The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 014 The Fey Beauty Nalan Li

It was the late autumn and winter was coming. Except for women who loved beauty, many people had already put on thicker and warmer clothes.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

B City was close to the north, and the temperature drop was particularly severe. The bitter wind blew in the early morning, and most people would prefer to stay at home.

But at this time, the underground auction house was extremely lively. The underground auction house started preparations a month ago. The guests were made up of celebrities and influencial powerhouses from all over the world. Among them, there were many strange figures that were rarely seen. Of course, in this kind of venue, despite the doubts one might have, no one would voice their curiosity.

“Hey, you buster, how can you not come when it’s your own thing being auctioned!” Gong Su’s handsome face was dark at this moment, and the veins on the back of his left hand holding the phone seemed to jump in irritation: “Don’t tell me that those seemingly ordinary people spread all over and blocking the way out are ordinary buyers. You are pushing me into the fire pit here!”

Listening to Gong Su’s angry roar, Lin Xiu bit at a piece of bread as he walked out the door: “Don’t worry, 80% of them are agents. They dare not make big moves in the underground auction hall. Ah, the weather is cold, I think I have to add some warm clothes to the shopping list. Don’t worry, I will prepare your clothes for you as well. If by the evening you can’t get out, I will come pick you up!”

After speaking, he hung up the phone and looked up at the sky. He estimated that it would snow soon. Before, Lin Xiu also bought a lot of clothes, most of which were women’s wear ranging from lingerie, spring clothes, skirts, sportswear, casual wear, pajamas, mid-length shirts, summer long skirts, autumn windbreakers, sweaters, winter down jackets, etc. They were all big brand names and were carefully selected for comfort, almost filling an entire warehouse. It was all bought based on Hua Yao’s measurements. His own clothes were much simpler. If something caught his eye then he would just buy it. Naturally, Gong Su’s clothes were forgotten. Of course, he didn’t really forget. They had a similar build, so the clothes he bought for himself would fit Gong Su as well. As for the question of Gong Su’s preferences, that he directly ignored.

Lin Xiu’s conspicuous actions naturally attracted a lot of attention. However, Gong Su had many large supermarket chains under his company. Based on the relationship between the two, most people just thought that Lin Xiu was helping Gong Su stock up so there was no further investigation made into it.


On both sides of the highway in late autumn, at a glance one only saw desolateness. The highway was wide and spacious but there was no car to be seen.

Nalan Li drove a Land Rover while listening to the radio in boredom. The heating was on in the car so he didn’t feel the cold.

“Tsk……when the woods are big all kinds of birds exists (TN: a big world has many oddities). Saying that the animals in the entire zoo disappeared overnight. Yeah, right. It’s more likely they came down with some kind of illness and all died!” Nalan Li shook his head and sped up. This kind of damn weather, he could just imagine it raining soon!

Sure enough, ten minutes later, the sky darkened slightly and raindrops began to hit the car windows. Gradually, the rain became heavier.

After turning off the radio, the sound of raindrops hitting the car windows was exceptionally loud. The empty highway was so quiet it was rather unsettling and Nalan Li inexplicably felt a little restless for no reason.

As the car had just turned a corner, Nalan Li turned on the wiper to brush away the rain from the glass. Suddenly he saw a white figure walking slowly forward without any hurry. At her feet followed what seemed to be two white dogs. It was as if they were taking a walk in the rain, without any urgency at all.

Nalan Li’s narrow and long phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and as he was thinking, his car had already stopped firmly in front of the person.

The person also heard the sound of a car braking and turned her head slightly. It was a woman! At this time, Nalan Li finally saw clearly the strange combination in front of him.

The woman wore a white dress, her face looked very hazy, and she seemed to give people a feeling of looking at flowers in the mist. As soon as one moved his eyes away, one wouldn’t be able to remember what she looked like. Another strange thing was that the white dress on her body also did not look like it had been soaking in the rain. She didn’t appear wet at all. But didn’t she feel cold in this weather? Nalan Li felt that this situation was a little weird. The two dogs at her feet were fluffy and probably smaller than ordinary small dog breeds. They looked at him with large wet eyes and he guessed them to be purebred Japanese spitz dogs.

“Do you need a ride?” Nalan Li asked, and the weird feeling in his heart became even stronger. Was he the kind of person who was willing to help others? Nalan Li slandered himself privately.

The man in the car looked to be just over 20 years old and was exceptionally beautiful. If one didn’t listen to his voice, he might even be mistaken for a woman. His beauty was fae-like with long and narrow phoenix eyes that seem to beguile and tempt others. Even in the eyes of Hua Yao who had seen so many handsome men and beautiful women in the Flower Deity tribe, couldn’t help but marvel at this time. This man was truly beautiful, as beautiful as the Fae, but it was a pity he was born as a man. If he was a woman, then all the men in the world would not be able to remain stoic in the face of such beauty. Naturally, Hua Yao didn’t think of herself at this moment, but was just amazed that there actually existed such a perfect person in this world.

“Hnn, thank you!” Hua Yao didn’t hesitate. She opened the door and got into the car, her movements natural and graceful. The two little guys who were mistaken for Japanese spitz dogs also jumped into the car and then climbed onto Hua Yao’s knees. Demonstratively they whimpered at Nalan Li on the side before closing their eyes and lying down on their stomachs.

Before Nalan Li had finished speaking, he saw these three, master and pets, get into the car and his complexion shifted several times. He rolled up the car window and drove away.

“This is practically the middle of nowhere, why are you here?” Nalan Li asked, looking sideways at Hua Yao. Even if they were so close now, when he looked at Hua Yao’s side face all he saw was a vague outline. But for some reason his eyes couldn’t bear to leave. When he did turn his eyes away, strangely there was no impression left in his mind.

“I came out from the mountains.” Hua Yao gently stroked the little fox with her hand. The two little foxes that were taken out of the mother fox’s belly, after her care, finally regained their strength. But don’t know if these two little foxes had mutated or something, but despite it already being a few months now, they still remained small, as if they couldn’t grow big at all.

For the first time, Nalan Li felt uncomfortable just sitting like this. He wanted to find something to liven up the atmosphere, but he didn’t know what to say.

“Where are you going?” Watching the rain getting heavier outside, she thought that it was indeed more comfortable to sit in the car in such a heavy rain.

Hearing Hua Yao’s question, Nalan Li couldn’t help feeling flattered: “I plan to go back to H city, how about you?”

“Hnn, I’m the same!” A world map appeared in Hua Yao’s mind, and she quicklu located H city, a place she hadn’t been before. Thinking about it she decided she might as well check it out. She then turned to look at this extremely beautiful man next to her and instantly felt her mood lift, letting out a rare smile.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nalan Li suddenly felt as if a plethora of flowers were in full bloom in front of him and the world had become brighter. His heartbeat began to accelerate and he felt as if he had lost control of his hands and feet. He clearly could not even remember what she looked like, but he still felt extremely dazzled. He only got this kind of feeling when he looked in the mirror before. Thinking about it, he couldn’t help but sneer. He must be going crazy.


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