The Cruel Tyrant CH 046 Huang Xuan

“Reporting to His Royal Highness, the three armies have begun to attack the city……”

“Reporting to Your Highness, the disparity in the number of troops is too large, and our army has retreated back inside the city……”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Reporting to Your Highness, General Qin was shot by the enemy’s poisoned arrow and his life is in danger……”

Since the very beginning of the attack launched at midnight, the threshold of Su Mu’s study had been practically flattened with the many reports coming in. Near the evening, both sides were already exhausted, and the firepower was not as strong as before so Su Mu finally had time to catch his breath.

In fact, the two sides had been at war for seven days, and both sides had suffered heavy losses. However, the troops on Su Mu’s side was originally less than 60,000 people. Now there were only slightly more than 20,000 people left whereas the enemy side had almost 80,000 or 90 thousand people remaining. If it weren’t for occupying the imperial city which had naturally superior defense, the city would have been captured several times over.

It was just that although the number of opponents was several times that of Su Mu’s, the consumption was also many times that of Su Mu’s side. Long-distance marching did not allow for the carrying of more grain and grass. The grain and grass supply that preceded the main army was almost all consumed, and the grain and grass supply following behind the main army in the rear was not so fast to arrive.

In fact, according to the original idea of ​​the leaders of the three armies, the best plan would be to directly surround the imperial city for ten days to half a month and trap the people inside while they waited leisurely outside. In any case, the terrifying Crown Prince who liked to massacre whole cities was not there so capturing the imperial city would just be a matter of time.

However, no one had expected that the Crown Prince of a poor and weak country, a Crown Prince who took pleasure in killing and kidnapping civilian men was actually able to borrow an army from Wu kingdom, and the amount of troops borrowed was as many as 100,000.

The three armed forces who were waiting for the good show gritted their teeth and picked up their dropped jaws, quietly speeding up their march towards the imperial city, ensuring that they must take the imperial city before the arrival of Wu kingdom’s army.

Outside the city, outside Tian Guohai’s army barracks, a handsome young man cautiously lurked in the dense forest for a long time. After seeing a man who had come out of the barracks to urinate, he immediately took out the drugged silver needle hidden in his clothes and threw it at the man.

But he was obviously not too skilled, and the silver needle did not even touch the corner of the soldier’s clothes.

Silently, he took out another silver needle from his clothes again and threw it out. Very good, it managed to touch the soldier’s clothes this time.

Huang Xuan: “……”

It must be successful this time, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to see His Highness.

Huang Xuan looked at the silver needle in his hand and cheered himself silently. Seeing that the other was about to finish and leave, Huang Xuan didn’t even have time to aim, and hurriedly threw the silver needle in his hand.

According to common sense, the hit rate of this silver needle was infinitely close to zero.

But this soldier was not an ordinary person. He didn’t pull his pants before turning around when he heard that there was movement behind him, and then……he was hit.

The soldier looked at the sharp silver needle, which was only a few inches away from a man’s most vital part, his penis, and broke out in a cold sweat. He only had a brief moment to rejoice at the fact that it had missed before he fell down.

After a while, Huang Xuan, who was sure now that the effect of the medicine had fully worked, got up from the bushes carefully. He walked over to the soldier who had passed out and began to strip his clothes.

As he stripped the man he also couldn’t help feeling disgusted in his heart.

Fierce and evil looking, corrupted and fat, it truly hurt the eyes!

In order to avoid revealing any hints, Huang Xuan did not dare to wear a piece of his own clothes, leaving only a few pills and some silver needles on his body.

After he changed his clothes, he took out a few silver needles and stuck them in the soldier. After making sure that he would not wake up for three days, he walked in the direction of the barracks with some nervousness.

As for whether the soldier would be eaten by any wolf, tiger, or leopard while he was asleep? Sorry, this was not in Huang Xuan’s consideration. Since he dared to fight against the Crown Prince, then he should feel grateful that he didn’t directly send him on the road to hell.

A round, golden sun hung over his head, and the sound of weapons colliding came from a distance. Huang Xuan’s handsome face was hidden under a layer of black coal smudge, and his worried eyes looked in the direction of the imperial city.

Although he was worried about Su Mu’s safety, there was also an uncontrollable excitement in his heart.

After half a year, he could finally see His Highness again.

It was just, he completely forgot that the battlefield was practically hell on earth and filled with death. Perhaps he deliberately ignored it.

A tall man was hitting at the war drums, and the soldiers who heard the drums immediately gathered in the open space to attack the city.

The group of people swarmed forward in a disorganized and untrained manner, and Huang Xuan easily slipped in unnoticed.

The afternoon was a period of burnout for both sides, and the intensity of the attack was far less than that of the night and morning so the danger was also relatively low.

However, Huang Xuan, who knew nothing about the army, was very unlucky. He ended up standing in the vanguard. Though it was called vanguard it was actually just a group of cannon fodder.

There would never be a veteran soldier among the vanguard, so Huang Xuan, a young man barely out of his teens, was not at all conspicuous. If it was the cavalry, he would definitely be spotted at a glance.

The battlefield was both bloody and brutal. After several days of fighting, the mud under the feet had all turned dark red.

Tens of thousands of people engaged in a face-to-face confrontation, even if they didn’t say a word, the atmosphere was enough to inspire fear. When the drums sounded, the sound of violent fighting could practically scare anyone to death.

Fortunately, Huang Xuan was “baptized” by the Crown Prince’s special brand of violence. Although he was terrified, he was not as frightened as the soldier beside him who could barely stand on his trembling legs. As a result, the soldier was chopped off at the neck by his own leader.

The warm blood sprayed on Huang Xuan’s face, causing him to swallow nervously. He held the spear in his hand tightly, not daring to show a trace of fear.

Tens of thousands of troops transformed into two giant beasts. At this time, the power of a single mortal could not be displayed at all. Even strong martial artists like Su Mu and Gu Yunzhou would have no chance of winning in front of such a powerful army.

Of course, the army would not be able to harm even a strand of Su Mu’s hair.

The spear dripping with blood was slashed past Huang Xuan’s face, leaving a light trace of blood. If he hadn’t dodged quickly enough, a hole would definitely have opened up in his head.

There was a sharp pain in his right leg. Huang Xuan looked down and hurriedly knocked the opponent’s weapon away with his spear. Since Huang Xuan was not familiar with weapons, he managed to tear his own wound even more while knocking away the opponent’s weapon.

The severe pain almost made him kneel to the ground. At this time, a soldier of the Qing kingdom fell beside him. Huang Xuan wanted to help him, but he was cut on his back with a knife by the other. He had forgotten that he was wearing the enemy’s uniform.

A spear flew over and nailed the soldier, who was trying to get up, back down to the ground and the gushing blood and wide eyes of the soldier imprinted into Huang Xuan’s mind. He didn’t even have time to be afraid as he stood up with his spear in a hurry.

It was not advisable to pretend to be dead on the battlefield unless you wanted to be trampled to death. Besides, the corpses were all handled uniformly at the end of the war, and deserting was a capital crime.

Shen Wei, who had been watching the battle on the city wall, quickly discovered something strange. He frowned and said to the soldier beside him: “Report to the Crown Prince, there is something strange on the battlefield……”

In the study, after listening to the description from the soldier, Su Mu instantly got a bad feeling. He hurried to the city gates with the soldier.

At this time, Huang Xuan was already covered in cuts and was practically soaked in his own blood.

As soon as Su Mu stood on the city wall, he discovered that something was indeed wrong. A person who was clearly dressed in enemy uniform pointed his weapon at “his own people.” Instead, he avoided the Qing army in every possible way. This made him the target of the two sides.

Su Mu looked intently. That familiar figure made his heart tighten up, and he didn’t even think twice before flying down the city wall.

Shen Wei, who was behind him, was so frightened that his nerves almost broke, shouting loudly: “Your Highness!”

Su Mu attacked indiscriminately like a wolf let loose into a flock of sheep. Anyone who was within three meters away from him all bled to death.

A sharp sword pierced through his shoulders and Huang Xuan felt his vision blur in front of him. In his daze he seemed to see the Crown Prince’s face.

With a face covered in blood he revealed a smile. Opening his mouth he let out a sound that was barely even more audible than the buzz of a mosquito or fly.

Your Highness……

“Fool!” Su Mu gritted his teeth as he caught Huang Xuan who had fallen unconscious.

A long spear stabbed towards him but it didn’t even manage to touch Su Mu’s hair. Su Mu’s eyes flashed with killing intent and he stretched out his left hand like lightning, grasping the sharp spear head and twisting it backward. The soldier who had attacked with the spear was directly stabbed through by Su Mu with the wooden body of the spear.

An arc flashed through the air, and everyone within three meters in front of Su Mu was cut into two halves with the spear in his hand. Then Su Mu hurled the spear forward where it passed through two enemy soldiers and nailed them to the ground like so much skewered meat.

Su Mu hugged Huang Xuan and jumped, tapping his toes on the upright spear barrel sunk in the ground as nimble as a bird, and appeared on the wall in the blink of an eye.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Seeing that not even one strand of Su Mu’s hair was missing, Shen Wei felt greatly relieved in his heart. He hurriedly greeted him, and said, “Your Highness……”

But before Shen Wei could even finish speaking, Su Mu had already disappeared before his eyes.

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