The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 013 Lin Xiu’s Plan

The night came slowly, but the trees in the suburbs were as if they had gone crazy.

Soon, more than half of Meng Zhuang’s team of agents were killed while the rest were almost all tied up by the tree branches. Especially those who had spoke arrogantly before like Okamoto and Lena. They were practically covered with cuts, though none were fatal. The faint smile at the corner of Lin Xiu’s mouth looked like a demon’s bloodthirsty smile to them.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Tsk tsk, how miserable……” Lin Xiu slowly walked over with a faint smile. As he did so, the dancing branches moved out of the way, making a path for him to walk through. The mocking smile on Lin Xiu’s face angered them so much, blood seemed to fill their eyes.

“Dr. Lin, what do you mean by this. Do you want to be an enemy of the whole world!” Meng Zhuang’s heart felt heavy when he saw the heavy casualties on his side. Not mentioning how they would suffer this time when they returned, the more important question was whether they could go back safely!

“I don’t want to be anyone’s enemy, it’s you people who are too greedy!” Lin Xiu’s face suddenly darkened, and he looked at the several people sarcastically, “Aren’t you trying to steal my things? But yet you act so righteously. What, I don’t give it to you then you send so many people to take it forcibly. Then, when I take you bunch of trash down, you now slander me as an enemy of the world. I have seen shameless people, but I have never seen such shameless ones like you!”

Meng Zhuang and the others could not utter anything for a while.

“You are part of the researchers of the United Nations, and your research results originally belong to the country!” At this time, another blond man with a lighter injury also spoke in a deep voice, staring at Lin Xiu with deep blue eyes: “But you escaped from the laboratory and took away the results of the experiment privately. The state has the right to capture you!”

“Oh, so that’s it!” Lin Xiu stretched out his index finger and tapped his chin, making an expression of sudden realization, and then smiled softly. In an instant, the gloom on that handsome face suddenly disappeared and his whole person regained the elegant and ethereal aura of an immortal. But it was only for a moment before his face changed again: “So what? You have the right to capture me, and I have the right to protect myself, and now I am the winner! But……”

“But what, what do you require. I can help you relay it to the higher ups, as long as you hand over the supernatural drug!” Meng Zhuang cleverly grasped the meaning of Lin Xiu’s words and immediately followed up.

“You want the drug, then that’s easy.” Lin Xiu stretched out his index finger and shook it gently in front of them, and then waved his hand. A blonde man was put down, his injuries were not light, but it did not affect normal walking. “Bring a message to your boss. I will be auctioning the drug in an underground auction house. Since it is my many years of hard work, I don’t plan to hand it over for nothing. So, get the money and go bid for it yourselves. As for these people, in light of their brutal personal attacks on my person, I shall be accepting their lives!”

The big blonde man who was put down was taken aback for a moment, and then immediately wanted to refuse. But at this moment, Meng Zhuang immediately silenced his unspoken words: “It’s fine, Amos, you go quickly. Don’t worry about us, for us agents, death has long been expected, you don’t need to think too much!”

The corners of Amos’s mouth moved a few times, but in the end he didn’t say anything. There was a huge disparity in combat strength between the enemy and them. Besides, he also needed to send this news back. More importantly, they have made a serious error in their estimation of Lin Xiu’s combat power. After the news was brought back, they have to redeploy!

“You’re not that bad!” Seeing that Amos had gone far and then hearing the sound of a car engine, Lin Xiu looked back at Meng Zhuang: “It just so happens that I am short of manpower here. As for you……” Lin Xiu looked at Okamoto and Lena and the big big black man, Byron, with a devilish smile at the corner of his mouth: “I’m still short of a few experimental subjects!”

“No, you can’t do this!” When Lena heard this, she cried out in horror: “International law stipulates that humans must not be used for experiments!”

“Don’t you have a guilty conscience when you say this?” Lin Xiu looked at Lena with disdain. The United Nations research base had used human bodies for experiments before and still do now. In fact, in order to develop a supernatural drug a lot of people with supernatural powers were captured and brought in to be tested. Naturally, these things were confidential. But agents like them should still be aware of this.

“We belong to the United Nations, you must not use us privately……” Okamoto was also very afraid. They were not afraid of death because with their line of work, they dealt with death almost every moment. But this did not mean that they were willing to lie on a research table and be subjected to experiments like white mice waiting to be sliced ​​open.

Lin Xiu ignored the clamour of these people and Meng Zhuang did not speak either. They were all specially trained agents, so how could they be used by him? Of course, these thoughts only stayed until Lin Xiu administered the slave contract on them. After all, this Meng Zhuang was not too bad, and at this time, he really needed helpers. In addition to Meng Zhuang, there were two men, one was named Chen Bing. Like Meng Zhuang, he was also Chinese, in his thirties and had good combat skills. The other was the blond man Clyde. As for Byron, Lena, and Okamoto, they were directly knocked out, and then carried by Meng Zhuang and the other two men. They could not be thrown into the Realm for the time being. After all, as soon as they were thrown into the Realm, they would be marked with Hua Yao’s brand, so he had to tell her about this first.


At this time, Hua Yao had already come to the north. The stretch of mountains and deep forests were full of dangers, and there were few traces of human steps. She found a lot of good things in them.

Going deep into the innermost part of the mountain, she also discovered the precious phoebe zhennan, which had been around for thousands of years, as well as red sandalwood, ceylon ebony, yellow rosewood, etc., and they were all almost thousands of years old.

There were also many animals. Because these animals would either die or mutate in the apocalypse, taking them into the Realm would at least allow them to continue to survive while also bringing more vitality to her Realm. Therefore, Hua Yao simply threw any animal that caught her eye into the Realm. Animals like jungle boars, pheasants, and wild ducks, she sent them directly into the valley. As for the others they were all thrown into the Realm randomly. The Realm was very large after all, and there was no worry about crowding.

Because Hua Yao wanted to look for these things outside, her mental power could not stay in the Realm forever. Therefore, the animals that first entered the Realm were all caught and used as labor. At this time, in the bare mountains in the Realm, countless monkeys were planting trees while elephants were carrying one or more trees with their trunks.

On the other side, a few silver foxes were orderly arranging other animals. A few lions carried several bags of seeds on their backs. These bags had small holes drilled into them, so while the lions ran on the plain, the seeds would fall from the bags, and then be instantly sucked into the soil, where they immediately took root and sprouted……it was a picture of liveliness in the Realm.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Moving things is also quite tiring!” Hua Yao looked back at the jungle-covered mountains behind her. At this time, it was obviously sparser and quieter. But as the looter, a certain someone completely lacked any self-awareness. With a wave of her sleeves, she made her way out of the mountains.


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