with murderous eyes.

Nie Bufan spread his hands innocently: “I only have two hands. I am conpletely outnumbered……”

Si Chenyu raised his hand and pointed to the exit on the other side and ordered: “You, quickly lead your chickens out of this room.”

“Ok.” Nie Bufan did not refuse, and called the chickens to go out. The chicken brothers and chicken sisters all filed out. In just a moment, peace was finally restored to the room.

Si Chenyu wondered, when did this hooligan become so obedient? In truth, he just wanted to change to a new place to spread his destruction?

At this moment, a “boom” sounded and the entrance where they had fell in as well as the stone door on the other side opening to the corridor were closed at the same time, trapping him in this room alone.

Si Chenyu was startled and in a few steps he had rushed to the stone door, asking hurriedly, “What’s the matter?”

“Sorry, I don’t know what mechanism I touched just now and the door just closed.” Nie Bufan’s voice came from outside the door.

“Find the mechanism and open the door!” The light in the room was dim, only the faint light from some kind of gems set into the wall provided any lighgting. The air was also not circulating very well making it very stuffy to be inside.

Nie Bufan sat by the door, took out a boiled egg from his pocket, and replied while peeling the shell: “Okay, wait a minute, I’ll look for it.”

Si Chenyu heard the faint noise coming from outside the door and thinking that Nie Bufan was looking for the mechanism he waited patiently.

After a long while there was still no movement. Si Chenyu couldn’t help asking: “How’s it going?”

“Not too long, you just wait a bit.” Nie Bufan swallowed the egg and responded with a muffled voice. Then he patted the wall a few times, making a clanging sound.

“How’s the situation on your side?” Li Huai asked loudly from next door, having heard some noise.

Hai, hai, it’s quite good.” Nie Bufan choked accidentally and quickly took off a flask and took a sip of water.

“Nie Bufan, have you found it or not?” Si Chenyu’s face was dark, his voice full of impatience. The stuffy space was causing him to have a raised temper.

“Don’t worry, I’m working on it.”


“Ai, I’ve been touching all over for a long time, and I haven’t found anything.”

“Did you touch thoroughly?” Si Chenyu roared anxiously.

“Strange, just now it was clearly very sensitive, how come now no matter how I touch there is no reaction?”

“Are you not strong enough?”

“Then I will try harder……ah!”

“What happened?”

“It’s stuck.”

“How can it be stuck!” Si Chenyu’s breathing became increasingly uncomfortable.

“You asked me to use force, and it turned out to be too much force.”

“Try to twist.”

“I’m trying……ngh……ungh……huu……it’s too tight, it hurts……” The rapturous voice sounded particularly clear in the empty passageway, especially as it echoed and reverbated against the walls.

“……Stop moaning!” Si Chenyu gritted his teeth, “Are you a man!”

“Ngh……” Nie Bufan lowered his voice and the moans turned into muffled grunts.

“What the hell are you doing?” Li Huai asked again, feeling that the more he listened, the stranger it sounded.

“Nie Bufan, you had better not be in heat again!” Li Yi growled coldly.

Wang Shichan disappeared in place, rushing through the passageway quickly and making his way toward the source of the sound.

Listening to Nie Bufan’s moans, both Li and Wang felt their blood surging and they could not help but to imagine all kinds of taboo and inappropriate scenes. As soon as these images took root, they couldn’t remain calm at all, wanting nothing more than to drag him over right away and teach him a lesson.

But listening to the content of the dialogue, Nie Bufan seemed to be the one on top? Si Chenyu was actually pushed down by him? And even getting stuck……was Nie Bufan’s thing that big?

Si Chenyu also clearly noticed that the others had misunderstood. He had a dark face, his breathing became rapid, and he couldn’t speak at all. All he could do was too keep beating at the door.

Nie Bufan was doing exercises outside the stone door, flexing his muscles and bones while his mouth still made moans and grunts from time to time.

After a long while, having finally felt that it was enough, he prepared to open the door compassionately. But unexpectedly, before his body could straighten up, he heard a familiar rumbling sound. The stone door had opened once again.

The dust cleared and Si Chenyu stared straight at Nie Bufan, who was still in a weird postion, with a dark face. He then saw the eggshells dropped on the floor and it immediately ignited his rage.

As a dignified prince, no one had ever played him like this!

“Huh? You came out.” Nie Bufan stood up quickly and asked with a pleasant smile on his face.

“Didn’t you say it was stuck?” Si Chenyu approached him step by step with murderous eyes.

“Yeah, it just got loose when you came out.” Nie Bufan shook his hand and asked with a smile, “How did you come out?”

“I found another mechanism inside.” Si Chenyu leaned on the wall with one hand, trapping Nie Bufan in front of him, and said in a harsh tone, “Can you give me a reason, how were you still able to eat eggs while being stuck?”

“Um, I had no more strength so I ate an egg to replenish it. Otherwise my hand wouldn’t have come out so easily, right?” Nie Bufan replied without any changes on his face.

“Really?” Si Chenyu sneered, “You moaned quite happily just now?”

“Hehe, this humble one’s vocal range had always been varied and magnificent.”

Si Chenyu’s mouth twitched. He pinched his chin and snorted coldly: “Then I want to see, just how varied and magnificent is your vocal range?”

With that, he put one hand between his legs and grasp the thing hanging there.

“Ah……what, what are you doing?”

“I want to hear you moan.” Si Chenyu whispered in his ear, his fingers rubbing rhythmically.

Nie Bufan forced himself to appear composed, his body pressing against the wall as he earnestly persuaded: “Brother Shi, this is not good, so many eyes are watching.”

“Really?” Si Chenyu didn’t even take a look at the silent chickens around him and continued to stroke him.

Nie Bufan grabbed his hand and blinked, “If you don’t stop, then does that mean I should also rerurn the favor?”

“You can try.” Si Chenyu had already broken through the bottom line at this point, completely giving up the dignity and reservedness that a prince should have.

“Ahh……this is not right.” Nie Bufan twisted his body, trying to get rid of that devilish hand. But as his vital part was being controlled he couldn’t escape at all. Instead, he only managed to hurt himself.

Truly, extreme joy could turn to extreme sorrow in just a blink of an eye! Nie Bufan spurned himself in his heart. (TN: idiom for celebrating too soon)

“Today, this prince will make you moan to your heart’s content!” Si Chenyu pulled down his trousers and directly held that eagerly twitching rod.

“Ah……ngh……” Nie Bufan’s eyes had misted over and he exhaled hot puffs of breath, “Brother Shi, your movements are so skillful, was it because you masturbated so often……ah!”

When Si Chenyu heard these words, he almost caused hinself internal injury suppressing his irritation. At the same time his hand accidentally squeezed harder, almost breaking the thing.

“Don’t be angry!” Nie Bufan raised his foot and stepped on his thigh in condemnation, “Even if I got it right, you don’t have to be as cruel as turning me into a eunuch, right?”

Si Chenyu gritted his teeth and glared.

“Seriously, who would have thought you would be so lonely as a prince?” Nie Bufan put his hands on his shoulders and said with an expression of understanding, “Alright, this time I’ll let you satisfy your craving. Aren’t you lucky?”

With that being said, he closed his eyes, relaxed his body, and completely prepared himself for enjoyment, as if he was waiting for a massage from a servant. Truly, it was as hateful as one could be!

How could there be such a shameless person in this world?!

Si Chenyu trembled all over as he tried hard to suppress the raging anger. Suddenly, his eyes sharpened and he lowered his head to bite his lip fiercely.

“Ah!” Nie Bufan let put a pained shout, his mouth opening reflexively. Si Chenyu took the opportunity to stick his tongue in where he then proceeded to stir it up as if he was venting it all out. The sound of saliva blending together made an audibly wet sound.

At the same time, his hands did not remain idle as he began to pull Nie Bufan’s clothes. One leg pushed in between the other’s legs, rubbing from time to time.

The both of them started to breathe quicker, their desires continuing to rise and their minds becoming muddled.

Before long, their clothes were soon loosened and both bodies were now in half-dressed states.

Si Chenyu originally just wanted to teach this guy who liked to behave badly a lesson, but who knew that he would also become ignited.

His desire was as hard as iron, eager to vent.

He didn’t intend to endure it anymore. He ran his fingers across his back and poked straight inside his entrance.

The person in his arms trembled slightly and arched forward involuntarily. Immediately, his fingers were immediately sucked in deeper.

Si Chenyu smiled secretly, this guy was not as composed as he had thought.

Seeing his eyes misted over and his cheeks flushed, showing an obvious sign of arousal, Si Chenyu’s heart became even more itchy as he looked at this scene in front of him and he sped up the stretching.

Nie Bufan felt that the finger inside him had touched a certain sensitive spot and an electric current seemed to instantly pass through his body, leaving a burst of numbness behind.

His hips were suddenly lifted and his upper body was propped up against the wall while his lower half was suspended in mid-air.

He finally realized something was not right. Si Chenyu was playing for real this time, the passion coming suddenly and turbulently.

He climbed Si Chenyu, his legs kept inching upwards on the other’s torso, like a rock-climbing koala, trying his best to stay away from the rod that was ready to attack.

“What are you doing?” Si Chenyu stopped him. If he went any further he would be sitting on his head.

“I have to keep my last line of defense.” The blush on Nie Bufan’s face had not faded, but his eyes were gradually clearing.

“At this time, do you still want to escape?” Si Chenyu dragged him down and pressed his fiery desire against him.

Nie Bufan climbed up again and continued to fight: “Brother Shi, although I have perused countless people, I still have my principles.”

“Perused countless people?” Si Chenyu had a dark face. He was all ready to go so having to stop now, he endured with much difficulty, “And just what are your principles?”

Hai, brother Shi, your identity does not meet my criteria for choosing a mate, and your appearance does not meet my aesthetics.”

“What’s wrong with this prince’s appearance?”

“Too alluring, too delicate, and that size is not standard enough……”

Si Chenyu’s face flushed, and for the first time he wanted to strangle a person.

Why did he always think his thing was small!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He practically spat fire from his eyes. Unable to bear it anymore he held the other’s waist and pressed it down with no mercy——


The screams resounded throughout the space, and the echoes seem to continue endlessly…..

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  1. The mc is really playing with my bottom line, it was funny at first but now it getting more and more uncomfortable…. Will he be more human later on or not? I feel like this mc is the type of undeserving people who got it easy just because they are the “protagonist” in a transmigration or rebirth book that deserves meeting their own demise….

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