After Becoming The Tyrant CH 016 The Destined King

The vow knight heard the King’s voice.

Before he had time to think about it, he immediately tucked in his head and with a turn of his hand he lifted his shield against his back.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The tough bowstring woven by horsehair was pulled, and almost at the same time, the sounds of many arrows whistling through the air could be heard. The arrows shot by the longbows covered the sky like a cloud of iron.

The King and the others were facing Baron Sheehan, and their reaction was faster than that of the vow knight who had acted as the scout.

The vow knights on the left and right sides of the King did not retreat but moved forward. They charged forward and set up a shield to secure the King behind them. The shields of the vow knights were forged by a special method, allowing them to be harder than ordinary shields. But Legrand’s longbowmen were also world famous. Within sixty yards, the longbow could shoot through chain mail.

This was why, Baron Sheehan dared to bring a dozen longbowmen to kill the King.

Strictly trained longbowmen could shoot six to ten arrows per minute. The shield could only hold on for a while, and when the horses fell, the King would have no way to escape.

It was not just Baron Sheeehan who thought of this.

At the moment when the vow knights raised their shields, the King threw his long sword out. The arrows fell on the shield like a rain of iron, and the King’s sword also drew a cold moon-like arc in the air.

The long sword accurately headed towards Baron Sheehan who was holding the torch.

Baron Sheehan was taken aback.

In order to lower the guard of the the vow knight, his sword was hung at his waist and he had no armor on. Seeing the long sword flying straight at him, Baron Sheehan had to urge his horse to charge a few steps to the side.

The long sword flashed coldly, and embedded deeply into the ground.

The sword had missed.

But the King’s purpose had been reached.

When Baron Sheehan rushed out on his horse, he inevitably blocked the longbowmen behind him.

The longbowmen who were just about to draw the bow and let loose the string a second time suddenly saw the baron appearing in the firing range, and hurriedly stopped in their tracks. There were a few bold ones who changed the direction of their aim, shooting at the King and his vow knights from the gap where the baron’s horse rushed by. But having already lost their aim and the strength of the arrows greatly reduced, these sporadic arrows flew out in a crooked trajectory for a certain distance only to then fall down to the muddy ground.

“Damn it!”

Baron Sheehan reflexively urged his horse to the side to avoid the sword and only realized after the horse had rushed out a few steps. He cursed, reining his horse to make room for the longbowmen.

“Keep going!”

He sternly scolded.

Almost at the same time, someone also yelled loudly.

“Your Majesty! Go!”

The vow knight in charge of scouting roared and rolled off his horse.

The cold weather also affected these archers who had been lying in the grass for a long time. These longbowmen brought out by Baron Sheehan should be of the highest rank in the army, and they could instinctively draw a longbow of one hundred and fifty pounds. But after enduring the torrential rain for so long, they probably only reached a hundred pounds.

Because of this, the vow knights around the King had the chance to block their arrow attacks.

However, the vow knight in charge of scouting was not so lucky.

He was too close to those longbowmen.

Even if the King alerted him in time and he reacted at the fastest possible second, the situation was still terrible. The iron arrow pierced his thigh and his horse also fell with a pained whinny. At this most critical moment, the brave vow knight miraculously dragged his injured leg and jumped up from the ground.

He roared as he threw himself towards those longbowmen who were very close to him.

With out stretched arms he grabbed two longbowmen, dragging them into the muddy water to roll and crash into the other longbowmen nearby.

An arrow that had just left the string sank into his chest, and blood spattered out.

“Your Majesty! Go!”

The longbowman kicked the madman desperately. But he ignored it, roaring loudly to his King, blood and muddy water rolling down his throat.


This night, the King issued this order for the fourth time.

At this time, the King was in a dilemma.

At his back was the Moon River Fortress controlled by the Bressi expeditionary army. At his front was Truu City, which had rebelled. In the east was continuous grassland and in the west was only the undulating Konosen mountains——in this era, the dark forest was regarded as a forbidden place.

According to the unwritten rules——

The forest at night belonged to the dark creatures.

Without hesitation, the King led his knights to gallop towards the nearby forest.

Baron Sheehan threw away his sword and grabbed a longbow. He stretched the bowstring three times in a row.

That he was able to stand in a stalemate with the Bressi expeditionary army in the Castle of Truu for so long was not only because of his youth and handsomeness. As early as when he was sixteen, he had won many victories in the tourneys! These three arrows were the fastest and most powerful three arrows shot in Baron Sheehan’s life.

When the last arrow was shot, the bowstring snapped.

The iron arrow disappeared in the darkness, and headed straight toward the King.

Baron Sheehan could be sure that he had not missed and his strength was also absolutely sufficient.

But the last scene he saw was the King sitting on horseback, rushing into the forest and disappearing from sight.

“Damn! Damn! Damn!”

Baron Sheehan threw away the longbow. According to the plan, he had to bring back the King’s body, but now he was not sure whether he had succeeded or not.

“My lord, what should we do now?”

A person holding a torch led dozens of cavalry out of the dark rain, arriving at Baron Sheehan’s side. In order to avoid the King’s vigilance, these Truu City cavalry hid further away. When they had realized that the original plan had failed and rushed over it was already too late.

“Chase after them.”

Baron Sheehan said without hesitation.


The one holding the torch was the personal guard of Baron Sheehan. At that moment he had a hesitant look on his face.

“The Konosen forest is a cursed forest.”

“F**k cursed or not cursed.”

Baron Sheehan could not maintain his demeanor anymore.

His gaze swept over the few dozens of cavalrymen and anger and sadness intertwined in his heart: These dozens of cavalry were the only cavalry in Truu Castle now.

How hilarious!

A military castle that had maintained a stalemate against Bressi for so long now had less than forty war horses left! Starting a month ago, the soldiers of Truu Castle had no choice but to slaughter the horses for ration. They had no bread, no milk, not even a hard-boiled egg.

These were all thanks to His Majesty’s favor.

“Even if there is only one in ten thousand chance that he survives, none of us would be able to bear the consequences.” Baron Sheehan gritted out from behind his teeth, “Whoever thinks he can bear it can stay.”

He was the first to ride his horse towards the Konosen mountains, also known as the ‘cursed forest’.

All the cavalrymen followed.

Only the King’s sword was left still embedded in the ground.


Even if one looked at the Konosen mountain forest during the day, one would still feel chills.

This forest had been around since the ancient times, consisting of huge tall trees that grew close to each other, their bark as black as ink. The branches of the trees were like the arms of giants that densely intertwined with each other, blocking the sun’s rays during the day. It was gloomy and cold, darkness flooding the surroundings.

As soon as they entered the forest, they immediately felt that the rain lightened to the point that it seemed as if it almost stopped.

Baron Sheehan held a torch and slowed down his steps. The hounds followed alongside the horses. They had taken the hounds with them before they set off.

“My lord.”

The personal guard followed at Baron Sheehan’s side. He and Baron Sheehan grew up together and they had a close relationship.

“I don’t understand one thing.”


“Why does the Grand Duke insist on having the King die tonight? Just because today is the death of Saint Val?” The guard voiced his doubts in a low voice, and at the same time to distract himself from his fear.

He couldn’t help it, this forest was too quiet, as quiet as death.

As far as the eyes could see, there were hundreds of thousands of thick tree trunks, standing like an odd city of nature. Humans here were invaders and offenders and there seem to be many eyes hidden in the darkness.

No one expected that a King who grew up in a luxurious court could enter here so decisively.

The hounds lost their former vigor, and only dared to sniff quietly and move forward with a lowered head.

“Do you remember? When was Our Majesty born?”

Baron Sheehan looked at this cursed forest and did not answer directly.

“In the early morning of September 23, the day when Saint Val returned to the Kingdom of Heaven.”

This was something that all the Legrand people knew.

More than ten years ago, on the night of September 22.

The royal cavalry sealed off the entire palace and the messengers could only wait outside the palace gate. The people waited until late into the night, until the first dawn light passed over the earth and the baby’s crying sounded. The Queen’s personal maid walked out of the palace wearily and announced to the people who had been long awaiting it:

The Crown Prince was born.

This coincided with the story of Saint Val——

She died on September 22. The next day, the Lord called her back to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Therefore, at that time, the royal family and the church announced to the people: The Crown Prince was a blessing from the saints, the incarnation of Saint Val, and would surely lead Legrand to brilliance and glory.

Because of this, after the death of William III, the Duke of Buckingham did not have to spend too much effort to get the people to accept the fact that their King was an infant.

You must know that there had always been a saying in the “Ecclesiastes”, “Oh country, if your king was a child, then disaster will befall you.”

“Levying exorbitant taxes, cruel and cold-blooded, extravagant lifestyle……what a brilliant and glorious King.”

The personal guard sneered sarcastically.

“Have you ever thought about this possibility……”

Baron Sheehan turned his head to look at him with a strange expression on his face.

“He was actually born in the middle of the night on September 22, not in the early morning of the 23rd?”

“What?” The personal guard looked at him in astonishment, and reflexively retorted directly, “Impossible. At that time, there were hundreds of messengers of the nobles guarding outside the palace. If it was the 22nd, those nobles would never allow him to become a legal heir to the throne!”

The glory of the Holy Lord enveloped the earth. No matter which country it was, it would not allow a baby born on the night when the Holy Lord abandoned the world to ascend the throne.

“Do you really think that Earl Walter was assassinated by the Grand Duke because he did not execute the Duke of Buckingham in time?”

Baron Sheehan asked coldly.

“What……what other reason could there be?”

“The night when the Queen gave birth, Earl Walter was the one leading the royal cavalry——he should have been the King’s first teacher!”

The personal guard was struck speechless.

Baron Sheehan stared at the torch, and the light of the fire casted his face in shadows made of light and darkness.

Behind the exquisite and elaborate curtains of the palace, every room had hidden secrets. The scent of blood and flowers mixed together. Behind the angel was a smiling demon.

“And so——”

Baron Sheehan’s voice was full of coldness.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“There is no such thing as the saints bringing a destined monarch to Legrand, but hell sending their champion to the world.”


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  1. Ah, but whether the king was born on the 22nd or 23d is a moot point now, Baron. Looks like your own life will be forfeit very soon…
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      1. Resentment comes later, here I’m just stating facts XDDDDD However justified Sheehan’s hatred for the king is, he’s committed high treason, which means death sentence for him and his accomplices. I can imagine circumstances under which his life may be spared, but frankly, I’d consider such a course of action inadvisable.

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