The Cruel Tyrant CH 045 Locked Up

The glow from the orange sunset spread out over the ground, and the black shadows was stretched long. A tall and straight figure stood on the top of the old tower, looking far into the distance.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

There was a spot of red earth under the city wall, and the sight of the piles of corpses made people shudder.

Su Mu retracted his gaze and stroked the blood-stained city wall with his palms, his mood feeling a little heavy.

Did he not only gain Su Mochi’s body, but also gain his cold-blooded cruelty? Otherwise, as a person with a modern education, how could he send thousands of innocent people to the battlefield?

Su Mu watched the enemy camped outside the city for a while before turning around and walking back. He saw a few tired soldiers almost falling asleep while standing. One of them saw Su Mu and hurriedly elbowed his companion next to him.

“Greetings to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.”

The soldier who opened his eyes was shocked when he saw Su Mu, and hurriedly knelt down and said, “Greetings to His Royal Highness.”

Su Mu nodded and said: “Rise.”

The two soldiers only dared to stand up when they saw Su Mu’s departure from the corner of their eyes. The soldier who was elbowed looked at the direction of Su Mu’s disappearance and said: “The Crown Prince is truly handsome, completely different from the rumors!”

The soldier next to him squinted and said, “Shut up, be careful you don’t die a meaningless death.”

Su Mu walked on the empty street, and he felt a little unbearable when he saw a few common people passing by in a hurry with anxious expressions.

It was just that this kind of discomfort made Su Mu even more determined that these rebel parties must be completely resolved this time, returning the people of the country to a safe and peaceful life.

Su Mu walked aimlessly but thousands of thoughts flashed through his mind.

Suddenly a wall blocked Su Mu’s path. Su Mu moved away. When he turned around he caught a glimpse of the words “Lin Mansion” above.

The front doors of the Lin Mansion was closed tightly. Su Mu didn’t know if anyone was present, but he went up and knocked on the door. After a while, a little girl ran over and opened the door, revealing a small head with big fluttering eyes. She asked: “Who are you?”

Su Mu looked at this cute little girl and smiled: “Go and tell Lin Siyuan my last name is Su.”

The little girl looked at Su Mu and closed the door again, running into the courtyard.

Inside, mother Lin, with a troubled expression, was eagerly persuading Lin Siyuan: “Yuan’er, you see, this imperial city has been besieged by the rebel army for four to five days already, and I don’t know how many people have been killed. We should think of a way to leave quickly. If the enemy comes in……if they come in then we’ll be finished. You are the only son of the Lin family so you must not meet any harm……”

With a book in his hand, Lin Siyuan looked at his chattering mother, feeling a little moved. Suddenly, he stood up and rushed to mother Lin, who was wiping at her tears, and engulfed her in a hug.

Mother Lin, who had been busily nagging, startled from the sudden move. After being in a daze for a while, she patted Lin Siyuan on the shoulder as if he was still a child and asked worriedly: “What’s wrong, Yuan’er?”

Lin Siyuan’s eyes were red, but the corners of his mouth smiled and said, “It’s nothing.”

Then he let go of mother Lin and said seriously: “Mother, I can’t go, and the rebels won’t enter the city either. They just learned that the Crown Prince went to Wu kingdom and borrowed hundreds of thousands of troops to kill the rebel thieves so they are now desperate. Don’t worry mother, they won’t be able to remain kicking for too long.”

But mother Lin, who was worried about her son, wouldn’t listen at all: “No, Yuan’er, the city is still too dangerous. Aren’t you friends with Feiyu? You can contact Prince Wu and he will definitely let us out of the city.”

Lin Siyuan firmly grasped the book in his hand and replied determinedly: “No.”

Mother Lin was instantly angry and scolded: “Why are you so disobedient? You’re all grown up so now you refuse to listen to your mother is that it! What kind of spell did the Crown Prince cast upon you? Causing you to be dead set on following him like this……”

For the first time, Lin Siyuan did not go to comfort his sad and crying mother, but took her hand and said: “Because he will release all the shackles on you.”

Mother Lin looked at him with confusion. It was at this moment the little girl hurried over. Supporting herself on the pillar of the pavilion, she said with unsteady breaths, “Gongzi, outside the door……outside the door there is a Gongzi surnamed Su asking to see you.”

With the surname Su, Lin Siyuan’s heart immediately jumped and he hurriedly stuffed the book in his hand to his mother, saying: “Mother, you go back first. I will go see to the guest.”

After finishing talking, Lin Siyuan hurried to the door.

Mother Lin took the book and decided to find someone to ask what was written in it that had her son obsessively holding onto it all day long.

Mother Lin walked to the backyard with the creased and worn book. Three archaic characters spelling out “New Laws of Qing” were written on the green cover.

The vermillion doors opened, and Lin Siyuan, dressed in plain clothes, hurriedly bowed to greet him: “This official greets the Crown Prince.”

Su Mu stepped over the threshold with his hands behind his back. Looking at the flowers and trees in the courtyard he said, “You have an elegant place here.”

Lin Siyuan smiled shyly: “Your Highness is too kind.”

Su Mu looked at Lin Siyuan, who was following him like a little wife. No matter how he looked at it, it only made people feel nauseous. Su Mu said with exasperation, “Can’t you be more normal?”

Lin Siyuan continued to say shyly: “Your Highness, this official is being normal.”

What if you become interested in me? Lin Siyuan slandered in his heart.

Su Mu no longer bothered with him again. Walking along the path paved with bluestone slabs, suddenly a fragrant scent reached him from the front. Su Mu stopped and asked, “You also raise orchids?”

Lin Siyuan didn’t mean to shy away at all, and replied, “It was given by Yun Feiyu.”

Yun Feiyu, Su Mu’s eyes flickered and he coldly snorted: “Yun Feiyu colluded with the rebels and wanted to put Ben Gong to death, you are not afraid that I will convict you with him together?”

Lin Siyuan straightened up and said with a righteous expression: “Your Highness is a sage ruler, how can you wrong innocent good people?”

Su Mu squinted at him and said, “Be careful that the wind does not sprain your tongue.” (TN: a colloquial expression that warn others to be careful not to make unrealistic statememts)

Lin Siyuan smiled and said: “Your Highness, we have prepared wine and food, please come this way Your Highness.”

Su Mu glanced at the orchids behind the trees, then turned and walked towards the pavilion in the small courtyard with Lin Siyuan.

A few light dishes and a jug of wine. After Lin Siyuan invited Su Mu to sit down, he filled Su Mu’s cup with wine from the jug. Su Mu said, “Sit down too.” After saying so, he drank the wine in one gulp.

Su Mu put down his wine cup and asked Lin Siyuan: “What do you think I should do with Yun Feiyu?”

Lin Siyuan observed the Crown Prince’s expressionless face. In his heart he guessed at the Crown Prince’s true thoughts and cautiously said: “Yun Feiyu intended to kill the Crown Prince for which the punishment is……is……”

Seeing that Su Mu’s expression was a little dark, Lin Siyuan hurriedly swallowed the word “death”.

Of course, Su Mu knew that murder against the Crown Prince or Emperor would undoubtedly be punished with death, but it was also inevitable that there would be some discomfort in his heart. He picked up the wine cup filled by Lin Siyuan and drank it. Su Mu was a little depressed and said, “Death it is then.”

Lin Siyuan’s heart jumped and hurriedly said: “Your Highness, Yun Shangshu is a veteran of two imperial reigns. Now, Yun Shangshu is still loyal to His Highness using his meager strength to assist as the imperial city is besieged by the three rebel armies. Your Highness, please consider lenient treatment.”

Su Mu was a little hesitant. This was the sin left by his predecessor, and it eas not easy to absolve the hatred brought by his killing of Yun Feiyu’s mother.

By the way, wasn’t Yun Feiyu’s sister not dead? Maybe his mother also escaped?

Su Mu said with some hope: “For now have him remain locked up.”

That the Crown Prince did not kill him immediately after finding out about Yun Feiyu’s treachery meant that there was still room for change. Even so, Lin Siyuan was still a little worried. He originally wanted to wait until the war had passed before mentioning it, but he did not expect the Crown Prince to raise the issue himself.

Lin Siyuan finally breathed a sigh of relief. Smiling, he praised: “Your Highness is wise.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

AN: Here is a spoiler, Yun Feiyu’s mother was indeed killed by Su Mochi himself, but the predecessor killed too many people, and Su Mu does not know the identities of all those who were killed.

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  1. I know YFY is one of the ML so MC is supposed to be softhearted with them, but it’s kind of irritating. Maybe I’m a lot more heartless than MC but why should I carry sins that isn’t mine? Why should I be guilty of lives I didn’t kill? If YFY and others went to chase after my life, I would have kill them. The hatred they have wouldn’t be solve with ‘it’s not me’ and obviously, it has gone pass being reasonable and it will never go away for them but I’m also not willing to be their venting targets, so yeah, one of us needs to go.

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    1. Well, he can be more shameless and not owe up to su mochi’s sins while continuing to inhabit his body and enjoy the power that comes with it….


  2. Am I the only one who feels the original crown prince isn’t bad but just damaged I mean he captured and raped over and over again before he freed his self and then he had to have sex with me men even Tho he didn’t want to….. now does that mean the sins he committed are valid no he should be hated but hell you anit gone tell one of those officials or even the emperor don’t know what happen to him, the OG crown prince should be hated and and pitted( I mean pity but don’t no the Ed version😅)

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