Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 046 A Strange Treasure Exploration Part 3

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“Don’t yell, I didn’t go in at all!” Si Chenyu’s face was sullen. Just now at the very last minute, a certain someone’s body suddenly twisted strangely and his weapon slipped up his buttcrack just like that.

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Nie Bufan let out a sigh of relief, “Phew.” Then he noticed Si Chenyu’s eyes which were roiling with desire, anger, resentment, and determination, and couldn’t help but to stiffen up.

“Brother Shi, it seems that this love can’t be made anymore, let’s just go our separate ways, yeah?”

Si Chenyu pressed him against the wall and said fiercely: “You want to run away when the arrow is already on the string?”

“Clearly it was you who couldn’t aim right, but now you blame it on me……” Nie Bufan muttered under his breath.

Si Chenyu really did get an internal injury now. He seemed to see his dignity turn into dust and fly away with the wind. In that instant, his firm heart quickly blackened, vowing to f**k this guy until he cried out for his father and mother, unable to stop himself!

He firmly fixed Nie Bufan’s upper body and then thrusted against his lower body rubbing back and forth.

Nie Bufan arched his back and his body was almost perpendicular with Si Chenyu’s.

Si Chenyu sneered, freed a hand, and using the Monkey Stealing Peach move, he brutally dragged him down.

“Ahhhhhhh……” Nie Bufan let out a tragic scream, and the feathers of the surrounding chickens all exploded in shock, every one of them withdrawing back a step.

Nie Bufan’s eyes were misted over with tears and his lips trembled slightly, like a pitiful little wife.

Si Chenyu kissed him on the cheek and said in a low voice, “Good boy.”

With that said, his desire had already reached the entrance. Si Chenyu’s hand wrapped around Nie Bufan’s legs and confirmed the goal seriously, making sure that this time it would be foolproof.

Nie Bufan could neither retreat nor attack. It was also too late to ask the fighter chickens for help. He could only grit his teeth and close his eyes, saying, “Go ahead, I will still be a hero again after eighteen years!”

Si Chenyu nearly couldn’t hold back a laugh, his little brother almost even going soft. Fortunately, his little brother was quite durable, otherwise his life’s reputation would really be ruined by his hands and the stigma of “premature ejaculation” would definitely be following him around in the future.

This guy not only didn’t have any morals he also liked to talk nonsense all the time, it truly caused people to both love and hate him.

He just couldn’t figure it out, how was he able to turn such a seductive spring scenery into comical chaos?

Thinking this way, the anger he had decressed a bit and Si Chenyu’s movements slowed down slightly, pressing against him as he entered a little bit at a time.

As soon as the entrance was opened, the two of them both gasped at the same time. One was from pain and the other was also from pain.

“Why is it so small?” Si Chenyu patted his bottom and said with discontent, “It was clearly stretched just now.”

“You don’t examine yourself and instead blame me?” Nie Bufan glared, “If you have the ability, then don’t come in!”

“You wish.” Si Chenyu pushed in hard.

“Ah!” Nie Bufan raised his head and let out a low groan, tightening up even further.

Si Chenyu broke out in a cold sweat stuck as he was in the middle, unable to advance or retreat.

“Relax a bit!” he whisper shouted.

“Can’t you become smaller?”

“Hmmph, now you know how powerful this prince is? See if you dare to spread rumors everywhere again!” Si Chenyu was already pale with pain but he still pretended to be arrogant.

“Alright, you’re awesome!” Nie Bufan exclaimed, “Go out first, I’m going to have cramps.”

“Then why not show me your cramping?” Si Chenyu thrusted fiercely and another section entered.

“Aren’t you afraid of it breaking?” Nie Bufan roared at the end of his patience.

Nie Bufan, who once again displayed his fearlessness towards death, succeeded in provoking Si Chenyu’s anger once again. He didn’t care about anything anymore and just charged straight in.

“Ah……” Nie Bufan felt as if he had been pierced, all of his hair stood on end.

Si Chenyu was completely inside, wrapped tightly in the damp heat and feeling very rapturous, the pain having disappeared at that moment.

Finally, he was in! He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

After removing the obstacles, Si Chenyu began to move rhythmically, supporting Nie Bufan with one hand to prevent his back from being scraped on the wall. With the other hand he supported his bottom, moving him up and down in accordance with the movements of his lower body.


Nie Bufan grabbed Si Chenyu’s shoulders, his eyes half-closed. In the midst of being made love to, he began to secretly plan how to avenge his pride in the future.

Ambiguous and blush inducing sounds echoed in the passageway. Accompanied by intermittent groans it all casted a layer of spring colors.

“Do you still dare to say that this prince isn’t able to do it?” Si Chenyu asked in a low voice in his ear.

“Able……ngh……too f**king able!” Nie Bufan praised him while also almost crushing Si Chenyu’s shoulder.

“Do you admit defeat?”

“If I admit it, will you stop?”

“How can I stop at this time?” Si Chenyu’s movements became more and more smooth, his current state one of excitement.

“Then why the hell would I admit it?” Nie Bufan said with disdain, “You have already eaten all my tofu and you still want to subdue me?”

Si Chenyu paused. He glanced at him before suddenly holding him on the back of his neck and giving him a deep kiss. Then he stroked his neck and bit at his Adam’s apple.

Nie Bufan blocked him with his hand, and said uncomfortably: “Don’t lick, just do it quickly! Don’t delay the time for treasure exploring.”

“You’re such an unromantic guy!” Si Chenyu said angrily, “I really don’t know how I got hard for you?”

“Because you are a masochist.” Nie Bufan pointed to the truth, “Whoever damages your dignity, you will be scornful to whom.”

Si Chenyu became angry and frantically thrusted against him several times.

Nie Bufan started moaning and complaining again.

Si Chenyu looked at his vexing behavior, and his desire inexplicably became even higher.

Was it true, the more others disobeyed, the more interested he would become?

No, it was impossible! Si Chenyu did not want to admit this cruel fact.

“Can you hurry up?” Nie Bufan asked in a hoarse voice.

“What are you in a hurry for? It will take a while.”

“I’m not in a hurry.” Nie Bufan squinted at him, “but you are not worried about being seen by others?”

“What do I need to be worried about? Who would dare to disturb this prince’s good time?” Si Chenyu was immersed in lust, enjoying the pleasure that the movements brought him.

“Brother Shi, what about your ethics? What about your nobleness? What about your manners?”

“F**k nobleness, f**k manners!” Si Chenyu roared, “I’ll talk about it when I’m done.”

“You……how long have you been sexually dissatisfied?” Nie Bufan had a sore back and a cramp in his leg. Although he also felt pleasure, he still felt it would be better to end earlier.

He bent his leg and stepped on Si Chenyu’s chest. In just a short while, the dusty shoe made a lot of dusty footprints on Si Chenyu’s body.

Si Chenyu was a person obssessed with cleanliness. If it weren’t for being provoked by Nie Bufan, he wouldn’t be doing the do in a place like this. Seeing his bare skin being stepped on and left with black footprints behind, his expression stiffened and even his movements slowed down.

“Can’t you be more obedient?” Si Chenyu pulled down his leg only for Nie Bufan to use his other leg to step on him.

Si Chenyu used both hands together, suppressing him on both left and right. So Nie Bufan pushed with his hands, his body leaning backwards. When he moved back an inch Si Chenyu would move forward an inch. In the end, the two were completely pressed close, eye to eye, nose to nose, their breaths blending together.

“Just where else can you go?” Si Chenyu said with a smile, his voice low, as if he was teasing a pet.

Even like this he still remained inside!

Nie Bufan was full of resentment. His bottom felt stretched painfully and his body would sink downwards if he even relaxed the slightest bit to be entered to his deepest point.

He decidedly threw everything to the wind and began to move actively, slowly and smoothly, in and out, as if riding the clouds.

Surprise flashed in Si Chenyu’s eyes, and waves of pleasurable sensations hit him, almost making him groan.

When the rhythm was fast it was very passionate, and when the rhythm was slow it was very rapturous. Nie Bufan actually had such an enchanting side?

Just as he was completely intoxicated, Nie Bufan suddenly sank down hard and deeply sucked Si Chenyu’s desire inside his body.

The two groaned at the same time, their minds going blank.

Nie Bufan leaned against Si Chenyu’s neck, smiling hazily.

Finally……it was over.

Si Chenyu panted, feeling the wetness at the point of connection, as if something was flowing out.
His face was flushed and he didn’t speak for a while, his chest rising and falling. His heart rate actually felt as if it was a little out of balance.

Nie Bufan slowly slid away, struggling a bit before leaving Si Chenyu’s grip to stand on the ground unsteadily.

Si Chenyu didn’t make any trouble any more, but stared at him fixatedly, his eyes heated.

Nie Bufan turned around, sorted out the disheveled clothes on his body, and randomly finger combed his hair to one side, revealing his smooth neck.

Si Chenyu hooked his waist and lightly took a bite on the back of his neck, leaving a light-colored tooth mark.

“I will let you go this time, but don’t think about ending it like this next time.” Si Chenyu whispered into his ear.

Next time? Nie Bufan swept him with his eyes and secretly decided to put him on the blacklist.

After straightening his clothes and combing his hair again, Nie Bufan breathed a sigh of relief after confirming that there was no abnormality. There was a faint flow of liquid leaking from his lower half and he rubbed his legs together, feeling like he had just carried out a clandestine love affair.

Alas, ethics, where have you all gone?

“Are you ready?” Si Chenyu asked.


Nie Bufan looked at him and saw Si Chenyu stretch out his arms towards him, saying naturally: “Perfect, help this prince change clothes.”

Nie Bufan squinted his eyes. He stretched out his hand and directly removed the crooked hairpin on his head. He then pulled his loose clothes down to his heels, moving as fast as lightning. In an instant, Si Chenyu was completely naked, the little bird in between his legs swaying in the wind.

Before Si Chenyu could react, he flashed forward and ran away in staggering steps. In just a short while he had disappeared at the end of the passageway.

Si Chenyu still had his arms spread open, like Jesus tied to a cross. It was just that Jesus at least had a cloth wrapped around his lower half, whereas he was completely naked and cold.

Si Chenyu’s face was dark, his body trembling. His anger once again rushed up to his head.

“Nie Bufan——”

The huge roar sounded like a volcanic eruption, shaking the entire treasure trove.

In the end, Prince Si’s reputation was still not preserved and his noble image was shattered into pieces in this gloomy passageway.

Fortunately, no third person saw this scene, otherwise Si Chenyu might even have thoughts about committing murder.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Just as he was scrambling to make himself presentable, a pair of shiny eyes suddenly appeared in the darkness above the passage. A colorful chicken was standing on the protrusion of the wall, smiling silently with its mouth open.

There might not be a third person, but there was still a third chicken……

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